me and adrianna

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me and adrianna have been friends since the first grade.
i walked up to her and asked, "if i were lesbian, would you stop being my friend?" she smiled and answered, "no, i'd be lesbian with you. "
i smiled, holding the bag of dildos in my hands
me and adrianna agreed to take turns, fucking each other as hard as we could. it was her turn first, so i decided to start small. i took out a small, seven inch dildo and slowly slid it in with lube. she moaned. i went faster and faster, until she was rocking. then, i took out a thicker seven inch dildo, and without lube, shoved it into her still wet pussy. she screamed, and grabbed my hand. "stop, wait!" she screamed. i shook my head and kept fucking her now dry pussy. i knew that it hurt her more than please her, but i wanted to. i inserted another dildo, so there were two dildos in her pussy. she was screaming, and i saw a tear escape her eyes. then, i took out the thickest butt plug in the bag. it was about as thick as a cola can, which pleased me.

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   i put the flat tip on her butt, and in one swift motion, hit it so it slammed into her, making her scream in agony. three drops of blood escaped her butt, and by now, she was actually sobbing into the pillow. i slammed it into her again, and i could see that the white butt plug had turned red by her blood. i took out one of the dildos from her pussy, and shoved it down her throat. then, i took out the thickest dildo i could find. it was about nine inches in length, and thicker than the butt plug. i shoved it into her pussy all in one, making her writhe. i also decided to give her some clit torture. first, i took out a small nail, and slowly put it into her clit hole. she was squirming, enjoying it. then, i took it out and put in a pencil that wasn't sharpened yet. i could tell it hurt her because she screamed, and another tear escaped her eyes. i put in another pencil, and she started to sob again. then, i went to belly button torture. i took out five pins.

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   four of them, i put around her belly buttons. then, i got the last one and put it IN her belly button. she screamed again, and i took out all five pins. five beads of blood gathered on her stomache.