A game with the girls

Sex Toy

I walked around the back of the sex store, and sat to wait. My 4 best girlfriends and I had decided to meet and play some games tonight. We all came from incredibly rich families, so money wasnt a worry. I lived with one of them, and she sat down next to me. We had gotten the invitation a week before:
You are invited to a party, with only girls. There will be five of us, and you must bring a butt plug, a dildo, and some lovebeads, the largest you can find. Meet behind the sex shop on 148th place, and we will go to my place to have some fun.
 Your friend, Sarah
 P. S I invited Kelly, Kara, Trina and Ashley.
I knew it would be a fun packed night, and I had bought a nine inch dildo, an eight inch butt plug, and a string of 5 love beads, each one the size of one of my fists. I was Kara, and I sat next to Ashley. Ashley wouldn't show me what was in her bag, and soon Kelly arrived. She wouldn't show me either, but I knew her bag was from a different store, because of the logo on the side. Soon, Trina arrived with Sarah, and we walked the block to her 3 story house. None of us were married, and we all laughed as we kept our bags secretive from the unsuspecting doorman. We soon walked upstairs, to paradise.

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   The whole 3rd floor was just three rooms. a bathroom, a dungeon, and a room that was just plain, old white carpet with white walls. We walked into this room and Sarah turned off the lights. She said, "Ok, put your bag in the middle, then step two steps to your right and pick up the bag in front of you. " I stepped and picked up the bag, then Sarah said, "Ok, I will turn on the lights, and the bag you have contains all the toys you will be using tonight. I grinned when I saw I had Kellys bag, but almost fainted at what was inside.
 Kelly had gotten a foot and a half long dildo, a foot long butt plug, and each lovebead on the string of eight was almost the size of my head. Everybody laughed and I managed to grin along with them. Kelly laughed and apologized, but I laughed and said, "Hey, If I rob a bank after this, I can keep the goods in my butthole!" We all laughed at that, and Sarah began explaining the first game. "We will be playing the no orgasm game. Basically, we will all fuck ourselves, and the last person who hasnt orgasmed wins! The prize is an hour of being our masters tommorrow, and I hope you all plan to spend the night!" I grinned and nodded with the rest, then we all lied down with our dildos to start. "on your mark, get set, go!" and I started fucking myself, warming up to the large intruder. I almost died from the heat waves pushing through my small body, an orgasm was coming fast, so I slowed down. I heard Kelly scream, she had gotten Trinas dildo, which was only about 8 inches long, but she was really tender! Soon, she was out, and I started fucking myself, trying to plan how long I would need to outlast the rest, when the waves of an orgasm pushed me over the edge, and I screamed at the pleasure. Trina won, and she gave us all an evil grin.

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   Next was the race.
 Sarah took out the butt plugs, and we all carried them down to the park, where we would have a race. We had to go around the mile track 3 times, this was no problem, we were all fit, but with a large buttplug in your ass? not so easy. Last place got to have all the girls fawn over her, with instruments of pain, while first place got pleasure. We all went into the bathroom and shoved them up our asses, then walked awkwardly to the starting line. At the whistle, we took off, I was easily in front, but an explosion from my ass almost pushed me over the edge. I almost stopped, but pushed on. I was wearing an extra absorbant pad, even though I wasnt having my period, I knew that I would be orgasming, a lot. Every few seconds, my body shook with the force of a new orgasm. Finally, I passed the finish line, 3rd place. Sarah came in last, Ashley first.
Finally, it was time for the last game. Truth or dare. For dare, the other girls got to decide what kind of toy you should use, in truth, the girls would rate you, then fuck you appropiately for the event. I sat down, and got asked.

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   I said Dare, and the girls all huddled around me. They grbbed my dildo and shoved it in me all at once, causing me to scream at the harsh presence. Next, the shoved a whole ball up my ass, no lube. I yelped loudly as a second one joined it, my ass bloated. Soon, they had four in, and were trying to fit in a fifth. They couldn't, so they rammed it in and managed to get 6 in there, then they took out the dildo and shoved the last 2 in my pussy, pulled up my pants, and decided to go for a walk. I was hobbling along, my ass felt like it was ripping, and my pussy was dying.   The girls decided to go to bed, after they made me sprint to the house. I almost screamed, and that was when they decided to give me their undevided attention that night.
This is going to be a trilogy, there will be the night, then the next day, then its over.