Who is the bitch?


Who is the bitch?

By Niteowluk2003

It all started a long while ago, I suppose! Even before I got married, not that I had to get married mind, but you know how strange twists of fate always catch you out cold.

Let me start at the very beginning, I was sixteen she was eighteen; we met at a school charity function, raising money for some third world project. Her name was Denise, she had long curly blonde hair over shoulder length. I don’t think we said more then two words to each other the first time we met, but I knew I wanted her. I just had to have my mouth around those delightful 36B breasts, to feel her pulsing cunt on my cock. I knew she had been out with a few people before we met, but that did not bother me, I was sixteen and male; full of testosterone and my cock ruled my head.

So that first night we met, I waited and played my ace card in asking to see her home. The bitch laughed in my face and told me to be at the main gates of the school in half an hour.

Well it worked I would be taking her home and if her reputation was half of what it claimed to be I would be bouncing her slim figure on the end of my cock that very night.

Ten o’clock I was there waiting, half past ten I was still waiting when she appeared, With out so much as a sorry or excuse me she kissed me full on the lips and waved me good bye as she climbed on the back of a motor bike and vanished.

It was not until she was long out of sight, but it suddenly hit me her kiss tasted salty and there was something strangely familiar about the smell of her breath. As I walked dejectedly home it suddenly hit me what the smell on her breath was. I nearly baulked as I realised she had given the biker a blow job and then had deliberately kissed me. That also explained the salty taste, well I was not going to stand for that. Next time I saw her I would tell her straight.

But the next time I saw her she turned the tables on me claiming in front of two of her female friends I had enjoyed the spunky kiss and asked her next time not to swallow it instead to share it.

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   Well after she claimed that I was sunk.

I walked away, embarrassed and confused because as I walked away I could not get rid of this rock hard cock. Maybe she read my mind and I did want her to do exactly as she had done to me for now I was as horny as a rattle snake and eager to find a quiet place to dispose of my aching throbbing cock’s hardness. It seemed I had made my big mistake thinking I could deal with her as equals, for every time we met after that she would use something or other to make sure she had the highest ground and I always ended up walking away embarrassed and with a rock hard cock to boot.

Then when I was seventeen, actually it was the day after my birthday, she collared me all alone and persuaded me to go with her into the local wooded park. She promised me my hearts desire if I went along with everything she had planned for my birthday surprise. I should have seen it coming, or rather would have if it had not been for the blindfold she insisted I wear.

We ended up in amongst the trees; she tied my hands behind my back, put the blindfold on me and having removed my trouser and underpants she made me kneel before she tied the remaining rope around my ankles preventing me from even standing up straight; and that was if I could manage to get up without the use of my hands and arms.

Then I heard her talking,I foolishly thought to someone on her mobile phone, until I heard the male voice clearly say, “cool!” Next thing she whispered in my ear to be a good wimp and open my mouth. I thought about refusing but she must have read my mind for she placed her hand around my balls and squeezed sharply. I opened my mouth to scream and it was in. Who ever she was speaking too had shoved his horrible cock into my mouth. It tasted strange and smelled like it had not been washed for quite a while.

She ordered me to suck it or I would think the first attack on my balls was a feather. Fearing for my future children I began to suck the cock in my mouth, and the more I sucked the more turned on I became and it obviously showed because my cock grew hard and I heard Denise say, “Oh Bless! Look his little penis is trying to stand up, why it must be all of two inches!” I suddenly felt embarrassed because I was proud of my seven and a half inch cock; which was two inches thick.

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Meanwhile the cock in my mouth continued to thrust in and out and the guy must have been trying to wind up Denise because he said, “Hey this faggot is a better cock sucker than you are you mean mouth slut!”

I heard Denise start screaming at him and it sounded like she was pounding him with her fist but he never missed a thrust and suddenly without warning it spat forth its load into my unsuspecting mouth. Now I know you will say that you can tell when a cock is about to shoot but this was the first cock I had swallowed and I knew no better.

The guy then informed Denise he had shot his load into my mouth and she laughed before telling me to open my mouth wide. Unbeknown to me she had brought a digital camera and snapped my mouth covered in the white sticky baby making seed.

I heard rustling in the close trees and suspected either I had been left bound and Denise and her partner had left or at least the guy had left. I hoped this was the case as I did not fancy being stuck out here helpless all night and it was confirmed someone had left when I heard the roar of the motorbike as it sped away.

I was beginning to panic when all of a sudden I heard Denise’s voice as she said, “Oh fuck as you kept your side of the bargain I suppose I better take care of that weeny excuse for a cock!”

The next thing I knew my hands were untied and so were my legs and I was being helped to my feet. Then the blindfold was gone and there before me stood the girl of my dreams stark naked; my eyes darted from her 36B tits to the cute vee of her cunt which was shaven and already glistening in the moon light.

I was told I could fuck her any way I wanted and if I could make her cum before I did then she would be my slave for the next forty eight hours; but if I cum first then I was her slave at her beck and call for one whole week starting tomorrow. She asked if I agreed to these terms and wanting nothing more then to sink my aching cock into that juicy slut of a cunt I would have sold my mother; so I instantly agreed.

I made her get on her hands and knees and approached her from behind; suddenly in my mind I went through all the humiliation she had put me through and decided to take the opportunity to spank her before fucking her. I told her that I wanted to fuck her but in my own way and that involved me spanking her and her having to submit to that and respond accordingly.

She laughed but agreed and my first slap landed on her right cheek; I held my hand in place till I felt the spreading warm glow of the slap; then I slid my hand slowly down over her cheeks and past her anal ring till I was cupping her cunt. I swear that her clit twitched as it contacted my fingers and palm. Meanwhile Denise responded “thank you; oh merciful master for taking the trouble to correct your wayward slut!”

I was surprised by her response but sensed it was a well practised response so I never said anything just dragged my fingers across her soaking cunt as I pulled my hand back and I made sure to press a finger momentarily against her sphincter muscle.

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The second slap similarly delivered on her left cheek resulted in the same slow progression to her cunt and this time on its return I pressed even harder against her anal ring. Denise responded with “Oh Master you’re so masterful when you spank your slut; please fuck your little baby hard; for I need your lovely hard cock buried in my worthless cunt!”

I began to realise that maybe Denise had been brought up this way by an incestuous father. Before the third spank I demanded to know who taught her to be so liberal with her words; She gulped and went silent on me; but I persisted and demanded to know if it was her brother; she shook her head; her father then this time she gave a slight nod!

I demanded to know when he had started to use her like this and she confessed it was around her fifteenth birthday; but actual sex only took place after she reached 16 years. She admitted she found the year of sexual punishment hard to take until he finally began to fuck her and release all her pent up passions; now she was happy to be his personal slut and it was why she acted they way she did because it made her daddy happy to hear of her exploits.

I finished spanking her with six spanks to each cheek and then I slowly inserted my cock into her cunt; She was so excited it felt like sliding a plunger into a well greased tube; except this tube seemed to grip my cock every few millimetres as it entered her and seemed to try to prevent its being pulled out.

I fucked her for a while thinking of everything from football to maths problems to stop my mind from triggering an early climax as I fucked the girl of my dreams; well my wet dreams of the last year at least.

I must confess I was almost lost in the passions when suddenly Denise screamed out loud and her muscles in her thighs and lower stomach trembled and I realised that she was cumming. Again another great first for me; I pulled out from her cunt had she turned her head towards me and almost screamed for me to continue fucking her; it was my turn to laugh as I told her I would but not her cunt; I was now going to fuck her arse and afterwards she was going to lick my cock clean as a trophy slut should always do.

Gripping her hips with my left hand I used my right hand to guide my still rock hard cock till it was touching the entrance of her anal ring; I was just about to push hard when she said “No master; I know my duty; I will push back onto your glorious cock and then you can fuck your bitch to your hearts content!”

With that she began to push back and kept pushing as my thick cock forced her anal ring to stretch until the head popped inside her; still she pushed back as inch by inch my cock disappeared into her anal canal.

Soon my pubic hair pressed against her arse cheeks and she began to ride my cock; no it was more like she was raping my cock with her arse for she set of at a frantic pace thrusting her expanded anal ring over every single vein and rigid of my cock. On and on she thrust and was now becoming much more vocal begging me to spew my spunk into her wanton arse.

As she rode my cock; I timed my slaps and began to slap her arse telling her what a worthless bitch she was; I was now enjoying the complete mastery over this girl of my dreams. I began to feel the tell tale tingle in my balls and knew my climax was almost imminent; I suddenly pulled my cock from her arse and quickly positioned myself at her head and made her suck the anal juice covered cock as I planned to deliver my spunk over her face.

Denise eagerly swallowed my cock and continued to moan around my cock; the vibrations of her voice box sending wonderful sensations through my rigid cock. Quickly the sensations of me needing to cum returned and at the last second I pulled out of her mouth and sprayed her face with the white strings of spunk.

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   By the time I had finished cumming Denise had her face plastered in my white baby making seed.

Now I demanded total submission from her for the next 48 hours at least as she had lost her side of the bet. She looked so sexy in the moonlight with her face streaked with my cum; and now she had to verbally admit to being my slut even if only for a short while. I dressed while I watched her grovelling on the ground with my spunk dripping from her face.

Once I was fully dressed; I turned to Denise and ordered her to stand and let me take a good look at her. She stood up and held her arms out; I told her to open her legs and let me see her horny cunt; then I humiliated her by telling her to let me see her pee.

Denise struggled to start but once started she sprayed her piss everywhere whilst I took the opportunity to deride her as a piss head. Then I allowed her to put on her blouse and skirt but nothing else and fastening her hands behind her back with the same fastenings she had used on me; I began to lead her off to her house. She asked if she could clean the spunk off her face and I laughed telling her she was a cum slut and she should have to display her skills to the world so she must wear my spunk as a trophy.

I led her to her house and after I made her suck my cock outside; we were on her doorstep and while she was on her knees sucking me I pressed the door bell knowing that only her father would be in as her mum had passed away a few years ago.

The door opened and standing there was her father; he never said a word only stared as his daughter gave a very public display of her oral talents; when I shot my load again I pulled from her mouth and sprayed my weaker load over her face. Then turning I simply handed Denise over to her dad as I left I turned and said here is your cum slut daughter who needs you to fuck the shit out of her.

To be continued.