Shoplifting, Caught On Purpose

True Story

Hey Gang,
I hope everyone is doin' good. I was just thinking of telling this one or not but since there is nothing pending as far as charges go I guess I can tell it. I go shopping a lot and love to go out either with a girlfriend and tease men and women or sometimes I dress very casual and go out alone with the intention of picking up someone for some fun.

Well, I did this two weeks ago and so I was by myself. I went to a lake cabin with some friends and decided to get away from everyone. I put on a tank top that did not hide anything on top. It really is difficult to hide EEE tits much less in a tank top and no bra. I wore a jean skirt and thong and sandlas and went to the store. There is a WalMart near where we were at and so since I really did need some things I went in a got a basket and began walking around just seeing what kind of attention I attracted. There were several guys that said "Hey, hello" in very friendly ways and a couple "goth" girls that had to be les that smiled and flirted to. I walked around and began watching around me as if looking for someone to be folowing me soon, I was sure Security was following me. I let her follow and I picked up some bras and went towards my shoulder bag like I was going to put them in then put them in the basket and then some other things the same way. The woman, a cute one with black hair and a little Asian look about her kept following me. Everywhere I went there she was too.

I went to the Veggie dept on the grovery side and to the cucumbers. There were all kinds and sizes and I watched her watching me.

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   I massaged a couple that were very big ones and she had a red face watching me. Finally I piced one that was really huge and put it in the baby carry seat and walked on making sure she was not far away. I kept waiting till she looked then I would rub the cucumber that was there and I licked my lips a couple times as she looked. I went to the women's clothes again and bent over to expose my bottom to her and she still did not react. Finally I thought "what the hell. " and took the cucumber out of the basket and massaged it like it was a cock and then with it still in my hand (I was soaking wet by now) I squatted down with my legs apart and looked at a purse on the low part of the rack. She was 10 feet away and watching me. I looked at her and licked the end of the cucumber and then rubbed it along the inside of my legs. I reached down with one hand and took a quick look around to make sure it was just her and I. I moved the thong aside and then slipped the cucumber slowly into my pussy, moaning as it went it. It was really long and thick and I made it a point to let her know that it was going in, closing me eyes as it did. I moved it around some and almost had an orgasm and then pushed it all the way into my pussy. I left it there and stood up smiling at her now. She smiled back some and I walked on. She stayed behind me all the time and as I checked out and bought the items (except the cucumber) and then started for the doors.

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Right as I got to the doors she came up to me and said, "I will need to talk to you in the office. I am Nancy and am WalMart security. Will you come along quietly please. " The cucumber in my pussy was moving around and making me hotter than I thought and I moaned and said "Yes, I would go anywhere with you, Nancy. " We walked to the ofice in the back and she closed the door (and locked it) and asked me to sit down. I did and the cucmber went deeper as I sat right down on it. I moaned. "Well, Brenda, it seems you have something you did not pay for. " she said leaning against a desk. "I do?" I said trying to sound innocent. "Yes, you do, I appriciate the show you put on for me, really, but I have to do my job. Will you remove the cucumer or will I have to do a search?" she said standing now. "Oh, well, I think you will have to search me for it. " I said.

"Stand up please.

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  " she said and I did. "Now, place your hands against the desk and bend over please. " she said and I did. "Spread your legs please" she said and her hands were on my ass pulling my skirt up and then she dropped down to her knees. Suddenly her fingers went into my ass, "Well, not there. " she said and I looked around and she smiled. "Try the other hole. " I said and she said, "I was going to. " she slipped fingers in me and pursuaded the cucumber to come out making my pussy suck it to try to keep it in. " She moved it in and out some before pulling it all the way out. I started to get up and she pushed me back down, "Have to be sure there is only one. " and she moved two fingers into my pussy and spread the lips. Slowly she began moving in and out and then I felt more fingers in me and then I felt all her hand at the entrance and she shoved it into my pussy. Her fist was in and her hand disappeared. I moaned and then she began fist sucking me slowly then harder.

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   An orgasm shook my body and sprayed her hands and shirt. Then her face was in my pussy licking my juices. She ate me trough another orgasm and told me to stand up which was very hard to do. I did and faced her and she had pulled her jeans off and panties. "Eat me or go to jail. " she demanded. I was on my knees and my face in her pussy in an instant. She did not take long to have an orgasm and then she dressed and told me to strip. I did and she pulled a camera out and took pictures of me naked and my egs spread and the cucumber back in me. After that she took my nake and address and phone and said, "Now don't ever come back in this store. " I will contact you later. "I left the store with my things and when I got to the car the cucumber was there too.

I hope Nancy calls me soon. I have lots of cucumbers.

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