Witsex, Marshal Shannon and her bad boy


It was a windy cold morning in Albuqurque, New Mexico as Marshall Mary Shannon shut off her alarm clock that she had turned off for the 3rd time. Mary was so glad to have her house back to herself, and that she could walk around completely nude and not have to get dressed since the half a bottle of wine, good romance movie and the solid hour of masturbation had left her a little on the tired side. She rose from the bed with her lucious D size breast jiggiling as she sat up. Walking to the kitchen she flipped on the coffee and went to take a shower; the hot water poured down her back from her head under the shower nosle. With head under water and the sound of it running over her ears, she began to think about the romance movie from the night before and how the leading actor was so good looking but not that overly good looking that most actors are. No this guy was muscular but not to excess, shoulder length dirty blonde hair with a round chin and firm jaw line. The more she thought about him the hotter she got, soon she could smell the distinct smell of pussy juice mixed in with the soap and shampoo. Removing the shower head from the holder and switching it to pultsation she ran it over her breasts letting it massage her nipples slowly working it down to her stomach and by the time she got to her vagina she was acheing for it, her clit was throbbing and beating with every pound of her heart. It felt so good; finding the pultsation's  rhythm and she became steady and she reached down with her other hand and began to insert her index and middle fingers as deep as she could and working both the shower head and her fingers she started to feel that sensational feeling that was extraordinary. Faster and faster she went thinking about the actor from the movie until she was moaning and soon the moaning became louder and louder until she was screaming "yes yes yes fuck YES!" exploding in exstacy she came so hard that her legs weakend and she callapsed on the shower floor quivering and smiling.  
An hour and a half later she arrived at work with a small devious smile on her face. Mary walked through the door with coffee in one hand and her bag in the other. Her partner Marshal Marshall Mann was sitting at his desk talking to someone on the phone and running a search on the computer, giving her a head nodd to acknowldge that he had seen her, he contiued with his discussion. Their boss Stan was coming out of the conference room with a small smirk on his face to which followed " Good morning Mary" , "No Stan it really is just morning!"Stan replied with "well I got good news and really good news" ; Mary replied " well then what sorta of screwing over am I getting now?". " You have a new witness and he has to be under 24 hour observation for the next two weeks" Stan said while trying to contain his amusment with the face Mary was making. "Oh God don't tell me he is a complete and total train wreck, totally wacked out of his mind and probably doesn't even speak english".

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   Stan just smiled widely and said " See for youself" Mary walked around the side of the conference room and looked through the glass siding to her amazment there sat this supprising look alike to the actor from the movie last night only the guy was a few years younger and had a few more scars along with a little heavier beard. But the hair the build everything was pretty much the same. All of a sudden a massive hot wave came over her and she could feel her pussy beginning to get wet all over again. At the risk of getting so wet that she leaked out of her panties and onto her jeans she downed her whole thermus in three gulps and went in and sat down. Mary introduced herself to the young man who was approx. 21 but she could tell that he was not the average 21 year old. This was not helping her calm  down in fact it was making things worse and she sayin in her mind that compared to her he was just a boy, but, that still didn't stop her from wondering what his cock looked like and how it might have tasted. Refocusing she began to go over the terms and conditions.
Mary was now the Witsec Marshal responsable for this young man named Collin Grim. Apparently this 21 year old "boy as she had to keep reminding herself" was one hell of a bad ass. His parents we assainated due to his familes involvement in the mercenary bussiness and was taken in at a week old by his Grandparents. Who in turn spent the next 17 years teaching him the trade craft they made their living on. Now sitting beside her in the car was this innocent looking man who look like he was more prone be asking out girls and playing beer pong rather than having killed 25 people. Though she did have to admit that along with everything else about him, the fact that he was a complete tuff as nail mother fucker turn her on in a major way. And once again she felt her pussy begin to swell and get wet, when they came to a stop light she adjusted herself in the seat so as not to stain her pants, she noticed that he was now looking at her face and said "are you alright?" with this sorta mild southern accent that was supprising to her but at the same time just made her want him even more! " Yes I am alright, my gun was poking me and I had to push it over.

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  " she replied. He nodded and began to look out the window once more; a rush of relief washed over her and her mood subsided. "Ok so the with you being a volenteer and not actually being in witsec, meaning you are here cause you want be I am going to put my ass on the line and let you stay at my house. " " this means that for the next two weeks where ever I go you go and where ever you go I go, is that clear?" To which Collin just said " Crystal" and looked back out the window. They arrived at Mary's house to see that Brandy and her fiance Peter were there. Mary introduce Collin as a new guy from work and that he was going to crash with her for a couple of weeks while they worked a case. While Peter showd Collin to his room and where the bathroom was Mary and Brandy were in the kitchen. Brandy leaned in and said " he is actually quite hot!" Mary return with " yes yes he is but that hasn't got anything to do with anything. " Though inside she couldn't help but be so glad that Brandy had Peter and couldn't get her loose thighs around Collin.
Later that night as Mary had fell asleep on the couch and woke up with a start to realize that she had fallen asleep, but, Collin was still there, he was fixing a sandwich in the kitchen.  Mary sat back down and started to watch some news and check her email. Collin sat down on the other end of the sofa and began to read a book. Mary could see his relection in the small mirror she kept on her book case and began to look at his arms and shoulders and how toned he was. All the while never noticing that he could see her looking at him, then he looked up from his book and said softly " you know its not polite to stare" Mary embarassed quickly replied with " I wasn't star. .


  . " but the look on his face was like a knife that just cut the sentece off before it even got out of her mouth. " I know you have been looking at me ever since you saw me this morning, and I know you have been a little more than just looking. ' " Haven't you" he said. She blushed a little and got a sorta empish smirk and said "oh really how can you tell that?"  He looked at her straight and said well this morning when you came into the conference room after a little bit I kept smelling this sweet tangy smell in the air, I couldn't figure out what it was until you stood up to leave I noticed a small wet spot on the crotch of your pants, then later as you walked down to the car you walked a little constriced holding your legs together. As well in the car you adjusted yourself so that your pants were not so tight against you and you closed your legs tightly. Does that about sum it up?" The fact that he picked up on all of that was impressive and also made her horny and hot as hell, she couldn't take it anymore she jumped acrossed the sofa and landed on him kissing him which such passion that breathing was optional. He picked her up and walked with her in his arms to the bed room where he laid her on the bed while pulling down her pajama bottoms and his athletic shorts to reveal an 8 in long hard cock and slid it into her with one long slow guided motion that sent her into delight and pleasure beyond belief. They didn't only have passionate sex, they fucked in every position that she knew and a few that she didn't. The next morning Mary woke to a long kiss and hand rubbing her clit, when she opened her eyes Collin was kissing his way down to her left nipple and sucking on it. He then kissed his way down to her pussy and began to eat her out, working in and out of her spot with his tongue until she came so hard that she shot juice all over his face and her legs and the bed. She throught covers back to watch him as he licked her pussy cum from her legs and his face this was so hot that she just about had another orgasm right then.  .