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This happened early on in our marriage and it has led up to many fucking's for my wife including anything from threesome's to all out gangbangs. Joy enjoys it all and I am so happy to have such a slut for a wife.

One December my wife went to an office Christmas party, where she works. It was for employees only so I was not invited. I told my wife Joy, that I was going to a ball game. But I changed my mind and went home instead.

After watching TV for a while I went to bed. About one in the morning I heard voices. I got up and started to walk out of the bedroom. I saw a man helping my wife in the front door, closely followed by two other guys. I assumed they were three of Joys office co-workers. I backed into the dark bedroom and decided to watch and see what was going to happen. My wife took off her coat and sat down on the couch near the far wall from the bedroom.

The bedroom was dark and I only had the door open a little so they could not see me. I watched my wife sit down on the couch and almost immediately one of the guys sat down beside her. The other two sat on this side of the living room.

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   I could tell my wife had had quite a bit
to drink as she was not too careful how she sat down.

She had on her short red dress with the low cut neckline that I love so much. As it really shows her legs and the top of her tits. And she never wears a bra with it. When she sat down the dress rode up to almost the top of her nylons. From where I was sitting I could see the white
soft skin of her thighs above the tops of her nylons.

I heard Joy say, "Stop that Joe. I'm a married woman. " I could see that Joe had his arm around her shoulders and was trying to kiss her. But Joy kept pulling back. Suddenly Joe pulled Joy towards him and covered her mouth with his. I could see him force his tongue into her mouth. As my wife was trying to pull away from Joe her legs came apart exposing her white panties.

I could see her panties from where I was standing and I knew the two guys on this side of the room could see her pussy hair sticking out of both sides of her panty legs and the slit of my wife's pussy through the very thin material. Joy has a lot of pussy hair.

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   As Joe was holding Joy in a tongue-probing kiss he forced his hand down the front of her dress. I could see him squeezing her tits.

When Joe finally broke the kiss and let her breath, I could tell Joy was getting mad. She tried to get up, but Joe held her down. I heard her say, "OK god dammit that's enough. Now let me up. "

Then I saw the other two move to the floor. One on each side of Joy's legs. When she saw this she tried to close her legs. But they each pulled her knees apart until she was wide open with her dress pushed to her waist.

Again Joe grabbed Joy and kissed her hard. Again pushing his tongue into her mouth. As he did he pushed Joy back against the back of the couch until she was almost stretched out with her legs almost off the edge of the couch. One of the guys on the floor reached up between her legs and pulled her panties to the side. Then he pushed his fingers into her defenseless pussy.

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   And he began stroking his fingers in and out of her pussy.

I heard Joy say, "No, no, Joe please no. "

I could see Joe had pulled the top of her dress off her shoulders baring both tits. But I could see her pink nipples were getting very hard as Joe began sucking on them.

Then I saw Joy begin to cry as they pulled her panties off. Exposing her beautiful pussy to all of them. In spite of her pleading and crying they pulled her down onto the rug. Two of them held Joy's hands above her head making her tits stand up even higher. And they pulled her legs wide open. I saw Joe drop his pants and shorts.

I heard my wife say, "No, no, no, you can't do this to me, please don't," As I saw Joe's cock sink in-to my wife's pussy. But I could see that in spite of herself, the sucking on her tits and fingering her pussy was having its effect.

I could see Joe's cock went in very easy and was glistening from the juice of my wife's pussy. Joe fucked her for about ten minutes. I saw my wife squeeze her eyes closed and saw her mouth open and her breathing was very fast as it is when she reached a climax.

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After Joe shot 'his' load into her he pulled his cock out and I could see the cum running down the crack of Joy's ass. The second guy took Joe's place and eased his cock into her. I noticed now that they were no longer holding Joy's legs open, they just stayed that way. This guy must have had too much to drink. He fucked her for about twenty-five minutes before he shot his load into her. I saw Joy cum about three more times.

The third guy was not satisfied with Joy's spread open legs. He pushed her legs up till her knees were touching her tits. That gave him a straight down shot into my wife's wide-open pussy.

As he was fucking her I saw Joe put his cock against Joy's lips. She turned her head to the side to avoid it. But Joe pushed his fingers into her cheeks on both sides forcing her to open her mouth. By the time she was force to take his cock in her mouth I had already taken off my shorts and I walked into the living room and stood at Joy's feet looking down at my well-fucked wife sucking cock.

Slowly she opened her eyes. Her eyes flew wide open when she saw me standing there. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   She started crying. She said she was sorry, she couldn't stop them. I said yes I know I saw the whole thing. Then her expression changed to anger.

"Why in the hell didn't you stop them from fucking me? I told her because I enjoyed the show. I told her to remember back when I suggested I'd like to see another man fuck her. And she said that would never happen. Well it just did happen. And I can't wait till the next time.

She said, "You bastard, there won't be a next time. "

I said, "We'll see about that," as I eased myself down on her and took my turn fucking her. She was so hot she couldn't stop me and didn't want to. . . .

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