Surprise Visit By PO Officers


This is a true story and its unfortunate that it is. It was end of July and on a saturday when my parents went out of town for a church conference. Me and my girlfriend of 8 months decided to hang out at my house. Me and my girlfriend are of indian decent and live in Long Island, New York. I am 26 years old and my girlfriend is 23 years old. Let me describe my girlfriend. She is about 5’7 and has light complexion, but tan on her arms and on her chest from the summer. She has long killer legs and nice thighs to match. A firm round butt and 34 C cups breasts. Her hair style is short like the singer Rihanna. Oh and she has a slim tummy with a belly button ring on.

So we are at my house, me and my girlfriend started drinking wine and a couple of beers (probably 3 cups of wine and two beers each at a quick pace). In between our drinking, we were making out and grinding on each other. We did a lot of foreplay and wanted to hold out, so we can have some crazy sex later. So we are feeling buzzed and my girlfriend ask me if we can go outside for a smoke. We occasionally smoke when we drink, so I agreed.

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  We are outside in the backyard by the patio smoking, when all of a sudden two men walk towards us. I knew one of them, its was Mr. Guardino my probation officer. I am guessing the other one is his partner. I have a probation officer due to my prior two arrests for DWI. I have probation for three years and part of the agreement is that the officer can have surprise visits at my house. They can inspect me for weapons,drugs,alcohol, etc. . . This was their second visit during my probationary period. When I saw them, I started to panic because I was drinking alcohol. Under probation, you are not suppose to be drinking and I could face taking rehab again and go to jail. The men came and greeted themselves to me and announced of their inspection. My PO officer spoke to my girlfriend “oh, this must be your girlfriend! I am officer Guardino and this is my partner officer Edwards. ” They both shook my girlfriend’s hand.

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   She confirmed that I am her boyfriend and that her name is Ancy. Guardino said thats a sweet name and then said “Now to business, lets make this quick visit. Jay (thats me) is there anything in the house that would violate probationary rules, like weapons,drugs,alcohol. . . . . anything that would surprise me?” I hesitated a little bit and he added “Its better to confess now and maybe it wouldn’t be soo bad. ” So I admitted to the beer and wine sitting in the basement. He shook his head in disappointment and looked at his folder he carried. He said “since you have two prior arrests for DWI and apparently broke probation rules, you could face jail time and then rehab afterwards. ” My girlfriend was stunned to the news, but she knew about my DWI arrests. She didn’t really know about the consequences of me drinking in general. Guardino saw the fear in our faces and said “since I am in a good mood today, maybe we could workout something unofficially. ” He said that with a smile and looked over his partner and he agreed. 

   Then they sorta openly looked over to my girlfriend from head to toe. My girlfriend was wearing white shorts that was folded up to her mid thighs, which made her legs long and sexy. She wore a dark green tube top, which was tight around her 34 C cup breasts and loose on the bottom half. He asked to be led to the basement. Then me and Ancy led the men into the house and into the basement. I heard Ancy whisper “oh my God, what do we do?” I had nothing to say. If me and my girl weren’t smoking outside, we wouldn’t have to answer the door when the officers came, and then they would leave on their own. Stupid smoking. . . . . .

So we are all in the basement and the officers took a seat on the big couch. Guardino says “wow, look at all these drinks.

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   Jay your some alcoholic, I hate to ruin your party with your girlfriend. But unofficially we can continue your little party and get to know each other. ” He added “since I know enough about you Jay, me and my partner would like to know more about your girlfriend. ”Officer Edwards spoke “yeah Ancy, why don’t you come here and sit between me and officer Guardino. ” Guardino said “hey Jim, let her call us by our names, my name is Frank and this is my partner Jim. We are all here trying to get to know each other personally. ” He also motioned her to come over. Me and Ancy stood dumbfounded and she looked at me for a reaction, I had none. They kept calling and she finally went over and sat between them. All of a sudden I had a vision of the porn series “Teens For Cash” where two old men search for teens to fuck and the girls would fuck these old guys for cash. My indian girlfriend sitting in between these old Italian guys in their mid 50’s reminded me of scenes from that porn. I wondered what the officers had in mind to know my girlfriend more. My cock started to twitch. Guardino instructed me to get three beers. I brought them back three beers and Guardino opened each one and hand them to his partner and my girlfriend.

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   He said “Cheers to getting to know one another!” and told the group to chug for 5 seconds. All of them downed the beers for a least five seconds. My girlfriend was sitting up and looked a little uncomfortable and Guradino told her to sit back and relax. She did by putting the beer down and sat back. Guardino turned to face my girl and said “see unofficially the party continues and no one gets in trouble, its like anything goes. ” He said with a wink and asked my girl if she understood what he meant. She just nodded her head yes. She is usually a strong person and talks back, but she was helpless in this situation because she wanted to help me out.

Then Guardino asked her if she ever messed around with a Italian guy before. She replied yes. He asked if he was younger and what she did with him. She said she made out with the guy and that he was younger, around her age. Guardino asked if she ever been with a older guy before. She replied “no sir. ” He said “don’t call me sir, I am Frank.

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   We are trying to get personal here, remember? I have a feeling your going to be saying my name a lot, so just call me frank, ok sweetie?” She nodded again. He boldly spoke “Sweetie, why don’t u loosen that top of yours and pull it down. I have never seen indian tits before. ” She looked at her top and hesitated. Guardino encouraged her with a “come on. ” She went for it and pulled it down in a quick pull. Her tits were free and wasn’t wearing any bra underneath. Her naked titties out on display for these old pervs. Guardino said to Edwards “aren’t those some nice titties?” Edwards replied “hell yeah. ” They both quickly went to grab them, Guardino told her to close her eyes if she felt uncomfortable. She did and they both started to maul at her tits and tweaked them. They squeezed and played with her nipples. Next they both went to suck on each titty. She had her hands clutching the sofa as they played with her tits. Then I noticed the two of them unzipping their pants and fishing out their cocks!I know my girl was getting aroused because we did a lot of foreplay before. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   I sucked her titties before, now she has two mouths sucking on it. Both men in unison grabbed my girl’s hands and guided to their cocks. She gripped them for a second before she realized their cocks were out. She opened her eyes in disbelief and looked at the two cocks. Both were at least 6 to 8 inches long and thick. It looked pretty sturdy and veiny. She glanced between the two. They continued to give attention to her tits and forced her hand back on their cocks and hinted her to stroke them. She just simply looked up to the ceiling and closed her eyes, a little moan escaped her lips. She was in ecstasy and in a trance she started to stroke the old guys. The guys knew she was doing it on her own and let go of her hands. She was stroking them and Edwards was continuing sucking her tits, while Guardino sucked on her neck and tweaked her nipple. She was moaning louder because Guardino was giving attention to her sensitive spot.

Guardino then whispered something in her ear. She opened her eyes and her mouth open, but nothing to say.

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  She looked at a smiling Guardino and before you know it, she let go of Edwards cock and leaned towards Guardino’s groin area. I knew once Guardino’s eyes closed for a second and yelled out “oh shit. ” That my girl has inhaled his dick in her mouth. In one quick swift motion she had his entire cock down her mouth and throat. Her gag reflexed kicked in as she almost deep throat his thick long cock and she coated his cock with her salvia. I could clearly see her lips almost touch the base of his cock and balls. Guardino encouraging her with “oh yeah, thats it. . . suck that cock. ”Her mouth starting to glide up and down on that cock and her head bobbing. This was too intense for me and hard to take in, an hour ago my girlfriend was making out with me and now she is pleasing my probation officer with her mouth!Guardino spoke “oh wow your girlfriend is pretty friendly, she is knowing me personally now. ” He laughed as he said that and took a sip of his beer. He just rest his head back as my girl went down on him. In the mean time, Edwards wasn’t making much comments, but being kinda a creeper.


   He was busy caressing my girl’s silky smooth thighs and squeezed her inner thighs. He made his way towards my girl’s button on her shorts and unbutton it. His next goal was to unzip her shorts, but couldn’t because she was too bent at the waist giving head to Guardino. Thats when Edwards said “hey Frank, why don’t you share that mouth of hers to me?” Guardino instructed my girl by saying “why don’t you give my pal some attention as well. ”She broke away from his cock with a trail of salvia from the tip of his cock to her mouth. She wiped her mouth clean and looked over at Edward’s cock. Just before she leaned into Edward’s cock, he stopped her and said “lets get this off of you. ” He reached at the bottom of her tube top and she just simply raised her arms, he just pulled it over her head and threw it on the floor. My girl now was naked from the waist up. Guardino then said “hey sweetie, why don’t you get on your knees in between us, so you could switch back and forth between me and Jim. ”She did as she was told, like she had to obey the tone of Guardino’s voice, like he is in control. She was now on her knees on the floor, while the two men sat back and relaxed. Her back was facing me and I could see her red lacy thong showing from her shorts. She started to give oral sex to Edwards. Guardino said “now sweetie don’t forget to switch in between.

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  ” He asked her if she heard him, and she just nodded her head as she sucked Edward’s cock. Guardino just grabbed her hand and guided it to his cock, she knew what to do and stroked it and continued sucking Edward. This was soo surreal to me, I was seeing a porno unfold in front of me. But this porno involved my indian girlfriend and two older guidos, just like “Teens for Cash”. I was getting a little dizzy from seeing this and started to sit down. Thats when Guardino said “hey I don’t think you want to sit there and let me go in your girl unprotected. Why don’t you go and get a pack of condoms for us!”All I could say without thinking was “Frank I don’t have any condoms. ”Guardino smirked saying “its still officer Guradino to you, your girl can call me Frank because we are on a personal level. ” He high fived Edwards and continued saying “Well, go get some kid!” I got up to move when he added “don’t worry your girl is in good hands now, she is just going to get our cocks ready. But hurry, I don’t have much patience. ” While he was saying that to me, my girl switched cocks and now sucking on Guradino’s cock. He had his hand holding the back of her short hair and assisted her on sucking. As I was leaving he asked her “you never been with a older man right? Especially an older Italian guy huh?”My girl shook her head no. He said “well your going to try not one, but two Italian sausages. Baby us italians only get better with age.


  ” He laughed looking at Edwards and brought her mouth back on his cock. Guradino hissed for me to leave and my girl got her mouth off his penis and looked over her shoulder to me. She had a look of worry, that was the only real time she looked at me. I guess i gave her a don’t worry face. Guardino just grabbed her head again and she went back to sucking, he said “don’t worry babe, he will be back soon. ”

I left the house with my stomach in knots of anxiety and jealousy, along with some state of arousal. The fact that my girl is being taken by two guys. I couldn’t think straight as I headed to CVS/Pharmacy to get a pack of condoms. There was two or three people ahead of me in line at the store, which felt like eternity. On the line I was wondering what was going on back at home. The last vision I had, was my girl on her knees sucking two cocks. I remembered Guardino saying he may lose patience. Did that mean he may fuck her without a condom?!I was thinking why am I getting a pack of condoms for some old men to fuck my girl. Why was I getting penalized for a crime I did years ago? I was being taken advantage of by some corrupted probation officers. My girl had to suffer because of my actions, or was she starting to enjoy or will she be intriguedin having two older men at the same time.

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  I know she has been worked up from all the previous foreplay and aided by the alcohol. She had to do these sexual exploits for me, and I guess why not enjoy it. It was probably like a two for one situation for her. At least I would get her protection for her activities with the men. Before you know it, I finished paying and headed home.

As I walked in my house, all I could hear my girl moan and scream. I panicked thinking she was being fucked unprotected. I rushed downstairs to see. I saw her white shorts and red thong on the floor, it was on a pile of men’s clothing's. Everybody in the room was naked except for me. They had my girl bent sucking Edward’s dick, while she was getting rammed what seemed like doggie style from officer Guardino. Edwards was smiling down on my girl as she was moaning on his cock. He was sitting back on the sofa, while the two (my girl and officer Guardino) were on the floor fucking. I approached them asking “what about the condoms?”Guardino grinned and said “you came back too late kid. I couldn’t wait.

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   Your girl’s pussy is too tempting” My girl came back for air and screamed “Oh my God Frank, I can’t believe your doing this to me!”“I told you would enjoy this. ” was his reply. I don’t know if she was in pain or in pleasure. She then said “go a little slower Frank, please its my first time, please. ” What is she talking about, first time? I looked closely and saw his cock was gliding in and out of her ASS!Guardino looked at me and said “you never really broke in your girl into anal sex,huh? Ha, I fooled ya. You thought I was fucking her pussy right?” I looked at her in disbelief and she turn and faced me saying “I am sorry baby. ”I always tried KY-gels and attempted anal sex with my girl, but she stop those attempts after a few tries. Guardino said “listen kid, the key to anal sex is baby lotion or moisturizers. ”Then I saw my mom’s baby lotion sitting on the table. Either my girl went to get it or one of these guys went snooping around for it. Guardino was going slower and taking long strokes. My girl was screaming less and moaning more, she went back to sucking Edward. Edward said “pass me the rubbers kid. ” He then told my girl to put it on him. She quickly ripped open the wrapper and started applying the condom on his cock. 

   When she finished, she placed her hands back onto Edward’s hairy thighs for leverage and not to lose balance from Guardino fucking her. Her head resting in Edward’s lap moaning away. Edward told Guardino he was ready. Guardino went all the way in her and grabbed her titties and motion her to get up. They got up together while he was still in her ass. He pushed her onto Edward’s lap, and Edward guided his rod into my girl’s pussy! He was in and she sank down on it. All three moaned together and stayed motionless. My girl was getting double penetrated!Edward said “hey Frank I could feel your cock in her pussy. ” Guardino agreed and said “ok now, lets fuck this bitch. ”With that, he started rocking away. Edward just had to sit back while them two were fucking each other. They got to a rhythm, where my girl would press down Edward’s cock with her pussy, and then bounce back up to meet Guardino’s thrust to her ass. She had her head looking up to the ceiling and grunting like an animal in heat. Guardino would slap her ass from time to time, then grab her shoulders for better thrust. Edwards would switch between titties to suck on.

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  My girl was being sandwiched by the old men for like a good ten minutes. I knew they probably couldn’t last long because they received a lot of attention from my girl’s blowjobs from before. Guardino asked my girl “you ready for my hot cum in your ass?” My girl said yes lowly and Guardino said “I didn’t hear you” and pulled her hair. She then she screamed “oh yes Frank give me that hot cum in my ass, I want it now in my ass!”He said “I thought you would never ask. . . . oh shit I am cumming. Ooooh shit here it comes. Arghhhhhhh. ” My girl’s hair was being pulled and her back arched back towards Guardino, while Edwards had her whole left titty in his mouth. Guardino nutted in my girl’s ass and plopped out of her. He was breathing hard and told me that was some tight ass. Guardino sat on the sofa’s head rest and looked down at my girl. Edwards took the titty out of his mouth and said “damn Frank your done already.

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   I guess you can’t hang like me. ”Guardino said in defense “Jim you a lazy fuck, I was doing all the fucking you fat ass. Plus her asshole is so tight, thats a virgin asshole. Lets see who could fuck her the most. ” Edward agreed to the bet. I was like they are using my girl for their own little competition. Guardino said to my girl “babe why don’t you suck on this and get daddy up for round two. ”He leaned a forward and she met halfway and put his pecker back in her mouth. Her chest completely smashed against Edward’s chest and sucking Guardino’s dirty cock over Edward’s shoulder. Edward grabbed her two ass cheeks and squeezed them and fucked her upwards. I can’t believe my girl is sucking Guardino’s dick after it went in her ass. I guess she wasn’t thinking and going along with whatever they say. Edward was slowly stroking upwards and I could see white foam around his condom covered cock. Did my girl cum before? Either way she must be really wet. Five minutes later Guardino said “I leave you two alone and finish up.

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   I need her alone to myself next. I wanna feel her insides. ” Her mouth parted ways from his cock and she looked at Edwards in the face. Edwards looked deep into her eyes and said “make me cum Ancy, and I want you to cum also with me, ok?” He added “a gentleman should make you cum and I am only going to bust when you are ready, ok sweetie?”She whispered “ok. ” He asked her to ride him. She slowly slide up and down on his cock. He moaned in pleasure and coached her to grind on his cock and she did as told. Edward was more on the chubby side while Guardino was in shape for his age. So my girl had bit of a challenge cause Edward’s pot belly was in the way. But she did her best, she always rode well and usually cums quicker when she is on top. He told her to cum on his cock and make it all wet for him. She moaned “oh Jim your deep inside of me, I could feel you inside my stomach. ”He asked “you like this sausage babe?” She quickly replied yes. He pulled her in for a kiss and she kissed back, tongues darting in the heat of the moment. Guardino on the side chanting “go Jim, make that bitch cum and finish her off. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  ”Edward grab her ass again and fucked her back and met her thrusts. She pulled away from the kiss and yelled “oh God!”She then reached out to the sofa head rest and held in position, she began fucking Edwards faster and grinding her pelvis against his really hard. I knew she was close to cumming. Edward smiled and announced “look no hands, she is going wild on my cock. cum for me baby. I will cum with you. ” He was right, he had his hands out to the sides, while my girl rode him like she was riding a wild bronco. She soon yelled “oh Jim, I am cumming I am cumming all over you. Oh my God I am cumming!!!” All i see is my girl’s ass bounce up and down on his shaft, and a lot of foam forming on his cock. He said “thats it, cum for me you little whore. I am cumming too. ” He did his last strokes inside her, but she stopped grinding. They both orgasmed together and she laid on top of him for 30 seconds before she got off. As she got off, her pussy juices landed on Edward’s stomach. Edwards got up to remove his condom and to clean up, he headed to the bathroom.

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  My girl laid back on the sofa, she had sex juices running down her thighs and coming out of her ass. She didn’t bother to clean up and was resting. Guardino was to busy admiring her sexy body with sweat glistening on her body. He was stroking his meat and getting it ready for her, he was preying on my girl. My girl was breathing hard, but calmed down. She sat up when she noticed Guardino had a condom on his cock and was ready to go. Now she was too busy admiring his meat in return, she seemed she had lust in her eyes for that cock. Guardino broke her stare by saying “come lay on the floor babe. ” She got off the sofa and in the process of laying on the floor, when I told her “I don’t know, its getting late Ancy. ” She replied “let them finish up hun. ” She then laid sprawled out on the floor. Her long silky smooth legs seemed they run down for days. She asked Guardino “it will be quick,right?” He just knelt on the floor and guided his member into her pussy, he told her “oh yeah baby it will be quick, You won’t know what hit ya. ” He began his assault my girl’s pussy and she was spread eagle wide receiving it. She bit on her lower lip and moaned in between.


   Guardino was talking nasty and pounding away. The sound of his balls slapping her ass filled the room. Her tits bouncing up and down with each fuck. I could see her toes curl, her hands clutching Guardino’s muscular shoulders. He kissed her neck, then sucked on her tits. He then went in to kiss her, and she kissed back. They were locked in a deep passionate kiss, thats when the phone rang. I saw the caller ID in the basement, it was my parents calling. I had to go upstairs to answer, otherwise they would hear all the action in the basement. As I was leaving, the last thing I saw was my girl wrapping her legs around officer Guardino and pulling him closer. She clutched his ass and still making out with him while they fucked. My parents said they were on their way back, they were 20 minutes away and asked if I wanted something to eat. I said no to the food and told them I ate already. I honestly lost all appetite from what transpired today at my house. I went back downstairs.

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  All I see is Guardino standing up and jerking his meat towards my girl’s face. The condom was off and placed on the table. She was on her knees and waiting for his man juice. It was just like a porno, at the end the girl always gets a cumshot. As I went closer, I saw her lips wrapped around the tip of his cock. I finally yelled “can you guys stop, my parents are gonna be home anytime now. ”His eyes were closed and he was milking out the remaining cum into my girl’s mouth!I knew this because my girl was gagging, but she fought it off by swallowing his load. He opened his eyes and spoke to me “relax kid, you thought we were gonna fuck your girl all night? I got a wife at home to fuck. I need to save some man juice for my wife as well. ” He added “but your girl almost milked me dry. She was a trooper. Jay you should hold onto her. ” Guardino took her red thong and smeared any remaining jizz on her thong and threw it back. He started to get dressed as Edwards came out of the bathroom. Edwards apologized for using my bathroom, I guess he took a really bad shit.


  Its amazing he has the nerve to apologize about my bathroom, but not about using up my girl for his own pleasure. Edwards asked Guardino why he was getting dressed. Guardino told him “the kid’s parents are coming home. Unless you want to explain to his parents whats going on here?” Edwards stammered “not fair. I wasn’t done with her. ” But he got dressed as well. My girl went to the bathroom to wipe up. Guardino was on the way up the stairs to leave and was calling out for Edwards. Edwards seemed like he was stalling. My girl came out of the bathroom still naked. Edwards handed his business card to my girl and said “this is my number, call me if anything” with a wink. The officers left. My girl only had concerns of leaving before my parents arrived. She quickly got dressed. I noticed she put back on the very same thong Guardino wiped his dick clean with.

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  She also held in her hand Edward’s business card. She kissed me on the check and said sorry, she quickly explained it was done for me. I barely spoke back in anger. She ran off telling me she was gonna call me soon. I cleaned up the house. I went to my room soo upset. My girlfriend was calling me, ignored every call. Later in the night I couldn’t sleep because my cock was hard, I had no relief. I jacked off, visions in between of my girl with the officers fucking. . . . . . .

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  which led me to cum.

A good three days have gone since I have spoken to my girlfriend, I ignored every call. Then on the third day I called her in the evening around ten o’clock. She picked up asking why wasn’t I picking up her calls. I told her my obvious reasons. She then told me “since you weren’t picking up my calls, I decided to call officer Edwards about terminating your probation. ”She explained how she didn’t want me to be further harassed by the probation officers and thought she could resolve things on her own. In my mind I was like no way, I knew those men were up to no good. I asked her what he said, she told me “he said he would meet me up tonight to speak on it. Actually he should be here anytime now. ” She told me to hold on before I could speak. She put me on hold. She came back on the line saying “oh thats Jim on the line, he is here to pick me up. I will call you right back after I meet with him. ”She was in a hurry and got off the phone. 

   I got uneasy really quick and started calling her phone numerous amount of times.

After 20 missed calls, her phone was answered. It was officer Edwards on the line. I asked to speak to my girl. He said “She is kinda busy right now. I am glad she called me to talk about your probation. Your girl was always good on using her mouth for things. . . . . . oh yeah baby right there, yeah go deep. ” I paused in silence. From hearing, I could tell they are driving with the music on.

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   From what he said, my girl was giving head while he was driving. My girl didn’t know I was on the phone because she was too busy giving him a blowjob and the music was on. I knew he had other intentions, but my girl was naive and was coaxed into more sexual acts. Edwards spoke “you there? Listen kid we are just driving around looking for a spot for more privacy. She will call you back in a bit. ”He then whispered over the phone “Oh yeah, little does your girlfriend know that I can’t terminate your probation, only Guardino can. Maybe I will setup her up with an appointment with him as well. . . ” He hung up the phone after that comment. I kept calling again, after 6 missed calls the phone is answered. No music on and the car is stopped, only dialog. Edwards ask her if she brought any condoms. She replied “I didn’t know I had to bring condoms. I didn’t know I was gonna do all of this again.

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  ”He said “well I could only help you and your boyfriend, if you help me out. ”There was a pause, she spoke “can we go somewhere to buy some?” He said no and that he finally found a nice private spot. Another long pause, she said “I have to be back home soon to call Jay. . . . . . . We could do it quick, but when you cum, you have to pull out or tell me. You can’t cum inside of me. ” He agreed. Then all you heard was zippers unzipping, clothes shuffling, the seat being shifted backwards, and people moving. Thenyou hear my girl moan “oh Jim!” and Edwards saying “how I missed this pussy, ride me like last time. ”Then the phone got disconnected.

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It was 12:30am, my girl called back. She sounded tired. She explained her meeting was short with Edwards. I asked why she call me soo late, her reply she had some chores to do for her parents. I asked if Edwards made any moves on her, she said no. Lies after lies were being said, I guess not to hurt my feelings, but still. She then said “I was kinda annoyed at Jim. I thought he could help me out,but after the meeting he tells me, he will have to get approval from Frank to get you off probation. Baby should I meet up with Frank?” All I said “Sure, go for it. ” I knew I couldn’t take my girl seriously now, from all the lying and sexual partners she had. At least I could use her to get me off probation, and use her for some sex.

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any city of Poland is a city in Poland a fairly not big population. The main attractions in this small and attractive city include main square, accompanied by graceful townhouses and modern-design fountains, alongside with the Gothic style buildings and monuments. Moreover, once you visit any city of Poland, do not forget to visit its parks and local architecture as well as amazing nature. No doubt, any city of Poland is certainly attractive and interesting Polish city to visit. However, your experience will be incomplete, unless you pay a visit to seks oferty poznan

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Even though any city of Poland itself may seem like an innocent place, however you will discover an absolutely different situation, once you visit geje katowice My word, this place is soaked with lust and can offer different ways for absolutely any stud to implement his nastiest fantasies and dirtiest plans. Fortunately, we have alluring models from all over the globe to help in turning all that lechery in reality. You are welcome to come and check out their resumes in order to identify the sexiest and most fascinating whore just for you. Long experience and many years of successful performance in escort market have provided Escorts Poznan with confidence in ability to meet clients’ preferences. Hence, go ahead and enjoy amazing handjobs, fascinating oral sex, impressive classic escort, lustful anal sessions, wild gang-bang action, BDSM and many more. Feel free to select the most suitable payment method and do not worry about your privacy or security, because our team of professionals has done its best in order to guarantee complete security and utmost comfort to each and every client of Krakow Escorts. Hence, don’t be shy to expose the kinky side of yourself and enjoy that long-awaited and totally unforgettable sexual satisfaction together with stunning whores from Tricity escort.
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Escorts in Thessaloniki - Hiring a freelance sensual massage specialist is an additional choice

One of the wonderful things about call girls in Thessaloniki is that they originate from all over the globe. You can discover women from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and a variety of other countries who are all anxious to show you a good time. They are fluent in English and multiple other languages, so communication is never a problem.A service known as a dual escort with a female is one that will supply you with not one but two escorts to join you on your journey. Those who are interested in seeing Thessaloniki with a friend or significant other will find that this particular kind of escort service is an excellent option. In addition to this, it offers a degree of thrill and closeness that is difficult to find in other settings.

If you're looking for a more traditional type of massage, you can also find plenty of options in Thessaloniki. Many massage parlors offer Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone massages, which can help you relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing or business meetings.Of course, if you prefer to work with an independent escort, there are plenty of options available in Thessaloniki as well. These escorts may be a bit more difficult to find, but they often offer a more personalized experience and can be more flexible in terms of scheduling and services.
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One benefit of using an escort service is the privacy it affords its clients. It's common for customers of escort services to be self-conscious about going out in public with a familiar face. When you hire an escort service, you can be certain that you and your belongings will be safe and that you will have a pleasant time.So why not indulge in a little luxury and sophistication on your next trip to Thessaloniki? Our escort girls are waiting to meet you and show you the best that the city has to offer. Contact us today to arrange your perfect date.

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One of the finest aspects of striptease in Thessaloniki is the diversity of performers. There is an abundance of talent on exhibit, from sensual and sensuous dancers to acrobatic and athletic performers. With regular performances by both local and international artists, there is always something thrilling to see.What exactly are you looking forward to? If you're in Thessaloniki and you want to have the most memorable pleasure experience possible, all you have to do is visit one of the city's many call girl establishments. These girls are guaranteed to leave you speechless and wishing for more because to their breathtaking good looks, captivating personality, and unmatched level of experience.