New Forest - New position


I met Jennifer through work at a retirement event for her uncle. She was a big noise in tourism, and I was Sales Manager for the company her uncle owned near Southampton.
She was very in her early thirties, attractive, slim, tall and alone! I was on my own, the recent divorce having just come through. I looked at her, and saw she was being bored out of her mind by a guy from accounts.  We smiled at each other, then I moved closer and spoke to try and break the hold of the boring old guy from her attention. It worked and she spoke. 'Thanks for that, I was ready to kill him. ' Her voice was what is now called posh English, but on her it was an incredible sexual style.
I looked again at her. She was small breasted and the dress she wore was close fitting, showing a trace nipples and of high cut panty. I am a panty man, and love seeing a little VPL. I also saw she was drinking a large wine in fair gulps while eating small pieces of salmon off the buffet'.
'Hey slow down, or you will have indigestion' I said 'You won't get home safely'
'Who want's to go home' she said bitterly. I replied too quickly 'Not me, nothing to go for. '
She looked at me and smiled 'You too? Im just selling up the old house now HE has gone. ' The words were said to hurt.

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   I changed the subject and asked about her work, in small talk ways. But I liked what I saw. The was sex on legs. The guy must have been a real dipstick. (Which turned out to be true). She told me about her job as regional tourism manager, and I told her about my work in aircraft. She grabbed another drink off a passing tray and half drained it. I took her arm and guided us to a couple of seats at the corner of the board room.
'Thanks' she said 'I am sorry, but I don't want to be here. I don't mind uncle, but I can't take people at the moment'. I thought thats it, she has given me the brush. My face must have said so when she looked at me and said 'I didn't mean you, you saved me from a fate worse than death', She nodded toward Mr accounts. She turned and gave me a peck on the cheek, which oozed sex, and had me growing hard. I wanted this woman, and grabbing her hand, kissed her on her lips.
'Come on' she said grinning ' lets get out of here.


   Can you drive me home. Its 15 miled away though. '
I said yes, and wouldn't have minded if it was 100 miles away. She said she would let uncle know, as he had picked her up to bring her, and five minutes later, after I had said my good bye's we were in the company car park.
'So where to?' I asked as she slid into the seat, her dress riding up as she relaxed. She told me that she lived near the New Forest and gave me directions.
3O minutes later it was a mist which caused the problem as I got lost on a lane in the Forest when she was slow at telling me the turnings. I stopped the car, and reached across to the glove compartment, by hand brushing her right nipple through the dress as I did so. She felt warm, I quickly pulled my hand away, and she as quickly grabbed my hand and put it back. Her nipple grew, and although her breats were small, the nip was really big.
'I want you - now' she said. She pulled her dress up over her head, and I saw this body to die for with her pink bra and panties.
She reached across and helped me, or rather himdered me in getting undressed. Thank God I had worn decent stuff as she yanked at my boxers and grabbed my cock.
Now, Im not going into the fantasy side here, because I am a normal just over 6 inch guy, but I am quite wide, and she just slid across , slid her panties over and jumped on me.

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   She gasped as my cock penetrated her. No foreplay, just a straight in fuck. And she was tight, but very wet. But she rode me in a frenzy and continued to ride me hard, when she came with a real scream, I came right into that warm silky cunt with as much juice as I can ever remember. She kissed me again, this time biting my lip.
'That was the best fuck I have had in years. ' Hearing these words from this English rose in her pure English did something to me, because I started getting hard again.
I took command and told her to get off me and get out of the car. She slid off me and opened the door and stood naked by the car. I got out and grabbed her in one long french kiss. Then she moved and bent over the car bonnet.
'Now do me from behind' she husked at me.
'Your wish is my command' I said as I slid my cock toward to cunt.
'No' she said 'Not there. The other one.

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   I want you in my bum'.
I had not had anal. My ex didn't approve. But here was a beauty who wanted me to fuck her arse. I knew my birthdays had all arived together, as I held my even stiffer cock and slowly pushed into her gorgeous puckered anus. She gasped and flinched, but I pushed on and slowly but surely hit base.
'O fuck me - please'. she whimpered, as I pulled out, watching her bum grip my cock, and then push back as I pushed home. The feeling was sublime. I kept pushing and pulling and she kept up little moans which made it more sexy still. After several minutes she said 'Go for it. Fill me' and that was it, We started a fast and furious fuck which only ended with both of us yelling our climax.
We spent the rest of the night in the car, fucking and kissing and talking. It was the start of a brief and very exhauting affair.

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