My sexy new neighbor part 2


      Waking up the next morning, I was determined to get Laura to masturbate with me, face to face. The pulsing of my insistent cunt gave me no other choice. I had to lay back, and finger fuck myself wildly, letting out a howl of climax as I imagined Laura, doing the same thing right in front of me, my orgasm washing me in a blissful rush of pleasure, before I could get myself together.
     Getting dressed quickly in a T shirt and shorts, I went and knocked on her door. The door opened, and she stood before me, even though it was obvious she'd only been awake for a little while, she still looked sexy as all hell. Her eyes quickly took in the sight of my long, bare legs, and the sight of my 34C's, braless, and pushing out the front of my T shirt, the hard stiff nipples poking out the front, making their presence known. I saw a smile curve her lips.

     My eyes took in the sight of her wearing a pink bathrobe, her hair wrapped up in a towel, that gave me a pretty good idea that she was naked underneath her robe. I wondered if she liked to sleep in the nude, just like me. I can't stand to have any clothing of any kind on my body when I am in bed. I dumped the pyjamas and the nighties when I was 8, I felt like my body was being suffocated by having to be wearing something almost 24/7, and I found I slept much better in the nude. She shifted her body just slightly, displaying herself better to my eyes.

     "Good morning Delores, come in, the coffee is just about ready, and join me for coffee and a croissant. If you'll excuse me for a minute, my hair needs to be brushed out, before it gets totally unmanageable. "

     I watched her walk down the hallway, she unwrapped the towel, and tossed it in the bathroom. As she entered her bedroom doorway, she paused for a few moments, then she dropped the robe, I watched it slip off her shoulders, down, down, until it pooled around her ankles.

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   In those few moments that she paused, framed by the doorway, I drank in the sight of her naked backside, my god, her ass was perfect, the perfect symmetry of those sexy cheeks, with the crease curving up between those sexy mounds of naked flesh, made my mouth go dry and my heart pound. She then stepped around the door frame, and out of my line of sight.

     I sat down at the table, breathing deep, getting my breath back and my heart rate to slow up a bit. It felt like I was being seduced, and I was starting to enjoy the feeling. The feeling intensified when she reappeared in the kitchen, wearing just a black bra and matching black panties, these were no granny panties, they were sexy, skimpy, almost see through, and the bra was just enough to contain her luscious melons, and nothing more.

     "If I had my choice, I'd prance around naked all day long. But, you know what society says. I hope I haven't offended you" she said, a slight smile curving her lips.

     "Not at all, I'd go naked all the time if I had my choice. I sleep in the raw all the time, I haven't worn anything to bed since I was 8. Even at summer camp, I slept nude. " I replied.

     I could see her smile again.

     We continued on with more sedate subjects, until Laura stood up.

     "Unfortunately, I have to do all the things that need to be taken care of now that I am moved in.

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   How would you like to come over for dinner, let's see, it's Monday, on Thursday night? I should be fully moved in, and we can have a nice dinner, and enjoy ourselves. And, if you feel like it, bring over a robe, or something you'd like to lounge in, we can have a pyjama, or if you like, a not pyjama party after dinner. "

     I felt my lust surge, and my smile as I replied, "Ummm, that sounds great, I'll be looking forward to it. I'll bring a bottle of nice Merlot. "

     "Ahh, I love Merlot, my favorite red wine. I love to cook, I'll make us a fine feast. If you don't hear from me otherwise, dinner is a go, come over at 6 PM. Let me walk you to the door. "

     At the door, face to face, she wove her fingers through my hair, and brought my face forward. I could see her dark gray eyes, gazing at me, just before she shut them, as I shut mine. Our lips pressed, longer that a quick peck, but shorter that a full on make out kiss. I could feel the warmth of her lips pressing gently against mine. When she broke the kiss, I could see her face was flushed, my face felt pretty warm too.

     "Until Thursday, Delores" she said softly.

     Back at my house, my body was in a turmoil.

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   I wanted her, wanted her more than anything, the feel of those warm soft lips against mine refused to fade, and I almost felt like I'd go mad waiting for Thursday.

     I stripped naked and jumped back into bed. This time, I wanted to make it last, so I rolled over, stuffed a pillow between my legs, and rose up to my knees, and humped my pillow. Grinding my throbbing cunt down, I could feel the erotic zings shooting through me. As I rode my pillow, I remembered how my sweet sister Nicole had shown me how to ride a pillow. . . .

     . . . . . Floating back down to Earth after that first orgasm, my sister gasping like a race horse after masturbating, cumming like crazy from the sight of her little sister's first masturbation, and orgasm, Nicole looked over at me, with a wicked grin.

     "We'd better get dressed, Mom and Dad will be back soon.

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   But, they'll be going out tonight, and I think I can convince them to let me babysit, I'm 14, I don't need a babysitter. If they agree, I'll show you a real fun way to play with yourself!"

     Early that evening, after our parents had agreed, and gone, Nicole pulled me upstairs into her bedroom, she was naked almost in the blink of an eye. Nicole was developing very nicely, she already had a chest that no doubt drove all the 14 year old boys crazy. Her pubic mound, covered with a sparse, wispy bush, made me horny just to look at it. Feeling the stirrings of my lust, I stripped quickly, and saw Nicole looking at me, her eyes taking in my flat chest, and my hairless pussy, I was wondering what she was thinking of.

     "Just wait until your boobs start to grow" Nicole whispered, a little huskily, "I'm gonna love looking at your body as you develop. And god, that smooth, hairless pussy mound, damn that's so sexy. "

     The idea that my sister, finding my flat as a board, no hips, boyish shape body a turn on, got me excited.

     "OK Del, on my bed, on your knees!" Nicole commanded, grinning.

     She did the same, facing me, our bodies maybe 2 feet apart. She handed me one of her big pillows, with a towel draped over it.  

     "Now, I'm going to teach you about pillow humping, you're gonna love it. Stuff this nice big pillow right between your legs, straddle it like a saddle, just like I'm doing," Nicole instructed, "Now I'll give you a look at what I want you to do".

     I watched, wide eyed, and my sister started out, grinding down, then up, rotating her hips, thrusting down, her eyes dreamy, her breath starting to come in little gasps of pleasure.

     She stopped after about 30 seconds, and told me to do what she had done.

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   It took a little while before I got the hang of it, but when I started to hit the right spot, and little moans and groans of pleasure started to sound, Nicole grinned.

    "You've got the hang of it now baby, open your eyes, and watch me humping my pillow, just like I'm gonna watch you do the same. "

     I opened my eyes, saw Nicole pick up her rhythm again, humping and grinding, our noises of pleasure starting to fill the bedroom. I started to rock and rotate, thrusting and grinding my hips into the pillow.

Nicole was sliding her body backward and forward, then pushing down, grinding herself against the pillow, then going back to the back and forth, and again grinding her throbbing pussy against the pillow, like she was riding a lover. I watched as she brought her hands up, and started to pull, tug and tweak her rock hard nipples, her breathing turning into gasps of pleasure. I started grinding down hard, my hips going up and down, faster and faster. Watching Nicole do the same, her eyes watching me as I watched her, our shared lust feeding off each other, was an erotic experience almost beyond belief, I was in the grip of a red hot haze of lust. I rotated my hips faster, pushing down hard, grinding wildly against the pillow, watching my sexy sister do the same, both of our bodies on fire with lust, almost like we were mirror images of each other. I slid my right hand under me, sliding it between my clit and my pillow, I started humping my hand. I could feel my wetness flowing out over my hand as I cupped my sex, pushing down hard on the pillow forced my fingers over my stiff, throbbing clit, and I was in absolute ecstacy.   A part of my mind registered why Nicole had draped the towels over her pillows, as my juices ran like a river.

     "Oh fuck, fuck, feels so good, gonna cum baby, gonna cum, I'm watching my sister humping my pillow, holy fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, oh yes, FUCK YES!"

     My sister's voice rose to shriek, as I watched, she pushed down as hard as she could, grinding wildly against her pillow for all she was worth, her body went stiff, then Nicole groaned loudly as she went into orgasm, her body shook with the intensity of her climax.

     That gave me the shove I needed, and I went over the edge, squealing with absolute pleasure as I slammed down against the pleasing fullness of that pillow, my body shaking with nerve jangling pulses of sizzling pleasure, my pussy gushing crazily. .

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  . .      

     . . . . . Back in the here and now, my clit had risen up, darkly pink, hard, eager, and I aimed my thobbing button at the pillow, humping, thrusting and grinding away. The remembered pleasure of my sister Nicole and I gave me the push over the edge, and I shrieked, loud, my cunt exploding with pleasure, my juices gushing crazily over the towel atop my pillow, riding that wave of orgasmic fire until I slumped down, breathless and satisfied.

     My pussy got a real working out before Thursday, I was so horny I couldn't keep my hands off myself, driving myself to orgasm over and over, thinking about Laura.

     I dreaded the idea of something coming up, and Laura having to cancel our dinner. I held my breath everytime the telephone rang. With a half hour to go, I picked out something to wear at our pyjama party. Since I don't own pyjamas, I chose a black, full length slip, with lace designs at the top and bottom, it looked more than enough like nightwear. I slipped that on, then put a dress over it.

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     With 5 minutes to go, I picked up the bottle of Merlot, and right on the stroke of 6 PM, I was knocking on her door. She opened it, and I felt myself go weak in the knees as I virtually swam in the welcoming glow from her beautiful dark gray eyes. She was wearing a light blue knee length dress, and she pulled me forward, her lips pressing against mine, again, more than a peck, but less that a make out kiss.

     "Welcome Delores, I have enjoyed myself more in the last few days than I have for ages!" I wondered about the meaning of that, as she continued, "planning a nice dinner, buying everything, creating something wonderful, it's been way too long since I've done that. "

     Although that answered the question about the meaning, the glimmer in her eyes made me think that it was more than just the dinner, a classic double entendre, and my mind wondered if she was masturbating with me in her mind as she drove her churning pussy to orgasm, just as I did when I masturbated with her in my mind. My pussy was buzzing, and I decided I'd better concentrate on something else.

     "Whatever you have created smells wonderful" I said.

     "And it's ready right now, great timing, I'll get it ready for serving" Laura said.

     "And I'll pour the wine" I rejoined.

     I filled our glasses, and we lifted our drinks, and gave a toast to our new friendship.

     My stomach growled hungrily as I saw the delicious dinner before me. Beef bourguignon, spaztle, and red cabbage, with dark german rye bread.

     She smiled and said, "You can thank my European heritage for this. My Mom was French, and my Dad was German, so I learned both styles of cuisine. My husband loved the fact that I could cook so well, and it's great to be able to put my skills back into practice.

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     I replied, "Why don't we make this a more regular thing? At least once a week, next time, dinner will be at my house, we can alternate. My cooking skills are limited to mostly regular fare, but my husband never complained!"

     Her eyes glowed, she reached out and stroked the top of my hand, I felt the tingle of her fingers, almost like a low electric current was passing over my hand.

     "I'd like that very much" she replied softly.

     The wine flowed, the dinner was delicious, and after the dishes were in the dish washer, she took my hand, and led me into the den.

     "And now, we can start our pyjama party!"

     I quickly unbuttoned my dress, and let it fall away. I could see Laura's eyes drinking in the sight of me in my slip, and she told me she'd be right back.

     Five minutes later, she was back, and oh my. She was wearing a white baby-doll nightie that just barely covered the cheeks of her ass, I could see a small G string style panty just covering up her pubic region, and my heart was gently pounding.

     The TV was on, and on the movie channel we were watching, was a pretty torrid love scene. I made a casual remark about how hot the scene was, and she said it was making her pretty hot too, and how she might have to take care of that later.

     Taking the plunge, I boldly asked, "Do you masturbate much?"

     Laura turned her head my way, I saw an eyebrow lift up, but her smile was warm and slightly mischevious.

     "All the time, my god, I'm so horny now, it's like I can't get enough. I never knew that my 50's would turn me in a sex crazed beast. Oh I miss my Ron so much, he'd do me over and over. Pussy lickings, cock suckings, and his ramming my insides, blowing huge globs of semen deep up inside, I miss that so much.

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     I replied, "Sounds just like me, when my husband would come home, all fired up, and fuck me silly! Now that I'm without him, I love to get some mental stimuli, then run it back in my head, or as we are doing right now, just watching the movie and letting it heat us up.

What makes you cum the hardest?" I asked, though I had a pretty good idea that I knew.

     She hesitated for a second, then she slipped in a tape into her VCR. The same blonde and redhead were on the screen, that I had seen when I peeked in on her, both of them starting to make hot, passionate love to each other. My hand quickly, almost unconsciously, found its way down and I started to press the fabric against my throbbing entry. Laura was watching closely, and she giggled with joy.

     "Hell, that's the way I feel too! I was afraid you'd be shocked" she said, as her hand started to rub at the outside of her panty, pressing the fabric against her pink seam.

     "Not shocked, just very horny" I cooed.

     Laura whispered huskily, "Look at that blonde, the way she's going after the redhead's pussy. Mmmmm, god I love to be eaten. "

     Sitting side by side, hearing our breathing deepen and the little sounds of pleasure we were starting to make, after a few moments, I gathered up the courage to ask for more.

     "Why don't we both get totally naked, and masturbate together? I'd love to see you playing with yourself, watching you cum" I cooed huskily.

     Laura grinned, and in a few moments, her nightie was on the floor, and there she was, totally naked, just mere inches away. My god, my heart and my lust were pounding crazily, her breasts were perfect, slightly bigger than mine, like ripe fruit just waiting to be picked, her rose colored nipples stiff and swollen with excitement. I could feel my nipples stiffening rapidly, I saw her eyes look down, smiling as they shoved out the front of my slip.

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   My eyes were drawn downward, taking in the sexy curve of her hips, and that well trimmed nest of pubic hair, letting me get a peek of her lower lips. Almost as if she'd heard my unspoken request, she turned, and the most beautiful rump I'd ever seen was in front of my eyes. I felt frozen, unable to look away, the curve of those glorious globes, with the curving crease bisecting them into two moons, took my breath away.

     She turned to face me again, grinning, and cooed, "Your turn, get yourself naked!"

     I pulled the slip up, over my head, and tossed it aside. I felt her gaze caressing my nude body, sliding over every inch, almost as real as the touch of a lover's hands. I turned, to display my backside. I've always been a little hesitant about showing my naked ass, but Laura put me at ease with her next comment.
     "Oh yes, so nice, so sexy, you sweet ass cheeks are so damn sexy baby" she cooed.

     We stretched out on the couch, each of us against an edge. I felt my lust swirling, we were both spreading our legs apart, eager to wantonly masturbate, showing each other how we masturbate our horny cunts, exactly how we get ourselves off. We were facing each other as I slipped my fingers down, and eagerly started to fondle and caress my mound, feeling the juices starting to churn. I got into my rhythm as I ran my index finger up and down my pink slide, the wetness seeping out, making my finger creamy slick with my juices, giving me just the right amount of slipperyness. Then I slipped my finger in a little further and let my finger dip into my hole, running my finger in a circle before sliding up to my clit. My finger played in small circles over my twitching clit while I watched Laura fingering herself.

     I watched Laura, my eyes drinking in the sight of her fingers reaching down.


   She spread her lips apart, making sure that I got a good look, and her fingers started to trace her shiny inner lips, her dark rose opening and clit were constantly visible. She used her right thumb to strum up and down over her clit while her other fingers danced over her tender pink lips and glistening hole.

     The TV was on, and we would sneak peeks at the blonde and the redhead, eating each other's pussies ravenously, our shared arousal spurring us on. I felt so wanton, so nasty, and so damn hot showing Laura exactly how I masturbated my horny little cunt, my fingers driving me on. I could feel it building, and when the redhead screamed in climax, I howled as I felt my cunt start to spasm crazily, and I went roaring over the edge, squealing in pleasure.

     Laura gasped out, "Fuck, oh fuck, feels so good, watch me, watch me cum baby, watch me, yes, oh yes, yes, yes, YES!!!"

     Laura's voice rose to a shriek as her body started to shake, and she let her orgasm take her, cries of pleasure filling the air. I enjoyed watching the contortions of her face in climax, realizing that I must have looked very much like that when I exploded. It made me smile, and in the afterglow, I told Laura how much I enjoyed watching her body and her face in the throes of climax.

     Laura cooed, "I also was so turned on, watching your body shaking and jerking, cumming right before my eyes, made my orgasm a real blowout. I haven't cum like that in a long time. "

     As I got dressed to leave, Laura pulled me close, and our mouths clung hungrily together, a burning, sizzling kiss that made my body thrum.

     "Come back for dinner in 2 days, and this time, I want you to stay overnight. I think we should do more, don't you?" she murmurred, her lips mere inches from mine, her eyes smoky with passion.

     My lips were still tingling where hers had been mere seconds ago, and I nodded, my heart thumping.  


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