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He charmed me; he was a breath of fresh air in my stuffy existence. He made me feel so good, complimenting me, sharing deep thoughts and desires with me. I could easily fall in love with this man. We chatted about non-sexual things, and really hit it off. Ian was a white, professional man that wanted so badly to be with a black girl. His wife was sexually depriving, just not into sex, and he had a sexual appetite that longedto be fed. He told me many times how the contrast in our skin color was such a turn on for him, and just how the very idea of being together made him extremely aroused. We met each other online many times a week and chatted into the wee hours of the morning on the weekends. We had cyber sex and came so hard by merely chatting. Ian said he had to hear my voice, so I decided to give him my phone number at work and he called. His voice was intelligent, dreamy, articulate andyet soft and sensual. We exchanged hundreds of email messages and phone calls for many months. Each time we communicated our sexual desire for one another grew even stronger. The sexual desire was the strongest that I have ever known. Ian is a writer and he wrote me things that could bring me to orgasm and things that touched me heart. In our many conversations I discovered that Ian is dominate and I am submissive, what a great sexual duo we would make.

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  He told me how he would make me service him. What he would allow me to do. If I did things as he instructed he would reward me by performing fingering me and licking and sucking my pussy. He told me how he would spank me if I were naughty. This man made me so hot. His libido is unbelievable and he needs sex as one needs food. I loved this about him. I loved being wanted sexually by him, it was a strong desire that he was able to relate very easily with his words. I loved the way he would control our conversations when they turned sexual. After months of chatting, emailing and talking on the phone, we had the opportunity to meet. He was going to be involved in some business in Chicago and I drove there to meet him. I was so nervous. I had sent him my photo andhe thought I was beautiful, he said I had very sensual eyes…well they are the windows to the soul. I checked into the very upscale hotel that he was staying. I went to my room and showered and put on makeup and changed clothes at least five times.

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   The telephone rang and he asked if I felt comfortable if he came to my room. I said “yes”, and could hardly contain my excitement. There was a knock at the door, Ipeeped in the little peephole then opened the door. Wow, was he worth the trip. He was tall, handsome, reddish brown hair, glasses and a great bod. He walked in and said “Let me look at you”, he held my hands and looked at me for a few seconds that seemed like minutes, then he softly held me and kissed me so deep and so sensually, I almost came on the spot. I did not sure what we were going to do, and I was not sure how to act or really what to say. I kissed him back, kissing him with a passion that would leave little doubt as to how much I wanted him. Without any thought my hand traveled down to his hips, around his waist and I suddenly found myself unfastening his pants…he did not resist so I pulled them down, then his boxer briefs, his manhoodsprung to attention, it was wonderfully large and extremely hard. I dropped to my knees and took his cock in both hands and guided it to my hungry mouth. I tasted him and the head of his cock was so yummy. I gently licked around the head, in a soft and loving way while I stared into his sexy blue eyes. I followed his glance and noticed my brown hands around his big swollen white cock, my long red nails massaging and stroking his heavy balls, he was enjoying the performance. I sucked him harder taking in more and more of his steel like cock. My red full lips slid back and forth, from the head to the base.


   I was amazed how relaxed my throat was and that I was able to take so much of his cock at once. I I held up his cock and ran my full lips all over his balls, I took them in my mouth and suckled them gently, I heard him moan and I licked and sucked them until they were wet with my saliva. I went back to his cock and sucked it as if I was starving. It was heaven, it tasted so good and I could not get enough. At some point we made it to the bed and he laid down on his back, his cock standing at attention. I removed most of my clothes and worked my way back between his legs, sucking that cock and wanting to drain him of as much semen as I could. He was right his libido was grand. I sucked his cock and licked his balls until they were red. He was moaning and whispering my name, I could not stop. I was like an addict finally getting a fix. I nursed on his cock and could not seem to stop sucking it – this has never happened to me in my life. I felt it grow even harder. I heard him moan loudly and I knew that at this point he could no longer hold back. I prepared for the explosion and he grunted and moaned filling my mouth with his warm tasty semen. I could not believe how much he came, I had to swallow and swallow to get it all down.

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   I continued sucking his cock even though I knew his orgasm had ended I could not help it I continued to suck it hoping to get at least one more drop. When no more semen appeared I stopped sucking it and laid my head in his lap, staring at his manhood and wondering… if I started sucking it again if it would spring back to life. All of this occurred within the first hour that we laid eyes on each other…stick around for more, we spent three nights together. Hope you enjoyed my story, please provide me with any comments. .
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