Anniversary Sex

True Story

The sky was quickly getting brighter as I sped down the expressway on a warm Saturday morning. I had a wonderful and romantic agenda planned out for my boyfriend and me on this special day—it was our one year anniversary. I glanced towards the passenger’s seat to see all the neatly wrapped gifts that I had worked very diligently on or had put a lot of thought into buying, and knew that he would love every little bit of it. I smiled to myself as I made the right turn onto his street and glided straight into his driveway. There he was, waiting on the front porch with a large endearing grin across his face and packages bundled into his arms. He opened the passenger door, grabbed all the gifts, and placed them, along with his, into the trunk of my car. He slid into the passenger’s seat with a familiar ease and I could feel his warmth emanate from him and encompass me. I reached my hand towards his and our fingers found the comforting spaces where they linked perfectly together.
He then turned his head to face me and said “So where are we headed?”
I turned to him and replied “Well, you’ll just have to see. You know, you really are horrible with surprises. ” At that, he let out one of his million dollar laughs that could turn any day into the best day.
Soon the road turned into a winding highway and, at the sight of this, my plan was foiled. “I know where we’re going!” He said with a smirk. “We’re going to THE BEACH!”
I turned my face to try and hide the truth that I know would be written all over it and instead lied and rebutted a weak “N-n-no!” He laughed and I couldn’t help but smile.
Sure enough, about twenty minutes later my tires were turning onto a sandy parking lot overlooking the beach. I went to the backseat and grabbed all the supplies we would need: a blanket, picnic basket, cooler, and an overstuffed backpack.

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  We linked arms and made our way to a perfect and secluded part of the beach. There, we set up our resting area and played in the sand and surf. Once the sky began to darken we returned to our belongings and lay together on the soft fleece of the blanket. I reached for the backpack and removed several candles, matches, and baby oil. I lit the candles and placed them along the edges of the blanket and the scent of strawberry and vanilla filled air. I then felt a tugging along the strings of my bikini. I turned to face the man I love, and found him looking into my eyes with desire. I could feel a warmth rising from the pit of my stomach and radiating down into a lower place. With that, I wanted to ravish his body and make passionate love to him. Once he had removed my bikini leaving my body bare and wanting more, I began to untie his swim trunks. I could see the bulge of his growing penis and consequently the wetness that was now gathering between my thighs. I could feel my body’s growing desire taking over my inhibitions. He was reclining on his back and I felt the need for our bodies to be tangled together. I snagged the baby oil and began pouring a generous amount across his toned body. His skin became instantly slick and smooth and I took my time touching the contours of his body.

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   My hands got lower and lower until finally they reached his large and erect penis. There, I took my time gliding my hands up and down his shaft and up and over the lip to the head of his penis. I could hear him let out a sigh of pleasure and I wanted to hear more. I leaned over his body and placed my warm and moist lips over the tip of his penis and lowered my head until his penis couldn’t enter my mouth any further. I traced the smooth skin of his penis with my tongue and could hear him moan under his breath. I couldn’t control myself any longer—I needed him to fill me with himself and so deeply I couldn’t stand it. I climbed over his body and l lowered myself towards him as I straddled his waist. I could feel his penis penetrate me as it pushed farther and farther into my body. I couldn’t help but gasp with pleasure. I began pushing my body against his and could feel him pushing up against me and each movement of his penis against the walls of my pussy was making me feel such intense pleasure. I began grinding up against his hard cock with my hands against his chest for support as well as to enable me to push harder against him to get deeper and harder penetration. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and began thrusting against him faster and harder and I could feel his cock go in and out of my pussy faster and faster. With this, he turned me over and began dominating my body doggie-style. I was on my hands and knees and was using a washed up tree trunk for support against his body. With each thrust, I could feel his cock get deeper and farther inside of me and his body felt so great every time we made contact.

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  I could feel his balls slapping against my clit and it was making me go wild. I couldn’t help but feel my pussy begin to pulse as I pushed against his cock and let out an immense moan not caring about who could hear. For the first time in my life I could feel my cum shoot from me in a stream and warm my body to the core. My cum seemed to never end from the largest orgasm of my life. I could feel the warm wet stream drip down my inner thighs and gather at my knees. My baby continued pounding me from behind because my cum made such a slippery lube for him to thrust into me with and his speed was incredible.
I turned my head and said “Fuck me in the ass you sexy bastard” over my shoulder. And then added “Fuck me ‘til you cum inside me!”
He didn’t miss a beat as he pulled his cock out of my steaming pussy and rammed it into my asshole. My cum made a great lube for my ass as I could feel him pump into me faster and faster and harder and harder. I couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure I was feeling!With each thrust he was perfectly hitting my G spot and I could feel shocks of pleasure going throughout my body. I could hear him grunting softly as he pounded my ass and I could tell he was close to cumming and I was getting unbearably excited. I leaned into each of his thrusts so he would get farther into my asshole and I trailed my hand down my stomach to reach my clit so I could stimulate it as he fucked me hard. I could feel him get excited that I was doing this and he reached his hands forward and began grabbing onto my titties.
I then turned my head over my shoulder to cry out “Baby this feels amazing. Be rough with my titties!”
I could hear him make an excited noise and he tweaked my nipples so hard it made me cry out.

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  I began pushing myself against him harder and faster in unison with his thrusts and I could feel his penis begin to quiver and shake. I got really excited because I could tell he was close to cumming and I was close too. I held my asshole nice and tight to increase his pleasure and I could hear him moaning with pleasure and excitement. As he was thrusting his cock into my asshole with more and more enthusiasm I could feel his penis pulsing inside me. I yelled out in pleasure as I could feel my pussy getting tighter as I rammed my fingers deep inside myself as I was being double penetrated. We came together in unison and I could feel his hot cum fill up my asshole and spill out around the base of his penis. My cum was dripping out of my pussy and around my fingers. He then grabbed a hold of me and we laid together on the shore basking in our pleasure. .