Topic: SHORT TROUSER INCIDENT Short trouser incident.
 This happened in another era,when excitment meant making out to be 16 and sneaking into doubtful smutty had hit puberty,a bit of a loner,oh yes I had mates,boys and girls,but my real buzz was getting into cinemas to see dirty french films. I knew,mainly only men went in as well. I had no idea what the attraction was for them.
 With my heart beating like mad and trying to look 16 I got a look of doubt from the ticket lady. "You sixteen are you?" Trying to speak in a gruff voice. 'Yes,just had my birthday' "Go on then,I'll believe you,thousands wouldn't"
 It was a hot summers day and I was stupid enough to wear my normal short trousers. Back then,long trousers started at about 14 years old. The usher took my ticket to tear in half as they did back then. "Hey,I'm not letting you through,you got short pants! You ain't sixteen" Its go for broke time, 'I am,its just so hot outside and it'll be hotter in there I decided to put shorts on' "Oh! Sounds a bit iffy to me. Go on then,hope you're old enough to read the subtitles" He chuckled and gave me my half of the torn ticket.
 I was in,that's two different places I'd beat the system in now. My mates would be full of envy when I described what sex happened in the film. - Later because of what came next,there would be no admitting I'd even been near there however. Now remember at my tender age there was no way I could be mistaken for sixteen. I was short and small built for my age.

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   Almost fifteen going on twelve so to speak. . . I decided the best place to sit would be the back row not to be too conspicuous and anyway I could sit on the seat in the raised position to make me look older I concluded.
 The advert and trailers were running,so the lights had already been lowered. As my eyes grew accustomed to the dimness I could see there were but about ten patrons in the whole place and of these they all looked middle aged. Probably as old or older than my dad. There was no one in the row I was in,then with a quick flash of light from the door another customer came in and stood in the gangway adjusting his eyes I supposed. "Sit where you like mate,hardly anyone in anyway" The usher did the new arrival the kindness of flashing his flashlight quickly around the seats including a flash of light that went across my face.
 Without further ado,the bloke moved into my row and instead of sitting a bit away sat directly next to me. Oddly to my way of thinking he had a long white mac' (Raincoat) on,yet it was boiling hot outside. The main film started and almost immediately from the credits this french actor was spying through a keyhole at a gorgeous girl soaping herself in a shower. This made me realise my cock was getting hard because it was laying along my thigh pointing towards my knee. I could feel the hardness was raising my trouser leg up and not wishing to miss one bit of the film,took a quick glance at my trouser leg fearful that my cocks end may be poking out the short leg of my trousers.
 I so wanted to lift my ass a bit to ease the trouser leg and pull it just a smigging lower.

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   - If I raised the seat as I'd earlier intended,I could achieve this. Just about to attempt this I stopped dead in my tracks as the bloke next to me reached across and put his palm right on top of my hardon. Glancing slyly in his direction he gave not the slightest indication he was up to anything. Rivetted still, I felt his hand move down a bit and his fingers curled under the edge of my trouser leg. They made contact with my knob end. Feeling at my foreskin two fingers vee like pushed trying to roll it back from the head of my cock. - Do I shout,dart away or what? - I was frozen in time. Without a glance his eyes remained on the girl on the screen.
 But his other hand now moved. I forgot all about the film as I watched. I was scared but facinated all at the same time. His hand now fumbled at a button on his Mac' The fingers ran around the button and it opened. Then pulling it open a bit more,his hand went inside and reappeared looped around his hard cock. I was shaking and all hot. With finger and thumb he pulled his foreskin up to the end then back and up again.

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   Suddenly I realised he had my cock pulled out more and was doing the same on me.
 Pulling right forward on mine now,I felt a finger cross the top of my cocks helmet and wiggle to and fro. I knew exactly what was going on,I now had precum coming from it. Watching him some more,a momentary smile touched his lips and his hand plunged back in his Mac' he lifted slightly and it reappeared with his scrotum. He now had balls and hardon exposed for me to view. For the first time his eyes looked at my face. His eyes flashed from me to his cock,then from where my hand was on the chair arm to his cock. He nodded now,downwards then sideways. I knew exactly what he wanted,I nodded NO! My own cock was tingling as he continued playing with it.
 Then he reached towards me and pulled my hand on to his cock. I started sweating,trying to pull away,he held my hand firm. In the moment I felt precum on the head of his cock,a lot of precum and I mean a lot,it was as though he'd cum off some. Gripping my fist he wrapped the fingers of his hand around my hand and made my hand wank at his cock. My own trouser leg was well up my naked thigh and he was wanking me proper. As if he knew he let go of my hand and I admit I continued wanking him.


   Compared to my own cock his was big,but as the back of my palm touched his scrotum I realised he had a massive pair of bollocks. Letting go of his cock I investigated his ball sack,having it in my hand I foundled and gently squeezed his balls.
 This got a response from his hand on my cock. He gripped me so hard released then gripped hard again. Looking I saw he had his eyes closed. Then his hand gripped my hand and stopped me wanking and tormenting his cock and balls. I knew I hadn't done anything to hurt his balls and wondered why he'd stopped me,having had to force me to wank him in the first place. I soon found out. Letting go of my cock, - I admit I would have liked him to make me cum I was so near to it, with both hands he now unfastened more buttons on the Mac' FUCK! he was naked except for socks and shoes and the Mac' of course.
 I could see the dark area of his pubes,the full length of cock and his balls now resting on his closed thighs. his belly looked firm and muscular with a thin layer of fat making it padded like a cushion. Placing his hands as though gripping a waist, he indicated for me to move over to sit on his lap. Again I indicated a NO! Half winking,he moved his hands up and down as though he was working a body up and down on his cock. I wanted to freak,he wanted to fuck me! What can or should I do. The problem was two fold.

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   He wanted me and I found it exciting as to what it would feel like,but to me that hardon was awfully big. He squeezed his cock some more and I saw even more precum come from him. It glistened in the faint light.
 His head right by my ear now, "Sit on my lap and I'll slide it between your legs,it'll rub your own cock as it pokes through to the front. Stupidly that did appeal to my hornyness. Glancing around,no one was the least bit interested in our goings on. I stood and gingerly moving towards his seat his naked leg touched behind my knee unintensionally bending it. As I straightened it again I felt his hands tug at my pants and they slipped down from my hips. Because my hardon was down the trouser leg they dropped completely to my ankles.
 My heart was bumping in my chest,what if someone catches us,what if he cums,he surely will. A whole lot of what's,but I let him press on anyway. His thighs being together made me stand either side of his legs and my knees trembled as I felt his hardon touch my inner thighs and bum cheek for the first time. "Just sit back" he whispered, I did and as my flesh made proper contact with his lap I felt how hot his cock was as the hardness pressed up against my now halfhard penis. My balls rested against this hardon with my cock acting like a diver on a spring board. "Lift your legs onto mine and close them"
 He dry fucked a bit then, "Feel how wet I am between your legs,want to try it?" Nodding NO again,he physically lifted me and let me down,but his cock now slipped along my ass crack and as it caught on my sphincter,his penis tried to stay by it,I felt it bend a touch then ping on up my crack.

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   "Feel that,I reckon you could take it,it nearly went in then" "Stand up again,I stood and I felt his prick actually against my bum hole. He's stood and I heard his seat rise. His knees pressed at the back of my knees and the pressure on my asshole became more intense. "Hold on to the seat in front" I did and felt his legs go out around mine.
 As I was short he found he needed to get lower and change the angle his cock was pointing at my rectum. All the time this was occuring my bum and sphincter was getting wetter and wetter,so much in fact that his cock was now slipping all over the place. "You try and get it up there while I try and hold it to your hole" What was I doing? I now moved trying to get him to bum me. God I was so worked up,I just had to know if my ass would take his cock. I gripped lower on the seat in front and pushed for all I was worth. A bit of pain then I knew the head had got me. "Stop or I'll cum" I could hardly hear what he said. "Lets sit back,the seat still high,he let his ass rest against it and me in turn rest against his prick. "Feel it? Its going in farther" It felt far too fat but I could tell I had taken about four inches and my feet were now flat on the ground.
 We stayed like this,the film forgotten. "I'm going to lower the seat,I'll do all that's needed,you just hold me up your ass" I girated every move he made until eventually I followed him down to gradually sit back on his lap.

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   I say gradually as he held my waist as he sat and gently lowered me till I could feel he had his cock,all of it deep in the depths of my bowel. I was tight,I had to be,that cock was fat I can tell you. "Hurting is it?" 'NO, I whispered' "I'm going to cum in a bit" With that said,he reached round me and started to wank my half hard cock. It felt like a conflict as my hardening cock changed the feeling of his cock inside me. Then it happened,I felt his sperm blossom inside me and he started jerking thrust after thrust into my belly.
 A couple of faint gasps and everything stopped. The feeling of his cock holding his spunk up me like a plug was oh so nice. He now done nothing and I started wanking myself off. As my sperm shot out I had a most sensational orgasm,I knew it was caused by my ass being stuffed full of cock,but didn't know why that should make a difference. I sat completely still feeling his cock now shrinking. Then as it got as soft as it could I gently lifted and the softness fell out. I felt him run a handkerchief along my ass groove then reach down and pull my trousers back up. I moved sideways and seen him close the buttons on the Mac' He looked at me and whispered, "Bet you didn't know the film had live participation in it"
 My ass was now tingling as though his cock was still inside. "You be here next week?" 'They might refuse me entry' "No,I know the staff,I'll pass the word. The ticket woman's my sister,you wont have a problem" I didn't but that's for another time.

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 I did wonder however if she knew he bummed people in the back row. Or in fact,she was indeed his sister.
 Ha! Ha!