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This happened many of years ago. I called this woman I was dating and told her I would like to come over for a few beers. She said to come on over. On the way I saw this nice looking young woman turn into a local shopping center. I love exposing myself to young women ant letting them see me jacking off and I never pass up an opportunity. I followed her into the parking lot and watched her park. I circled around as she was walking to the store. When I pulled up beside her she had on very short thin cheerleader type pleaded skirt. A quick breeze blew her skirt up and she wasn’t wearing any panties and had the most gorgeous ass. The thin halter top she was wearing very clearly showed off her very hard nipples on a very nice set of about 34C tits. She went into the store and I drove around behind the shopping center. I got out of my car and walked back around to my trunk. I took all my clothes off and put them in the trunk. As I closed the trunk a car drove by and this woman saw me standing there butt naked with a raging hardon.

I got back in the car and drove back around and parked beside the young women’s car. Her driver’s door was on my passenger’s door side, which would give her a clear view through my open window at me jacking off.

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   I put some girl’s ponytail bands over my cock and under my balls as cock rings; got myself all lubed up and started stroking my fat cock. She wasn’t in the store very long at all. Maybe about 20 minutes, but I was determined to wait on her. I stroked myself the whole time and almost got caught a couple of times when a couple of women walked past my car. One of them looked in and saw what I was doing but she went on to her car and drove away. Then I saw the young women coming out of the store pushing a basket. As she approached I was getting so excited. She pushed the basket around behind her car and pulled it up between our cars. As she reached for her keys she must have heard the sound of my hand sliding up and down on my cock because she turned and looked in my window. She just looked for a few seconds with a very surprised looked on her face. She turned away and unlocked her door, but looked back again when she opened her door to put her things away. This time she took a much longer look. I slowed my stroking to enjoy it as long as I could. She leaned down in my window and said,

“You look like you are enjoying yourself. Are you going to let me watch you cum? Don’t rush, I have to unload my basket and I really want to watch you make that gorgeous cock of yours cum.

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She looked in at me between each bag she put in her car until she was done. She pushed the basket back and came back to my window and leaned down and looked at what I was doing. I stroking my cock as slowly as I could but with this beautiful creature watching me couldn’t take it any longer. I felt that all too familiar very intense tickling in my cockhead and felt it radiate down through my shaft and deep into my balls. I said out loud,


I watched as the first squirt of my cum erupted out of my pisshole and hit the steering wheel. The rest went all over my legs and stomach. I was looking at her looking at me the whole time. When I was done she told me she had never seen a man cum that much before and to be careful and not get caught. She got in her car and drove away. I didn’t want it end right away so I sat there and kept stroking myself. Next thing I heard my girlfriend, Tina’s voice at my driver’s window and she was really pissed. She said,

“You fucking pervert. I thought I would catch you exposing yourself sooner or later. The woman that lives next door to you told me she has seen you naked and jacking off in your back yard quite a few time.

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   She told me she has seen you leaving your house in broad daylight butt naked and you are gone for hours. She said she was pretty sure you were out driving and exposing yourself. How often do you do this and where are your clothes? Don’t bother to come over now. I’m sure you would rather stay here and have another woman see you jacking yourself off. ”

She was right and I did drive around for a couple of hours and three other women caught me jacking off. I didn’t cum again but the feeling of being seen was still very exciting.

When I got home there was a message on my machine from Tina and she asked me to call her so we could talk. I called her and we talked for quite awhile. She asked me if I had let any other women see me after she left and I told her I did. She asked me how long I had been going out naked in public and exposing myself. I told her it started by accident when I was a teen with the girl next door and I got so excited it was like a drug that I was addicted to. She said she was sorry she got so pissed but she was just jealous of other women watching me do that to myself. I told her I had never had sex with any of the women I exposed myself to but a few of them had gotten into the car with me and jacked me off. She said she could live with my fetish but was worried about me getting caught and getting arrested. I told her I would be very careful and would love it if she would come with me sometime so she could see the surprised look most women get on their faces when they see me jacking off my cock and that was what I was addicted to.

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   She did and we dated for several more years and she really liked riding around with me and watching me exposing myself to other women.


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