I fucked my boyfriend in a graveyard

Sex In Public

I'm in detention. It's 3. 25pm and my 17 year old boyfriend,Tom, is outside my class waiting for me. 5 minutes later I'm let out after the usual 'don't do it again' speech. When I see Tom I hug him and we make out in the corridor (which is empty). He slides his hand down to my hips. I pull off him, with a smirk on my face. 'Not here' I say to him in a sexual way. I lead him to an empty classroom. We don't turn the lights on. I turn to him and snog him faster this time. He lifts me up and pushes me against the wall (fully clothed). I push off the wall and he turns round (we are still snogging) and we fall onto a tsble. 'Your such a good kisser. ' I said. 'Your not bad yourself.

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  ' He said. We make out again but this time he starts to undress me. Suddenly we are lying naked on the table. We start to have sex. It's amazing. After about two hours of shagging. I get off him, but still have my leg on him. My pussy is leaking out with cum and his cock is covered in hot white cum. 'Let me clean you up. ' I said. I get on top of him again and suck his cock. He then starts licking and fingering my pussy. This lasts for about 15 minutes. I get off him, exhausted. 'Let's go.

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   We can finish what we started at mine. ' I said. So we get off the table, lick up the cum on the table,(it's yummy), and we leave school. All the while we are squeezing each others arses.
When we finally get out of school,(we kept making out on the way), we head to mine. However we didn't make it back. I dragged Tom into the graveyard and we went behind the crypt thing and started making out again. We, once again, got undressed and I pushed off the wall (again but this time Tom had something) and I sat on the top of a gravestone shaped as a teddy bear and we fucked. A bit of cum trickled down the gravestone. We then collapsed on top of the gravestone and started having sex. After about 30 minutes of amazing, fast sex I got off him but he pulled me back down again, this time he was on top. He had the thing that I didn't see before. It was a raunching rabbit vibrator. He commanded me to get all fours, so I did. He started the vibrator and pushed it into my pussy and my clit.

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   It felt so good I moaned really loud. He then went behind me and fucked me from behind, pushing the vibrator in further each time he fucked my asshole. We then did it cowboy style. It was so fucking amazing.
Cum went all over the grave. After he had cum in my arse he opened it up widely I started licking my arse (the vibrator still in my pussy). I screamed loudly again. He then came in top of my and we fucked again. This shag seemed to last for ages. 'I'm cuming. ' I screamed as I reached the high point of my orgasm. It wa so fucking intense. 'Fuck me,' I screamed, 'Fuck me, you sexy mother fucker. ' This made him fuck me faster. It felt so good.

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