She felt starved...


Topic: She felt starved. . . Sherri felt as though she had been deprived of it for so long. She had not had sex in almost a year, since that scumbag husband of hers had up and left. She had been trying hard to focus on work and nothing else, but that was becoming harder than ever since she had met Danielle.
A friend had told her about a website where you could post exactly what you were looking for and get tons of responses. Sherri was stuck between a one night stand or maybe a hook-up, she wasn\\\'t sure. Then Danielle responded to her ad. She had written a long note and included a few pictures. Sherri hadn\\\'t been expecting a woman to reply at all. It wasn\\\'t what she was looking for, she hadn\\\'t ever been with a woman before, but her pictures were just so beautiful. She had long, curly, dirty blonde hair, deep green eyes, and plump lips that pouted slightly when she smiled. She was breath taking.
Sherri wasn\\\'t quite sure what she was going to do, but there was something tempting about Danielle and she just couldn\\\'t get her off her mind. Sherri decided that they needed to meet and that it would settle it all.

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   She asked Danielle if she would be willing to go out for a drink this upcoming weekend, then she waited. Of course Danielle thought it was brilliant and they agreed on Friday evening.
Sherri was nervous as she picked out her clothes. She wasn\\\'t sure how she wanted to come off. She wanted to look sexy though, she did know that. She picked out a black and purple tank top that emphasized her small breasts and a mid-thigh lengthed skirt with black high heels. She didn\\\'t need any help emphasizing her ass, it was big enough by itself. She did her hair and threw on some make-up and headed out.
She pulled up to the parking lot and went inside. She was running little early so she ordered a drink and lit up a cigarette. She looked around the bar to see if maybe she had overlooked Danielle when she had walked in. At that moment she walked through the door. Sherri couldn\\\'t believe her eyes, this was the most gorgeous woman she had ever seen. Her hair was a bit darker and much longer now. She had very large breasts and cute little ass.

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   Sherri looked back up and waved her over to the bar.
"You must be Sherri! I\\\'m Danielle. "
Sherri was speechless, but somehow got out in introduction. They talked for a while and then, out of nowhere, Danielle leaned over rubbing her breasts down Sherri\\\'s arm and said, "I saw the way you looked at me when I walked in. Do you like what you see?"
She placed a hand on the inside of Sherri\\\'s thigh as she said this and Sherri struggled to get words out.
"Would you be mad if I did? Isn\\\'t that the whole point of us meeting?"
Sherri found herself trying to sound seductive. What was she getting herself into? But Danielle laughed at her comment.
She slowly licked her plump lips and shocked Sherri with what she said next.
"Why don\\\'t you come over to my place and we\\\'ll see why you really came tonight. . . "
Danielle reached into her purse and threw some money on the bar. Then she turned and walked out into the parking lot. Sherri knew she was supposed to follow, but was this really what she had wanted? Then she remembered how those big tits had grazed her arm and wondered how they would look bare.   She quickly slapped some money down on the bar and ran out the door in pursuit of Danielle.

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Sherri hopped in the car with Danielle and they rode out to her place in the country. Danielle walked her in and gave her tour which, coincidentally ended in the bedroom. Sherri sat down on the bed and Danielle went to make some drinks. They drank for about and hour or so and talked the whole time as they both became little more drunk with every sip of their cocktails.
As they were laying on the bed together, Danielle reached up behind Sherri\\\'s head and pulled her in for a kiss. It was a long passionate kiss as their tongues ran circles around each others mouths. Then Sherri felt a hand on her thigh, pushing her mesh thong out of the way. Sherri broke off the kiss and Danielle took the oppurtunity to slowly start taking off her clothes. Sherri had seen strippers before, but this was the best strip tease by far. Danielle wiggled her way out of her slacks and pulled her shirt over her head. She stood in front of Sherri in nothing but her bra and panties. Sherri could feel her thong becoming wet as watched this beautiful woman get naked right before her eyes.
Danielle walked over to her and began taking Sherri\\\'s clothes off as well. They both stared at each other as they sat there in their bras and panties, ravishing one another with their eyes. Sherri couldn\\\'t stop staring at those boobs.

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   She reached behind Danielle\\\'s back and unhooked her bra. She almost ripped it off of her as she leaned down and put her mouth over one of Danielle\\\'s nipples. A low moan escaped her mouth as Sherri\\\'s tongue swirled and sucked and bit her nipple.
Sherri wasn\\\'t sure what had come over her, but she wanted more. She kissed her way down to Danielle\\\'s navel and started taking off her panties, but she was stopped. Danielle turned her over and took off her the rest of Sherri\\\'s clothes. She didn\\\'t take any time with foreplay, she simply dove between Sherri\\\'s legs. An overwhelming sense of pleasure washed upon Sherri as Danielle\\\'s tongue flicked at her clit. Sherri\\\'s body shook as her first orgasm hit her, but that wasn\\\'t the end. Danielle continued this torture for several more minutes before she stopped suddenly and reached for her bedside table. She opened a drawer and pulled out an 8 in. vibrator. She turned it on and rubbed it up against Sherri\\\'s wet slit. Then she started working the eight inches up into Sherri\\\'s tight pussy. Sherri moaned and began bucking up against the vibrator.

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   She came several times before Danielle pulled another trick out of her sleeve.
Danielle swung her legs up above Sherri\\\'s head and sat on her face. She threw the vibrator across the room and went to town on Sherri\\\'s now sopping wet pussy. Sherri wasn\\\'t sure what to do but as Danielle brought to another sweet oblivion, she pulled Danielle\\\'s hips onto her mouth and ate like she had been starved for years. As her tongue darted onto Danielle\\\'s clit, she felt her own start to tense up as yet another orgasm began to build up. But right as felt herself slipping away, her mouth was filled with the sweetest juices she had ever tasted. Then Danielle collasped to her side and they both laid there recovering from this intense experience they had shared.