Brian and Megan - Megans Awakening


Brain and Megan – Megan’s Megan noticed her brother looking at her a little differently lately.   He spent more time looking at her.   She saw him give her the up down a couple times and could feel his eyes staring at her when she had her back to him.   Their relationship hadn’t changed, he still treated her the same.   They still hung out and did the same things they always did.   She figured a friend of his must have mentioned something, and this would wear off About a week after Brian’s looks started, Jessica met her at her locker after school.   Just like the boys, the girls were also best friends.   Jessica invited her over to her house for a sleepover this coming weekend.   Jessica’s and Daniels parents were headed out of town. Megan figured it would be just another sleep over so she Daniel caught up with Brian at school.   “So I guess Jessica invited Megan over Friday night for a sleepover.   We plan on bringing her into our little secret.   Care to come over?”  Brian had been with Daniel and Jessica one time since he first found out about them.   He refused to fuck Jessica (for now anyway).   He said he was saving it for Megan.   The three kids planned out the evening into a plan they were sure was going to get Megan Friday night came and Brian was sitting at home playing video games.

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    Megan was packing a few things for the sleepover.   She left to head next door.   It was like any other sleepover, the girls sat in Jessica room in t shirts and panties and talked about girl things.  They talked about boys and did each others Brian watched Jessica’s window from next door.   His cue was when their light went out to sneak over and meet up with Daniel.   About 1am the light went out and Brian snuck over and found his way in the back door and up to Daniel’s room.   Daniel was still up.   Jessica was laying in her room.   She could feel herself getting wet with excitement about the night before them that lay ahead.   She watched the clock carefully and a short time after she turned off the light she climbed out of bed and quietly left the room.   Megan wasn’t quite asleep yet and saw her She made her way over to Daniels room and entered.   The boys were waiting for her.   They were sitting on his bed in their boxers waiting.   They stopped talking when she entered and looked at her.   She looked back and smiled.

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    “You guys ready?”  The boys just smiled.   Brian got off the bed and went and sat in a chair to watch the beginning.   Jessica climbed onto Daniels bed and they started making out.     She started to rub and play with him through his shorts.   She eventually grabbed his boxers and pulled them down.   His dick sprang out and she grabbed it.   Daniel grabbed her panties and slid them down her legs.   “wow sis, you sure are Jessica just smiled “I know, I’ve been turned on all night thinking about now. ”  Daniel laid on his back and Jessica climbed over him and stuck her pussy in his face.   She leaned down and took his dick in her hand then into her mouth.   Brian was getting really turned on watching Brian and Jessica go at it in 69.   He watched her bob up and down on his dick, the occasional moan coming from her mouth as Daniel lapped at her “Oh Fuck!” Jessica screamed “I want you in me now!”.   She jumped up off Daniel, spun around facing him, ripped her shirt up over her head and sank herself right down onto Daniel.   They both cried out as he entered her.   She just stayed there for a moment, completely sunken down on him, enjoying the feeling of her brother completely filling her up on the inside.

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    She eventually came to and started moving her hips around.   She really started moaning now.   Daniel’s hands moved up and started playing with her boobs.   He grabbed them and started lightly massaging them in his hands.   Jessica eventually started to ride her brother.   She would come up until he was almost all the way out of her the she would sink back down.   First she started off slow, but soon picked up the pace.   She wasn’t trying to be quiet.   She was letting the whole neighborhood know how much she was enjoying it.   Brian had his boxers down to his knees and was fully erect watching Jessica dismounted Daniel and laid her back on the bed.   “I want both of you now!” she told the boys.   Daniel crawled down and positioned himself between her legs again. Brian stepped out of his boxers and came and joined them on the bed.   He knelt up by Jessica’s face.   She immediately grabbed his dick and started to suck on it.

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    Daniel watched his sister for a moment then slid himself back into her.   She screamed as she felt him enter, but went right back to sucking on Megan wasn’t quite asleep when she heard Jessica sneak out.   She hadn’t heard her come back in yet, but was hearing moans of pleasure from one of the other bedrooms.   She was actually getting turned on listening to it.   It sure sounded like someone was having lots of pleasure and great Her hands found their way down to her crotch and she discovered she was getting wet and quite turned on listening to all of this.   She was no stranger to masturbation and started fingering herself as she listened to the moans of pleasure.   She eventually got curious to where the moans were, who they were coming from and where.     She knew her and Jessica were the only females in the house, so the sounds had to be coming from Jessica.   Megan quietly got out of bed and snuck down the hall.   The sounds were coming from Daniels room.   The door was cracked open so she looked inside.   It was dark inside and the bed was on the opposite wall.   She saw a pretty blonde girl who looked a lot like Jessica on the bed having sex with two guys.   One guy was pounding her pussy (which she was obviously enjoying form the moans she was making)  And a second guy was kneeling up by her head and she was sucking on his dick.   It was actually quite hot watching them fuck.

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    Megan had never seen people having sex before and was quite memorized by it.   She actually was enjoying watching Jessica’s hot body laying on the bed with her legs spread.   She was completely amazed and hypnotized watching the guys dick slide in and out of her pussy.   She was memorized by the little shake her breasts would do every time he entered her. She watched her suck on the guys dick.   She admired its size and how hard it was.   She could see the spit glisten off of it when it came out of her mouth.  
Megan was getting extremely wet and turned on now watching this.   She slid her panties off and left them on the floor.   She leaned against the wall and spread her legs and stuck two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy.   She had never seen a real dick before let alone suck on one or have one in her.   She closed her eyes and imaginer her fingers were a read dick fucking her.   She was so wet she could feel it running down her leg and her fingers slid in and out easily.   She was no stranger to masturbation.   She had broken her hymen the year before using a hairbrush.

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    As she continued to finger fuck herself, her left hand started tracing its way up her flat stomach to her breasts.   She stood there listening to Jessica have sex and played with her boobs and pussy.
Jessica saw movement and a shadow at the door and knew it was Megan.   She smiled knowing they were being watched.   “I want it doggy now guys” she told the boys.   Daniel and Brian both pulled out of her long enough for her to flip over then stuck their dicks right back in their holes.   Daniel really started to fuck Jessica now.   So much that she couldn’t suck on Brian.   Brian didn’t mind and slowly backed away in the dark corner of the room.  He saw the shadow at the door and knew it had to be Megan.   Daniel started to pound Jessica and she was not being quiet about it.
Megan looked into the room again and saw Jessica on all fours now getting fucked from behind.   She only saw one guy now but didn’t think much of it.   She was enjoying playing with herself too much.   She stood there and watched Jessica get fucked.

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    She watched her beautiful body and watched the dick slide in and out of her.
Not long later Daniel was reaching his climax.   “Fuck Jessica, I’m going to cum!”  Jessica started fucking him harder.   “Give it to me Danny, give it to me!  Spray your hot cum all over my tits!”  Jest as Daniel started to groan, Jessica spun around and grabbed her tits and held them up to Daniels dick as he sprayed a couple good shots of cum all over them.   Megan couldn’t believe her ears and froze for a moment.   Did Jessica just scream out Daniels name?  She peered more into the darkness and made out Daniels face in the middle of an orgasm.   She watched shot after shot of cum come out and land on Jessica’s tits.  
“Oh wow, that was so good bro, thank you!”  He smiled and they kissed.   Megan didn’t know what to do, so she snuck back into Jessica’s room before she got spotted.   Jessica saw her leave and told the guys she would be right back.   She got up still naked to go see Megan.   She picked up her shirt on the way out the door to wipe her brothers cum off her tits.   When she got back to her room it was dark and Megan was in bed and appeared to be asleep.   On the way in, Jessica noticed Megan’s panties on the floor outside Daniel’s room.  
When she entered her room she turned on the light and sat on the bed.

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    “I saw you watching us Megan, and I know your not asleep”.   There was a slight pause and Megan rolled over and was a little shocked to see Jessica still naked.   She just started at Jessica in the eye for a moment.   “You were having sex with your brother.   That’s just wrong on so many levels. ”  Jessica just smiled “Why is it wrong?”  Megan just looked at her “He’s your brother!” she exclaimed.   “Yea, so” Jessica said.   “We’re not going to have a kid, we’re not going to get married, we just have amazing sex with no strings attached.   You have someone who will have sex with you whenever you want, not complicated relationships or anything.   Don’t you wish you had someone like that, someone to pleasure you whenever you wanted?”  Megan paused for a moment and said.   “I’ve never had anyone pleasure me.   But watching you tonight, you seemed to be having so much pleasure and got everything you wanted”
“Wait a sec. ” Jessica said, “You’ve never had someone pleasure you?”  “Nope” Megan said.   “Watching you tonight though made me wish I had someone.   You should have seen how far I had my fingers up my pussy!”  Megan said chuckling a little.

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    “Are you still turned on and horney?” Jessica asked moving closer.   Megan nodded.   “Would you like me to pleasure you?”  Megan got a scared/confused look on her face.   “But I’m not a lesbian…”  “Ummm… hello” Jessica said, “Neither am I, but we can do it just this once, it will be our little secret.   Besides, they always say, only a girl truly knows how to pleasure a girl. ”  Megan thought for a moment.   “Well, ok, I suppose”.   Jessica jumped up on the bed.   “Now, lay back and relax”  Jessica pushed Megan’s shirt up a little exposing her still uncovered pussy.   She ran a finger through it and Megan gasped.   “Wow” Jessica said.   “You’re still really turned on”.   “Tell me about it” Megan replied.  
Jessica immediately dove into Megan’s pussy and started licking right away.   Megan cried out as she felt the tongue hit her wet pussy.

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    Her body tensed up at the sudden and extreme pleasure. She slowly relaxed as Jessica worked her magic.   A couple minutes later, Megan was feeling the hot flashes start to sweep through her body.   She was able to work her shirt off and laid back down completely naked with Jessica still attached to her pussy.   Megan began running her hands all over her body  Working her way up her stomach to her breasts, which she softly started playing with.   She would rub them and massage them in a constant battle to increase her pleasure.
As per their plan, Brian was sitting in the dark in the hall watching the hot girl on girl action taking place in front of him.   He thought it was even hotter because one of the naked teenage girls was his sister.   He was rock hard again and was slowly playing with himself.   Jessica came up from Megan’s pussy and said something to her.   Megan shook her head and Jessica moved up the bed.   She then say on Megan’s face and leaned down to continue playing with Megan.   Brian couldn’t believe is eyes.   His sister was engaged in 69 with his hot neighbor.   Jessica was now focusing mainly on putting her fingers inside Megan.


    Megan didn’t last too long before her previously inaudible moans were becoming louder and louder as she got closer and closer to her orgasm.   It finally hit her just as Brian hit his.   Brian shot his load all over the wall as he watched his sister convulse in hers.
They all laid there for a moment before Jessica climbed off and gave Megan a big kiss.   Just as she pulled away Megan grabbed her and pulled her back in. Brian could see in the faint light of the room their tongues dancing in their mouths.   Brian snuck away before he would get caught.    The girls laid there for a moment collecting their breath.   “That was amazing” Megan finally was able to say.   Jessica chuckled.   “Thank you, that was actually my first time too. ”  “Really? Megan asked, “I wouldn’t have guessed. ”  “Well, I know what I like, and I have one so I know how and where to hit it and what feels good. ”  Megan paused for a moment then asked a little shyly.   “Is that really how good it is having sex with your brother?”  Jessica laughed a little more.

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    “It’s that times ten girl. Megan, someone filling you up, you know how good that is.   Now imagine the love you have for your brother and combine them. Add the hotness factor of it being wrong, that is what it is like. ”  There was a bit of silence while Megan pondered it.   “Do   you think Brian would have sex with me?” 
“You better believe he would!  But ssshhhh, you didn’t hear it from me. ” 
“How do you know?” Megan asked.  
“Daniel told him last week I guess.   Brian told him he would do you if you would let him”.
 “Really?!” Megan asked kind’ve shocked.   “Well, I guess it does make some sense.   He has been looking at me a little strangely for the last week or so. ”
“So you would do him?” Jessica asked.  
“From what you tell me, I would have to be stupid to pass up the opportunity for so much pleasure”.  
“Hehe, yea” Jessica replied.

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    The girls settled down and fell asleep in each others arms.
Monday at school Megan felt a little funny about what had happed and such over the weekend.   Jessica still treated her the same however.   Megan eventually got over it.
Megan started looking at Brian differently now.   She started scanning his body. Imagined him with no clothes on.   Brian noticed the change in looks and smiled inside knowing their plan had succeeded.   He was almost constantly hard knowing the chance to fuck his sister was coming up.   Both the siblings were engrossed by the thoughts of sleeping together, and it didn’t help having the relationship they now have with their neighbors.
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