Me and Will [first story]


Will sat at his desk, pen in one hand, the other hand following the words in his revision guide. His tongue was stuck in the corner of his mouth, as he tried to take in all the words that he would need for the exam after half term.   Morag sat on his bed, flicking through one of his magazines, her hair resting on her shoulders.   Every now and then, they'd look up at the same time and smile at eachother. "I'm bored. " Will anounced, putting his pen down and stretching his arms above his head. "Get on with it you lazy sod. " Morag said to him grinning, then looking back down at the magazine.   Will turned to look at her as she pulled faces at the content of it.   He watched as she slowly lifted her hand and pushed her fringe behind her ear. "Stop looking at me. " She said without looking up.   Will sighed and went back to reading his revision guide.   A few minutes passed and all you could hear was the rain outside and the scratching of Will's pen as he wrote down notes. "I'm going to the toilet. " Morag said, getting up from the bed and padding to the loo.

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  She came back to find Will had repositioned himself and was now revising on his bed. Morag sat down next to him and took the revision book from his hands. "I'll test you. " She said, scanning the page to see what he'd been revising. "You've done your RE. " She said, seeing the page was about Muslim beliefs. "But I'm bored. " Will said, beginning to play with her hair stroking it, in the way he knew made her calm and relaxed.   She swatted him off and picked up his Physics book. "What about physics? Have you done that yet?" She said, opening the page. "What is the-" Will wasn't listening, he'd pushed her hair out of the way and was now kissing her neck. "Willll. " She said, not stopping him this time. Will slid the book out of her hands and let it drop to the floor.   Morag gave in and turned her head so she could kiss him.

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    Their tongues slowly found eachother, as the kiss became more passionate and deep.   It was pleasurefull.   Will lay down on his bed, pulling Morag on top of him, her lips left his face and ventured down to his neck.   He let out a sigh as she began to let her tongue glide in circles on his neck.   Will stroked her hair. "I love you. " he said to her, truely meaning it. He knew it was wrong to do this with her, she was 14 and he would be 17 this september.   But they were so right for eachother, they'd had a bond, that first day they'd met in McDonald's. "I love you too. " Morag said, staring into his dreamy blue eyes, his shiny fringe draped over his face. He kissed her on the lips and they began to kiss again.   Morag was now beginning to get wet, she felt her thongy begin to moisturise, and after a few seconds, she felt the hard, hot lump under her stomach.   She was unsure what to do, so she slid her hand down and rested it between her tummy and his jeans. Will turned her onto her back and began to kiss her neck, his hands began to venture her body, touching the parts, that for many months, he'd never had the guts to touch.

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    Morag let out a moan as he began to massage her tits, his warm hands up her t-shirt, undoing her bra and slowly pulling it and her t-shirt off. Morag pulled his off and began to brush her hands through his smooth hair.   Will undid her Jeans and pulled them off, leaving them at the end of his bed.   He continued to kiss her neck, going down her body, passing her pierced naval, to her thong, he looked up at her to check it was ok, she smiled at him and nodded.   He pulled it off and spread her legs, to reveal a shaven, wet pussy, he licked his lips and dove in, licking up the warm liquid and massaging her clit with his tongue.   She moaned and he continued, thrust his tongue into her virgin vagina. Will began to tongue fuck her pussy and felt, precum coming out of his cock, as it hardened. "I want to be in you. " He said to her.   Morag stopped still.   She'd never done this before and apparently it hurt.   She sat up. "I don't know. "  She said, looking at him, his jeans still on, with an obvious large lump poking out. "I'll be gentle," he said, gazing into her eyes, which were now wide with fright.

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  "Can't I just suck you?" She asked him, hoping it was a yes. "Sure. " he said to her, sliding both his jeans and boxers off.   Morag positioned herself infront of him, she took his cock in one hand and slid it into her mouth, and let her tongue roll in circles round the top, lapping up his precum, it tasted salty, but nice. She slid the cock in and out, managing to deep throat it so his balls were bouncing of her chin.   She gazed up at him, his eyes were shut and he was moaning her name, he pushed her hair behind her ears and urged her to carry on, she did.   He lost control and began thrust his hips, the long rod was going in and out of her mouth fast, his balls pounding her face, Morag began to choke and he held her head there, hot liquid shooting down her throat.   He let go of her, and Morag lapped up the remaining cum before letting him withdraw. "You never told me you could suck like that. " Will said to her, leaning back on his wall, panting. "You never asked," Morag lay next to him, drawing circles on his stomach with her finger nail. He held her head up so she looked at him and kissed her again. He pushed her onto his pillow and began kissing her neck, kissing her check, licking each nipple, sending shivers down her spine, making her wet.   He reached her vagina, and spread her legs again, this time, just ran his tongue incircles round the entrance, making her wet.   He was already hard again.

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  "One minute. " he said, sticking his head underneath his bed, and bringing up a box, he opened it and pulled out a condom, and some lubrication.   He slid the condom on, and put some lubrication on his stiff penis.  "Just relax. " He said to Morag, placing his penis at her vaginal entrance.   Morag slid her hands round his neck, her eyes pinched shut waiting for pain. It didn't come, just a slight feeling of none comfort.   She let her body relax as her long term boyfriend slowly began to slide in and out of her.   She smiled at him. "I love you. ""I said I'd be gentle. " He said to her, beginning to spead up slightly, penetrating right into her.   Morag let out a quiet moan. "You like that baby?" He asked her, speading up even more. She moaned again.

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   "Answer me!" he shouted at her, his balls, slapping her. "Just. Do. Me. " Morag said in a moan.   He sped up even more, their breathe no longer in rhythm.   Morag began to climax but was stopped from the noise of the front door. "Shit. " Will hissed, pulling out of her. "It's my mum. "Please comment quick so I can write more if you like it. .