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Topic: I love my bossI was 26 years old and had just landed a great job with a growing company. Because the organization was small, they couldn’t afford to hire someone with a lot of experience, so they hired me as an Executive. Although I was qualified and had the education, I was nervous and determined to prove myself. Part of the reason I had gotten the job was because of my boss. He was 38, married and a father of 2. I had met him briefly at industry functions and he put in a good word for me with the owner of the company. I adored Doug. He was funny, warm, brilliant and good looking. I always thought to myself how lucky his wife was, as his eye never wandered and he treated her and their children like gold. One night we were doing a huge system conversion and I offered to stay late to help to help Doug with the enormous project. At about 8 PM we decided to sneak into the expensive wine stash that the owner hid in the conference room. We split the bottle and giggled and laughed while we worked.
Although I had always been attracted to Doug (I even fantasized about him while I got off with my vibrator and had sex with my boyfriend) I had never thought about him in “that way” because he was a family man who would never do something inappropriate. As I stood to put some papers away in the filing cabinet, I decided to flirt with him a little to see if I could get a reaction. I provocatively bent down over the files and crossed my ankles giving him a perfect view of my perky little ass and since I was wearing a skirt he could clearly see how tan and fit my legs were. I could feel him staring at me and my heart started to beat faster and my cheeks were already flushed from the wine.

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   I sat back down at my desk and pretended to work.
A few minutes later Doug got up to get a glass of water. I decided that I would really lay it on thick and stood up and bent over his desk so that when he entered the room, he would see the ass and legs show again. He walked in and I could feel his eyes on me again. He moved to his chair and sat in it, facing me and trying desperately to keep his eyes off of my firm tits bulging out of my dress and push up bra. His faced turned red as his gaze fell to my cleavage. I laughed and this drew his attention to my face. I am not trying to be conceited, but no one would argue with the fact that I have am a beautiful girl. I have naturally tan skin and shoulder length brown hair, almond eyes and perfect pouty lips. He stammered something about more wine and got up and left the room . Since I knew I was having an effect, I decided to stay right where I was. When he walked in this time, he brushed my ass slightly and I leaned into his body softly, just enough to make him wonder if I was interested. He reached around my left side and set the wine bottle down. His arm grazed my tits as he pulled it back towards his body and I let out a soft “mmmm”.
At this point, I think he realized that I was interested and put his hands very softly around my waist.

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   I stood upright and fell back against his strong chest. He began to kiss my neck softly, and had his hands around my hips now. I was going crazy, my cunt was so hot and wet for him that I had a hard time standing up straight and had to lean against his chest for support. He turned me around and I looked into his eyes and kissed him hard, pressing my tits against his chest. His cock was hard as steel as it pressed against my stomach and his hands were traveling up and down my back and finally rested with a hard grip on my ass. I moaned and he moved me backwards towards his desk. When I felt my ass against the desk I sat up on it and wrapped my bare legs around him. To my shock and disappointment he moved away from me. “I can not be doing this” he said “I’m married and I have two kids”. “I know you are” I said sweetly. “I have a boyfriend. You’re right, this is wrong”. I went up to him and put my arms around his neck. “I’m sorry and I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. It’s just that I am so bored in my relationship.

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   I love my boyfriend but you just made me so hot. I promise you that I will not tell anyone and I won’t expect anything”. I kissed him and he put his arms around me and ran his fingers through my hair. “God you are so beautiful” he said and kissed me again. His dick was still hard so I figured I would give it one more try. I backed myself towards the desk again and spread my legs around his body. This time he grabbed my bare thigh with his hand and groaned “Oh my god you have beautiful legs”. I giggled and began to unbutton his shirt as he moved his hands closer and closer to my hot cunt. The anticipation of having him touch my pussy was overwhelming and I was moving around wildly and whimpering. Finally after what seemed like an eternity of kissing and touching, he moved my white panties aside and gently stroked my pussy lips and clit, the tips of his fingers flirting with my wet pussy and leaving me helpless. He slowly put one finger inside my cunt and I moaned again, it was clear that he had a lot of experience in pleasuring a woman. My cunt was so wet and I was bucking hard against his hand. He began to increase the pace and was soon fucking me with his middle finger. He then slid another finger in and I threw my head back and gasped. His thumb caressed my clit and I was the hottest that I had ever been in my life.

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   “Are you OK?” he said. I knew that I must have looked like a fool going over the edge with him merely putting his hand up my skirt. I moved up to him and lay my head on his shoulder “I’m sorry. I guess I’ve never been with someone who had known what they were doing before”. I could tell that turned him on and he commenced with the finger fucking, increasing the attention to my clit to show me exactly how well he knew what he was doing. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and came like a fucking rocket with his hand inside me. I lay there trembling and whimpering in his arms for almost a minute. Finally I was ready to go again and I kissed him hard while my hands felt for his zipper. It didn’t take me too long to find considering his cock was about to bust through his fly. I unzipped his pants and began to fondle his cock through his boxer briefs. He undid his belt, let his pants fall through the floor and stepped out of them. I hungrily attacked his underwear and until it was off and his 8 inch cock was exposed. I paused. It was beautiful, but wider than anything I had ever had inside me. He sensed my trepidation and again smiled with satisfaction.

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   “Don’t worry baby, I won’t hurt you”. I laid back and moved my ass to the edge of the desk with my legs spread wide; waiting for him. He took the tip of his dick and teased my cunt with it, getting me hot and wet all over again. “Are you ready?” he asked. Was he kidding? Was I ready? I was on my back on his desk with the tip of his cock in my pussy writhing around like an animal. Was I ready? He continued to stroke me slightly with the tip of his cock and I tried in vain to get him to enter me. “Are you sure you’re ready?” He asked obviously enjoying the fact that he was in complete control of me and I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anyone in my life. I decided to tease him back and began stroking my clit with my right hand as I stared into his eyes. “Ohhhhhh” I moaned, my voice trembling. This seemed to do the trick and he finally put his cock in me. I screamed loud with pleasure. “OH MY GOD YOU FEEL SO GOOD. OH MY GOD. O MY GOD”. He rammed his cock hard into my pussy as far as it would go.

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   I was going to come again and I didn’t want to yet so I moved my pussy off of his cock and got on all fours. “You’re the best Doug” I gasped as I put my ass in the air begging him to fuck me from the back. He began pounding me hard as I grabbed the sides of the desk and let him fuck me to his hearts content. “Hurt me Doug. Fuck me as hard as you can. Smack my ass!” He slapped my ass I could feel the hard muscle quiver, tightening my pussy around him. “I’m gonna come baby” he gasped. “Come all over my ass!” I screamed. He pulled out his massive cock put his hand on my shoulder as he shot his load onto my back and ass. I stayed there on all fours for a minute to let him recover. I then got on my knees and moved towards him putting my arms around his neck. He held me for a minute, and I felt like I was in heaven. “Can you do it again”? He didn’t answer me. He just pushed my back down on the desk and shoved his cum soaked cock into my pussy. He moved his body up on his toes and let the shaft of his cock slide in and out stroking my clit.

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   I had never experienced anything so incredible and it just took me a second to come. I grasped the sides of the desk while I bucked wildly against his cock. “You’re so good. I’m coming again. OH MY GODD DOUG YOU’RE COCK IS THE FUCKING BEST COCK I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE”. My body tensed around his cock as I came hard. He pulled out of me and cleaned off his cock with my sweater. He then sat in his chair and pulled me onto his lap. I laid there limp in his arms happier than I had ever been. Finally we realized that it was nearing 10:00. “I’m sorry Kayley but I have to get home”. “Ok” I replied. “I meant what I said Doug, we never have to talk about this again”. “We’ll see how it goes” he said. “I do want to fuck you again though.

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   I meant it when I said you were the best too”. He kissed me. I got dressed and cleaned up the cum all over his desk with 409. Tomorrow was going to be a good day.
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