For my son Pt1


This is my second story, (My first was Losing it all tonight) comments very welcome, nice comments and I’ll write more.
For my son Pt1
This story starts way back when I was just 14 years old, my first boyfriend, Adam, got me pregnant the very first time we had sex. I was so confused, I told him and he freaked out, he told his parents and they signed him up to the Navy. I never saw him again. I had no choice but to tell my folks, my Dad went mad and threw me out; calling me all sorts of names I’d never heard before. I went to stay at my BBF house she could only put me up for the night, I didn’t tell her why I had been thrown out, and she didn’t tell her olds I was there. My Mom found me in the morning and told me I couldn’t come home as Dad was way to angry, she gave me a thousand dollars and told me she was disappointed with me. She said I should go to the city and start a new life. My BBF told me I’d have to go, so I picked up what little I had and headed for the station.
Once in the city I found it a hell of a lot harder than I thought. I couldn’t find any sort of work, who’s going to employ a pregnant 14 year old? I found myself on the street, sleeping in alleys and parks. I didn’t know what to do the money soon ran out and I was scrounging out of bins and dumpsters. I had a few ‘friends’ mainly down and outs like me who would let you know where the good stuff was. I kept away from the organised places cos I didn’t want them to take my baby, I was beginning to show a bit by now and all I had was the baby. I guess it was inevitable that I’d start to turn tricks. One of the guys I knew offered me $10 to suck him off; man when you’ve got 50c to your name $10 is a fucking fortune! Trouble was he hadn’t washed for months and boy did it taste bad, but I sucked and got paid.

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   Word soon went round that I’d do that and I actually started making some money. I didn’t do anything else, I didn’t want to risk getting pregnant again, how dumb was I? I didn’t even know you couldn’t get knocked up while you were pregnant! I could usually make enough to feed myself and sometimes get a room in a cheep motel to get myself cleaned up, but there was never quite enough. One of the other girls I knew suggested I should get better clients. She said if I gave BJ’s to regular guys I could charge $50 easy. So I did, and I started to get some more money in, unfortunately I was really starting to get big and the John’s weren’t interested in some pregnant ‘ho so I was back to blowing homeless guys. I still got my ass out on the streets in case someone was feeling kinky. Some of the working girls must have felt sorry for me ‘cos they left me alone to try and make some money. I got talking to a couple of them, one who called herself Monique seemed to take a shine to me, she took me home and let me have a proper bath, my first in nearly five months. It felt so good to get clean, I was even more amazed when I got out of the bath and found my clothes had been washed and she’d even got me some new underwear. I was so grateful I cried my eyes out. Monique asked me all about myself so I told her my story, she was shocked when she found out I was only 14. Right then and there she offered to let me live with her, for a price. I became her maid; I had to do all the cooking, cleaning and the shopping. I’d have done anything to get a roof over my head so it was easy for me to say yes. With that I started work, Monique would give me money and I did all that was asked of me, not so nice when a John has dumped a used condom on the floor and yours truly has to pick it up.

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   Life carried on like that till the big day arrived, Monique had even lent me the money for a Doctor so I could have my baby safely. When I brought Sebastian (we all call him Seb) for the first time it was hard to remember she was a hard bitten hooker as she cooed over him in his little cot. Monique really loved Seb and spent a lot on him buying him toys and treats. I had turned 15 by this time and Monique said I needed to start to pay her back, I was so grateful for the four months she’d given me I didn’t think she was being unreasonable.
“Ok Baby” Said Monique, “Let’s get you street ready. Take off your clothes” I was pretty nervous taking off my clothes in front of Monique, although she was quite happy to walk around naked, and I had got used to the sight of her walking to the bathroom with some John’s cum all over her face and tits, so I stripped and tried to cover my tits and pussy. She moved my hands away and gave me a long critical look.
“Well I’d never guess you’d just had a baby” She smiled, it was true my body had really recovered well from pregnancy, I did have a few small stretch marks but nothing serious and having very little to eat I’d got my flat stomach back quickly, but my tits were even larger than before, I was a full 34C, and since my time on the streets my blond hair had grown back well and was just below my shoulders. “I think we could charge a premium for this piece of ass, how does $250 sound?”
“What would I have to do?”
“Well that’d be for full sex with a guy, do you do anal?”
“I don’t know what’s anal?” I really was naïve. Monique laughed at me and I blushed.
“Oh honey, anal sex, you know when a guy sticks his cock in your ass. ” I guess the look of horror on my face said it all to her. “Sweetie, how many guys have you been with?”
I blushed a deep red before holding up one finger.
“How many times did you have sex with him?”
I blushed even redder as I held up one finger again.
“Oh my baby, you really got the short straw, one fuck and you got a bun in the oven.

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   Ok before we go any further I’ve really gotta find out what you’re like. ” With that she manoeuvred me into the shower and turned it on, she stripped off and jumped in with me. This was probably the first time I’d had a good look at her body up close, she had bigger tits than me, about a 36D and silicone by the look of them, large pink nipples, Monique was a bit taller than my 5’8” and she had a tuft of dark pubic hair above her pussy. As the water washed down our bodies Monique squatted down in front of me and raised my leg and put it on the side of the tub. I was really embarrassed, the last person who looked that close at my cunt was the Doctor. “Ok hold very still. ” She reached for the shaving soap and lathered my whole mound. I was instantly aroused I’d only had one clumsy boy touch my pussy before and did this ever feel different from his clumsy fumbling. Her strong fingers worked the soap into my pubes. She started to shave me slowly taking great care not to nick me. All too soon she finished and started to wash the soap off me, I looked down and saw she’d shaved all my pubes off, I was completely smooth again. “Trust me honey, in our line of work, you’ll appreciate being wipe clean. ” We towelled off together and Monique led me through to the bedroom. We sat on the bed as I dried Monique’s hair for her. She turned round to me and said “In this game you’ve got to give the John’s what they want so we’re going to practice.

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   Just relax and let Monique show you how. ” She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips her hand was on my breast cupping and stroking it. She stood up and pulled on a strap on dildo “I’ll be the man and you can be the ‘ho, so lie down and open those legs. ” I did as she commanded I was staring at that huge false cock sticking out from her groin as she lubed it wanking it with one hand. She knelt down between my thighs and pulled my knees up exposing my freshly shaven cunt to her, she shuffled forward gripping the black rubber cock with one hand guiding towards my pussy. I could feel the tip of it at the entrance to my cunt as she stared straight into my eyes; slowly she feed the cock into my tight channel. I couldn’t believe how full I felt nor could I believe how much she was getting into me, I could feel her pressed right against me and I knew it was all in me. She started to pump it into me as she played with my tits. After a short while she picked up the pace when she could see I could take it all thrusting into me with increasing force, she started to gasp and pant as she did so. After she came, she supported herself over me and let her head drop as she got her breath back. “Well it sure has been a long time since I came like that!” She looked up at me all flushed and sweaty, “Darlin’ if you want some loyal customers you’re going to have to do a bit more than that. ”
“How do you mean?” I was so inexperienced I had no idea what I should do.
“Ok I’ll show you, this time I want you to be the man and I’ll be the hooker, can you do to me what I just did to you?”
“Sure, I’ll try” and she pulled the dildo out of my pussy and unstrapped it, she unclipped the cock and pulled another one from her draw, this one was easily a full 12” she helped me strap into the harness then laid down on the bed. It felt really weird with that great big cock waving in front of me as I approached the bed. I grabbed lube and started to coat this new cock with it wanking it the way Monique had done.

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“Some guy will pay a lot of money for a girl to do just that. ” Chuckled Monique as I rubbed up and down the shaft feeling all the groves and the hardness of it. “Now come here and I’ll put on a patented Monique show for you. ” I approached her as she had done, she spread her legs and with one hand she reached down and opened her hole for me, her pussy opened completely and I could see right inside her. “My guys love it when I hold myself open for them, what do you think?”
“You look horny” I stammered, I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I rested the tip of the cock at the entrance to her cunt and she reached round and pulled me into her.
“Oh baby, I’ve missed this cock, please fuck me. ” I was shocked as she said these words to me, I’d never heard Monique’s bedroom talk. She pushed her arms together forcing her big boobs up at me, “Please suck my tits” she moaned as drove the rubber cock deeper into her, I was amazed at how easily she took it all and soon we were grinding together as I obediently dipped my head and sucked her nipples. I started to fuck her with the cock faster and faster, the base of the dildo was covered in little knobs and these were starting to work their magic on my clit as I pounded Monique. “Oh yes like that baby, I need you fuck the shit out of me. ” I roughly grabbed her tits and started mauling them resting all my weight on her. “Now do me from behind, please, make me your bitch, do my doggy style” She wriggled off my cock which popped obscenely out of her wet cunt and she rolled up onto all fours presenting her ass to me. I mounted her swiftly, being again amazed at how that big dildo sunk, like a hot knife through butter, into her cunt. I spread her ass cheeks so I could get a better view as I was fucking this startling woman.

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   She looked round over her shoulder with a wicked grin on her face “You’re liking this ain’t ya?” I nodded too out of breath to reply; I picked up the pace again and really started to pump that big black rubber dick into her. Again she started to come, this time I knew the signs and I reached round and started to touch her clit, that pushed her right over the edge and she collapsed as she came. I sat back on my heals the dildo was still half inside her as she lay their gasping for breath as she laid their sprawled in front of me. She brushed the hair out of her eyes as she looked round at me, “I never would have believed you could have fucked me like that, no one has ever made me cum like that! And I didn’t even get to do my big finish!”
“What’s your big finish?” I asked as she pulled herself off that big rubber cock. She smiled at me over her shoulder before answering.
“That’s when I ask them to fuck me in the ass. ”
“Yeah but you can’t take this whole thing in your ass can you?”
“Wanna bet?” She pouted. Reaching back she pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing her tight little sphincter. “Go on put it all in me. ” I did as she commanded pushing the whole of that big rubber dick into her asshole; she let out a very low groan as I worked it into her. I could feel her fingers on her cunt as she took it all and I started to fuck her again. “Yeah like that now fuck me, hard. ” I obliged her, but not for long the little knobs on the base of the dildo were driving me crazy, I had my first orgasm while fucking a hooker in the ass with a strap on 12” black rubber dildo. I still get wet just thinking about it. I slumped down when my orgasm passed pulling the strap on out of her ass, her asshole gaped obscenely as it contracted back to its normal size after my pounding.

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I lay their with my chest heaving as Monique studied me critically, I could feel my juices seeping out of my pussy, now I knew what sex was about. “So little one, did you learn anything?” My new teacher asked.
“Yeah sure loads, thanks” I panted.
“Ok so now we do it again like the first time, I’ll be the John and you can be my fresh little ‘ho, and I’ve got an idea for you, but I’ll tell you that later. ”With that she reached over and started to unbuckle the strap on. When it was off she went to unclip the big dildo so she could put the little one back on for me. I stopped her. “Are you sure you can take it?”
I lay back on the bed and with one hand reached down and opened my cunt like she had done. “Please put it in me” I begged. Monique grinned a really evil grin.
“Them John’s ain’t going to know what hit ‘em” She said as she strapped the dildo onto herself as I laid there holding my pussy open for her and stroking my tits with my free had.
“Hurry up, I’m desperate for you to fuck me” I said in as seductive a voice as I could manage; I was starting to enjoy this new roll. Monique crawled up the bed to me; I could see that huge cock dangling between her legs as she advanced on me, OMG had I bitten off more than I could chew? Only one way to find out. Then she was on top of me resting the tip of the cock at my open hungry pussy. Then she entered me slowly, getting the first six inches in easily, I loved the feeling of fullness as she held me close our breast squashed together I could feel her hard nipples and I am sure she could feel mine too.

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   She worked the last six in a bit at a time, slowly with drawing it then pushing forward again, I soon found myself with all of that dildo, so recently in my guardian angels ass, fully in my pussy. She pushed her tongue into my mouth French kissing me deeply.
“So you can take it all, but can you take a fucking off a 12” dick?” She demanded.
“Shut up and fuck me” So she did pulling almost all of it out and slamming it back into me, I came there and then, “Oh yes like that. ” I groaned as she pumped me deeper and deeper, plunging that rubber cock into my soaking wet cunt. I reached round and tried to pull her deeper into me. Suddenly she came, hard, fast and heavy hardly able to breath she sat back pulling dildo right out of me with a pop, gasping for breath she fanned herself with one hand, the dark olive skin of her face and chest were flushed deep red. She smiled at me as she fought to regain her breath.
“Baby girl I am going to need a minute to get over that one, I don’t think I can see straight. ”
“Ok,” I said, “I’ll just play with myself till you’re ready to go again. ” I reached down and started to play with my pussy, boy was I wet, with the other hand I started to tweak and pull at my nipples, making them rock hard. I was enjoying being this bad girl. It didn’t take Monique long to recover, before I knew it she was back deep inside me, her hands on my breasts and her tongue deep in my throat. We lay there afterwards both sweaty and exhausted. I wasn’t sure what time it was but it was dark out side and Seb needed feeding so I took my sore body off and took care of him.

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   Monique walked in to the lounge as I sat naked feeding my beautiful son.
“Darlin’ I’m going to get cleaned up and get out tonight, you look after Seb and we’ll talk in the morning. ” Monique got changes into one of her most revealing outfits and went out to work; I stayed and tided up the place. I guess Monique didn’t think I was quite ready yet.
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