The Library


"Okay," Brit said as the two eighteen year old seniors met on the front steps of the city library. "What's the plan!?!" "He's already here," Hannah replied softly, "he went in about ten minutes ago. " "So what?!?" Brit replied nervously. "What are you thinking about doing, I don't wanna get into any trouble?!?" "Just shut up and follow me," Hannah said while pulling her friend inside the front door. "Don't worry, you aren't going to get into trouble!" she answered with a little exasperation. "Come on, let's go!!!" A few moments later the two girls plopped down at the same table Ben Sutherland was using for his history report. "Hi," Hannah whispered. "It sure is quiet in here, isn't it???" Ben looked up form his book and replied, "It's suppose to be quiet, this is a library!!!" She giggled a little girl's laugh and asked softly, "Say, I could use a little help back in the stacks, the book I want is way up on the top shelf, do you think you could get it for me!?!" Ben rolled his eyes at the ditsy blonde, shook his head, and then replied while getting up out of his chair, "All right already, but just this once, I've got a lot of work to do!"Hannah gave Brit a wink as they followed Ben Sutherland to the rear of the stacks. "Okay, which one is it!?!" he asked. "Make it snappy!!!" Hannah quickly looked around to make sure that they were alone before pointing out a huge book way up on the top shelf. Ben eyed the large tome, and after stepping on a foot stool reached up for it. He was just reaching up when he was stunned into silence while Hannah calmly unzipped his well worn blue jeans and slipped her small hand inside his fly! A moment later he regained his senses and stammered, "W-what in the hell do you think you're doing!?!" By now the cute little blonde had her hand firmly around the rapidly thickening monster, and again in a little girl's voice replied softly, "Why Ben, I do believe that you're shy!!!" Brit hadn't bargained for anything quite like this and hissed, "Have you gone completely mad, we're in the middle of a public library for crimony sakes!?!" "Mmmmmm, don't worry," Hannah replied smoothly, "no one can see us back here. " "And besides, don't you wanna suck on this!?!" At that very second Hannah's hand somehow managed to extract the largest cock Brittany had ever seen in her life!!!"
Ben again began to protest while trying to get down off the step stool, but Hannah quickly stopped him dead in his tracks as she casually cupped his huge set of balls and gently squeezed him into submission! "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" he gasped. "P-please, don't do that, i-it hurts!!!" "Of course it does," Hannah whispered to the black giant, "now if you're good, you won't get hurt!!!" Although she was practically frozen with fear, Brittany couldn't pull her eyes from the incredible erection that bobbed menacingly before them! "Okay, hon," Hannah sighed. "What say we give this cock a test drive?!?" "You can't do that!!!" Ben moaned. "We could get arrested or something!!!" "Ben, darling," Hannah replied sweetly, "I definitely think that it's going to be "or something"!!!" As a moment later the head of his huge cock slipped smoothly into Hannah's hot mouth, nearly bringing him to his knees!!!
This was a first for the big dicked black stud! He had always wondered what it would be like to have a white chick, and now he was finding out! He held on to the shelf for extra support while staring down at the cute little blonde while she hoovered his pecker! "Good grief, are all white chicks as hot as you!?! he moaned softly.

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   "Mmmmm, I think he likes it!" she mumbled to Brittany. "You wanna take a turn!?!" Reluctantly Hannah let the huge head slide out of her mouth while the very eager Brittany took over! "Oh yeah!!!" he grunted. "You're all the same, hot mouthed little cocksuckers!!!" God that sounded good to them! Just hearing him call them "cocksuckers" was a turn on in its own right!" His girlfriend Candice as good, but she couldn't even hold a candle to these two wide mouthed white cunts! While Brit savored the sensation of having the massive black organ in her hot mouth, Hannah casually opened the top of her blouse and whispered, "Take a look at these, stud boy, wanna suck 'em!?!"
"Sweet jesus in heaven!!!" he groaned when Hannah's cute little tits popped into view. "Y-your nipples are sooooo pink, oh god, l-let me touch them!!!" "You really like them?" she asked coyly. "I mean they really aren't very big, are you sure you wanna touch them!?!" Now Ben knew exactly what "Adam went through in the Garden of Eden! A wily woman was more than a match for any man! Adam was just lucky Eve hadn't used her tits on him, no telling what she'd have made him do, probably chop down the whole fucking tree!!! "I think he's gonna shoot it! Brit whispered between licks. "Ohhhhhh no he isn't!" Hannah replied. "Not yet anyway!!!" Get down here and sit!!!" Hannah demanded. With his legs shaking, Ben was actually glad to take a load off as he sat down hard on the rubber covered step stool. "Okay," Hannah said quietly, "you suck him off while he does my boobs!!!"
Brittany didn't have to be told twice as she quickly engulfed the big pecker for the second time! Hannah maneuvered herself so that she offered Ben easy access to her perky tits. "Okay, lover," she sighed while pulling his mouth to her firm chest, "do mama's nipples for her!!!" "Oh myyyyyy!" she gasped as he nipped her perfect nip. "T-that feels so fucking nice!!!" Without even thinking the hot pussied little blonde plunged her hand down inside of her jeans and began wildly fingering her hard clit!!! "I think I'm gonna cum!!!" she gasped. "He's sucking my fucking tits so wellllllll!!!" All this was more than poor Brittany could take what with the black monster cradled in her mouth and the sound of Hannah's rapidly approaching climax!!! So with both Ben and Hannah looking on in wide eyed wonder, she stood up, lifted her skirt, tore off her panties, and then incredible aplomb turned around and sat down on the thick black piece of cock meat until it was buried to the hilt in her over heated pussy!!! "Oh fuck that's nice!!!" Brit moaned too loudly. "Never in my life………. " By now poor Ben was well past the point of no return! Losing all sense of where they were he grabbed Brit by her plumb ass and began driving his thick spike in and out of her with brutal efficiency! Hannah stumbled back against the shelves while fingering her sopping wet pussy like a mad woman!!! All three of them were only moments from their orgasms when a voice that resounded like a rifle shot rang out, "Just what is going on back here?!?!?!"
All three heads turned in unison towards the far end of the aisle only to find that old lady Watters was standing there with a her hands on her overly padded hips! With all three students stunned into silence Mz. Watters snapped, "I ask you a question!!!" "Hannah, what in the devil is going on?!?!" "I demand an answer!!!" Having now regained her senses Hannah almost casually asked, "What does it look like were doing!?!?" Momentarily thrown off balance by Hannah's insolence the old librarian stammered, "Well, uh, it looks like, uh….

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  . " "It more than looks like it," Hannah replied evenly while grabbing the old crone by the arm and dragging her in. With a nod of her head she signaled Brit to dismount from Ben's lap, leaving his massive member standing tall and proud while still glistening with warm pussy juice! "Have you ever seen such a beautiful cock!?!" Hannah asked the old woman softly. "I'll bet you masturbate dreaming about fucking such a huge pecker!!!" "H-how dare you speak to me like that!" the old woman sputtered. "I'll turn you in, just let goof me!!!" She struggled to loosen Hannah's vise like grip, but to no avail! Then as she stood there with her mouth gaping open, Hannah jerked up the startled woman's dress and literally tore off her white cotton under pants with one hard tug, exposing the hairiest muffy any of them had ever seen!!!
"W-what are you doing!?!?" she shrieked. Hannah used her free hand to smack the terrified woman right across the cheek, effectively shutting her up! The hard slap seemed to mollify the old biddy, so as Brit and Ben looked on with stunned amazement, Hannah maneuvered Donna Watters around and forced her pussy down over Ben's still super erect prick!!! "Uhggggg!!!" she gasped as nine inches of black dick invaded her unprepared pussy. "I-it's tooooooo big!!!" she moaned. "It's gonna rip me apart!!!" "That's the whole idea," Hannah replied softly. "Okay, Benny, fuck her like the whore that she is!!!" How did he get himself into this!?!?!" A few minutes ago he was writing a paper on the second world war, and now he was in the process of fucking a sixty some year old white woman while two hot pussied teenaged bitches masturbated like chimpanzees!!! "How is she?!?" Hannah asked while her finger whipped in and out of her steaming slit. "S-she's tight!!!" he gasped. "I'm gonna cum!!!" Donna Watters had long since given up trying to act shocked as she bounced her fat ass up and down on Ben's thick gristle! "You cummin' too, slut!?!" Brit asked while doing her own super engorged clit. "O-oh yes!!!" she gasped. "I'm right on the edge, so close, so close……. . " All four of them were now on the Orgasm Express as fingers and cock drove them all to the very precipice of their climax!!! With Hannah's tits still hanging out of her blouse, she suddenly stepped forward and shoved her cute little chest into Donna Watters' open mouth!!! Like a baby hungry for a bottle, the old slut greedily sucked one of the little nipples into her warm wet mouth! Brit was the first to go as she gasped, "Sweet mother of god, she's sucking your fucking tits, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I'm fucking cummmmmmmmming!!!"
It was as if someone had flipped a switch in everyone's crotch as everyone fired off in orgasms that shook each and everyone of them right to the core!!! Ben's thick piece of black bamboo erupted like a volcano, spewing hot load after hot load of life giving cum deep into the old cunt's gray haired pussy! Hannah pressed her chest hard into Donna Watters' face while her own pussy lurched out of control as climax after climax rolled through her unabated! With the aisle was lousy with the aroma of fresh cum and pussy juice, both Hannah and Brittany slipped to the floor while Donna sat there stunned, with Ben's shrinking organ still in her sopping wet box!!!
"Well," Hannah finally sighed, "that was fun!" With her face a dark shade of red Donna Watters hopped off of Ben's lap, and after smoothing her dress slipped quietly away without saying a word.

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   Ben struggled to his feet, and while putting away his now limp organ offered, "You guys are fucking nuts!!!" "Yeah!" Brit replied dreamily, "But were fun nuts, right, Hannah?!?" All a giggling Hannah replied, "Yeah, were nothing but fun!!!"
THE ENDCome join us in the Forums for more hot stories ---fun and meet some of the authors
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