The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 27


The doorbell suddenly rang. "Shit," Mrs. Hamada complained. She got up,slipped off the strap on and threw on a white terry cloth robe andscurried to the front door. There was  nobody there. However, there was abox sitting on her porch. It was the clothes Mike had her order. Shepicked it up and carried it into her bedroom. "Master, my cheongsam arehere. " "Excellent. Trainee will model them for Master and fucktoy," heordered. Jennifer tore the plastic encasing her latest apparel and laideach  outfit on the bed. Jessica was by that time freed from her bondsby Mike and he had her crawl over to the end of the bed with him to takein the show.

The first she donned was the black cheongsam with red piping around theedges of the collar and sleeves and it had a slit all the way up fromthe bottom of the skirt part to the middle of her thighs. "Oh my Godtrainee looks so hot in that. Trainee will add her thigh high blackstockings and matching bra and panties with that," Mike commanded.

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   "YesMaster. Thank you Master. " 

The blue cheongsam looked so demure and classy on her. He recommendedthe matching thigh high stockings with that as well as white heels andtold her that she should look at that as a candidate for less formaloccasions when she still wanted to impress.

The white cheongsam, which had red flower details on it, so nicelycontrasted with her long black hair, brown eyes and yellow-ish whiteskin that Mike said he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She justseemed to glow. "Fucktoy looks amazing in this outfit and so doestrainee," Mike praised. "Trainee shall wear white thigh high stockingsand the white lacy bra and panty set I had you buy as well as white highheels. You will positively sparkle, trainee," he remarked. Jennifergiggled and thanked her Master for the kind words.

The pink cheongsam made Jennifer appear older but yet still with ayouthful air and she seemed sweet and approachable. "Trainee will weareither white thigh stockings and a matching bra and panty set or one inpink," he asserted. "Yes Master. " Then Mike added, "trainee will wearthis for when her husband comes home tonight. "Yes Master.

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  " "Fucktoy,Master and trainee need to speak privately for a brief moment. "YesMaster," Jessica approved. Mike led Jennifer into the living room andturned to her. "Friday, when you have dinner, trainee will wear theblack cheongsam. It will make trainee look mysterious and turn everyhead in the house," Mike ordered. "Yes Master. " "Also, you will havefucktoy pack her blue cheongsam and the appropriate lingerie and shoesfor the trip to Coronado. "Yes Master. " "That is all. " "Thank youMaster. "

The two returned to Jennifer's  bedroom with Jessica wondering what itwas her mom and Mike felt they needed to discuss in secret. "Fucktoy andtrainee are dismissed for the day. , but will ensure that Carl be shownhis due respect when he returns from work. " "Yes Master. " "Oh, andfucktoy,, we have gigs next Wednesday and a week from Friday.

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   There willbe a rehearsal tomorrow. So have your gear  broken down by the time Iget here. "Yes Master. "

Friday, Jessica woke up, took a shower and brushed her teeth and thenwheeled out into the dining room for breakfast. "Happy birthdaydarling!" Jennifer greeted. "My kitten is all grown up now," Carlobserved, practically crushing her in his arms. Jennifer then broughtout Jessica's birthday cake and the youngest Hamada blew the candlesout. "We have a surprise for you honey," Jennifer smiled. "Your fatheris taking us all to Coronado for the weekend and you can bring yourboyfriend with you. We've booked you guys a room together. " "Oh my Godmom, that rocks! Thank you daddy!" Jessica rejoiced. "Seeing you smilelike that makes the expense worth it, kitten" Carl burbled.

Jennifer offered to help her daughter get ready. She followed Jessicainto her room and then closed the door. "Master wants Mistress to wearher blue cheongsam tonight for dinner.

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   "Thank you for informing metrainee," Jessica replied.

Mike came over just before noon with a softsided  suitcase and hisStrat. "Happy birthday Jessica! It's so hot going out with a sexy olderwoman," he joked as he kissed her. Mike was less than two months youngerthan she was. Mike then told her to bring one of her guitars so thatthey could play together in their hotel room, though acoustically. .

All the suitcases and two guitar cases were loaded into the Hamadafamily car and a little more than three hours later they arrived attheir hotel on a warm Southern California day. Mike and Jessica gottheir keys and made their way to their 16th floor room, which had agreat view of the Pacific Ocean and a balcony to relax on. Mike andJessica plopped onto the bed and made out before he suggested that theyhave a mini-rehearsal before dinner.

At 6:30, the two teens were dressed and Jessica giggled at the sight ofMike and his middle of the back length wavy, curly brown hair in a suitand tie while she looked very fetching indeed in the cheongsam Mike hadchosen for her. Carl took quite a bit more than a normal glance at thetwo very hot Asian girls before they exited the hotel lobby and made thehalf block walk to the restaurant. They were seated and, after theyordered, Mike told everyone he had something to say to Jessica. Jessicaclasped her hands in an almost prayer-like posture in nervousanticipation of what he was going to tell her.

"Jessica, we've been going out only about 15 months now, but over thattime I have learned what a beautiful, smart, talented and rare jewel youtruly are and it is impossible for me to ever visualize my life withoutyou. Jessica Mi-ja Hamada, will you marry me?" he said, producing ajewel box and opening it to show her the engagement ring inside.

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   Jessicalooked at him in shock, then let out a squeal while bouncing in herseat and flailing her arms in a fit of excitement. "Oh God Mike , yes!"she accepted. She then started crying.

Jessica's parents' jaws were on the ground when Mike said the magicwords and, when her daughter reacted affirmatively, Jennifer wept also. Awaitress came over to see what all the tears were about. "My daughter'sboyfriend just proposed to her," Jennifer sniffled. After sneaking alook at Jessica's lefthand to ensure that the pass had been completed,so to speak, the waitress congratulated them and then went into the backof the restaurant. When their food came, it was accompanied by therestaurant's manager and wine steward. "On behalf of all of us here, Iwould like to extend my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for ajoyous life together to the happy couple. Please accept thesecomplimentary glasses of champagne as our small celebration of yourhappiness. We will always be here for any of your other happy occasionsand look forward to seeing everyone again," the manager offered beforewalking away. .

"Before we eat, I would just like to say a few more things," Mike began. First, thank you to Mr. and Mrs.

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   Hamada for allowing me to be a part ofyour beautiful and precious daughter's life. My arms will always beopen for her when she is feeling weak or sick, when she is happy andwhen she just wants love. She has made my life better and I hope I willmake hers the same. I talked about all this with my parents and we willwait until we are out of college before we actually get married, but awoman like Jessica does not come along everyday and I hope that both youand she understands how much I appreciate her and how closely I willguard her heart and her life. " That caused more crying from both Jessicaand Jennifer. Carl stuck out his hand and merely said, "welcome to thefamily Mike," before he announced that he had to use the bathroom. Actually, he didn't, but he wasn't going to cry in front of them,either.

Jessica was amazed at how far she had come. From a high school outcastto being a fellow student's future wife and a respected guitarist whohad played in front of thousands of people. She was also helping her momsort out her personal issues endeavoring to strengthen her parents'marriage. It seemed surreal and yet she had attained a firm foothold inlife emotionally, socially and sexually and that imbued her with a senseof fulfillment.   .

The meal was outstanding and Mike and Jessica entered their darkenedhotel room full and on an emotional high from the successful marriageproposal. Mike left the light off and opened the sliding glass door thatled out to the balcony all the way, a nice breeze that wasn't too coldwafting in. He went around lighting the candles that he wanted left inthe room, the sound of the crashing waves of the ocean and theflickering candlelight creating  an atmosphere that was right out of aromance novel.

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   Jessica kicked off her shoes and slid into bed and Mikejoined her upon tossing his suit jacket and shoes aside. His eyesleisurely gazed at the silk wrapping that was her cheongsam and how itinteracted with her body, face, skin and hair. He leaned over and kissedher, Jessica welcoming him into her arms and then feeling his weight onher diminutive body.

Jessica felt Mike rolling her on her side and then unzipping the tunicpart of the cheongsam and she extended her arms to allow him to pull thewhole garment off. Then she sensed her bra being unhooked and how freeher boobs seemed when that halter was removed. She sighed mildly as shewas pulled into his body, encircling his back with her arms, enjoyingthe feel of his harder body against her softer one, her lips and hisinterlocked, then separating, then interlocking again, then she openedher mouth wider to take his tongue in her mouth and her tongue roamedover his as he rolled on top of her, holding her tight, his breathingmore intense. Jessica felt his righthand on her left boob and Mike waslightly squeezing it and when his palm glided over her nipple itstiffened and she wanted him to rub the milk duct more while the wallsof her slit were being lubricated by her wetness. Her heart beat moreprofoundly as she drunk in his tongue and the simultaneous stimulationhe provided to her nipple, her pussy warming up due to her increasingarousal. She pulled her head away and looked down  to undo the buttonsof his longsleeve shirt and then ran the flat of her hand up and downhis chest and abdomen while she felt his hand pressing her mound as itsnaked to her moist cunt.

Here she was now in just a pair of panties and thigh high stockings,feeling his hand pressing on her clit while she reached down and undidthe clasp of his dress pants and yanking the zipper down. She putpressure on his pubic area and slipped her hand underneath the stretchband of his boxers and grasped his cock as her eyes were closed to enjoythe sensations of her clit being rubbed, the nubbin feeling as stiff asa toothpick and very hot. Her horniness made her more submissive in hisarms, as she wanted to be taken, to be ravished, to have the daylightsfucked out of her.

His cock felt so warm, the soft skin covering belying the rigidity ofwhat was underneath it. His blood had filled it out and given it girthand length. She caressed his manhood in her soft palm and pulled gentlyup on it, her hand traveling over the sensitive head and then back downwhile she humped her crotch against his hand.

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   She could feel the breezeswirling gently on her body as she and her boyfriend played with eachother's genitals, each endeavoring to bring pleasure to the other. Jessica cold feel his precum interceding between her hand and the skinof his dick, allowing  her to squeeze his organ just a little harder. Her clit twitched and heat pulsed inside it, making her gasp as Mikestretched her nipples with his suction, Jessica's moans encouraging himto keep doing what he currently was. Jessica felt herself tightening up,then she held her breath, which was followed by an incendiary festivalof pleasure through her body, Mike's hand tight on her pussy trying tohold her crotch in it so that he could keep rubbing it.

She pushed him off and scooted down the bed and took his pants, boxersand socks off for him. "I love you baby," she purred before she took hiscock back into her hand and whirled her tongue around  the head. Shefelt his hand on the back of her head, tenderly stroking it while hermouth kissed and tongued his member. Her mouth slid up  his shaft to thehead, where she sucked on it  for a minute or so, which drove him nuts,and then he subtly prodded her head to move southward and down thelength of his engorged penis, down, down down, then he felt himselfentering her throat before she pulled her head back up for air, tastinghis precum, which had a not unpleasant saltiness to it, before repeatingthat sequence over and over. She loved the sensation of how hard andfat his cock was in her mouth and hearing him moan when she moved hertongue and lips on it, her fingernails wiggling over the surface of theloose sack around his balls, occasionally pulling on it. She sped up thetempo at which her mouth glided over his cock and she was gulping moreprecum now, signaling that he was close, his breathing and moans almostsounding agonized, before she triggered his squirt gun to exhaust itselfof his sperm. She raised her head, popped her mouth open and displayedthe collected cum on her tongue and then swallowed it.

Jessica felt him snare one of her hands and pull her up so that her facewas over his head, her breasts against his chest. "I love you Mrs. Alyea," he sweetly insisted and kissed her passionately. Jessica felt sointimately connected to him, taking great pleasure at having his lastname attached to her, as she became the connection point unifying twofamilies.

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   Mike rolled her over and sucked on her luscious, chocolatenub-like nipples again, the sensations making her smile and moan. "GodMike, I love this. Take your time baby," she instructed him. The coolingnight air continued to drift in the room through the open sliding glassdoor. Mike knifed two fingers into her sopping pussy and tickled theupper wall. "Oh yesssss," Jessica hissed, the indescribably pleasurablestrokes ramping up her horniness again. Mike kissed his way down herstomach and then to her hairless snatch, his mouth now surrounding herclit. He wriggled his tongue around the hood of her clit and her mouthinvoluntarily stretched horizontally to indicate her positive receptionof his oral intervention. He batted and mashed her clit and then beganto suck on it in rapid, short excursions and Jessica could feel the heataccumulating around her groin. The  warmth was so comforting even as itmade her increasingly sensitive, Mike's fingers damp with her wetnesswhile his fingers flitted across her g spot. She got that hollow feelinginside of her that the pleasure would rush in to occupy and she let outa choked scream as the orgasm washed over her, her hips bucking againstMike's mouth and her pussy feeling achingly empty and wanting to havesomething in it.

Her eyes shut, her brain was still feeding off the echoes of the orgasmwhen Mike started spearing her fuckhole with his cockhead. Then she feltit pushing her open and the sensation of something firm stuffing her. She rested her legs on his hips as he thrusted, Jessica pulling his headdown next to hers and moaning into his left ear. "God," she thought,"there is nothing in this world like a good, thick cock inside me"  andher pubic muscles clenched that much harder on Mike's love muscle asevery stroke into her brought her closer.


   She could feel his pubic bonecrashing into her ass as he was now pounding the shit out of her,wanting to get both of them off. She lost control of her breathing andwas panting while the heat and tension inside of her mounted, her brainall over the signals from the nerve endings in her vagina and then shesaw a blinding flash in her tightly sealed eyes and it was a Fourth ofJuly festival of grunts, sighs and gasps as well as heat that burnedthrough her. the orgasm stimulating Mike with the audio track he washearing from his girlfriend.

Because he had cum earlier, he wasn't quite ready to shoot yet and, onceJessica's orgasm faded, he slowed his thrusts to pace himself andconseve energy. Jessica felt a nice, easy rebuilding of pleasure insideof her, her hands rubbing Mike's shoulders and back. "God baby, yourcock feels so good," she languidly averred. "Just relax beautiful andlet me do all the work," he retorted. She pulled him back to her to givehim a strong hug, her legs now akimbo on the bed since she could nolonger hold them up on to his body. . Five minutes later, she wasbeginning the ascent up the mountain of pleasure again and he flexed hiships with greater alacrity,  which heightened her desire further, whichspurred him to plow her harder, which culminated in another soaring orgasm for her. "God," she was thinking, "he's really giving it to metonight. " Soon after that, Mike spilled his seed into her gash and thenfell on her, grabbing her shoulders underhand and kissing herpassionately. . "God Jessica, I wish I had the words to describe how muchI love you. Anything I say would sound so empty and cheap compared towhat I feel for you.


  " "I know what you mean baby. I'm the same way. All Ican say is that I'm so happy right now. You've made this the bestbirthday ever. " "I love making you happy babe. The smile on your facejust destroys me. " Jessica giggled. "Thank you Master. ".
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