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After observing and planning things out carefully I decided to make my move on a cool winter like night. A night when the girl I picked would be wearing earmuffs, making it less likely she'd hear me comming. I waited in a dark spot near a few trees. My wait didn't take long. Within five minutes, I spotted my victim. She was about 5'1", thin, looked small chested with red hair. I waited untill she went by, then I stepped behind her and grabbed her. "Come peacefully and you won't get hurt. Try to scream or get away, and I'll make sure you don't tell anyone what's about to happen to you. " I covered her mouth and forced her to walk with me to my car. The shock of what was happening and the fact that I was stronger and bigger than her helped in keeping her from trying to get away from me. When I got her to my car I took out a towel and put around her eyes, I planned on letting her go after I was finished with her, but didn't need her being able to give information that'd get me caught. I also cuffed her hands behind her back, amazing the things you can buy on the internet. I made sure she wouldn't be able to get away or see anything that'd lead to me getting caught. As an added bit of security I drove around for half an hour untill pulling into a secluded area where we wouldn't get caught. I unrestrained her hands a bit so I could get her jacket off with out any problems.

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  She was starting to understand what was going to happen. "Please. . . dont do this to me," she began to sob, "I'm still a virgin. . . and I'm saving it for my boyfriend. " I laughed an evil laugh. "You think he saved it for you? Let me do what I want, and you'll be released. Make it difficult, well I'd hate to have to hurt you. " I began opening her pants, and she began to fight back. I slapped her across the face lightly. "Listen bitch, the next time I hit you, you'll really feel it. Quit fighting it and take what's comming.

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  " I could see tears rolling down her cheeks, but by now I was too committed to my act to let that stop me. I moved her into the back of my car, an SUV, and finished getting her pants and panties off her. I ran one of my fingers along her virgin pussy and admired the view. "Nothin better then a pussy trimmed with a red bush. " She whimpered alittle bit and squirmed around as I assualted her pussy with two of my fingers. "Please. . . let me go. . . I. . . I.

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  . I'll give you all the money I have. . . " I cut her off, " I don't need your damned money. What I want is your pussy. " I saw her relax slightly when I removed my fingers from her. The look on her face turned to one of dread when she heared the sound of the zipper on my pants. "NO! Don't do this to me!" She kept pleading with me, but her pleads fell on death ears. "In a few minutes it'll all be over. " I positioned my hard dick against her wet pussy lips. As she felt it, a look of fear sweapt across her face, it turned to a look of panic when I thrust into her. She screamed as her pussy was assaulted with my dick. I didn't feel anything stopping me when I went in, so it was obvious she had lost her cherry somehow. I grabbed ahold of her waist and began thrusting and pumping in and out of her hard and fast.

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   Her pleads for mecy began to die off and she made little noise as tears ran down her cheeks. She would whimper softly once and awhile, but mostly made little noise as I did my bussiness with her pussy. The harder I would thrust, the more I felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy around my dick. Even though she didn't want to go along with what was happening, her body did. Her breathing became deeper and I felt the walls of her pussy gripping me tighter. I knew her body was on the edge of an orgasim. After pounding away at her pussy for ten minutes I was about to explode in her when I felt her body go limp and tremble as she began to cum. "Get ready. . . I'm gonna cum in you," I told her. She didn't say anything and remained silent as I pumped wave after wave of my cum into her pussy. I waited for a minute after cumming and with drew my dick from her pussy. "That wasn't so bad was it?" I asked her as I put her pants and panties back on her. "What now?" she asked in a soft voice.

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   "Now. . . now I take you back to the campus and drop you off since you didn't fight back too much. " She didn't say anything for ten minutes, then she spoke up," What if I end up pregnant? When then asswhole?" I laughed, "If that happens, I'll get in touch with you again. " I drove back onto the campus and let her out in a parking lot, still blindfolded. As a minor detail, the towel I used came from where I worked, not easily traced back to me. I knew that if I just left her go in the parking lot eventually she'd go for help. I wasted little time in getting away. The next day I waited to see a cop car pull up in my drive way, none did. A few days after our encounter, I saw her again. I was walking on my way to the building where I work when we ran into one another. I glanced around, expecting a big scene. Instead she just handed me a note and told me to read it. ' I know your the one who had his way with me the other night.

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   I saw your face when you grabbed me and through out everything. The towel around my eyes didn't work very well. I'm not going to report what happend to anyone, because I was horny too. Extremally horny. I had to act like I wasn't enjoying it so you didn't hurt me or kill me. ' I looked at her after I read the note. "Is this true?" She smiled then kissed me on the lips lightly. "Thanks for the other night. " With that she walked away. I ran into her again other times and more and more she told me why she didn't fight back more that night, and why I didn't encounter any resistance from her. She wasn't a virgin and hadn't been one for five years. She didn't have a boyfriend and had gone with out sex for over two years. It sounds odd and hard to believe the way things ended out. My encounter with her provided both of us with the one thing we needed. A good fuck.

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   We've gotten together a few more times just for good sex. We're both single still, but have found away to get rid of being horny. I've got a couple years left with her, after she graduates from college I plan on repeating the process over. .
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