Damn The Goodness


Damn The Goodness
Esparanza awoke from a peaceful warm sleep and stretched her arms out above her head.   As her lengthy body stretched she let out a sigh that was both satisfied from her peaceful sleep yet yearning.   As she rose from her bed her body tingled as her soft 300 count sheets fell from her shoulders over her breasts and down her silky smooth legs.   Reaching into her closet Esparanza grabbed her favorite loose fitting lounging sweater and pulled it over her long curly hair. Bending over she picked a pair of short cotton shorts from the bottom shelf and smoothly stepped into them gently guiding them up her long legs.   Stopping only for a minute to grab some grape juice from the kitchen Esparanza headed straight to the sun-drenched porch to see if the source of her frustrated sigh could be found.        

It did not take her long to see him working out on the back field.   The morning sun on the horizon was washing out his finer details but as she watched his silhouetted figure hoist the pick-axe above his head and guide it into the ground she knew it was her Amador.   He had been coming to her small Spanish ranch for two weeks now.   She had originally hired him just to dig the line for the olive trees but after completing the task  she had since been assigning him random jobs around the ranch.   As he would complete each task she would pay him his money but as he turned to leave her creative mind would think of a new task she needed him for.   With each new task a new passionate tension grew between them.  Each time they walked to the new work area or discussed the task at hand there bodies seemed to unconsciously get closer.   Their eyes would lock for longer as they talked, and the awkward silences now turned into an almost teasing dance between their daring glances and the swaying of their bodies in the Spanish wind.  

As Esparanza watched Amador work a warm breeze gently made its way down the porch blowing over her body and causing her loose sweater to shift just slightly but still enough to gently slide over her left shoulder.   The feeling of the fabric and the warm breeze caused her to coo just a bit under her breath.

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    Almost as if he had heard her Amador stopped his rhythmic picking and turned his head to see Esparanza standing there on the porch looking out at him.   His mouth formed a flirtatious smile as he glanced up her beautiful long legs up to her bare shoulder.   Turning slightly he gave a sort of tempting head tilt almost as if to say I see you and I know that you see me too.   She nodded back while slowly guiding the sweater back up over her shoulder continuing the teasing game and further enhancing the sexual tension between the two.   Amador turned back to his work, swung his axe a few more times then threw the axe over his shoulder and headed towards the equipment shed.

As Amador made his way into the shed Esparanza peaked her head around the pole she was leaning on so that she could just see him standing in the doorway.   She let out a small gasp as he pulled his shirt off revealing his muscler upper body.   She turned and looked away almost as to keep herself from taking in too much.   Suddenly she heard a loud bang coming from the direction of the shed.   She stepped off the porch and headed toward the clattering.   As she got to the door she saw Amador, bent over picking up the tools that he must have knocked off the wall.   She laughed at him in a jokingly flirtatious way and he cooly smiled back knowing he looked like a fool.   She walked into the shed next to Amador and positioned herself upright next to him as he squat trying to organize the jumbled tools.  
“What happened” she asked mockingly
“Same thing that always happens” he laughed back.  
She laughed remembering the number of times before that Amador had made a mess of something as he tried to act cool.

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“Let me give you a hand” she said and began to bend down to help him.   Amador reached back to stop her from coming down but as he reached his hand landed right on her silky smooth bare legs.   Since she was bending down his hand slide slightly up her perfectly toned legs and as she slowly stopped a slight “hmm” unconsciously escaped from her mouth.   She slid back and stood all the while slightly biting her lip and staring down at Amador.   Amador grasped the loose tool his hand was on and stood up next to her.   The two stood for a moment she still biting her lip and him aggressively staring into her eyes.   Amador moved the tool to his other hand and then reached to place it on the shelf just behind Esparanza.   As he reached around her she turned her body slightly causing the loose neck of her shirt to slide over her shoulder exposing all of her shoulder and dropping the neck of her sweater to expose more of her perfect breasts.   As Amador saw the sweater slide down her shoulder he could no longer help himself.   As he leaned over her shoulder he gently breathed down her neckline and then gently yet aggressively nibbled on the edge of her shoulder.   She instinctually shrugged away from the nibbling but at the same time tilted her head back and gave a whispered “ahh”.   Standing with her back to him Amadors hands went onto her hips and he pulled her backwards against his body.   As she came back her sweater slipped further down her arm again revealing more of her vulumptuous breasts.   Amador kissed his way up her shoulder.   Cooing with each kiss Esparanza gasped as she felt Amador’s hand grab the back of her hair pulling her head slightly backwards to reveal more of her sensual neckline for him to devour.

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    Amadors right hand moved from her hip and cupped her breast.   She moaned with anticipation as his hand pulled the sweater down and over her right breast revealing her hardening nipple.   She rolled her left shoulder slightly intentionally moving the sweater over her left shoulder causing it fall from her shoulders.   As he slide his hand just off her breasts the sweater slide down over her breasts, over her now swaying hips all the way to the floor.   Now topless Esparanza leaned back against Amador inviting him to grasp her firm breasts.   He appliged sliding his hands up her stomach firmly cupping her swelling breasts.   In one twisting movement of passion Amador swung Esparanza around and she leaned into him as their tongues met in a flurry of passionate frustrated kisses.   Hands now pulling hard on each others hips and buttocks Amador pushed into Esparanzea causing her to slam backwards against the equipment room workbench.   As the grabbing and kissing continued her body was thrust and wiggled upwards until she was sitting on the bench.   Her hands now free she moved immediately to his belt buckle where she pulled and ripped yearning to free the bulge she felt inside.   Amador leaned back allowing her to undue his pants.   Esparanza slid her fingers inside the back part of his pants and pulled them down over his firm butt.   Now separated only by his boxers and her short shorts their two bodies again thrust against each other in a hard, grinding, passionate display.   She could now feel his huge cock grinding against her ever-wetting pussy and he could feel the softness and feel the entrance to her sweet love box.  

Amador backed off for a second and squatted down to remove his pants from around his ankles.

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    Looking up at her all Amador could see were miles of perfectly toned and perfectly smooth legs.   He with-held his urge to jump back up to her and begin grinding again.   Instead his lips kissed her just above the ankle and up her calf.   She leaded herself back slightly as if begging Amador to remove her shorts, his mouth now kissing the inside of her inner thigh his hands gripped around her waist and slid down sliding her shorts off her legs and onto the growing pile of clothes on the floor.   Filled with desire his mouth quickly moved up her inner thigh and with just a slight hesitation to hear her gasp Amador wet his lips and slid his tounge onto her sweet pussy.   Esparanzas ass clinched and her back arched as Amadors tougue pressed against her soft lips.   As his wet tounge met with her hot juices both of them let out a slight groan.   Amador licked up the length of her lips his tounge finding his way to her swelling clit.   Pressing his tounge firmly against her clit Amador felt Esparanzas hips flex forward and her body shift as she pushed against him wanting more pressure on her sensitive clit.   As he flicked his tounge upwards over her clit Esparanza jerked backwards in one of those so good it hurts motions.   Amador lowered his tounge again and Esparanza longingly pressed her hips back forward again desiring the pressure that had caused her to slide further backwards onto the workbench.   The two quickly fell into a rhythmic grind of his soft tounge meeting her moist lips and his tongue tip meeting her sensitive clit.   As her nerves pulsed Esparanza moaned and groaned with each move of Amador’s tounge.   Amadors cock grew harder and harder as his tastebuds tingled with the taste of Esparanza’s sweet juices.   With a final deep taste Amador stood to face Esparanza whose body went slightly limp from the brief satisfaction.


    They stood for one minute again close and full of passion like all those times before but this time knowing it would be satisfied.

As her nerves began to scream again Amador took Esparanza’s right leg in his right hand and she positioned her opposite leg on the adjorning workbench.   Now open to him Amador pushed his hips forward until the tip of his cock was pushed against her soft pussy lips.   With a loud moan the two leaned into each other and as they exhaled her pussy lips spread and his hips pushed forward and his cock slid firmly into her wet pussy.   As he slid deeper Esparanza inhaled and gasped causing her whole body to tighten which squeezed Amadors cock and pulled him even further inside of her.   There hands now gripping each other the two of them began to passionately push and pull on each other.   Amador’s cock slide easier and deeper into Esparanza’s slippery cunt and each time as he reached deeper inside her their moans became louder and their bodies tensed more.   Switching his movements to a slow grind Amador leaned back slightly and the two of them smiled knowing how long they had both been longing to have each other.  
“you know” Amador said in a breathless deep voice “I always pictured taking you in this equipment shed”.  
“Yeah” she moaned “Good”.   Then, while pulling him deep inside her again she whispered “and is this how you pictured it?” 
“This… And More” Amador said as he pushed his hips farther against her spread legs causing him to dive deeper into her pussy then she had ever had.
“Ohh you are so deep” she moaned.
“You like that” He teased.  
“Ohh yeah” she moaned thrusting her head back and arching her back.  
“Your so wet” he groaned as he pulled his cock all the way out of her
“ohh don’t stop” she begged.

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He smiled obligingly and slowly began to slid his cock back inside her, as he slid each of their bodies tensed and they both breathed heavily as they could feel every inch of his huge cock gliding against her tight soft lips.   As he pushed himself all the way inside her his body leaned forward and she grabbed his neck pulling his ear to her mouth and she moaned “Thank You Daddy”.   They pushed hard against each other for a minute, both of their hips swerving against each other as they felt sensations they had never felt before.  
Suddenly Amador pulled his cock out of her and grabbed her right leg, swinging it over his head she gasped as she readied herself to be taken from behind.   Stepping back for a minute Amador pulled back his hand and smacked Esparanza on her firm ass.   She shrieked with delight and her body responded as a rush of sensation spread across her skin.  
“You want another” he teased,
“Ohh please Daddy” she teased back.   He smacked her again.   As her body shivered once more he grabbed her hair with his left hand and pulled her head back towards him.   He leaned over her the shaft of his hard cock settling between her tight ass cheeks and his mouth coming right next to her ear.  
“I have wanted to take you in this equipment room for a long time” he repeated from before “and all the frustration that has been building in me and teasing me every time you are near here with me”  She pushed back against his hard cock and moaned a bit.   He continued this time with a bit of aggression in his voice,  “Now I am going to take you the way I have wanted to take you for these past two weeks”
“Ohh please Daddy, take me however you want” she said.  
He moved backwards slightly and she straightened and spread her legs presenting herself to him.   He slid the tip of his cock down the top of her ass crack coming to rest on her tight ass-hole.  
“Take Me” she said and she pushed her ass back against his cock as he pushed forward entering into her tight hole.

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    She groaned loudly as a flurry of pain and pleasure came over her body.   Her hand instinctively went between her legs and she began to rub her wet clit as Amador pulled his cock back and groaned loudly as he thrust forward again.   “Yes” they both said almost shouting as the ecstasy overtook their bodies.  
“Ohh” he groaned as the gyrations of her hips and the squeezing of her tight asshole around his cock gave him a sensation like none he had ever felt.   He grabbed her hair again pulling her head back and causing her body to convulse in pleasure and pain.   As her head snapped back, her back arched and her ass rose into the air almost sliding Amador out of her.   As he loosened his grip on her hair her back arched the other direction and his cock again slid deep insider her ass.   He slapped her ass cheek again and then began to thrust harder and faster into her tight ass.   As he wildy fucked her sweet ass Esparnaza continually moaned as she increased the pressure on her clit and the pace of her rubbing.   “I’m… Gonna… Cum…” he shouted as he pulled his cock from her Asshole and thrust himself forward sliding his shaft between her ass cheeks as cum spurred from his dick all over her back.   She grinded her ass against his shaft as he gripped her cheeks and finished his orgasm.  
Esparanza slide slightly to the side and looking over her shoulder stared down at his cum soaked cock.   She licked her lips as she saw how hard he still was and her body slid back in front of him, she put her head back forward and then turned her head slightly the other way and looking up at him with aggressive eyes commanded him “Do It Again Daddy”.   He grabbed his cock and slammed it into her soaking pussy.   He pushed all the way inside of her shifting the entire workbench as he took her.

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    He pulled back then pushed into her again.   The third time he backed off she was ready for him and she thrust her body backwards as he thrust forward and they both moaned as the wetness flowed.   Again they thrust into each other, and again, and again.   “ohh you are fucking me so hard” she said breathlessly as they slid together again, and again.   “Ohh” she said pulling her body back slightly as he thrust into her, “ohh” she cooed her vagina tightening against his charging cock, “ohh, I’m gonna cum!” she moaned.   As he thrust forward again her pussy tightened hard against his cock and he could feel a warm rush of fluids spill over the tip of his shaft, her body went tense as her back arched back towards him and her head turned to the side as she bit her lip in an effort to keep herself from screaming.   Letting her ride the orgasm all the way out Amador stayed pushed up against her and her body withered and rubbed against him as she finished the orgasm of a lifetime.  
As he slid his cock out of her they both gasped slightly as the final bit of pleasure subsided.   She turned to face him and they both smiled, pleased to have finally made good on the teasing body language of the past few weeks.   As it turned out that would be the last time that Amador and Esparanza would have each other.   On February 4th Amador moved on to other commitments.   It wasn’t long before Esparanza too found herself involved in other things including getting herself into other big commitments as well.   They would still see each other often though, and sometimes they could even feel that deep sexual tension start to come on again, but over time that tension faded and by the Summer the two of them were just good friends.   Good friends who shared a sexual experience, born from a series of cicumstances, that could never be spoken about, diaried, or shared with even close friends.   No, it was an experience only for them and it was one that will never be matched.

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