Weekend Trip


I was approaching my 16th b-day when my Aunt Claire came in smiling to the bedroom. I laid back because I expected she was going to play. She sat down and said "How would you like to go to the Islands?" I sat up, "Sure, what do I have to do?" She laughed and said, "Well, I met a friend the other day and showed him pics of you and he would like to spend a weekend with you in the Bahamas, all expenses paid. " I said, "well, unless he is a dog and had nothing to give me sure. " She told me that he was very nice and good looking and very well endowed. I said I would love to and so, we went shoping for a new string bikini and some sun dresses. I picked some that were strapless and sheer and good to wear anywhere. They hugged my breasts and that is all that kept the top up. We went out to eat on Thursday evening at a nice resturant and that is when this great looking guy came up and introduced himself and Claire hugged him and I did too. He was over 6 feet tall and muscular and hairy. I mean, as far as I could tell, hairy all over. When we hugged I felt him bulging already and so I thought this is great. So, we ate and he sat between us and she hugged him and I hugged him and we al had a nice time and ate some great food. MY bag was in our car and so we left together and he picked it up and Claire said, "See you Monday, have a good time. " and as she hugged me she said, "I oput the ID for you as a 20 yr. old in the bag.

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   Don't forget. " and she kissed me and I said "Okay. " A long limo came up and the door was opened and we got in and Henry (yes his name) offered me some drinks. I had some wine and we relaxed and talked and the ide was nice. He was leaning back looking at me and I said, "What are you looking at?" "The wonderfu view. " he told me. I leaned forward and my sundress was coming down some and I said, "would you like to see more?" "He said he would and so I slipped the top off my breasts and let them free and moved them around massaging them slowly. "Now what do I get to see?" I asked him and he pulled of his shirt and he was total hair all over except some of his back but it really turned me on. I went to his side of the seats and sat next to him and he moved to me and took me and kissed me and his chest hair made me tingle all over. It was against my tits and I felt myself getting soaking wet. I lifted my hips and took the dress off and was left with my thong, "Now you. " I said and he took off his pants and had on a nice pair of bikini underwear. I gasped at the bulge in them and then took off my thong and he removed his underwear and a long snake came from the hair in his crotch. It was think and dark and the head grew till it was almost bursting. Henry pushed me back and was sucking my tits passionately and I felt him against my leg making my pussy want to have him but he kept moving away so I could not take him.

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   He pushed a button and the seats made a couch and he laid me on it and then he was between my legs eating me slowly making my orgasm build slowler than anyone ever had. I was moving against his face and he had a long tongue in me and suddenly I sprayed all over his face and chest. He let it go all over and licked up some. I shook all over and hen he laid back, "Now do me. " he said and I went to him on my knees. I began licking him slowly up and down and he laid there moaning and then I slipped it ito my mouth and then down my throat. I began going faster and he stopped me and took my head in his hands and took control of how deep and fast I went. He pushed it in slowly and took a long time making it go into my throat and moaned as he did. He held his cock fuly in for at least a half min and then moved my head back and let me breathe. His cock was fully 11 inches long and he was slipping it into me so nice that I was having orgasms like crazy as it went in and out. One time he held me down on it and I felt it fil my throat as it swelled and his cum was in my throat. I almost passed out from no air then he moved my head up and I laid there smiling with some cum dripping fron my lips. The driver said that we were at the plane and so we threw on our clothes and got out onto a private jet. We went inside and I undressed before the crew went up front and followed him. I was determined to feel him inside me again.

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   He tuned and smiled, "Well, that is a lovley outfit you have on and I am glad you are ready. " He took off his clothes and we went to a bed room and I jumped onto the bed and spread myself out, "Please, do me now. " I said and he got on top of me and I took both hands and guided him to the entrance. "Now, do it hard. " I sidand he laughed, "No, I do it my way, slow till you beg. " He began moving is all the way slowly and out and my pussy was pulsing all the time. I had three orgasms while he was just getting warmed up. He sat up with my pussy filled and I was on his lap, "Now ride it the way you like. " he said and I began going crazy and he grabed my tits as I rode him hard. I was going crazy as he moved him hips up to meet my pussy and soon I felt him swell again and he filled my pussy with his cum. A knock was at the door and he said "Come in. " and a woman brought us some food on a tray and drinks. She was in a thong and sort of bra and she smiled, "So this is our guest?" and kissed him. "Yes dear," he said and he said, "Teresa, this is my wife Dana, we will all be having a nice time this weekend. " I leaned over and kissed her and we both said at the same time, "Yes we will.

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  " More later folks. Paragraphs included bi the way. ' love tess.