A girl and her tentacle monster 8


As I awaited Mommy and little sis’s arrival upstairs, I decided to get something started. Though I hated to interrupt her fun, I called over the charcoal black girl. To my delight she responded, kneeling in front of me so that her face was level with mine. Reaching out to grab her impressive tits, my tongue snaked out towards her mouth. She looked at it nervously for a moment before opening up, letting me push it down her throat as I leaned forward, our lips meeting as my tongue licked around in her esophagus.
There was something about this girl that I knew was important. Instead of making her a slave to my will, I felt a burning need to make her like me. It would require a bit more patience before breeding her, but I had others to keep me occupied while I waited.

I pulled back, removing my tongue (much to her disappointment) before licking at her tits and now stiff nipples. The familiar sensation preceded the splash of white fluid and green creatures on our boobies as they pressed together. A second and then a third gob of them joined, my little helpers quickly making their way towards our nipples. We cried out in tandem as they began their work, penetrating into the opening and burrowing in, bringing us both to a shuddering orgasm several times.

The expansion was pretty quick afterwards, the pressure of milk production and then the release of that pressure a delightfully wonderful sensation. My already enlarged tits expanded another two cup sizes, pressing into my partner’s flesh as her own tits grew from a D to an F. Knowing that my audience had grown by two was a delightful turn on.

I turned to Mommy and little sis, and was pleasantly surprised to see that their already huge bellies had gotten even bigger as the babies inside them grew.

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   I caressed my soon to be breeding sister’s face, the understanding passing between us that I would soon be back to finish, before standing up. A quick expulsion later, and both Mommy and little sis’s knees buckled under the orgasm the little green creatures could induce.

Mommy’s already leaking tits grew from her DD to a full G, the milk squirting out even as the creatures were crawling in. Little sis’s transformation moved her from her flat A to a nice C, the milk taking a bit longer to emerge but soon her body was changing to make it rather well. A kiss to both brought my attention to the taste of little sis’s kitty on Mommy’s tongue, and both Mommy’s kitty and her milk on little sis’s tongue. My poor thralls had been lonely without me.

I sent Mommy over to help Daddy breed the mother, leading little sis over to big sis’s predicament. The redhead was beside herself by now, unable to cum despite her need and efforts. She desperately begged me for help, apologizing again and again for trying to run, and offered anything in return for just letting her cum. In response, I smiled and grabbed her head, forcing her mouth halfway down my still gooey cock and reminding her that such promises were not to be made lightly.

She choked a bit at first, but began cleaning and sucking vigorously soon afterwards. It wasn’t long before she grabbed on to my hips, trying to force all of my cock down her throat. She adjusted her position, opened her throat, and resisted her quickly diminishing gag reflex, and soon I felt the head bump into the entrance to her stomach just as her lips pressed into my crotch.

Little sis, on the other hand, had gone down on our older sister. Dazed and horny from the redhead’s molesting, she wasn’t quite able to process what was happening before little sis climbed on top of her in the 69 position.

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   She lapped happily at big sis’s kitty, her own weeping juice right over big sis’s mouth. Our sibling coughed and spit, trying to turn away at first, but she inevitably began to swallow some of it. She didn’t actually progress to licking back, but by the time she yelped in a surprise orgasm, she’d stopped resisting so much.

As big sis convulsed, our youngest sibling turned around and offered a breast to her. She stared at it for a good minute, her mind obviously in conflict, before she gave in to her impulses and began to feed. Busy as I was letting the redhead thrust herself back and forth on my cock, I almost missed it when one of big sis’s hands worked their way to little sis’s kitty and began pushing in.

I glanced over at the girl I’d chosen to transform rather than enslave, and smiled as I saw her busy feeding one of the lighter skinned black girls and a large breasted blonde. They didn’t seem terribly willing at the moment, fear preventing them from fighting back, but the milk would help make them a bit more cooperative.

It was when I looked over at Mommy, playing with Daddy’s balls as he rutted into the small Asian woman, and saw all that milk spilling out onto the floor that I realized I was being wasteful. My own milk streaked down my chest and ran onto my cock and down my legs, little sis’s free tit leaked even after feeding, and the mother and daughter pair both squirted more of it with no one to drink from them.

I sent tentacles out around the room, attaching them to each free lactating nipple and began suckling. It was a strange sensation, drinking one’s own milk, but I loved it. Mommy and the two Asian females groaned in thanks at the release of pressure, and I could feel the milk being absorbed almost straight rather than going to my stomach. I felt…reinvigorated, if such a thing was even possible with as much energy as I seemed to have.

By now, the redhead’s sucking was really getting to me.

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   I grabbed on to the back of her head, thrusting even harder than she’d been doing on her own. Spittle flew everywhere as the head of my cock beat on the door to her stomach as it soon would her cervix, breaking it down just as I peaked. Gobs and gobs erupted from the head directly into her stomach, her eyes bulging from the volume, pressure, and the new plateau she’d reached while still remaining unable to cum herself. Her stomach bulged from the amount I pumped into her. I left my cock where it was for a few seconds, letting her panic slightly from the distending of her digestive tract before pulling back. The opening to her stomach closed immediately, sealing over the same way every cervix I’d cracked had, and trapping at least a gallon and a half of my cum inside her distended stomach.

I saw her rubbing the bulge in both worry and awe as I pulled back. More of my cum spurted into her esophagus as I slowly pulled out, and when I reached her mouth, my cum burst out her nose after the second spurt. After I’d coated her face in cum, hitting her square between the eyes, I quickly tore off her nightie as I pulled out of her mouth, aiming my cock at her tits. With the last few spasms, I hosed them down, telling her to begin rubbing it in immediately as the semen stuck fast to her skin.

It didn’t occur to me till then that she hadn’t needed to breathe as I fucked her throat, and seemed less than worried that she was pretty much drowning in my cum, not letting a single drop of cum escape her lips even as it blocked her airway. It hit me that all my other thralls had reacted similarly to things that normally would have caused them to suffocate, from the tentacle slime in the mother’s and daughter’s throats to all that cum I’d pumped down Mommy and little sis mouths. I wasn’t sure why, but I wasn’t going to argue.

Even as the cum absorbed into her skin, the redhead fidgeted in protest at still not having cum. She couldn’t say anything with all that sperm in her mouth, but her hips told me everything.

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   I just patted her now sticky hair, waiting patiently for her to work my cum into her tits. In perhaps a few minutes, only a thin layer remained even as her tits seemed to be hurting her. She waved them at me in desperation, so I kneeled down and took her right nipple in my mouth.

Normally I liked to watch as my little helpers turned breasts into milk factories, but this time was slightly different. I sucked the nipple hard just as I felt the fluid they lived in surge up my esophagus. Holding the suction, they began crawling in as usual, one after the other, only instead of dividing themselves between two, all of them burrowed into the same breast. My victim squirmed in my grip, and was eventually unable to stay quiet any longer, her cry of pain and pleasure sending at least a quart of my cum and her spit splashing onto my face and her tits.

Once they had finished, I swallowed the fluid back down, only to feel a second rush follow it almost immediately. Yet more of the little creatures began to crawl inside her tit, her scream betraying fear and insane arousal. The moment they finished, I pulled off, licked the cum from my face, and dove right into the other tit. The process repeated itself even as the first tit began to grow at a phenomenal rate. A modest C cup blossomed into a DD in less than five seconds, then doubled in size to something I wasn’t even sure was measured on human women, perhaps an H cup. I kneaded it with a tentacle, admiring at how buoyant it was despite its size, even as a second load of the creatures finished making their way into her left tit.

Moments later, the second breast followed the first, and she sported a pair of tits even bigger than Mommy with her enhanced ones. The milk, usually so soon to appear after seeding, still had not come, though.

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   As I pondered this, her hands flew to under her tits, a yelp of surprise and pain signaling an event that nearly floored me. Her tits were pushed up by yet another pair, a second set of tits growing as large as the first in moments. Once they’d reached full size, a third and fourth pair began growing to each side of the first two pairs, until she sported an unbelievable 8 tits jutting from her chest like an obscene pair of diamonds, squishing against one another on her young frame.

Then…her milk came in. It wasn’t like any of the others, not even mine or Mommy’s. Milk positively GUSHED from her nipples! More than that, I saw her eyes roll back and her body shake as the pent up orgasms rushed through her all at once, every fiber of her being lit up in ecstatic joy. It had all happened so fast, and everything had seemed so natural, that I hadn’t even noticed when the “other me” had been in control and when I’d been running things. Was there even much of a difference anymore?

It was clear my other half still had plans for her. Even more tentacles emerged, only these ones seemed different than the others. Not like the cock ones, or the suckers, they opened at the tip into a perverse four petal flower-looking formation. Inside was a wicked looking four or five inch needle that went from a fine point to easily the size of my Daddy’s thumb. I took it in for only a moment before two of them replaced the ones at my own nipples, piercing them quickly and sending an excruciating mix of pain and pleasure shooting through my body. The petals wrapped around my tits, covering the entire thing and slowly kneading it. The needles began to heat up, the “other me” taking full control in order to prevent me from instinctively yanking at them.

It was at once the worst pain I’d ever felt and the greatest pleasure since bonding with my children.

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   The milk began to back up almost immediately, and as it remained in contact with the heated needle, it actually began to boil inside my boobies. Stuck inside my own mind as I was, my screams did not reach the outside world, but I felt everything. The milk began to thicken as much of the water was removed and reabsorbed, and I felt my tits get much heavier as they produced more and more milk to fill the space left by the condensed fluid.

Distracted as I was, I nearly missed the scream of the redhead. Focusing back on the outside world, I saw “I” had done to her what “I” had done to myself only moments ago. She pulled at the new tentacles for a moment before “I” slapped her hard, yelling at her for being ungrateful. She’d been allowed to cum, and cum hard, and I was merely taking what was promised. Her body, mind, and soul were mine to do with what I wanted, and she would thank me for everything I did to her or she would never cum again.

Her sobbing continued, but she stopped trying to defy “my” actions. Given how much it had hurt me, I couldn’t imagine what it was doing to her, but it turned me on even more, none the less.

A grunt of pain drew my attention to Daddy as he pumped yet another load into the Asian woman’s womb, her belly now stretched to appear at least 10 months pregnant, the newest batch of sperm finding yet more eggs to fertilize. She was squirming in a great amount of discomfort, even as Mommy massaged her belly, due to the volume. I hadn’t really put a lot of my tentacle slime in and on her, so stretching was more difficult. Once Daddy vacated her kitty, I entered it, her behind, and her mouth, her relief coming soon after as the slime she ingested began to take effect.
I instructed Daddy to pull out, letting Mommy clean him off quickly before having him move over to the woman’s daughter.

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   Still on her side due to her massive stomach, the girl looked at him hungrily. Daddy and Mommy rolled her until she lay on her stomach, the gallons of cum holding the rest of her body a full two feet in the air. Balancing with her legs, she waited patiently as Daddy got on his knees and fed her his still raging hard cock. She sucked as if her life depended on it, the cum he would soon give her one of the few foods she’d need to consume from now on.

Once he was set up, Mommy came over to me. She pulled my sisters apart, lifting up my dazed big sis until she sat before my cock. She whispered and nibbled at her ear, her hand grabbing one of my tentacles and moving it down to rub my big sis’s kitty as a reward for reaching out and grabbing my cock. She brought her face up close and took a deep breath, savoring it as one might a flower or a delicious meal, before opening her mouth and taking it in for the first time.

Feeling a little left out, my little sis began slurping at the shaft not yet buried in our sister’s throat. I knew she was hungry. Her smaller frame was having a harder time keeping up with the growth of all the babies I and Daddy had put in her than Mommy. Not wanting to deprive my big sis of her reward for good behavior, a simple solution popped into my head. Soon enough, a second cock was poking my little sis in the cheek, which she dove on with a squeal of delight.

I can’t even begin to describe how hot the sight was. Both my sisters sucking on my cocks, the younger one bottoming out with ease as the older one slowly worked it down with each thrust, determined not to be outdone.

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   I was very pleased with them, even as the pain in my boobies subsided. The tentacles did not release yet, seeming content to act as a plug while my tits filled up with more and more of the now thicker milk. Mommy gave big sis hints on how to take me all the way, the feeling of hitting her stomach soon to follow as she and little sis took turns bottoming out on my two cocks.

A pair of dark hands wrapped around my chest, grabbing on to my tentacle-covered breasts and squeezing. The charcoal black girl licked my neck, turning to the side to meet my kiss and suck on my tongue some more. She grabbed on to the sucker tentacles that had left my nipples and placed them on her own, then reached down to grab both my sister’s heads and force them up and down faster a few times. Much to my delight, they kept up with the new pace once she let go.

We broke the kiss as she knelt down, sitting on the floor before twisting around between my legs. Spreading my kitty, she began pushing fingers in and licking profusely, bringing a string of mini-orgasms along and letting her drink up my fluids. Between the three of them and the crying of the redhead, I wasn’t going to last long.

I rammed my sister’s mouths over my cocks faster and faster, Mommy helping me as I did so, until I was about to burst. Forcing them both down, the heads went into their stomachs, my shuddering climax audible to everyone in the room. The sprays of cum could be heard through my moans and praises, one after the other gushing into their gullets before their bellies began to expand from the volume.

I quickly pulled back, knowing my big sis had not been exposed to much of the slime yet, and proceeded to shower them both even as Mommy joined in, their faces soaked in moments as the orgasm subsided. My helper beneath me was absolutely drenched in girl-cum by the time my knees gave out from the overload.

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   She fell with me, barely missing a lick as I ended up sitting in her face, her tongue buried in my kitty still.

Taking the opportunity, I vomited yet more of the green critters onto my big sis’s still unseeded boobies, watching excitedly as they, too, grew and began leaking.

She, and the redhead, were now ready…