A girl and her tentacle monster 6


They giggled and laughed, running the gambit of inane conversation from boys to pop culture to clothing, never once indicating they knew anything was amiss downstairs. The conversation became clearer as I ascended, headed towards the loft that made up the third floor of the house, and came to a halt when they heard me.
I hopped up the last few steps, inwardly grinning at the ease with which I did so carrying such a large belly. Waving to them, I saw my big sis roll her eyes at the intrusion, and got a good look at the banquet before me. Five blondes, one with boobies easily as big as Mommy’s, two with ones not much bigger than mine. Two brunettes, my sister one of them. Only one redhead other than me, but well endowed. The little Asian girl, obviously the one who lived here, didn’t seem much bigger than me. My eyes stayed on the twin Latino girls, looking them up and down and taking in their smooth, olive skin. A trio of black girls rounded out the group, the one with nearly charcoal skin drawing my attention almost immediately.
Playing the girl wanting in on the games of her idols, I began chatting them up, asking all kinds of questions and picking up things I knew would annoy one or more of them. Generally being a pest, enjoying watching as they bounced around. It didn’t take long for my big sis to grab hold of me, scolding me for it before trying to drag me towards the steps. What happened next was completely unexpected to me, but would prove enlightening.
I felt a cramp in my tummy. Both painful and pleasurable, my knees buckled as it hit.


   When my sister saw my face, she went from annoyance to concern, propping me up as my belly trembled. They all failed to notice it even as they crowded around me, and I wondered how they’d react when it actually happened.
The imminent birth of my lover’s children turned into an eye opening experience almost right from the start. Instead of heading downwards, I felt them pushing at the sides of my womb, the pressure suddenly disappearing from one after the other. Moments after the first one stopped, I felt something I hadn’t before or since and really is beyond description. It was like my baby’s consciousness bonded with my own, bringing an expanded awareness to myself and what was around me.
I arched my back in near orgasmic fury as it happened again and again and again. The girls were half panicking around me, thinking I was having some kind of seizure, but it was the best experience so far in my life. Things utterly beyond my tiny little world were clear in my mind.
My belly shrank rapidly, even as the girls began to try and think clearly in their fear. My sister asked the Asian girl to call her mother and our father, even as the experience came to an end. I knew I was sweating profusely, and what went along with that exited me even more. When it ended, my stomach had gone from looking nearly full term with twins to more like 5 months pregnant, all of Daddy’s cum still firmly lodged inside me along with his growing babies.
 I found I could smell them clearly now. Not in a bad way.

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   I found I could identify separate girls by their distinctive scents. Only three had experience with a man before, about half of the others had at least partly lost their virginity to either gymnastics or a “helping hand”. At least two of them swung both ways, and one was a tried and true lesbian, judging from the arousal at a room full of half-naked teenaged girls.
It was then I noticed my shirt getting uncomfortably tight. My boobies were growing! The fabric stretched tightly until I was forced to tear the collar, allowing it to tear as far down as it wanted to. The girls looked on, dumbfounded, and I knew they could see what was happening to me. By the time it stopped, mine seemed only a little smaller than my big sister’s. There was no time for questions, as something else caught their attention.
The little Asian girl gasped as she started going down the steps. Even with my view blocked by the floor and some of the girls, I knew what she’d seen. I heard her stammering as heavy footsteps made their way up to us. She fell backwards, scrambling over towards the rest of us in stunned fear, unable to say anything before her mother came into view, half-conscious and still strapped to my Daddy. Thick, sticky semen ran out her mouth and nose, and her blouse was soaked in a layer that clung to it like glue, the wetness revealing her silken bra and pronounced nipples.
I knew my pheromones were beginning to work when I noticed an increase in arousal around me, even tempered by fear. The daughter made it back over towards us, hyperventilating and trying to scream through her panic, as Daddy slowly approached.

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   Brushing my sister’s hand away, I stood up and walked to meet him, commenting on his handiwork. I was about to ask why he’d disobeyed and come upstairs, but, much like it was with my lover, I got a quick picture of his thoughts. He had felt my distress. It seemed I had gained a link with him in my change. I immediately wondered if I had gotten the same thing with Mommy and little sis, hoping it was so. As a test, I decided to call them over. I’d know in about half an hour if I was right.
I was snapped out of my revere by one of the girls getting up enough courage to bolt. The red head made for the stairs, flying by us suddenly. Before I even realized what had happened, I had caught her. I hadn’t moved, but I had her. A tentacle stretched from my back to around her wrist, holding her tightly and pulling her towards me just as I’d wished. It was an amazing feeling, and I finally realized my babies had done as much changing to my body as they had to my mind. Knowing I had grown much more like my lover, taking on a kind of double role as human and…whatever he was…was a thrill.
I pulled her up to me, slapping her hard and leaving a big streak of my girl-cum across her cheek to get her to stop screaming before explaining that she’d get her turn when I was good and ready.

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   I threw her back towards the other girls, sending her spilling into them in a heap. The slime coating her wrist and forearm would accelerate the process for her, but that escape attempt would not be forgotten. The look of abject horror on all their faces was priceless as I stared at the lot of them. A few mouthed their denials of what they were seeing, a few even curled up into a ball and began sobbing, but most were just scared silent. Yet is was the large breasted charcoal black girl who once again got my attention by not looking on with terror, but a fear mitigated by curiosity. She’d be quite interesting.
Satisfied they wouldn’t try that again, I called Daddy over to me. Like a good Daddy, he hadn’t done anything I hadn’t told him to while in my presence, and the mother was hanging limply off him, coughing up globs of semen in between moans. I grabbed her chin and kissed her deeply, tasting Daddy’s semen and the same tanginess I’d gotten from her kitty mixed with her saliva. I swallowed the slime covering her mouth, my tongue exploring every crevice to make sure I didn’t miss any.
It took me a bit to notice that it was going a bit further than should have been possible. When I was licking the roof of her mouth nearly to her uvula, the woman’s incoherent realization that something wasn’t right brought it to my attention. Fascinated, I decided to see just how far it could go. I watched happily when her eyes flew open, fully aware of my tongue going down her throat. And it kept going! When I hit something deep inside, the muscles of her esophagus contracting in a desperate attempt to get me out, I realized I’d hit her stomach! I licked it, and tasted semen.

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   She was so full from Daddy cumming in her behind that it’d backed up into her stomach and then out her mouth, and there was quite a lot of it still trapped down there.
I knew Daddy was nearly ready to cum again, the walk up the stairs and the sight of so many pretty girls bringing him almost to orgasm yet again, so I let him. I wanted to drink him through our new plaything. A few quick strokes, and Daddy howled, his thing twitching hard and sending spurt after spurt up her behind. Of course, it pushed cum out of her stomach to make room, the gusher covering my amazingly long tongue and then flowing into my mouth. The seal was not perfect, so plenty of cum dribbled out of where our mouths met and onto my torn shirt, but I came right then and there at how hot it was.
Once he’d finished and she’d stopped throwing up, I reached up and tore apart her blouse with a yank, instructing Daddy to untie her. She fell into my arms, her boobies pressing into mine and getting covered in a thin layer of cum from my shirt. I laid her down, watching only briefly as cum began to leak from her behind, before turning to Daddy. Grabbing his thing, I began to clean it off, tasting his cum again and slurping it down. Cum hanging from my chin, I giggled as I told my sister how much she’d be enjoying this from now on as well just before sucking the entire thing down my throat. I was turned away from them, but I could tell their flight instincts were tempered by the tentacle still waving about from my torn shirt and the helpless woman next to us. I made sure to make my sucking sounds extra loud just to emphasize who was in control.
Deciding to test exactly how it worked, I thought about making another tentacle. The cloth tore, and a second tentacle sprouted from my back, immediately being put to good use dragging the exhausted naked woman beside us to her knees.

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   It wrapped itself around her neck, guiding her to the sack below Daddy’s thing. She complied when I squeezed a little, going to work feverishly. I knew Daddy liked it a lot, as I felt his…cock…grow even larger in my throat. It would stay at least that size thanks to me. I’d learned that after bringing him under my sway like I had Mommy. The more I licked and sucked, and the bigger he got, the bigger he could get.
I created more tentacles, now that I knew how easy it was, and sent them to tease my helper’s kitty (calling it a pussy or cunt sounded so weird) as well as her boobies. She squealed as I did so, shaking in orgasm even as Daddy grabbed the back of my head. I had taught him well. He knew better than to try and pull out.
In a matter of minutes, Daddy sent shot after creamy shot down my esophagus, filling my tummy wonderfully with each hot gob as he added to his previous deposit. Like me, he was able to shoot even more now, and filled me to the brim with only one try. He pulled back, letting the last few shots fill my mouth exactly the way I liked it, before pulling free, still rock hard. I heard the red head scream in orgasm, the sight working with the slimy aphrodisiac and the pheromones to overcome her fear. The other girls looked at her in horror as she recovered and tackled my big sis, panting incoherently before planting a big, wet kiss on her lips.

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I grinned happily before forcing the older woman to lay back. She spread her legs, and I told Daddy he was to breed her as hard and as much as he could until I said to stop. More than happy to obey, he got down and stuffed his now 16 inch cock into her small kitty, making her scream in half pain, half pleasure. The tissue tore and I saw blood, his extra-large cock stretching her further than she’d been since childbirth. He was rough, too, just like I’d told him. He just kept pushing, pulling back only a little each time and thrusting back in as hard as he could. Her cries were less human and more yelping like a dog, her gummed up throat making speech nearly impossible for her.
Stripping off my ruined clothes quickly, I crawled next to her, grabbing her boobies and taking one in my mouth. I sat down on her tummy, causing a little more cum to push out of her mouth and behind, feeling Daddy’s cock push in and out of her. She grunted in pain as he hit her cervix and I bit her nipples, but still managed to convulse in orgasm after only a few minutes of our assault. As she did, I felt Daddy thrust extra hard, and his cock went all the way in, the head popping into her womb, giving me a much needed cum from the sensation.
I felt something else as well. My stomach seemed to come alive, as if a thousand little tadpoles were wriggling around in there. A sudden need to throw up gave me no chance to avoid the woman beneath us, and I drenched her tiny boobies in a gush of white semen. Much to my surprise, however, was that it was not the only thing I threw up.

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   Small, greenish things no bigger than a peanut, but much thinner, wriggled about in the fluid, tiny tentacles wriggling from their bodies. Maybe I had made them with Daddy’s cum? Whatever they were, they quickly began to move.
I watched in fascination as they made their way to the woman’s nipples. Dozens of them congregated around each, until a few seemed to grab hold of the edges of the erect flesh with their tentacles, pulling hard. Another then headed towards the stretched skin, finding the hole her milk came out, and began pushing. She screamed in pain, only to be silenced by my tentacle in her throat. It moved deep into her throat as I watched the tiny creature in wonderment. The nipple expanded improbably around it, finally allowing them passage as each one squeezed its way into her boobies. I saw the bulges form under her skin as they moved, nearly not noticing as more began to line up to repeat the process.
More and more pushed in, the bulges forming and then disappearing as they moved deeper. By the time the free ones had made their way in, the nipple was so stretched that the ones holding it open had time to follow the others, which they did quickly, before it closed behind them. It was so hot I started cumming, even feeling liquid squirting out of the tentacle in her mouth. As I came down from this newest high, I saw her boobies growing before my eyes, the nipples nearly gushing milk as they did so. I swiftly dove for it, now able to push both nipples into my mouth at the same time as I drank thanks to her new DD cup.
Behind me, several more of the girls seemed to break down.

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   Screams of panic and despair as a few descended into a crying fit. My sister was still trying to fight off the red head, but losing the battle as her body started to like it even as her mind still said no. The girl had one hand down my sister’s panties and another on her boobies, still kissing her and acting like she couldn’t cum until my sister did. The charcoal black girl subconsciously licked her lips as she watched me drink, not paying attention as her hand moved to her own kitty. I laughed when she, without the aid of my more potent aphrodisiacs, grabbed one of the blonde girls with tiny boobies and pulled her in for a kiss.
The sound of a car pulling up into the driveway and the approach of two minds I knew quite well confirmed my link to my thralls. Mommy and little sis would be on their way upstairs to join in as soon as I was ready to introduce them.