A First Time


A First Time (for everything)
I woke up to the sun just rising over the mountains. The warm rays of the sun sifting through the window shades. I was lying on my back watching, when all of sudden you moved. You were turning onto your back. And as you moved the covers slipped down off your breasts exposing them.
Your arms were above your head forcing your breasts to jut upwards. Your nipples seemed like they were seeking the warm rays of the sunshine coming through the window.
I leaned over your still sleeping body. My mouth was near a nipple. I brought my mouth close to your extended nipple and touch it lightly with my tongue. Your body responded by bringing your nipple closer to my wet tongue. My lips parted and I moved my mouth softly over your nipple, sucking it into my mouth. My hand was moving slowly under the covers towards your body.
When my hand came into contact with your skin, it felt warm and soft. I moved my hand over your tummy. I could feel your body tremor as I ran my fingers over you.

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   My fingers slowly moved over you belly button towards your privates.
My fingers came into contact with the fine hairs leading to your pussy. As I moved my hand down, your legs started to move apart. Knowing this my cock started to grow harder. I knew that you were waiting for my fingers to explore your moist pussy.
My mouth still on your tit gently sucking and biting your nipple, you let out a soft moan. I moved my hand closer to your pussy feeling the heat that it was producing. As my fingers came into contact with your pussy, your hips pushed upwards causing my middle too roughly rub your already hard clit. My finger slipped past your clit and slid right between your pussy lips. Feeling the moistness flowing out of you I forced my finger into your fuck-hole feeling your pussy muscles trying to pull at my finger.
You brought one your arms down pushing the covers off us. Our bodies bathe in the morning sun.
Your hand explored down my body stopping to rub my nipple and pinch it.
You reached further down, your hand softly touching my stomach. When you reach my cock you squeeze it gently causing a little pre-cum to escape out my pee hole.

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   Taking your thumb you rubbed the head of my cock covering it with my white cream. I forced my finger deeper into your cunt. Using my thumb I rubbed your clit, causing you to moan.
Letting your nipple escape from my mouth I looked into your eyes. Your mouth open and your eyes transfixed on mine you let loose with a groan. Your cunt was sucking my finger in deeper. You squeeze my cock hard as you came.
Taking my cock and pulling on it, you screamed at me to fuck you. You pulled me on top of you and raised your legs bringing them up and over my shoulders. Taking your hands you reached down and grabbed my ass and pulled me towards you. My cock came towards your cunt and missed slipping in between the lips. You forced my cock head against your clit rubbing it hard. You started to shake and grunt. I could feel your cunt shoot your cum juices over my cock and balls.
Pulling back away from you I reach down and grabbed my cock and aimed it towards your juicing cunt.

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   You rose up your hips waiting for my cock to enter you. As I push forward you rose to meet me. I looked into your eyes. All of a sudden a surprised look and a slight hint of pain came over your face. I felt my cock enter you, yet something felt different. The tightness of your cunt seemed like I was fucking you for the first time. I sank my cock to the hilt feeling my balls slap against your ass.
You let loose with a grunt and grabbed me to hold me still. I looked at you wondering why you had stopped me.
Still thinking I was buried deep in your cunt. A tear formed at the corner of your eye. Looking at you I could see that you were in pain. I knew that you loved me to fuck you hard and all. I could not figure out how come you were in pain and crying. I pulled up and away from you, your hands still having a death grip on my ass.

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Looking at you I asked what was wrong. You said, “I’ve never been fucked there before”. “Fucked where?” I thought.
You looked at me and said, “We’ve never done this before”. I could feel you squeezing my cock and it hit me. My cock was in your ass. I started to pull away; you kept me from pulling out. It was kinky knowing that it felt so damn hot and tight in your ass. My cock started to grow harder than ever.
You could feel it and said, “Start moving slowly”. It felt like a vise-grip on my cock so fucking tight.
Your eyes rolled back into head. Then you groan and pulled harder into you. You relaxed your grip on my ass and let go. We looked into each other’s eyes.

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   I extended my arms lifting my upper body off of you. You legs still over my shoulders, we both looked down at where our bodies meet. I could see your cunt lips swollen and open. Just below that I could see where my cock was buried in your ass. You brought your hand to your cunt and buried two fingers deep. I could feel your fingers in your cunt. You said to me,” start fucking my ass”. As I moved out then back in, you squealed with what sounded like delight.
You started to rub your clit harder, causing you to moan. You were on the verge of cumming. Your asshole was squeezing my cock harder. Looking at each other we knew that neither one of us were going to last much longer. I pulled almost all the way out then slammed my hard cock back into your ass. Sweat was building up causing both our bodies to glisten in the morning sunlight forcing my cock harder and harder in and out of your ass. You rose up to meet my every thrust.

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   I could feel my cum start it’s journey from my balls to shoot deep in your bowels.
Both of us were breathing heavy and hard. Suddenly we both stopped moving. Your body was trembling with your orgasm. Your ass was squeezing my cock, milking my seed out and into your depths. My cock started to spasm shooting my hot cum deep in your ass. You could feel my cock releasing its load and your body reacted by shaking and trembling.
Once we were spent. My cock was still hard and embedded in your tight ass as we kissed.
 ( I know this story is quite choppy, any response will be respected )


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