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Topic: Hot Summer HolidaysI was 14, and an only child. Which made family holidays fairly lonely, and on occasion, really quite boring. When the parents decided we where going to the Greek island of Corfu for a week, I sighed, thinking; 'another week being bored and doing nothing'. Oh, how wrong I was. The appartment was small, had two bedrooms, and a living area. Obviously, my parents took the double bed, which means I was left to the single bed in the second bedroom. My Mom was fairly short, around 5'4", with a fairly large bust, blonde haired, and a nice round bubble butt. My Dad on the other hand was 5'11", muscular and had a shaven head. They suited each other greatly. The first night of our stay, I couldn't sleep. I presumed it was the sudden change in temperature, and I lay there for what seemed like hours, trying with all my might to force myself to sleep. Then I heard a soft, moaning, accompanyed by a quiet panting. I listened, and then the moans got louder, and louder, and I began to distinguish what was being said. 'Yes''Keep going baby''Fuck yeah, that's the spot baby, keep pumping. 'Then it dawned on me. These where the noises of my parents having sex.

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   It seemed they had waited for me to go to sleep before they started. I sat up, strangely aroused for the first time in a few weeks, and listened harder still. 'Oh Carmen' My Dad would groan, 'I feel so good in you. ''Hmmm, David, I want you to keep fucking me. ' My mum would gasp. I sat there on my bed, they must have been going at it pretty hard. I could hear the sound of the bed banging against the wall, and their panting grew louder. Dare I get out of bed and take a peak at what they where doing? Hell, I had nothing better to do. I got out bed, making as little noise as possible, although I doubt they'd have heard me even if I was jumping up and down on the sofa. I crept on all fours, and made it to their room, and my eyes drew to the gap in the door. 'Excellent' I thought, 'They've not closed the door. 'My dad was lying on his back on the bed, my mom sat on his cock. She was riding him more vigourously than I would of thought possible. Her hot, smooth thighs either side of my dad, and his hands  placed firmly on her round tanned butt. I waited, on all fours.

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   My eyes transfixed to the amazing, and sexy sight. My ears pounding with the moans and groands of my parents pleasuring each other. 'This is so hot' I thought. After about twenty minutes of the vigorous riding, they changed positioning. My dad got up, and lay on top of my mum, who was now laying front down on the bed. He was going to fuck her from behind. My heart was pounding, I knew what I was doing was wrong, and the fact I found it a turn on was even more wrong, but it was hot. I couldn't get enough of it. He entered her, and bounced on her ass for only a few minutes before my mom shouted. 'DAVID, CUM IN ME. I WANNA FEEL YOUR LIQUID IN MY BUTT'. At this command my dad gave an odd jerk, and pushed. And with it the panting stopped, and my mom looked round and kissed my dad passionatly on the mouth. The following morning I awoke to my parents sitting around the small breakfast table in the appartment. The sun's bliding beams shining through the window.

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  'Sleep well hunny?' My mom asked. 'Yeah actually. ' I lyed. Obviously, I'd been watching her and my Dad have full on sex. Over the course of the week I stayed awake longer, and witnessed them fucking every night of the week. Their sessions lasted longer, and the moaning, and groaning grewn louder. I knew, when we got home. That I'd never be bored on a family holiday again. .