Our Classroom: A Students Love


This isn't my story. I read this true story ages ago around, 2000, 2001, in an article or magazine when I worked in a newsagents. I remember seeing it on the cover and just wondered how it all happened so I read the story- the article had pictures of them and the family so I presumed its true. I wrote for both the teacher and the student/ pupil to try and explore the whole story from both angles but posted here as different stories: Our Classroom: A teachers love and Our Classroom: A students love. I have added and expanded it based on what I remember reading. Anyone who had a crush on their own teachers at school might understand and maybe a little jealous!


A Students Love.


            I was sort of sheltered from life growing up. Not intentional I think just how it all worked out. Girls were not a mystery just something I couldn't truly understand. Then again which man can say that they understand girls! I had a fair few crushes and got on well with some. I was able to have a very good conversations with one girl who didn't talk about girly things. She talked about life and people and how and why things happen. I always was drawn to her but never as a girlfriend. I think for me it was the start of how I wanted to be with girls. I didn't want hairbrushes or pink giggly things no I wanted life and meaning.

            Of course I was growing up and girls still seemed and enigma, yet I must try and kiss one or do something with her.

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   I had a huge crush and really fancied a girl but could never ask her out. Blonde and strikingly beautiful. This went on for years and still I just couldn't ask her out. I just couldn't! To this day I don't know why.

            I started Secondary school and one female teacher who taught maths always stuck out in my mind whenever I thought of school. At first never anything sexual, she was nice and approachable. Why couldn't have all these other girls been like her?

            Obviously I hit that phase where everything changes, and I felt stirrings. These feelings I didn't understand until toward the end of the first year. My maths teacher was wearing a white, almost see through top. While nothing could be seen other than her bra, it caught many of our attentions in that class. The best was yet to come. Someone in our class became overwhelmed with the work not understanding and sort of had a failure panic had a moment. She of course noticed and went to him. She leant over and her top was low cut and fell away from her body We could all see her boobs! Holy crap! She was exposing herself, unintentionally, to this class! I kept glancing over to those boobs. They looked amazing, and they just swayed there majestically.

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   Then she rose up and we lost our view. I doubt she had noticed what had happened.

            Only just recently had I started masturbating, this of course sent me into a bit of a frenzy for the next few weeks, just thinking about seeing real breasts. Seeing your own mothers does not count guys. I would close my eyes and then think of them and a few other things and I would pop. Maybe a couple of times a day. I could never get them out of my mind.

            The rest of the year I spent glancing any look at this hot teacher. My thoughts began to wander about touching her and feeling those breasts. I would look at her often white attire to see if any holes, or was translucent enough to catch a glimpse of her underwear or breasts.

            I enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities and a friend in the same class also did the same so very often we talked when we could in class about what we did. I think she over head many of them and would join in and say Oh I been there or done that. It felt strange having those sorts of similarities with a teacher, but I got used to it. Soon we would sometimes talk for a few minutes after class about my adventures and things he had done. I enjoyed them after the initial we have something on common scare passed.

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   I soon found my time with her quite fun and enjoyable. I found myself not only thinking and masturbating of her figure those tits but also making up situations where we would have sex.

            My second year at the school I was once again put into her class and was feeling happy and looking forward to it. We continued to have odd moments from time to time. I continued to masturbate at the thought of her. However, my thoughts became less about sexual lust and far more romantic. The more it went on the more I could feel my attraction for my teacher growing. I was confused was I in love with my teacher or was it just a lust from these changes going on in my body. I did also fancy this other girl quite a lot, but I still had problems asking her out. But I was having good conversations with an older woman and enjoying it. But this girl was closer to my age and probably still a virgin. But I was masturbating over this older woman more so than this girl. What was going on? After a couple of months I needed to find out where I stood with this teacher. If she said there was no chance I knew it was just a phase and I did want to be with this other girl.

            It was at the end of the day and I asked her a few things, before blurting out that I fancied her in a polite way.

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   I had said I thought she looked good. . She didn't seem very shocked, I guess many other guys in the school had said things. I know one or two in my class found her just as hot as I did and wanked themselves over seeing her breasts (at home not at school) and well her being just hot. She told me that I was probably just horny teen essentially. The feelings were my body pulling me in about 7 directions. She wasn't angry We talked about a few other things and I asked if she could help me guide through how to be with girls. She said it would be ok.

            We talked after school 2 or 3 times for maybe a month. In that time I just found myself masturbating whilst thinking of my teacher more than this girl. I would imagine myself reaching out and grabbing those breasts of hers then everything melts away, we get naked kiss and start having sex. It always ended happily messy.

            The younger girl I was interested in turned out to be a bit of a bitch. She was more interested in herself than other people. I started talking to her about 2 or 3 weeks into getting advice from my teacher but all she wanted to know was if I would buy her things and say such and such man bought her this and she was attracted to him, if I got her something she'd be attracted to me.

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   My mum always told me to treat a girl the respect the same as I treated my sister or herself. I tried to keep this in mind as much as I could but I felt it needed to work both ways. She had to treat me with equal respect, she didn't so I quickly lost interest.

            After a week or so I stayed behind and talked with my teacher. I had told her about the girl already but kept going on talking, we had other things to talk about. She often told me about her life not in detail, just she had 4 children all girls, 2 from one marriage 2 from her current marriage. She loved doing similar things to me so often we went into depth about those sort of things. This occasion however, I had all these urges to tell her how much I felt toward her. There was a pause, and one thing she had always told me when you like a girl tell her. So I did. I said I really fancied her probably a lot more.

            Again she reminded me it could just be a body thing. I knew in my heart that there was so much more, there was love I think, I felt an attraction to her. No I said this feels like more there's feelings and attraction to you as the person you are. She was quiet for a couple of seconds then leaned to me and opened her arms and said it's a hard thing you going through all this.

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   I expected a short motherly type hug but it wasn't ands yet it became more.

            She hugged me for a while and I felt her grip tighten and I returned the hug. It actually felt nice, I could feel her chest expanding with her breathing a new sensation. I was holding another living person and could feel a connection, something I hadn't felt other times perhaps because we were similar size and everything lined up. I could feel her breasts pushing into me it made everything go on standby, where the cock swells but not gets hard. I was getting turned on both emotionally and physically by this experience. I could feel all her subtle movement in her arms and hands, this was a caring and loving hug.

            She pulled away and I screamed in my head don't let this end! She looked into my eyes and at the same second I saw and felt Love in our gazes she sprang forward and kissed me. It hadn't ended! my head proudly proclaimed! But it wasn't a victory or a winning of a prize it was a release. All the doubts, confusion and uncertainty washed away in this kiss. We kept hugging and kissing on and off until I had to go. I went home feeling as if I was walking on the clouds. I didn't come down for days. We met at our usual times after school and talked about what happened. What had happened? Did we feel love for each other to let this move on? We kissed and hugged and soon realised this wasn't just a fling or passing thing we had something.

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            Because of her position, and because I was slightly out casted anyway but none the less humiliation for both of us would be too great, we kept out of sight so no one could catch us. My teacher had told me that she had learnt roughly where people would be at after school and their movements. We used that to our advantage and also hid round out of sight of the window in the door.

            She wanted to take things slowly with me so I could become comfortable and also if I started to feel uncomfortable  I could leave and end things there. I might be a man but I will admit things were a bit scary for me at that age. Not so much as I had a girlfriend of sorts but the situation we were in. We could be caught and like I said there would be hard consequences. I think she knew and had same worries. We mostly hugged and kissed for our first few weeks.

            I think it was June time when we took things further. We began to take clothes off. She started by taking her shirt off and I could see her lacy body thing. My heart leapt to my throat and I had to swallow to talk. I undid my shirt, and then took my tee-shirt I wore under my school clothes off. I was bare chest in front of my teacher.

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   She slid her lace down revealing those magnificent boobs I had masturbated over nearly a year before. They looked more amazing than I could have realised, I knew she had had 4 children but they were not saggy or deflated looking balloons. They were perky-ish some wear and tear I guess based from the other photos of breasts from models younger than her I had seen. But they were there. I reached out and touched them, I remember feeling my cock pulsing at the touch I thought I was going to cum in my boxers. I didn't or at least I didn't think so there was a lot of precum on my cock when I released it for its daily exercise to think about the events of that afternoon after getting home.

            My teacher taught me how to touch and massage them properly. I loved watching her face fall into a passionate state when I massaged them. Her heavy breathing and gasps as I played with her perky nipples. We kept this up for a few weeks and we got more intimate. She started to release my cock from it boxer and wank me off, usually in response to how much I had played with her breasts and turned her on. She was amazing at placing it in her hands and slowly working it up and down gripping in her fingers, the sensation of her rubbing building up my orgasm then she pointed my cock at her body when I would say I was going to cum and splatter her with my paste. Sometimes I shot it over desks and chairs, then in classes we would share a sniggering moment when other guys sat on a chair or desk I had popped over. She was very skilled at it, knowing where to put her fingers and how hard or soft to press them. Sometimes I could feel the hardness fail me as I the sensation dropped.

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   She could sense or feel this and change her finger positions.

            We became closer often telling each other about our lives and we kept on telling each other things that I never told anyone or things one or two people in her life had heard.

This was more than sexual it was a loving relationship, I thought so anyway having little experience. Sometimes we just lie on the floor and talk not touching one another. Other times we'd get topless and talk.

            Toward the end of June she gave me my first ever blow job. I had heard of them and knew what they were hearing things from other guys in school. She popped my cock out licked the tip with her tongue round and round. It was sensational. Very soon she took it in her mouth and I was over whelmed with sensation. Hot warm moist feeling around my virgin cock. She sucked it for a while, her tongue pressing the bottom of my shaft sucking faster and faster until I could take no more and said I was cumming. She pulled it out her mouth and I splattered my paste over her hot topless body, she rubbed my cum over her tits and stomach.

            She stood up and took my boxers off. As I did she took he skirt and lace off.


   I saw her naked for the first time and she saw me naked as well. It was a special moment for us and we kissed. I felt my cock press against her body, her naked body. She broke the kiss and walked back onto a table behind her. She sat on it and opened her legs. I saw everything. A wet hole, reddened lips, and red nub just above her pussy opening.

            Motioning me forward she asked me to lick her striking thighs in a circle. I did using all of my tongue then being a bit grossed out by this thought, my tongue tip. She began to moan, and moaned out touch my breasts, it took a bit to get co-ordinated but I managed it. I kept glancing at that hole of hers, how wet it was and trickles of that wetness falling down to the table. A very sexy sight. She then asked me to put my fingers into her pussy. I complied and fingered her as I licked her clit which she had to guide me to. Having my fingers in her pussy was an odd feeling it didn't feel as sensational as my cock in her mouth.


   It felt wet and tight but wasn't what I thought. Eventually she came and I was relieved I could please my love.

            I learnt to rub and lick her clit and make her cum. She would often return the favour with a wank or a blowjob. I got to choose where I shot my load, in her throat, on her sexy body, or somewhere in the room.

            I learnt much about sex from books and sex education, and from my teacher, my love, who would tell me about she and her husband making love. I knew we were in a bit of a murky area with this. She was having an affair with me, a younger man, but also married to man she did love. I wont lie it did cause me some conflicts. I didn't like the idea of another man being with her. The same time I accepted it. We did discuss this a couple times, she was just conflicted as I was. Things at her home were not great apparently. Daughter pregnant at 16 whilst in 6th form. Her husband wasn't as open as he used to be with her.

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   But she did explain that with me she felt something with me that she never felt with her husband and needed to explore it. She knew she loved me and I felt the same I was loving our time together and sharing these moments of passion and words. This, I decided must be what love feels like, based on my strong feelings for her too.

            It was our last full week at school, Thursday I think, I went as usual to her classroom. We got naked and laid on the floor. We kissed passionately and I looked at her suddenly I knew we wanted to have sex. I moved to between her legs as she parted them open missionary style. She had a beautiful smile on her face and it made me kiss her. I tried thrusting into her but kept hitting her lips and missing. I didn't realise I needed guiding in. My cock was pulsing with excitement as I was nervous, I wasn't going to last long. I heard of guys firing off their loads quickly as they entered a girl for the first time, it was a usual thing but I wanted this to last. I wanted to make my love happy by giving her a good time.

            She lightly held my cock and guided me to her lips as the head began to push into them she left to and stopped pulling me in. She moved her hands to the side of my body and asked me to slowly push in.

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   Unlike my fingers the sensation was more than I realised. A blow job had nothing on this, it was 10 times more a sensation. I pushed in it didn't feel tight but the rubbing I was getting was enough. I went until my hip hit hers. I went to pull back and then I became overwhelmed with sensation and just had to release my load. All I could feel was my cock pulsing my cum into her nothing else not the floor or the air just all this sensation in my member.

            I couldn't believe it in for only a few seconds. I was so embarrassed but also weakened by this release I fell on her. She however, kissed me and stroked me back with her fingers saying it was ok and that no man on his first time lasts overly long time. I still felt like I let her down. We remained like that for some time me still inside her I could feel my warm paste as I laid there.

            Before I went home after that afternoon she hugged me and told me not to feel bad or embarrassed about it. We'll try again next week when I could see her. She kissed me and said how much she loved me and I went home. I didn't masturbate that night I just felt terrible that this could be my sex life.

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   In, fire, pull out.

            Next week came she sucked me off and I licked her out before we tried sex again. Once again she laid on the floor opened her legs, I laid on top of her and she guided me into her hot wet hole. This time I managed a few thrusts before firing my load into her again. Again we cuddled and she told me she loved me and that I had lasted longer. I will admit I did feel better for lasting that bit longer. We got a chance once more to have sex after school on the last day before summer. We also devised a system to meet her in her house during the summer to continue our relationship.

            We met often when I was around and not on holiday or she was on holiday. I turned many social things down to be with my love. We had sex quite often and I began to last a bit longer each time. Sometimes times reverting to firing quickly on occasions. Her daughters, both of whom had moved out by now, rooms provided us with a means to have sex in a room where her husband wouldn't see stains or a ruffled bed, or smell of sex. We got to try different positions, something that because of windows in her classroom we couldn't really do at school. It would often start with our passionate kissing and cuddling her laying on the floor, then once we hit the mood after some foreplay she'd lay on her back opening her leg to let me in.

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   Then I'd slide my cock into her wet hole, then I'd start to pump her slowly first then harder and faster until I couldn't hold back and fire off deep into her. Besides the sex we also did many other mundane things but we enjoyed them together. I also asked her why she asked not to use condoms or protection was she on the pill? She replied that last time she conceived was over 16 years ago and for 16 years she had unprotected sex with her husband and still no more pregnancies. I was uncertain but it seemed reasonable.

            The summer was a great I loved the fact I had my own girlfriend to have sex with and who loved me for me. Whilst my friends struggled with their own relationships, I had a stable one where I was treated with respect, fairly, and most of loved dearly.

            School restarted and we went back to our classroom love nest. I bgan to make her cum during sex as well which was a great feeling having her wet hole clamp around my cock. The year went well for us never being caught or anyone twigging. However, around October only a few months after we started having sex my teacher, my love, told me she had fallen pregnant. I was frightened I was only just14 and already I had got a girl pregnant, I was going to be dad. She talked me through everything, we talked about abortion and allsorts, she held me and told me it wasn't my fault she had insisted on non protective sex. I was swimming in air with my thought racing around 1000 miles an hour. It wasn't expected. We could be found out.

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   Could I go through school knowing this. Was it even mine? I knew she and her husband were still having sex so it could be his? It was a possibility but my love told me we had more sex recently than her and her husband. The chance of his after all this time of not conceiving and the fact that they only had it once or twice a week compared to our 5 to 10 times a week meant the odds were in my favour.

            She was wonderful she calmed down and put my thoughts in order. We would keep it. She could pass it off as her husbands, something that did succeed, no suspected foul play. I would eventually be able to see the baby and know it was mine. I didn't have to financially support until I was working, something of a relief but I knew I was responsible for this life so must support it.

            It took some time for me to fully get used to the idea. But it led to some wonderful moments of seeing her belly grow and knowing I had made a life with this lovely beautiful woman. It also meant our sex life increased some what as she would become horny over the slightest innocent and not so innocent touch. I found sex with her whilst pregnant amazing and interesting. After sex we'd lie and see our baby kick his or her feet around in joy. I also enjoyed my first tit-wank her breasts were getting bigger and she took my cock between them and wanked it off spreading my cum over those beautiful tits. We'd tried before but her tits didn't quiet cover me for a decent wank.

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            Meeting up became a bit harder outside school on weekends due to her condition and that her husband was at home more during those couple of days.

            July came and so did our baby boy. I didn't get to seem him until he was 3 days old, a beautiful boy he was mine I could just tell.

            During the summer we did our system again which worked just as well. I go to see him grow and develop over the 6 weeks and of course my love life with my love. She didn't come straight back to school so our time together was for an hour if that on school days in the late afternoon. When she returned in October our classroom was always available. We continued to do all the usual things talking about our lives hugging kissing foreplay and sex. My cock got bigger as I grew and began to stretch her as I penetrated her, but it also increased the pressure and rubbing against my cock making it hard getting use to being inside her.

            During this time my parents were away more and at weekends she could sneak over to my house and we would often spend our time in my room.   It was strange having my teacher in my own bed, I had got used to our classroom floor or her guest rooms double bed. I loved lying on top of her as I slid my cock I had so many times masturbated in this bed, in and out of my sexy looking teacher. It's a sight I fondly remember often.

            In March she fell pregnant again with my child. Once again everyone assumed it was her husbands and we carried on.

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   Once again pregnant sex was amazing and we could return to titwanking. I'd often lay her on a table both of us naked, I'd stand at the end of the table and enter her pussy I could feel it stretching around me and clamping down around it. The wet heat sensation and tightness I had become used to. I would slowly start to pull in and out of her getting faster and increasing the pace. I would hold her legs open as I'd thrust in and watch her as she played with her beautiful large tits that was a huge turn on for me. Because of her state she came quite a bit. I loved the feeling of her coming around my cock, her walls spasm and the rush of her juices was satisfying. I couldn't lay on top of her, something we loved doing normally but she could ride my cock so she would lay me on the bed and I would let her ride me deep hard and fast swirling around making my cock swirl against her pussy until I came in her. We tried doggy a few times over the desk just not her stomach and found it was ok but we liked to look at each others face when we came. Especially in the school where we knew what we were doing was very taboo.

            Life continued much the same until end of school year I still saw my little son growing up something very important for me. Once again we went to our summer system our sex was harder because of the little one and the unborn one, sometimes sex hurt her. But it never overly mattered , it was the time together we wanted. We never got caught and the neighbours never clocked why I went into the house even though at someone point they must have heard the screams of passion.

            I started my final year which was going to be full of exams and testing.

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   We got to see each other a fair amount despite the mock exams in November. Weekend meetings fell way side because of my exams and working also her husband was around more because of the pregnancy.

            Our daughter was born in early December and again I got to see her only a few days afterward. She was beautiful. Our sex life dropped a bit out and I was masturbating more I found, because I was so used to cumming  regularly I had to get it out of my system. It wasnt a bad thing or caused problems was just what was going on, my love she was busy with our children and I was busy with exams. We spent some time together when I visited her house after school when she was on maternity leave.

            We did get weekend together when her husband was away. I went over to hers early on the Saturday. Our children had been taken care of by one of her daughters if I remember rightly, so we had a free house. I had to do some revision and we both sat in the living room her legs across mine and I tried to remember everything I had learnt. I dont know if she was just horny or whether I was a bit frustrated but I am sure she was slowly moving her legs around to arouse me. It worked though. After an hour I just was all over her we had very passionate sex with much pounding and orgasms on her side.

            We spent a romantic evening together completely naked and cuddled up on her sofa.

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   We went to bed and this was the first time I'd ever spent the night with a girl sharing a bed. This was a special night and my love took me to her marriage bed instead of one of her guest room beds as I had thought. She wanted to feel married to me and took me to her special bed. We got under the covers snuggled up and kissed and hugged and then made slow love in the missionary position until we both came. I remained on top of her  as we drifted off to sleep. It was a very peaceful sleep

            I awoke the next morning cuddling my love spooning her from behind with my hard cock touching her arse cheeks. She seemed to be half awake and aroused so I whispered to her and got a very sexy reply back. Apparently she had woken moments before and felt my hardening cock rub her cheeks making her horny. With this I knew we had to do something to get it out of our systems, we had just spent our first night together, we were madly in love and both at this point very horny. I started to stroke her thighs with one hand my other I snuck under her body wrapped it round her and started to play with her breasts. Moans and gasps of passion came from her and I felt her legs open slightly and her hand took my cock and rubbed it against her pussy. This lasted a few minutes before she lined it up and I slowly thrust into her. I slowly built up speed and soon was pumping her quite fast. Soon the steady rhythm of my cock working her pussy hole got to her and she arched her back and I felt her squirm in orgasm. With me still inside her she pressed her back against my front and encouraged me to roll over onto my back making her lie on top of me.


   Again I hit a pace and kept to it with both my hands playing with her breasts and occasionally sliding to her clit for a hard rub, until again she arched her back and came again. She moved her legs and then sat up on top of me and began to ride and work my cock in swirls and pounding it hard I could see her playing with her tits. She turned around with me still inside she was wet enough to do it with it hurting at all, so we could see each other.

            We pounded each other hard and fast meeting in the middle of my thrust and her riding and soon the lovemaking got too intense for my cock and I pulsed more sperm into her love hole. Exhausted she laid on top of me as I did the post sex thrusting as my cock began to limp out. We kissed and stroked one another for a good hour before we showered dressed had a breakfast and had a half day together before I had to leave to avoid being found by her husband. Saying goodbye was hard I had spent 30 hours in the house, the most time I had spent there, and we both felt that it was our and shared almost a lifetime there it felt perfect. We had gone to bed together for the first time and had sex spent an whole evening together. She said it was the most passionate and romantic evenings she had had in a long time.

            We eventually said our goodbyes and I went home feeling that I had to experience that feeling again with her, it was such a wonderful moment.

            My exams came and we did struggle a bit to see one another during that time despite my time off from school. We did get the occasional meeting. Toward the end she fell pregnant again with our 3rd baby. I am not too sure what happened at home between her and her husband but I know things got heated there and eventually during the summer he left. This did open up our windows to see each other a lot more.


   During the summer with no school or exams I got to go round daily play with the kids and spend time with my love. Everytime I went over I got that special feeling I got from our first night together, and I knew whatever my future it was meant to be here with this older girl who I loved dearly, and was mother of our children.

            I started sixth form which allowed me some free time and began working. During my first year there our second son was born and this time I got to be there and see him almost instantly. Like the other 2 his registered fathers name is her now 2nd ex husband. I got to play with them all the time on weekends and late afternoons. I stayed with my parents throughout my 2 years of sixth form, yet often I was round her house making love to her and playing and help raising our children. I worked Friday nights and many times I went to hers afterward and with the kids in bed we got to have our passionate love making moments.

            I had a tough choice to make at the end of Sixth form, go to Uni and be away from family for a long time, or go to Uni close by or just go into work or an apprenticeship. I chose the last option as it meant by day I could do work and evenings were my own without the need to bring work home with me. Upon this decision I moved in with my love. My parents wondered who my girlfriend was, I only told them I met someone 6 months ago and we hitting it off. When I brought her to meet them their faces dropped. My old teacher was my girlfriend. They didn't react too favourably to this news I am not hated just not seen in a good light.

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   The cover story is we met at a local pub and things sparked off between us after her recent divorce. They've bought it and accept that I am guardian to the children they don't and won't ever know they are mine because of the implications. My dad has hinted that he guesses they are mine but never said anything. They haven't spread the word of our relationship so we are pretty OK.

            We still live together even after all these years nearly 14 now and together for 16. We talked marriage but cost and the fact my loves been through 2 already with the taboo that we know about ourselves and the age gap people see with us made us feel uncomfortable. But we live as a family. We still have a very active, passionate sex life. Our children are growing up and are finding them selves and we of course are there to our help. They call me dad because I have been there for them as a dad and my love asked them to. Other who know us often say why not call me by my name but my love replies that he is their dad in the sense I been there for them.

Despite the age gap I have never strayed because well I dont need to. What I feel for my love is genuine and to be honest more than I felt for any girl closer to my age, who don't really seem to care about much. I go to bed and make love to a girl who does, who can top that?


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