Seduction in the Shower


The first time I did it, I had waited until the shower was running, and I could hear the water begin splashing from my bedroom. My father was taking a shower. I had already stripped off my clothes and was in my robe. Quickly, but quietly, I moved down the short hall and paused briefly outside the door, having a last minute reluctance to carry out the plan I had formulated for weeks. Ever since I had come back from college to obtain a job in my home town, I had been living with dad and had become increasingly attracted to him. My mom did him dirty because he was a manly man, not what she ultimately wanted in a husband. She did not want a guy who could repair things and enjoyed outdoor sports. She liked soft hands and manicured nails. My mother was a controlling bitch, thinking she could turn everything her way with her money, but I got her back by moving into dad's spare bedroom instead of returning to my sumptuous bedroom in her over-decorated house. Seconds passed outside the bathroom door. Then fortified by the image of his big, erect penis, I placed my hand gently on the door handle and turned it quietly. The door thankfully wasn't locked, and I opened noiselessly. I stepped into the hot, steamy air of the bathroom and pushed the door closed as quietly as I had opened it, easing the latch softly into place. I could see my dad through the frosted glass of the shower stall and could hear him humming softly some indeterminate tune. I looked at his vague shape moving behind the glass, blurred by the wet glass. Already I was quivering with anticipation and rapidly undid the robe and allowed it drop to the floor.

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   I wanted so much to open the door, step in with him, fall on my knees, and put his cock into my mouth. I wondered what he would do. He would be shocked, for sure, but would he enjoy it, or would he become angry, knowing that it was his own daughter wanting his thick cock? Maybe that plan was too abrupt. Stepping forward, I slid the shower door open. He turned his head and saw me standing there naked in front of him. He could see that I was examining his wet, naked body, especially staring at his large cock, hanging down between his legs. "Move over, dad," I said softly and stepped in with him without giving him time to object. Surprisingly, my father said nothing and did not even appear at all shocked at my sudden intrusion. He didn't cover himself or turn away to preserve his modesty. There seemed to be a look of joy on his face. I was right there brushing up against him, already drenched by the warm spray. He finally had just one thing to say. "What's going on, Andrea?" "Nothing, daddy. I just wanted to shower with you. That's all.

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   Don't you think it would be nice to shower with your twenty-two year old daughter?" He shrugged and smiled at me. Then he began soaping his body. When he started to wash his back, I took my opportunity. "Let me wash that for you," I said with a grin as I took the soap from his hand. I rubbed the soap across his broad back and rubbed his skin with my free hand. He turned his back into the spray to rinse it off. Looking down, I could see that he was aroused. "Let me wash that big, hard cock now, daddy. " I could see him staring at my heavy boobs. I ran my hands and the soap along the hard erection and then reached down and rubbed the soap on his balls. When I wrapped my fingers around his cock, I could feel it grow even bigger in my hand. As I continued to stroke him, I could feel his hardness become complete, and his meaty pole throbbed in my hand. I was amazed by its size, even bigger than I had anticipated. "I want it to be clean when I suck you," I informed him lewdly. "Oh, Andrea," he moaned.


   "I have dreamed of this so many times. " I stroked him slowly, and he could not keep his hands off me. He began to finger one of my hard nipples. He pinched the nipple lightly and ran his finger around the areola. Dad's other hand was between my legs fingering my cunt. His touching was exciting me, making me linger as I enjoyed the feelings flooding through me. At last, my father was focused on playing with my breasts. I lay the soap bar in the dish and began rinsing the soap from his cock and balls, getting excited myself as dad palmed my breasts, cupping them and rubbing them with his slippery hands. I made him turn and let the shower spray finish rinsing his stiff cock and heavy balls. Then I turned him back toward me, letting the spray of water wash down his back. I lowered myself onto my knees in front of him and cupped his balls in one hand using them to guide his erection toward my face. "Andrea, you are making me feel so good. Suck my cock, baby -- suck me off!" I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue, licking the underside of his hard cock. Then I took the head into my mouth, running my tongue around it, tasting the fresh taste of his newly washed flesh. As I sucked, the first drops of his pre-come washed across my tongue.

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   Savoring the salty taste briefly, I swallowed and took more of him into my mouth, sucking on his cock hard as he stood over me. He began to moan and braced himself with his hands on the shower walls. I pulled him out of my mouth and kissed my the way down the shaft to his scrotum. Cupping his balls into my hands, I pressed them lovingly to my lips, licking and sucking them. I licked each one, sucked it and into my mouth, massaging it thoroughly with my tongue. Then I left his balls and returned to his hard cock. I took the head back into my mouth and sucked as I tried to swallow as much of the thick shaft as I could. Letting him slip out a little, I rubbed his cockhead along the inside of my cheeks, slurping loudly and moaning as my own excitement grew. "God, baby, you really know how to suck a man!" he gasped. My mother had made me go to one of those christian colleges, where everyone is holy and pure, but I managed to find the one or two studs who were into fucking. I honed my skills on them. Of course they felt horribly guilty about their sinful lusts. One even volunteered for missionary work in South America, no doubt as recompense for his sins. That college was not my idea. My mother made me go there, but then, she paid all the bills.

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   I could feel my father's knees quiver as I held his legs and sucked him, making his hardon slide in and out of my mouth. He placed his hands behind my head, but did not try to force himself into me. As I massaged his balls with one hand, I moved my mouth faster and faster, and his legs began to shake violently. He started to fuck my mouth, so I put a hand around his cock to keep him from going too deep. I still had not learned the skill of deep throating. . . Yet! My dad moaned, and he shot his thick, hot come into my eager mouth. My fondest dream was fulfilled as his cock pulsated and twitched, yielding up its rich cream, and my mouth was soon filled with the flavor of my father's semen. I tightened my lips around his shaft, trying to get every drop of his manly fluids. Sucking his come to the back of my mouth, I swallowed his fatherly offering, enjoying the taste and texture of his rich ejaculate. I made my fingers tight around the base of his hard cock, not permitting him to go soft. He just stood there, his eyes stared down at me, kneeling in front of him, his cock deep in my mouth. Then I slowly milked him and sucked on his penis until I could taste no more come. Yet, even then I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, as it lost its turgor.

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   At last, I released his dick and slowly got to my feet in front of him. Pressing against his naked, wet body, I raised my face to his. "Kiss me, daddy. Kiss me deeply and taste your come on your daughter's mouth and on my lips. " He kissed and tasted me and then began to lean over, kissing my neck, my shoulders, and my breasts. Meanwhile he was rinsing my body off with his roaming hands under the warm spray. Easing himself downward, he squatted on the shower floor and pulled my cunt to his lips. I set my legs apart to accommodate him, and he began to finger fuck me as he kissed my labia. Soon I raised a leg and draped it over his back, giving him better access to me, and even reached down to open myself more with my fingers. "Eat my cunt, daddy," I begged. Bracing myself, I put my hands on my father's broad shoulders and looked down as he sucked on my pussy. I was so turned on by my the illicit, incestuous blowjob that it did not take him very long to rouse me toward my own climax. He bent closer, licking my pussy, moving his tongue up and down both sides of my swollen lips. As my moans became louder and my body began to quiver, he focused on my clitoris with his tongue and pistoned two fingers in and out of my slippery vagina. It wasn't long before my knees shook, and I began to have my orgasm, with my father's tongue pressed hard on my cunt.

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   "Oh yes! Yes! Yes!" I shouted, my screams reverberating in the shower stall. I had finally obtained the services of my father's mouth. Calming down at last, we emerged from the shower stall, both satiated and clean. We laughed and talked as we toweled ourselves dry. I strolled out of the bathroom without bothering with my robe and looked back to see my father's eyes were admiring the motion of my pelvis and my round posterior. "You know, baby, I was thinking of you in the shower, and then suddenly there you were," my father told me later. "Yes, there I was -- finally. " The next morning, I walked into my father's room naked. He was just rising, getting ready to take a shower again. He looked up and knew he would be having another incestuous coupling. As we adjusted the spray and began to wash each other, handing the soap back and forth, we began to kiss and fondle the other's body. "What do we do today, Andrea?" he asked. "Today, I shower again with you, again, of course, and I want you to fuck me, daddy," I said. "I want to feel your hard cock deep inside my cunt. I've wanted you to fuck me for so long. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   So today I want you to do it. " "Is that so?" "I've wanted you for so long, daddy, ever since I left to go to college four years ago, but I never got up the courage to tell you how much I wanted you. " "I've wanted this also for so long, Andrea. " I turned away from him and braced myself against the shower wall, pushing my ass toward him, inviting him to take me from behind. I looked over my shoulder at him as he grasped his erect cock and brandished it at my wet, round ass. Carefully placing the soap aside, he embraced me and pressed himself against my hot, wet body. I could feel his hard cock press against my wet ass. First it was between my buttocks. Then, he pushed the head inside me. As I pushed against him, he entered me completely. He wrapped his arms around me and fondled my breasts while he stroked in and out. At first, he was slow and steady, but, as soon as he heard me moan, my father began thrusting faster and faster. I was filled with my father's hard cock, and I reached down and felt his balls. He groaned at my lascivious touch. "Oh, lord, Andrea, you are one hot cunt!" he gasped into my ear.

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   "Keep fucking me, daddy," I cried. "Fuck me real good!" My father began moving more vigorously, and his hard belly slammed into my soft butt with each deep thrust into me. I bent over more and wiggled my ass, and he shoved himself even deeper. I could feel myself losing control and shoved my ass back at him, matching his rhythm. I lowered my body even farther and pushed my ass back against his pounding cock, allowing him to greater access to my pussy. My legs became weak and shook as I felt his hard cock driving me to my climax. I shivered and moaned as I came, my orgasm fortified with the wicked knowledge that my father's cock was deep inside my hot cunt. My climax drew him along, and I could feel his cock fix itself deep into me as he tried to force his ejaculate deep into my womb. After that, each subsequent thrust, I knew, was accompanied my another squirt of come inside me. He was filling me with his rich, thick cream and flooding my womb with his fertile, incestuous seed. He continued to hump himself into me, and I still met his thrusts with my own. Finally, he pulled out and turned me to face him. As we kissed, I could feel his semen drain from my pussy and drip down my legs. We held onto each other under the warm spray, slowly undulating against each other. We remained like that for a few minutes, and then he pushed me away and stared into me eyes.

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   His soft, but still swollen, cock hung down from his body. "So many years wasted," he said, looking at me with love in his eyes. I threw myself into my father's arms and hugged him, telling him how much I loved him. We continued rinsing off. I spread my legs, and he soaped and rinsed the last of his come from my pussy, I washed his cock off with soapy hands and rinsed it thoroughly. I slept into his bed from that night, and we enjoy many more showers together. .