Breeding Little Momma: Chapter 2


Breeding Little Momma: Chapter 2

This is the second part of my first story when my
wife’s girlfriend and I planned to get back at my
beautiful, Young, Spanish Wife; For cheating!


Chapter 2

In my last part my wife’s girlfriend had just
finished eating her most delicious tasting pussy
and had now risen up and went to her dresser
drawers leaving my wife panting with post
orgasmic pleasure. My wife was on the bed,
nakedly displayed as the juices from the tonguing
that Snake Lady had given her pussy (with it's
freshly shaven nakedness) that served to show the
complete satisfaction the Snake Lady’s tongue had
given her.

This is how Snake Lady acquired her name, by word
of mouth that her tongue was so capable of making
a woman come as they never had before as she'd
just proven to me by my freshly eaten wife.

Now she stood at her open drawer and pulled out
the very thing I had purchased for this next
little plan: I wanted Snake Lady to fuck my wife
with a dildo (which I had purchased at an adult
store only days earlier and had even purchased a
leather harness now fully holding the hugely
black and awesome sized rubber cock). My wife had
absolutely no idea anything was about to happen
at all in her state of highness from the prior
bout with the coke and the spiked drink that
Snake Lady had given her in the living room.

She turned around and began to put the leather
harness on with the biggest black cock anyone
would possibly has seen. Even the clerk at the
store I bought it at said no one had dared buy
it. He truly wanted to know if I had plans to use
it. I covered my devious plan up by saying no, it
was just a gag gift for a laugh or two and the
harness was the second part of the gift.

Now its impressive size was clearly showing from
where Snake Lady had it now strapped to her own
crotch, with its hugely extended blackness so
evident now, I wondered if my little woman could
take the damned huge thing as Snake Lady adjusted
the thigh straps and tightened the main belt
around her waist. She then came strutting over to
the bed with its huge log-like shape swinging.

She now stood right back between my wife’s legs
with it swaying and moving still. I had measured
it myself, 14inch length and 12 inches width at
the crown, the shaft was a good 10 and 1/2 inches
around itself. This thing was a match for any
horse cock and its blackness made it ever more
awesome in its appearance.

My little wife hardly stirred since Snake Lady
had risen and went and put the huge dildo harness
on. Now the Snake Lady was back between her legs
as she sat a jar of Vaseline on one side of the
bed and had this strange pink balloon on the
other (it some sort of liquid in it) then handed
it to me.

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   She said, "Give this to her, just put
the open end in her mouth and all the liquid will
go right into her mouth. She can swallow it all. "
I had to admit it was a rather wild trick.

I did what the Snake Lady had asked and gave my
wife the liquid filled balloon, watching as the
contents were sucked into her mouth. Now the
Snake Lady had opened the Vaseline and stood
there above my wife [on the edge of the bed] and
was rubbing the dildo down generously, covering
the huge black head and tip of it even more so,
so that hopefully the dildo would go in my wife’s
tiny pussy.

I've read many stories of such overly sized cocks
and small women taking them, well reality is,
this is not just as described in the stories
throughout the internet. And first handedly
knowing how it had all transpired, I wonder about
the validity of such stories, the fact that a
small woman that was the size my wife, barely 5
foot tall and weighing a mere 98 lbs, and her
body looking more of that for a young 12 or 13
year old virgin (except for the few stretch marks
across her slightly loose lower abs where the
affects of birthing three children were the only
indication of her truly being the age of 23)
could take such a monster so easily.

Even her breast were what one would expect to see
on a child budding into womanhood, and the only
was you could distinguish them was that the large
marble like nipples that now stood directly
swollen and hard as rocks with desire from the
eating she'd just gotten.

The idea of this huge black cock that Snake Lady
was somehow going to use just didn't seem at all
possible, and Snake Lady was right, I had bitten
way more than I could chew with this darn thing.
It was not at all possible to use on any woman,
and most certainly not with such a tiny woman
with a small cunt like my wife had.

But the Snake Lady had generously slicked its
huge head down with the Vaseline knowing it would
take that and all she could muster to get the
damned dildo in my wife’s pussy. The Snake Lady
appeared to be awaiting the effects of the stuff
in the balloon as my wife began to breathe a bit
heavier and her body seemed to churn with some
strange desire. The Snake Lady now grabbed her
legs and raised them up, putting her feet onto
the edge of the bed, and scooted my wife’s little
ass nearly off the side. My wife now only
slightly was aware that she was even being moved
at all.

Now poised to take the huge monstrous cock in her
small pussy, the Snake Lady grasped it in one
hand and maneuvered the tip of it to my wife’s
swollen-with-wetness lips and parted them with
the very tip of it, then moved it through and
over her exposed-and-desire filled clit.

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   She did
this again, making the thick-as-hell head go ever
deeper into her lips, making them swell to accept
the tip itself as my wife now shivered all over.
The Snake Lady had not gotten half the tip in
her, her lips now swelling out as much as they
could to get the dildo in, the huge headed crown
still was the glory of the battle so to speak.

The Snake Lady then eased it back from her cunt
lips and now plowed her hips forward with the
attached harness and its hugely jutting-out black
cock and drove the huge head into the lips of my
wife’s pussy and stopped there. There was no way
this huge thing could go in her. The Snake Lady
was at least giving it the old college try and
backed it out then again wedged it back into my
wife’s pussy lips, trying in vain to get her
pussy to open more for the dildo to go inside
her. Again she backed it out as the now cries of
what had to be pain subsided from my wife.

Again the Snake Lady drove it forward and wedged
it right into her cunt lips as they were now
stretched beyond what their swollen capabilities.
The Snake Lady worked the head of it around as
best she could as my wife’s tiny, swollen, lips
stretched to complete tightness on the huge
crown. Then it popped into her pussy and was
inside her now, the lips of her cunt were
swallowed perfectly over the huge black crown and
her cries, even in her state of complete
inebriation, told that her body and mind knew her
pussy was being invaded by some huge cock. The
Snake Lady tried to pull it back, but it wouldn't

My wife’s tiny body was the only thing that gave
as it stuck to the huge solidly-planted cock head
in her pussy. The Snake Lady had locked my wife’s
cunt to the huge crown. The Snake Lady said, "Oh
shit, I can't get it to move Wildman! How to fuck
are we going to get it out of her?"

Another try revealed no results, then another and
another until finally the Snake Lady’s hips
yanked back as hard as she could and the huge
dildo popped out with a sound like a cork from a
cork gun, my wife was tossing and screaming in
muffled sounds as the huge head had all but
wrecked her tiny opening. I couldn’t help but
look at the huge gaping opening of her cunt. The
Snake Lady said "Damned Wildman, I’m going to
kill your fucking little woman if I do this to
her with this dildo.

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Snake Lady then said "You know what, I have
another plan Wildman, for your little woman and
since you have already watched other men fuck her
and helped her fuck Chester (whom she had to
sneak around on you and fuck) I think I have the
perfect solution to it all tonight now. . . "

Well in fact the Snake Lady did. But then again,
that is part three of my story. So buyer beware
when shopping for such things as some huge ass
cocks to do what no man has done before, because
the reality of it might just be as in this story.
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