My brother, My fiance, and Myself, Ch3


"Matt, what are you doing here? When did you get home?" I asked sleepily. He smiled "Mike and I have been back for about 15 minutes. I told him I wanted to wake you up, alone. " He smiled as he kissed me softly, I could feel his tongue glide across my lips. I leaned back and looked at him and he stood up and slid his boxers down, exposing his semi-hard cock. "Well, Matt seems a little horny huh?" "Only because I've been checking out your body Missy. " He grinned as he climbed into the bath tub with me. He sat on the edge and began to rub his cock slowly. "Do you want it?" "You tryin' to tease me? You know I've always been better at it then you. " I smiled as my fingertips made their way around his balls softly. He gasped as he felt my fingertip slide down and rub over his ass. "Oh little Matt likes that huh?" I grinned and slid my fingertip inside his ass and he groaned. "Missy, what are you doing to me??" He looked down at me. I could tell he was very turned on now as he began to stroke his cock. "Matt, I want you to go to my room and get on the bed on all fours, please Matt?" I gave him my innocent smile and he looked at me and agreed. He stood up and looked at me again before leaving the bathroom.

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   "I love you Missy. " I walked into the bedroom and found him on all fours. "I love you too Matt. You comfortable?""I will be in a minute I'm sure. " He smiled back at me as I walked toward him from across the room. "I'm sure you will be too. " I grinned back and dropped to my knees behind him. My fingertip slid up and down along his ass, slowing down a bit to apply pressure to his tight asshole. He moaned softly and my fingers continued down over his balls slowly. He began to breath harder as my tongue softly flicked over his ass. It was slightly wet from my saliva and I blew on it and he squirmed. "God damn. What are you doin' to me??" He asked with heavy breath. I couldn't help but smile. "You'll see.

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  " I said in reply. My tonuge fell back to his asshole and ran circles around it softly. He was moaning softly as I slid my finger half way into his ass. He groaned when my tongue slid in, in replace of my finger. I slid my hand down and began to massage his balls softly. My tongue slowly worked itself in and out, making Matt groan and beg for more. I suddenly shoved all of my tongue up his tight ass and he moaned loudly. I slid my tongue out and shoved two fingers in his ass and began to finger it slow at first. Steadily I began to work them in and out harder and faster. "Matt, I want to see you get fucked by Mike. " I said while fingering his ass hard my hand found his cock and stroked softly. He groaned and looked at me "Alright. I'll do anything you want me to Missy. " He squirmed and I slid my hand away from his ass. I walked out into the living room and told Mike what I wanted.

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   He was unsure but after I gave him my puppy dog eyes he agreed. We went back into the bedroom and found Matt sliding his finger in and out of his ass. Mike sighed "Damn Matt, you do have a nice ass. " He smiled at me as I went to the night stand and got out some lube. "Ha, thanks Mike. " He seemed nervous as I walked behind him. I got some lube on my hand. "Now Matt, this is going to be slightly cold" I said, slowly applying the lube to his ass. He squirmed from the cold as I worked it around his tight hole, sliding a finger inside so it wouldn't hurt to much. Mike was stripping as I applied the lube and was totally naked with a raging hard-on at the sight of Matt's tight ass. "Melissa, while he's, you know, can I eat you out?" Matt asked softly. I wasn't in the mood at all. I would be happy knowing the boys got off for the night. I tried not to sound rude when I said no so I said "What if I give you head? I'd really rather not be eaten out tonight. " He grinned and nodded.

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   I slid underneath him and waited for Mike to come over to the bed. He got on his knees behind Matt and I slide my mouth down his cock twice before he slid it up to Matt's ass. Matt tensed up slightly at the feeling of Mike's hard cock rubbing his ass. I quickly slid my mouth down Matt's cock, relieving him of some stress, just enough for Mike to slide the head of his cock into Matt's ass. "Oh my god Matt you're so fuckin' tight. " Mike quickly groaned as Matt's ass tightened around his cock. Matt moaned in pleasure. "Fuck that feels good. God don't stop now. "Mike didn't stop. He slowly began sliding more of his cock up Matt's ass as my mouth slid down his cock, my tongue roaming over his thick shaft. Matt began to grind back against Mike, shoving his cock deeper untill it was all the way in. "Matt, I'm going to leave my cock all the way up your ass untill you're used to it, alright?" Mike asked. Matt breathed harder. "Sounds like a plan.

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  "I was really working my mouth on Matt's cock and he started moaning that he wanted Mike to fuck him hard. Mike grabbed Matt's hips and began thrusting his thick cock in and out of Matt's ass. He slid all the way out and shoved it back in. Because of Mike's thrusting, Matt's cock was being shoved in and out of my mouth hard and fast. He began to groan and I could feel his cock pulsate. Mike was talking dirty to Matt, and by Matt's moaning, you could tell he enjoyed it. "Oh fuck Mike, I'm gonna cum. God cum up my ass Mike, oooh fuck. " Matt groaned as he shoved his cock all the way down my throat. This pushed Mike over the limit and he started grunting as he pulled his cock from Matt's ass and then shoved it back in hard. Matt began to cum down my throat, shot after shot of his hot jizz was sliding down my throat as Mike started groaning, holding Matt's ass tight to his hips, forcing his semen into Matt's ass. After Mike pulled his cock out of Matt, he stepped back so Matt could climb off of my face. I could feel some of Matt's cum sliding out of my mouth and quickly pushed it back into my mouth, enjoying the taste that remaind in my mouth. I looked up and saw Mike and Matt kissing hard and I smiled. The boys stopped and Matt picked me up.


   "I love you Melissa, and I love you too Mike. " He smiled and kissed me and then kissed Mike. Mike and I smiled and kissed each other. We knew that we had definantly made the right decision about letting Matt stay with us. We just hoped we would all stay together for a very long time. ~~~~~~~There will be more, if anyone wants it. ~~~~~~~.