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I lay there in bed, thinking of him and all that he could do for me. I couldn’t control the power of my sexual desires any longer and began rubbing my clit. As I rubbed my clit with one hand, I played with my hard nipples with the other hand. In my mind I pictured his chiseled body coming over me, his long thick and hot cock hanging over me, between my legs as he began kissing my neck and darting his tongue into my mouth. My clit was swollen with lust and I was begging to cum. In my mind I felt his body over me, sucking my nipples while his erect penis brushed over my pussy lips, driving me wild. This felt so real and I began rubbing my clit harder! Now I imagined him lowering himself as he made a trail with his tongue. I was soaked with my own juices, picturing what his tongue was about to do. I imagined his tongue vibrating my swollen little clit, which was now peeking from under its hood. “Oh god,” I moaned out loud, I bet he would eat this pussy like it was his last meal. I knew it was time for this imaginary sex to move on, because it was time for me to cum and boy was I going to cum hard. He had been fingering me and eating my pussy but as soon as I was ready, he was lifting himself up and preparing himself between my legs. I always imagined him as a teaser therefore in my mind; he grabbed his swollen hot cock and rubbed the head of it inside my pussy. “mmmmm,” I moaned, picturing this. I had chills down my spine and my nipples were hardened to the max. He took his dick and with one slow and easy motion he pushed in the head.

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   I couldn’t believe how good this felt to just imagine, it only made me want him worse. At this point, I was fingering my tight wet pussy with three fingers and rubbing my clit real fast hitting all the right spots. In my mind, he slide all those inches into my tight pussy, once satisfied with how deep he was, he took my legs and placed them on his shoulders. Then he held me by the shoulders and pounded my tight little pussy. I imagined my tits shaking from the impact. I imagined biting my lip as I felt this hot long and hard cock intruding my space, opening me up for a better fit. “Oh gods, fuck me harder, make me cum,” I moaned real loud because this time I felt the explosion coming. I couldn’t hold it anymore, in my mind he was ready to cum too. I spread my legs and squirted on my fingers, squirt after squirt, I knew my own body and kept rubbing my clit until all of my juices were out and the effect of the orgasm subsided. . In my mind, he eased his long dick and came on my face.

**Note to readers: Tell me what you think guys ^_^ this is my first story!! lol
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