Matt and Susan part 5


     The ringing of the telephone jerked Susan awake. She groped for the phone, and scooped it up.

     "Hello Susie", her Mom's voice said cheerfully, "How are you sweetheart?"

     "I'm doing great Mom!", Susie replied, feeling a thrill as she spoke to her Mom, with Matt next to her in bed. "How is Auntie Jen?"
     "She'd doing good, just wanted to call you and let you know we are just leaving, so we'll see you in a few hours", her Mom replied, "Did you have fun this weekend?"

     "Yes, Matt and I went out to Ossam lake, then Matt helped me with my homework, we had a good time", Susan said.

     "Wonderful, Matt is such a nice young man, so polite, so well brought up! I think you have a real keeper there, Susie!", her Mom replied.

     Susie giggled inwardly, yes, he certainly was brought up right.

     "Ok Mom, I'll be looking for you and Dad in about 3 hours! I love you Mom, and tell Dad I love him too!" Susie said.

     "We love you too sweetheart, see you soon!" her Mom replied, and they hung up.
     Susie lay back for a moment, her clock said 10 AM. Through previous experience, she knew they would be back by 1 PM. So, they had some time to have some fun.
     Matt opened his eyes, and said, "Your folks?"

     "Yep, they just started out from Auntie Jen's, so they'll be home in 3 hours. " She reached under the covers and grasped his cock, feeling it throb to full hardness, "So let's put the time to good use!"

     The next 2 hours were a blur of pleasure, Susan and Matt in a loving 69, eating each other hungrily, Matt sinking his hard cock deep into Susan's soft buttery depths again and again, taking her from behind, having her squatting above him, impaling her hot, soft core on his cock, taking her missionary style, until Susan exploded, again and again, her body writhing and shaking, driving Matt to a massive climax, his cock pumping wildly inside her velvet depths, splattering a massive load of spunk deep into her womb.

     Matt and Susan worked on making sure everything was back in order, before Matt and Susan clung to each other, their mouths feasting on each other, until Matt reluctantly pulled away, to drive home.
     "Goodbye sweetheart, see you tomorrow!" Matt whispered, "I had the most wonderful weekend of my life, I love you!"

     Susan could feel tears in her eyes, as she whispered, "Goodbye baby, I'll never forget this weekend. You made me feel like a real woman should! I love you too!"
     Matt took the remote out of his Caddy, and pressed the Open door button.


   He placed the remote back on the workbench, and he drove carefully out of the garage. Susan watched him until he was out of sight, and went into the kitchen to get some toast with blueberry jam. She poured a glass of milk, and sniffed the tasty smell of bread toasting.
     After eating, she washed the plate and glass and left them in the dish drainer. A half hour later, she could hear the garage door rumbling up. She opened the connecting door, and watched her Dad's car driving slowly in. The engine stopped, and the door started to rumble shut.

     "Hi Mom!", Susie called, as her Mom gave her a big hug, "So nice to have you home, and in 1 piece!"

     "It's nice to be home, Susie", her Mom replied.

     She carried a shopping bag into the kitchen, and started to unload a few groceries. Susan saw a good sized pork roast, some potatoes and several ears of fresh sweet corn. Her Dad entered the kitchen, and Susie ran to him and into a big hug.

     "Hi Dad, welcome home!" Susan said.

     "Hello my baby, it's nice to be home!" her Dad replied, "we thought about dinner coming back, and your Mom thought you might like a pork roast for dinner. Sort of a thank you for taking care of things while we were away. "

     Her Mom said, "This is a pretty good sized roast, is Matt free for dinner?"

     Her heart pounding gently, Susan replied, "I think he might be, I'll give him a call. 


     Matt had arrived home, and after unloading the cooler and the towels, he inspected the house carefully, no break-ins, everything was still secure. His Mom called, and told Matt that they would be home later in the evening, around 9 PM, so Matt would have to fend for himself, as far as dinner went. Right after he hung up, the phone rang again.

     "Hello sweetie, how's things?" Susan said, "My parents just got home, and Mom would like to know if you would like to have dinner with us?" She gave a small, nervous giggle.

     "Hey baby, great timing. My parents just phoned to tell me they won't be home until later tonight, so a home made dinner would be great!", Matt replied.

     "Thank you sweetheart, that will be so nice!" Susan whispered, "Dinner will be at 6 PM, but come over right away, if you like!"

     Matt said, "I'll be over right after I hit the showers. Want to wash off the hot scent of our morning lovemaking!", he growled lustily.

     Susan could feel another quick pang of warmth zing her pussy.
     "Wonderful baby, I'll see you soon!"

     Matt hit the showers, and after drying himself, he dressed in black dress slacks, and a dark red dress shirt, and drove back to Susie's house. He knocked on the door, and Susie answered, her eyes wide, she looked somewhat stressed.

     Matt hugged her close, and whispered, "Relax baby, it's only you and I that know what happened here this weekend!"
     They kissed, somewhat less lustily than last time. Matt could feel her relax in his arms. She took his hand, and led him inside.

     "Matt, so nice to see you again", her Mom said.

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     "Hello Mrs. Underwood, nice to see you again", Matt replied, "thank you for inviting me over for dinner. "

     "Matt, welcome!" her Dad said, "Great timing, the Dodgers and the Yankees are starting on Fox Sports Prime Ticket, let's take in the game! Got Vin Scully, the best announcer in the business, calling the game! And, I have some low alcohol beer!"
     He reached into the fridge, and drew out 2 O'Douls. Handing one to Matt, they went into the family room, and Vin Scully's distinctive baritone voice filled the room, as he welcomed the viewing audience to Chavez ravine, the home of the LA Dodgers.

     Her Mom laughed and said, "One thing that seems to unite Men of all ages, beer and their love of sports TV!"

     Her Mom got the bread maker going, and soon the house was full of the rich scent of baking bread and roasting pork. Pork meat was one of Susan's favorites, and it made her mouth water. Her Mom was an accomplished cook, and she skillfully whipped up a rich gravy from the pork drippings.

     Matt and Mr. Underwood enjoyed the game, as the Dodgers pulled out a 4-3 win in the bottom of the ninth. As Mr. Underwood said, any game that the Yankees lost, was a good one, and they both had a good laugh at that one.
     Dinner was served, and the seating plan put Susan next to Matt. Susan looked wonderful, in a beige skirt and cranberry red sweater, he loved the view of her "sweater kittens", filling out her sweater proudly.

     Matt was digging into his dinner, when he felt something stroking up his thigh. Susan's hand crept along his thigh, stroking and caressing him.

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   Matt worked hard on keeping his face normal, as Susan reached up, and cupped his balls, stroking the outline of his rapidly stiffening cock. Matt decided that 2 could play at that game. He reached under, and his hand started to stroke Susan's creamy thigh. He snickered inwardly, as he saw Susan's face battle to remain normal looking. His hand crept up towards her creamy center, and he cupped his hand over her panty clad pussy. He could feel the heat rising from her, it made his cock feel as hard as steel.

     "So Matt", her Mom said, "Susie told us that you went to the lake, and you helped her with her homework, thank you for being such a nice young man!"

     Matt replied, "Well, Susie is very smart, I was just glad to help her out on some of the more tougher problems" he smiled.

     Mrs. Underwood smiled back, and he was sure she saw her eyes twinkle. Mrs. Underwood knew all about "helping with the homework", her and her husband had had a few "helping with the homework" times, and had done a lot more than solve school problems. She thought if Susie was now sexually active, at least she had found the right man to take her virginity.

Judging by how happy they were together, she assumed that it had been a most wonderful time. And Matt was not some sleep around, have-6-girls-on-the-string type of guy.

     Matt and Susan reluctantly took their hands off each other, lest someone become suspicious of their one handed handling of the silverware.

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     After dinner, Matt stayed for a while, talking and enjoying the company, and around 8, Matt decided he should go home, so he could meet his parents as they got home. Susan and Matt hugged and kissed gently at the door, and she watched as his Caddy drove away.

     Around 11 PM, Susan decided to turn in. She hugged her Dad, and found her Mom at her bedroom door.
     As she hugged her, her Mom whispered, "How was it? And you know what I mean!"

     Susan stiffened for a second, and then relaxed.
     She said simply, "It was so wonderful. Matt was so gentle and loving when he deflowered me, and it was the most wonderful weekend of my life. "
     Her Mom took Susan's face in her hands, and said, "I'm so happy! Matt is a wonderful young man. " She lightly kissed Susan's lips, and said, "Goodnight Susie, sleep well. "

     "Goodnight Mom", Susan replied, "And thank you!"

     Her Mom went back to the living room, her pussy was starting to flutter with need. Knowing that Susie had such a wonderful weekend of lovemaking with Matt, made her heat up, her pussy was starting to slick up, her juices starting to churn. They hadn't been able to have any fun at Jen's, her Mom wanted to make up for that now. She reached for her husband, and cupped her hands around his cock and balls. He looked at her, a smile on his face, and his wife smiled lustily at him, and nodded. He didn't waste time, he carried her off to bed.

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   They stripped, and their nude bodies were all over each other in no time at all. Mr. Underwood placed his wife on her back, and she was too horny for any foreplay.

     Grasping his stiff cock, she growled, "Oh fuck, I'm so horny, gave it to me sweetheart, ram your stiff beauty right up me, I want to feel you exploding and squirting wildy inside me, pump my horny cunt full of your hot spunk!"

     Mr. Underwood was happy to comply, and he plunged his hard cock deep inside her. She gasped with pleasure as she felt his cock open her up. He started a steady rhythm, his cock plowing her deep, setting her pussy burning with need. She wrapped her legs around his waist, so he could plunge as deep as possible. As they fucked wildly, she wondered if Susan was awake and hearing them. Mrs. Underwood felt a naughty surge, and she was kind of hoping Susie would hear them fucking. It was hard to be quiet during lovemaking, it was such an exciting thing, it was very hard not to let it out. She could feel her orgasm rushing at her, it was gonna be a big one.

     Susan was still heated up from the dinnertime groping, her pussy was swollen, her clit was hard and throbbing, aching for orgasmic relief. After undressing, she hopped into bed, and wondered how should she get herself off this time.

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   She suddenly remembered, her sister had given her a dark blue, 8 inch dildo, and she had promised not to use it until her virginity had been taken. Now she could use it. She reached into her dresser, and drew it out. She shivered with pleasure, as the dildo was hard and ready. Getting back into bed, she bundled up her pillow, and placed the dildo atop it. She squatted over it, and impaled herself, her slick hot pussy sliding down the shaft, smearing the length of it with her hot cream. She groaned with pleasure as the hard dildo spread her pussy walls apart. She started to ride it, pumping her hips up and down, relishing the way it spread her pussy open, fucking her deep. She tweaked her nipples, turning them into swollen, erect buds, sending horny sizzles of pleasure racing to her burning pussy. A fantasy jumped to mind. Susan was on a stage, doing exactly what she was doing right now, a large audience was around her, the lights were arranged so that her body was lit up well. Other lights came on, and the audience was all naked men, watching her riding her dildo. They all started to stroke their throbbing cocks, as she fucked herself wildly. In real life, she rode her dildo hard, pumping her hips up and down. Back in the fantasy, she could see the guys pumping their stiff, throbbing cocks.

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   One by one, the cocks started to explode, she could see thick loads of cum spurting out of rock hard cocks, as the men reached their boiling points, and blew the thick loads of cum all over the place. The fantasy fired her up to a fever pitch, and she could feel her pussy buzzing wildly, getting set to explode. She could hear sounds of passion coming from her parent's bedroom. Her parents were fucking wildly, and she was fucking her dildo, at the same time. Her breath was coming in sharp little gasps. She rode her dildo hard, feeling her orgasm starting to gather speed. Just before she exploded, she heard her Mom howl.

     "Oh my God! Fuck me, yes, yes, I'm cumming, yes yes YES!", followed by her Mom's shriek of pleasure and her Dad's grunts of pleasure as his throbbing cock let go, his cock exploding and squirting wildly, filling her Mom's fiery cunt with a big load of hot spunk.      
      Fuck, thinking of her parents in that way gave Susan a massive shove, that did it, and Susan's pussy wrenched wildly as her orgasm exploded inside of her, making her pussy quiver and spasm wildly, clutching tightly at the hard dildo filling her fiery cleft. She grunted with pleasure, as her orgasm swept her along, making her body tremble. She flopped onto her side, feeling the pleasure sweep through her, making her feel wonderfully spent.

     And I thought Gail and her family were the horny ones. She giggled, and closed her eyes, falling asleep with a big smile on her lips.