The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 7


It was now Monday, December 1st and Daisuke had returned to Japanthe previous day. John called me just after I had seen Daisuke offat the airport and invited me out for a nice dinner that night atthe Ritz-Carlton and then we went upstairs to a suite he rented,where we had sex. I didn't get home until nearly 2 a. m. Duringdinner, John expressed admiration for me being "a real trooper" fortaking care of Daisuke for so long. But then he asked if I hadfallen in love with the kid and I had to admit I did, though not inthe way I would with another adult. It more like a mother's lovewith benefits, if that makes any sense. John then handed over anenvelope with $25,000 in it. I asked him why, since I had alreadybeen paid by Mr. Shimadayama for what I did with his son. Johnresponded that the way I handled things made his company look reallygood in the eyes of Mr. Shimadayama's company and so they extendedtheir contracts with John's firm for another five years. The moneyactually didn't mean that much to me because I didn't need it,though. This was another case, for me, of doing God's work.

It was a rather dismal day, cold and rainy. On days like that, the inclination, at least for me, is wanting to just cuddle withsomebody in bed and watch tv.

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   I went online in a sex chat room andsaid that I was mainly looking more for a romantic thing but woulddefinitely be open for the possibility of sex happening later on ifI got into the mood. An hour and a half later, a a guy namedKevin knocked at my door. He was middle aged and was in good shapewith average looks. I gave him a hug and took him up to my bedroomand we got into bed while watching ESPN. He put his arm around meand I turned on my side and snuggled up to him. He stroked my hairand head while we talked. He was a really genial sort with kind of acorny sense of humor and the time passed very pleasantly. Aroundlunchtime, I got up and went to the kitchen and doled some ice creaminto a bowl and brought it back to my bed. I fed it to him ateaspoonful at a time and then kissed him before I snuggled up tohim again.

He pulled my head closer to his and we shared soft kisses for thenext half hour or so while I caressed his face with my righthand. Ihad to give him credit for not mauling me even though he was in mybed. I switched the tv off and climbed on top of him and wrapped myarms around him. He hugged me tightly and I have to say I wasfeeling very comfortable and was enjoying the warmth of his bodyagainst mine. We traded more kisses and then he rolled me over on myback and the kissing gradually became rather heated. He slid hisrighthand up my shirt and loosened my bra, lightly manipulating mysoft but firm breasts.

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   I was becoming wet but because he was takinghis time, the tension was building very slowly, which made it allthe more delicious to me. He eventually pulled my shirt and bra offof me and I felt his tongue and fingers on my stiff nipples. "Ohyes," I sighed. I could feel his hard cock through his pants and mypussy was sopping. I whispered into his ear that I wanted him tofuck me right then. He rolled out of bed to strip while I pulled mylegs up to rid myself of my pants and panties.

Then I noticed his dick. It was huge! He was hung like theproverbial horse, checking in at in excess of eight inches and itwas quite thick. Of course I remarked about it to him and he smileddevilishly. I looked forward to a righteous rutting. He  had me geton all fours and then I sensed his bulky cockhead at my opening and thenmy vaginal walls being forced apart. Oh God, it just felt indescribableto have that thick, long schvanz of his clearing room in my cunt. Hestuffed me but good and then began to thrust it in and out, my vaginalwalls compressing his enlarged manhood deep inside me. The friction wasexquisite and the jolts of pleasure I received everytime he transgressedmy hole were spectacular. He slapped me hard on my ass, making me jumpand yelp and that was piggybacked by two more hard slaps, my ass nowfeeling hot and stinging a bit.

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   I felt my hair being grabbed, pulling myhead up while he continued to hammer his spike into me. "Oh GodKevin. . . . " I whimpered while he reamed my pussy, making me pant andgasp, my love furnace feeling like it was at four alarm stage. Heslapped my ass five more times and my entire genital region wasgenerating one sensation or another, either tingling, heat, soreness,mounting pleasure, oh fuck the sensations were glorious! "Oh God Kevin,fuck me, fuck me harder!" I begged and he sped up the flexion of hiships to drill me with more conviction. I could feel myself losingcontrol, my vaginal muscles throbbing as they milked Kevin's fat, longcock, before I felt like was being jabbed by razor sharp needles inevery part of me, that sensation then blooming into a technicolor orgasmthat provoked me to pant and scream loudly. "Of fuck, oh fuck!" as heshivved my receptive twat with his beefy, rigid fuck stick.

That orgasm subsided, but I could still feel Kevin giving every inch tome. 'you like my dick bitch?" he growled. "Oh God yes, don't stop!" Imewled. "Are you going to let me fuck you whenever I want you?" hequeried menacingly. "Oh yes baby, God, your cock. .

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  . . " I sighed as morejolts jerked my body, followed by serial panting. "Tell me you're myslut bitch!" he commanded. "I'm your slut!" I blurted, my mind focusedon just wanting him to keep porking me. He spanked me hard five moretimes, my ass now feeling like someone had committed arson on it, andforcing my panting to a crescendo. He used more strength to keep a holdof my hips and get more leverage so that he could viciously pound hisprick into me. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" I almost wept, the sensations sostrong and becoming more all consuming with each passing second. It nowhurt a little when his pubic bone made contact with my butt but I didn'tcare, I just wanted to feel that thick prong penetrating me. My entirebody felt really warm and then something just pushed me over the edgeand I was cumming for the second time in a choked, gaspy voice. "God,you're such a little slut," he evaluated as he used my hole for hispleasure. "You're living for this dick now, aren't you bitch?" heinterrogated. "Oh yesssssssss," I hissed while I heard his breathingbecoming more irrhythmic. I subconsciously bucked my pussy back on hiscock while I was being shaken by one orgasm after another, my soft bodyquaking, my breasts jiggling and swinging. He suddenly let out a feralgrunt and then he shot his cum into me and against my cervix.

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   We bothfell to the bed as I felt his sperm pooling inside me and then drippingout and smearing my labia and taint.

I snuggled up against him and he pulled me close to him as we attemptedto get our breaths back. My body felt like it was vibrating with an allencompassing happiness. I had never felt anything like that as a male. As time was going by, I was becoming more and more female in myemotions, though I never let myself fall into the tendency to overthinkeverything as the rest of the girls in this world did.

He decided to leave shortly after that, but offered to take me to dinnerthe next night, a proposition I enthusiastically consented to. Thatfollowing night, he picked me up at seven and we went to a very niceItalian restaurant in Anaheim. After we finished eating, he asked me if Iwould like to spend the night with him and I reacted affirmatively. Itwas rather a schlep, though, as he lived out in Rancho Santa Margarita. On the way there, he steered the conversation to sex. I smirked since,as a former male, I knew that guys liked to do that. "You really seem tolike being called names during sex," he remarked. I admitted that wasthe case. "What is the nastiest name anyone could call you in bedwithout you wanting to just end it right there?" he inquired. I thoughtabout it past the usual insults that men vocalized in the bedroom,"Slant," I told him.

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   "Woah, isn't that really racist?" "Yeah. If yousaid it to most Asian girls they would freak out. But to me, it is justso dirty, so demeaning, that it would actually be hot if somebody calledme that while we were doing it," I revealed.

He asked me if I liked being tied up. Of course, I confessed that I did. "So you're a submissive?" he pondered. "Yeah, definitely," I averred. We discussed our BDSM limits and I think he was disappointed when I lethim know that I was more or less a bedroom kinkster and not really alifestyler. "I just don't have the patience or discipline for being a24/7 slave and monogamy has never been one of my strong suits," Iallowed. "That's too bad," he lamented. "You would make a beautifulslave. ". "Thank you," I said.

We finally arrived at his place. RSM is pretty much yuppieville, so thehomes are well kept and newer than most homes in Orange County, but thecommutes to job centers from there are a bitch.

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   His was a nice two storyabode, though not grossly large like my house is. He gave me a tour,saving the best, I guess you could all it, for last. He unlocked a doorto an upstairs bedroom and turned on the light. The floor didn't have arug on it, but a mat and there were eye bolts screwed into the ceilingand floor joists. There was also a bondage rack, a bondage bed, a tablewith an array of whips and floggers on it and then a wooden box where hekept things such as gags, blindfolds, rope, restraints and harnesses.

"Do you want to play?" he requested, smiling. I agreed and he bid that Iremove my clothes, which at that juncture was a little black cocktaildress, stockings and heels plus a bra and panty set. I stood before himnaked and he pointed me in the direction of the rack, which was in themiddle of the room facing toward the window, which had been blocked out. After about 15 minutes of tying knots, he had me suspended from therack with an o-ring gag in my mouth, which forced my mouth to stay openand left a space for him to insert things in it, my body parallel to theground. My breasts were also bound in the harness, and he attachednipple clamps to my milk ducts. Boy, did they hurt! At least at first. But as the endorphins poured into my brain, the amount of hurt becametolerable. I felt myself beginning to space out a little due to thecombination of being restrained, the sensation of the ropes on my body,the pain from the clamps and the amount of pressure exerted on my bodyfrom being suspended. I relaxed and let my body go limp, so when heattempted to tickle my feet, I didn't feel much of anything. He grabbed apaddle and gave me several hard swats with it, causing me to emitseveral yelps.

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   My butt had been a little sore from the previous day'sfestivities and the healing process from that was now being interrupted,making my ass begin to throb and sting again. He then got a flogger andwhipped the back of my thighs and my ass. That didn't hurt that much onthe thighs, but on my ass, which was apparently more sensitive than Ithought, I definitely felt it.

He picked up a cane and tapped my calves, ass and feet firmly enough tobe felt but not enough to hurt that much. My nipples were feeling theeffects of gravity in addition to the clamps and were throbbing ratherintensely now. He shed his clothes and moved in front  of me and forcedhis cock through the gap in the gag and into my throat, holding itthere. That blocked my airway and I started to gag after a few seconds. He pulled it out and I inhaled deeply and then his cock went right backinto my esophagus, holding it there for about 20 seconds, but it seemed alot longer. All of this was making me drool out the front of the gagand his cock was littered with my saliva. After lending me a chance torecover somewhat, he grabbed my head and skullfucked me. "That's it youlittle slant whore, swallow that cock!" he barked, his moans telling mehe was enjoying that. When he said, "slant,"  I moaned and began to feellike I was being drugged. I knew I was going into sub space. "Yeah,you're getting off on being used like this, aren't you slut?" he utteredgleefully. I felt really relaxed now while he was feeling his polebeing stimulated by my tongue and throat, drool hanging from my chin andthe head of his fuck stick.

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   "Fuck yeah you little slant, this is whatyou were born to do," he exclaimed. He was really ramming it home nowand then pulled out and splattered my forehead, nose, eyes and hair withhis cum.

I was totally high now and was good with him using me as he saw fit atthat point. "Boy, you're REALLY enjoying this," he muttered, as henoticed the drunk expression on my face, which was increasingly stainedby his dripping semen. He stuck two fingers in my pussy and then shovedthem into the opening of the gag, making me taste my own wetness. "Fuck,my little slant slave is aroused, isn't she?" he asked. I dreamilynodded yes. It sounded, in my mind, though, like he was down the hall,such was the lack of focus I had. He slapped my ass a few times, addingto the sensations.

He tapped me several more times with the cane all over my body,including on my breasts. He pulled on the nipples, making me see starsand causing me to cry out. I felt so comfortable in the ropes that thepressure on my body exerted by the suspension didn't matter much to meanymore. I lingered in sub space and had no idea how much time waspassing. After a little while, he untied me and walked me over to thebondage bed, bent me over it and then roughly cleaved my sugar wallswith his cock. In my brain, all I remember is the feeling of somethingREALLY pleasant coming from my backside while he grabbed my hair andpulled it down to force my head up.

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   God, it just felt so good. I didn'twant it to stop. If heroin is anything like this I would want it all thetime. "My little slant is realizing her destiny, isn't she?" heasserted in the form of a question. I moaned out a "yes" while my brainput me on an acid trip of sensations as he continued to bury his cockinto me without end. I then had a shuddering, shivering orgasm that gaveme the most peaceful feeling as his cock kept up its assault on my sex. He was biting me on the neck and back now while he rammed the shit outof my pussy. My ass was throbbing and aching so much because of how hisbody was slamming into mine. I went over the edge again and justcouldn't stop cumming, machine gun panting and leaving more streams ofdrool on the bondage bed while he fucked me. "You're such a cockwhore,look at you. You're a mess!" he sneered. I didn't care what he calledme, I just wanted his eight inches inside me as long as he could manageit. All the orgasms were running into each other and my body felt so hotand I was perspiring until he finally unleashed several fusillades ofhis gooey juice into me.

He put me on my knees and removed the gag, which was a huge relief to myjaw muscles, and made me clean his dick off. He then stood me up andcarried me into his bedroom and laid me gently on it and, after wipingwhat cum still hadn't dried on my face off, he cuddled me, stroking myhead.


   He was very patient, allowing me to take as long as I wanted in myjourney through sub space before I finally came out of it. We took ashower together and then went to sleep.  
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