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Новинка! Skype шоу и видео звонки
Познакомьтесь со мной в комфорте и безопасности вашего дома! Всё, что вам нужно, это Skype. Организуйте видеозвонок через Skype, выбрав один из 2 вариантов:
Скайп 30 мин. - 60 € Скайп 60 мин. - 110 €
100% проверенные фото!
Все фото являются подлинными - одобрено и подтверждено админом.
РасаЕвропейская (белая)
Рост185 cm (6'1" ft)
Вес70 kg (154.32 lb)
Цвет волосДругой
Цвет глазКоричневый
КурениеЯ иногда курю
Язык: Английский  English English English English
  Немецкий German
    Греческий  Greek Greek Greek Greek Greek
Инкол    Инкол: Частный дом / апартаменты
Ауткол    Ауткол: Отель или апартаменты
Секс. ориентация: Бисекс 
Встреча с: Мужчиной  Мужчиной    Женщиной  Женщиной   
Для пар  Для пар    Транс.  Транс.    Геем  Геем    2+  2+   

Обо мне

Introducing Ari, a distinguished companion renowned for her captivating presence and refined sophistication. With an innate sense of elegance, Ari offers an unparalleled experience to discerning individuals who seek not only beauty but also intellect and grace in their companionship.

Ari brings a wealth of cultural and intellectual enrichment to her engagements. Her academic achievements, coupled with her fluency in multiple languages, make her an ideal companion for a variety of social and professional settings. Whether attending high-profile events, engaging in stimulating conversation over a gourmet dinner, or sharing intimate moments, Ari's charm and poise are ever-present.

Ari's striking appearance is the perfect blend of natural beauty and meticulous self-care. Her stylish wardrobe is curated to suit any occasion, ensuring she is always impeccably dressed. Her radiant smile and captivating eyes are complemented by her graceful demeanor, making her presence truly unforgettable.

Ari offers a bespoke companionship experience tailored to the unique preferences and desires of her clients. Her services include:

  • Dinner Dates: Enjoy stimulating conversations and gourmet meals with Ari as your charming companion.
  • Social Events: Ari's elegance and poise make her the perfect escort for galas, corporate functions, and other high-profile events.
  • Private Encounters: Experience intimate moments of relaxation and connection in a discreet and luxurious setting.
  • Personalized Video Calls: Ari specializes in creating serene and professional video call experiences tailored to your needs.


Ari caters to a select clientele who appreciate the finer things in life and seek a companion of exceptional quality. Her clients are often individuals of influence and distinction who value discretion, intelligence, and beauty.


To arrange an exclusive encounter with Ari, please contact her through her preferred booking methods. Advance appointments are highly recommended to ensure availability and to discuss any specific requirements or desires.

Special Message from Ari

Hey! I'm Ari, a 20-year-old professional. I am a versatile service provider, specializing in personalized video calls. With a passion for creating serene moments, I offer a professional and calming experience tailored to your needs. Payment can be made securely through PayPal @AriProv. Visit my website to explore more about the services offered and secure your session

Note: All engagements with Ari are conducted with the utmost respect for privacy and discretion. Her commitment to providing a luxurious and memorable experience is unwavering, ensuring every encounter is both extraordinary and unique.

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1 ч.150 200
2 ч.250 350
6 ч.600 700
Дополнительный день (24 часа)1500
Вся ночь800
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Новинка! Skype шоу и видео звонки
Познакомьтесь со мной в комфорте и безопасности вашего дома! Всё, что вам нужно, это Skype. Организуйте видеозвонок через Skype, выбрав один из 2 вариантов:
BUY 30 min - 60 € BUY 60 min - 110 €

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