Toy For Two

Sex Toy

Laura dropped her brief case on the chair next to the desk and quietly opened the bedroom door. When her eyes adjusted to the dim conditions they almost popped out of her head, because their on the bed totally naked was beautiful Bobbi while standing in the middle of the room was a device that literally took her breath away! “Happy birthday,” Bobbi said with a giggle. “It’s not my birthday until next month,” Laura replied while meandering over to the funny looking contraption. “And what in the world is this?” Bobbi mindlessly fingered her dark haired snatch and replied, “And just what does it look like!?!” Laura let her hand run over the dark leather object while answering softly, “It looks rather like some medieval torture device, where on earth did you get it?” “I ordered it out of a catalogue,” Bobbi said with a sigh. “Like it?!?” With her breathing becoming increasingly shallow, Laura managed to reply, “I-I’m not sure, it’s so huge!” “It’s supposed to be huge,” Bobbie retorted while her fingers worked their way in and out of her buttery snatch, “now hurry up and get your clothes off and let me explain to you exactly how it works!”Laura smile wanly at her lover but obeyed her command and quickly slipped out of her things. She had a model’s body, tall and willowy with blonde hair, small pert breasts, long legs, and of course a perfect ass that looked good in anything from a bikini to a pair of thong underwear. She gave the contraption one last look and crawled onto the bed and snuggled up to Bobbi’s massive chest and began sucking like a contented baby. “So,” Bobbi cooed, “do you like it or not, you never answered me?!?” “Mmmmm, I think so,” Laura replied softly. “Do you think it will hurt?” Bobbi chuckled a quietly for a moment, and replied, “Hurt, I think it’s gonna feel wonderful!!!” As Laura’s sucking intensified, Bobbi gazed over at the object that now dominated the middle of their bedroom and closed her eyes while imagining them using it together. It looked almost like a gymnast’s pommel horse, but it was shorter by a foot. The real difference, however, was that instead of having two hand bars, this “horse” sported two eight inch long hard rubber dildos that stood proud and thick just waiting to be mounted by two willing females! A fury was slowly slipping out of control in Bobbi’s young pussy so with a hoarse whisper she croaked, “Let’s give it a try!!!”
On very wobbly legs both twenty two year olds got to their feet and gingerly made their way across the room until they were standing next to the imposing object. “H-how do we do this?” Laura asked nervously as she ran her hand up and down one of the hard peckers. “I’ll help you on first,” Bobbi announced self assuredly while guiding Laura’s leg up and over the “horse” until her tight little hairless pussy was situated directly over one of the monster cocks. “Okay,” she ordered, “now let it down real slow, easy, easy, take your time!” Laura’s head rolled from side to side on her shoulders as each inch disappeared inside of her incredibly tight vagina. Almost immediately her cunt began to convulse out of control as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body! “M-my fucking god,” she gasped, “I’m cumming all over the place!!!” Eager to join her lover, Bobbi quickly positioned her own cunt over the remaining cock and settled her plump butt down until she was completely impaled by the vicious invader!
“I-It’s wonderful, isn’t?” Laura moaned. Bobbi was quite unable to reply but with a great deal of difficulty she managed to nod her head as a climax slammed into her cunt making her huge boobs shake bounce crazily from side to side while her whole body shivered with excitement! With the two women now facing each other, they easily leaned forward until their breasts were squished together between them.

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   Being the more butch of the two, Bobbi took the lead and kissed Laura hard on the mouth while probing the aroused blonde’s mouth with her over active tongue! Almost as if on cue the two of them began slowly bouncing up and down in unison as the fucked themselves into an absolute frenzy with the gigantic rubber cocks jammed deep into their stretched out pussies!
“I-I love, you,” Laura gasped while her little pink nipples pressed into Bobbi’s huge nubs, “ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy, I feel so full of hard dick, it feels so fucking goooooood!” “I love you too,” Bobbi stammered, “I just love a good hard fucking, don’t you?” “Oh yes,” Laura replied while her tight little ass bounced up and down like a trip hammer, “e-especially when I’m getting fucked with you!!!” “Oh yes, yes, yes, yes,” Bobbi managed to reply, “the cocks, they’re so huge, they just rip you apart!” “Mmmmmmmm, so wide and thick,” Laura sighed deeply, “fill you to the brim, making you a fucking hard cock loving whore!!!” Oh yes,” Bobbi gasped, “twist my nipples hard, I’m so close now, right on the edge, please, twist them for me!!!” Bobbi leaned back and offered her magnificent chest for Laura’s use, but instead of twisting them with her fingers she asked softly, I don’t wanna twist them!” “Why not?!?!” Bobbi gasped. Because I’d rather do this!!!” she replied while leaning down to take on of the hard nips into her mouth and biting it roughly. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck,” Bobbi groaned, “oh yessssssss, just like that, suck it harder, oh yeah, bite it, make it hurt!!!”
Laura was always amazed at how much abuse Bobbi’s nipples could take! Her own nips were hyper sensitive but could never have accepted the kind of torturous punishment that Bobbi seemed to relish!!! While she continued to suck and bite Bobbi’s nipples, both women were now ramming themselves senseless with the monster peckers that stood rigidly on the back of the modified pommel horse! Oh god, we’re riding these fat dicks and getting the fucking of our lives,” Bobbi moaned, “I-I’m gonna cum, oh christ in heaven I’m gonna cum!!!” Just hearing her lover on the verge of orgasm would have normally been enough, but coupled with the thick spike jammed deep into her tight little twat, well it was more than she could take! An instant later the both of them let loose with a roar while their poor defenseless pussies were decimated by the relentless pounding of the huge rubber dicks!!!
As all the strength ebbed out of them, they collapsed together while their pussies twitched and flitted around the still impaled monsters! “D-do you have any other surprises for me?” Laura asked with a sigh. “Not tonight,” Bobbi replied with a wink, “but you never know, you just never know!!!”