The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 19


Sandra had been going over to my house throughout our very youngrelationship. I couldn't stay overnight at her place because I havedogs to care for, but I offered to go over to the apartment sheshared with two other girls Tuesday just to give her a break fromhaving to drive from her work on busy freeways. One of the girls wasa cute little Chinese-American chick about my size she met atcollege and the other one was a white girl who had moved in prettyrecently. They weren't musicians and neither was into heavy music,so maybe they were glad when Sandra would stay at my house where wecould jam in my soundproofed music room without disturbing anyone. Itotally want to sleep with the Chinese-American girl just becauseshe's cute, but the other girl I couldn't care less about.

Sandra and I had a rather cursory introductory conversation with theother two, who are hetero, and then we went to her bedroom, whichwas pretty cramped because of all her music related stuff, includingher gear, in addition to her tv and the other usual stuff folks craminto their houses. She apologized to me for not being able toobserve some of the rules I have imposed on her, but I said that abreak from them was probably good for her and she could be morerelaxed. BDSM is all about fun for me anyway. We actually spent mostof our time that night either just watching You Tube together on herlaptop or having sex. I left around midnight to return home to mydogs and my own bed.

I didn't see her again until Friday night. I went to her place,picked her up and we went to dinner before moving on to my house. Wejammed for a few hours and got to sleep at about 3 a. m. We woke uparound noon and went to the beach and had lunch there. Of course, Imade Sandra wear that string bikini and guys were staring at us likenobody's business.

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   But I wasn't really trolling for cock at thatjuncture and so I kind of ignored the interest.

Going to the beach always puts me in a relaxed frame of mind. WhenSandra stripped upon our arriving back at my place, I had her standfor inspection. I spent about 15 minutes just looking at her, thosenarrowly cut eyes, the pert lips, the bite sized breasts, the lean,supple shape of her torso, her skinny but nonetheless nicely shapedlegs and her soft, white skin with just a hint of yellow in it, thecute slit near the meeting point of her torso and legs that wascomplemented by an equally inviting little ass, her long, delicatefingers that somehow were able to rip out some of the most fearsomeriffs and leads and a smile that just made her seem to glow. I wassmitten pretty hard. I took her upstairs and had her lay in bed onher back with me quietly while I admired her face, especially thoseeyes. I kissed her so gently, so tenderly, while brushing the top ofher head trying to make her non-verbally understand how I cared forher. Yes, this was an entanglement, but, at least for now, one inwhich I was glad to be ensnared. I grasped her hands and kissed thepalms because I wanted her to carry my affection with her wherevershe went. She reached up with her righthand as I looked down on herand caressed my left cheek. I put my hand on hers and held it as shecontinued to hold my face in it. I bent my head down and just barelyallowed my lips to meet hers and held them there for a few secondsbefore then catching just the edge of her lips with my kiss andrepeating that before opening my mouth wider, wrapping her in myarms and laying an emotion packed smooch on her, our tongues dancingover each other with her mouth stretched open enough to permit me asdeep access as possible. All of this wordlessly.

I took my clothes off and embraced her again, our two soft bodiesagainst each other. We spent the better part of the next hour justsilently kissing each other.

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   I entwined my legs with hers and huggedher with as much force as I could like I was attempting to meld herskin with mine. Then I rotated my body and guided her head to myshoulder and we relaxed in that manner for quite a while, I don 'tknow how long it was, with her holding my righthand next to herheart. It was totally girly but it felt so good to me. I got up andtold her to stay in bed. I went down to the kitchen, made dinner andbrought it up to her. She really liked it and afterward we cuddledagain and verbally reconfirmed our love for each other. I then hadher get dressed in something of her choosing, which was just jeansand a t-shirt, and we took my dogs to the park for a walk at dusk. Afterward,, I fed the canines and jammed with Sandra for a couple ofhours before showering and calling it a night. It was just a lovelyday.

Sunday, she got her period and she felt like crap all day long,which sucked. I babied her and enjoyed doing that for her. I didn'tsee her at all after that until the practice we had Thursday. Then Igot MY period a couple days later while she was at my house, but mysymptoms are so light that it didn't affect me that much other thanfeeling kinda gross from the bloating.

Monday, Terry told us she had booked us a club gig out in fuckingRiverside two weeks hence, which meant we were going to be playingin front of a bunch of dumbass rednecks. For those of you not fromSouthern  California, Riverside County is the armpit of the suburbanL.

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  A. -Orange County region and culturally is like Alabama without theaccent. The Klan is big there relative to how sizable it iselsewhere in the state. The only good thing one could say about thecity of Riverside is that it isn't Fontana. Shit, San Bernadino,which is another dungheap, looks down on Riverside. And then thereis the heat and smog that hangs over the place like a 400 pounddrunk who needs to be carried out of the bar by his buddies. Call itFresno for dummies. The 91 Freeway is a nightmare at the time wewould be driving up there before load in, too.

Then the Saturday following the Riverside show, we had a gigscheduled at a bar in a place up near Fullerton that was a wellknown biker hangout. The irony is that the bikers were almostcertainly going to be better behaved than the rednecks.

So we rehearsed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, took two days off,and then practiced at my place on Sunday. But first, we went to thebeach together, I made dinner with some help from Sandra and then wejammed. So all in all, it was a fun day and I think  helped bond ustogether more as a group.

We did the gig in Riverside that Monday. That was weird for mebecause, at least back in the good old days when I used to go toshows all the time, clubs were usually shuttered on that day.

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  Perhaps as a result, there were only around 30-40 people there. Someasshole tried to grab for the headstock of my Strat when I wasposing in the middle of a solo and he got tossed. Other than that,we were tight and it went off pretty much without incident otherthan the usual, "show us your tits!" shit most female musicians putup with from drunken clubgoers.

Friday, as I suspected, was a better show with maybe a hundred or sothere. Yeah, there was a lot of hooting and catcalling, but a lot ofthe bikers were older and therefore much more into the material thanthe Riverside crowd was and while they were more vociferous, theywere also cooler. They kept bringing us back for a total of fourencores. How much of that was just them wanting to see chicksplaying metal and how much was the quality of the material and/orthe actual performance, I don't know. Just in case, though, once wedid our set, we broke down our gear as fast as we could and thenhightailed it out since we weren't sure how they would be at theapogee of their mounting intoxication.

Of course, since it was a weekend, I had Sandra home with me. Afterleaving the gig, we showered together and we definitely took ourtime. We ate each other in turn as the water splashed off of us andwere in there for the better part of an hour. We toweled off andblow dried our hair. I had Sandra stand for inspection once againand couldn't resist cupping that little ass of hers. God, it's socute! I then told her to go wait in bed while I made us some greentea. We drank it and then curled up in each other's arms and fellasleep.

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I woke up a little after eight Sunday to the sensation of Sandralicking and sucking my clit. She ate me to a very relaxing orgasmand then I  got up and brushed my teeth before we had breakfast andwent gear shopping. First, we went to a major chain guitar storemainly to show off. We took a couple of cheapo Ibanez RG seriesguitars off the wall and plugged into a couple Marshal combo ampsand kicked right into "Blackout. " That started to draw s crowd,especially as both of us were dressed in jean shorts and halter tops(mainly because it was in the high 80's, btw). So I did Ted Nugent's"Just What the Doctor Ordered" and then Sandra did one of herfavorite songs, Rainbow's "Long Live Rock and Roll. " I knew thetune, so I did a rhythm guitar part under her. In the meantime, someof the kids, who were mostly junior high age, had their cameraphones out and somebody posted footage of us doing the last twotunes on You Tube, I later found out, under the heading,  "two cuteAsian chicks shredding," even though shredding we weren't in thetypical sense. We decided to end the impromptu concert before wewould likely get kicked out.

As we churned through the different stores, neither of us sawanything we really wanted and we returned to my place, leashed up mydogs and took them to the park. There was a slow pitch softball gamegoing on at the diamond there and Sandra and I and the dogs kickedback under a tree down the first base line and watched it mainlybecause we had nothing better to do. There were a couple of 15-16year olds playing catch with each other maybe about a hundred feetfrom us and they kept looking over at us. I was wondering when theywould hit on us. After a little while had passed and we were gettingup to go back home, they came walking over, probably thinking "it'snow or never. " Of course, they thought that they would, as Todd did,look cool if they did the whole annoying wigger thing.

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   We justlaughed and I told them that they looked like idiots because theywere trying way too hard and being something that they weren't. Thatdidn't deter them and one of them asked how old we were. "I'm 22 andmy girlfriend here is 24," I replied. "How about you guys?" "We're16," one of them rejoindered. "Well, I guess we're told old foryou," I estimated and we began to walk away. "Wait ladies, age isonly a number," one of them blurted. "Not to the California penalcode it isn't," I snarked and we headed home.

Wednesday, there was a Children of Bodom concert at the HollywoodPalladium. I picked Sandra up at her work and we tooled up to thevenue. We got there just before the opening act, some local band Iwasn't familiar with, came on stage. They were metalcore. Ugh. Afterthey had finished, Sandra and I were standing off to one side farenough way not to get sucked into the mosh pit but still closeenough to have a nice view of the stage. Sandra noticed that therewere four guys a couple of feet away and a couple of them werestaring at us. We were both dressed in white bustiers that were heldtogether by drawstrings, white mini skirts and white thigh highstockings and white heels, which contrasted hella good with our longblack hair and brown eyes.

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   I caught the eye of one of the guys andsmiled at him. He looked away and then out eyes met again and Ismiled again. I guess that encouraged him to slide over and openwith, "so how long have you guys been into Children of Bodom?" Thatevolved into the "get to know me" kind of conversation. As it turnedout, they were from the same county Sandra and I were and were allin college. The guy who made the initial contact with me was namedGuy. . He was just under six feet tall, probably about 160 pounds orso, had long brown hair to the middle of his back, wore glasses andwas 27. He had just begun going back to school after having takensporadic breaks from it and, as fate had it, was studying Japanesein addition to his major. He was super nice and really intelligentwith a sarcastic sense of humor plus an eclectic musical appetite. He also played a little guitar but confessed he really sucked at it. The more I talked to him the more I was digging him.

There was a 20 year old second generation Japanese-American, George,in that group, too. He was a stringbean and right at six feet tall,it appeared, but a really nice guy with a goofy sense of humor. Hewas learning guitar at the time, too.

Then there was Guy's best friend Miguel, who was around 6'1" and 170pounds with a hard, flat chest, nice skin and abs and a cute facewith intense eyes.

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   However, he was a little emotionally immaturesince he was only 19, but nonetheless seemed like a well meaningdude and he also played guitar, though he said that he still had along way to go to be a good player.

The fourth was named Darrell and he was the shortest of the four atabout 5'7" and in the mid-100 pound range somewhere. He impressed meas being a little insecure. Guy later told me that Darrell's parentswere totally psycho and had driven him a little nuts, too. Darrell,though, was basically a nice guy, but he really needed to justrelax.

The interval between bands went quickly due to us being so involvedin the conversation and the lights went out and CoB hit the stageand just fucking killed. The mosh pit was a maelstrom of careeningbodies. I don't really get the whole moshing thing myself. Sandraand I as well as the four guys were more intent on watching AlexiLaiho and his band shred up one side of the Palladium and down theother and we couldn't resist the odd headbang. About three quartersof the way through their set, I felt Guy's hand on my shoulder. Ipicked it off and guided it down to my hips and then I wrapped onearm around him, too,  and that is how we spent the rest of the set.

After the show ended, we drifted back to the parking lot. I saidgoodbye to Guy and kissed him goodnight and both Sandra and I gavehugs to the other guys, too. We made plans to meet at my alma materon Saturday since everybody would be off of work or wouldn't haveany school that day. Guy and George both went to my old universitywhile Miguel was in junior college and Darrell was going to adifferent Cal State campus.

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   I picked that site since I thought itwould make a congenial neutral area here we could all get to knoweach other better before I decided to invite them to my place.

So Saturday, we met them in an empty quad. Sandra had wondered outloud on the way back from the concert how big Miguel's cock was. Shewas betting he was really packing and I concurred because I wantedto suck his dick, too. We talked for a couple of hours and theyreally were nice. I was wearing a little push up halter top andmatching shorts but was barefoot. Sandra was in just jeans and atank top and wore flats. I was really blown away by Guy's wideranging intellect and loopy sense of humor and was feelingincreasingly attracted to him. I took him aside at one point andexplained to him that while I really liked him and that we couldsleep together every now and again I was already in a committedrelationship with Sandra and wasn't looking for anything seriouswith a male. He was good with that since he said he was really toooverwhelmed with work and school to have a regular girlfriend. Infact, it would turn out that he generally wouldn't be available atall except from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening and that wasonly if he wasn't too tired.

Meanwhile, George, who worked in his parents' restaurant while heattended college, was seriously macking on Sandra and making herlaugh with his wacky antics. It didn't appear that either Miguel orDarell really had a clue on how to hit on us. Either that or theyweren't that interested. We hung out with the boys for about threehours and then had to go to a rehearsal.

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   On the way back to myplace, I discussed it with Sandra and she was definitely interestedin George. Both of us also wanted to get a shot at Miguel. . Therefore, I texted those three later that day and told them to beat my house at noon the next day.

Sunday, when they got there, I still insisted on Sandra being nakedwhile she was in my home. So when I let them into my foyer, thefirst sight that greeted them was Sandra's nudity. They definitelydidn't expect THAT and you could see their jaws being agape. I tookthem into my living room, where I had some sodas and snacks on thecoffee table. I explained to them that not only was Sandra mygirlfriend and my bandmate, but also my slave and that she wasn'tallowed to wear clothes while she was at my residence. That elicitedsome "woah"s. She sat between George and Miguel while I sat in Guy'slap and started kissing him. Sandra began kissing George and thenswitched to Miguel, which provoked them to feel her up.   I pulledGuy's t-shirt off of him and then dropped to my knees on the floorand undid his belt and the button on his jeans and unzipped them. Iyanked them and his boxers down and gripped his already stiff cockand enclosed my mouth around it. He was six inches with averagethickness but still nice.


   He moaned as my lips skated up and downthe length of his shaft,  his watery pre-cum dripping on to mytongue.

While that was going on, George was also kneeling on the floor andhad Sandra's legs spread open and his head buried in her vulva whileMiguel sucked on her nipples, inspiring her to sigh dreamily. I wasfondling Guy's balls while his dick rode my tongue and he was lovingevery lick and bit of suction. He had his eyes closed and strokedthe back of my head as I pushed him closer and closer to climax withmy mouth, his cockhead burrowing itself into my throat over and overagain. His breathing growing rougher and emitting strangled growls,he eventually flooded my mouth with a thick salty load that Igleefully showed to him before I swallowed it down.

I could hear Sandra giving directions to George on how to eat herand she was becoming more and more excited. Miguel kissed herpassionately while he fingered her erect milk nubs. Guy had me siton the couch and he was now on the floor. I reclined against thesofa back and slid my hips forward so that he would have easy accessto my pussy. I felt his tongue lashing my clit and oh yeah, I soonbegan getting those hot, pleasurable jolts. Sandra's breathing atthat juncture was totally out of control and she let out a chokedcry as her orgasm invaded her.

"Get out of the way George, I'm going to fuck her," Miguel declared. When George retreated, Sandra got on to all fours. I watched asMiguel's cock sprung from his pants, which had slipped to the floor. He was totally hung and was at least eight inches and fat.

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   Anotherjolt elicited by Guy's tongue made me close my eyes again whileMiguel impaled Sandra's tender pussy with his weapon. Georgescrambled up and sat on top of the sofa back so that Sandra couldsuck him while Miguel stuffed her cunt with gusto. "Oh fuck, this ishot pussy," Miguel praised. I was ascending toward the summit ofpleasure, the moans, sighs and sounds of Miguel's cock being shovedinto Sandra's fuck tunnel echoing off the walls of my living room. Guy then towed me over the edge and I panted and gasped as I feltthe muscles in my groin contracting hard and squeezing the hot,piercing sensations upward to my brain.

George's cock was more average like Guy's, but it was a darkercaramel hue like the rest of his skin and Sandra was having a goodold time entertaining George with her mouth. Occasionally, she wouldpull of to moan, "Oh fuck, God, your cock is so fucking huge!" toMiguel   Two minutes later, Sandra's breathing sped up and she letout an agonized scream as another orgasm shook every cell in herbody. George's pre-cum was filling her stomach as her lips coastedover his unit. I was about to visit that summit again myself andjust as I was beginning to feel the first reports of multipleorgasms, Miguel cannonaded shot after shot of his hot jizz deep intoSandra's twat. I was now grabbing the fabric of the couch cushionswhile Guy's tongue made me tremble and shudder repeatedly. While inthe midst of what was probably my fifth orgasm in that series,George's love gun fired sperm bullet after sperm bullet in Sandra'swelcoming yapper.

Guy withdrew his head from my crotch and was getting ready to fuckme. I suggested we all strip and then go upstairs to my bedroom. Sandra's pussy dripped cum on her thighs as she padded up thestaircase. I sat on the front edge of the bed and Guy stabbed myhole with his flesh knife.

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   Needless to say, I was exceedingly workedup and I urged Guy  to screw me with abandon. This he did and I wasthrashing, sighing, gasping, writhing and grunting with each thrustof his sweet spear and soon had me calling God and rolling my eyesup into my head. "Oh fuck yeah baby, God, I love it!" I moanedgutturally. I screamed so loud when I came that it reverberatedaround the entire house.

By that time, Miguel was hard again and was getting a hummer fromSandra while George was lining his cockhead up with her pinkentryway. George rammed his man drill into her moist pleasurecenter, her moaning stifled by Miguel's dick, which was alternatelydisappearing into her cakehole and then emerging again, each passageexerting friction on his engorged fuck stick. I was cumming over andover, my pubic muscles endlessly spasming and igniting my ecstasylike a roman candle.

Sandra was now joining me, as George's battering ram destroyed anyimpediment to her most ultimate of pleasures, her and my voicescomprising a symphony of sensuality besmirched only by the obscenesounds of Guy's flesh hammer being pumped in and out of me and themoisture around Sandra's holes creating similar noises. After about25 minutes, Miguel pulled out of Sandra's mouth and firehosed herface with his spunk. That sight no doubt was the final blow forGeorge, who spackled Sandra's humid cavern with his mancream. Ataround the same instance, Guy spewed forth and emptied his ballsinto me. We all collapsed in satiation. .