Topic: UP MY WIFE'S BUM Up my wife's bum.
 Just a little episode early in our little while into our marriage,we went to bed as usual. At this time there were very few nights that we didn't make love and screw ourselves stupid. This night was to be no exception,EXCEPT!!
 We having settled into a lot of foreplay as always. My cock was sticky with precum and my wife was oozzing love juice from her pussy. She was not a thin girl and we enjoyed sex in the spoon position, - well we liked all the positions imaginable,but tonight it was the spoon style we were at. She was half laying onto my belly with one leg up across my stomach and resting on the otherside of my torso. Like this her thighs were wide apart and as I slipped my cock up and down her crack I was enjoying the sensation as on the times she moved a slight bit up from my belly I could feel my helmet with my foreskin pulled right back off it flip my cocks eye open as it slid across her puckered sphincter.
 My mind was getting really excited at the sensation it gave me. Then I tried like hell to hold my dick in the most sensitive position by her asshole. She would move again to get the sensation of my knob trailing on up between her cunt lips and we'd start all over again. All the time this was happening my hand were reaching round her from either side and driving her clitoris absolutely crazy.
 Now as I felt her jerking towards her first orgasm I upped the fingering until she exploded. Many UUGH! AAGH! OOOOs! then she lay motionless half on top of me. It happened she was exactly where my dick was against her sphincter and with her juice running down her ass crack and my precum tickling my cocks eye as it trickled from me her asshole was as slippery as the proverbial eel.
 My cock was so hard and pulsing like crazy,then I had the desire to see if her asshole would open and let me in.

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   I took a firm grip with both hands pressing into her juicy quim. Then I gently tried to open her bum with my cock. She lay motionless and I wasn't sure if she realised what I was trying to do. By now I knew her sphincter,although showing some resistance was opening slightly to the pressure from the spongy part of my cocks head.
 "That's my bum" 'Mmmm' "Are you trying to put it in there?" 'Mmmm' Silence. By now I had half of my cocks head going in. It was so tight I thought there is no way its going up there. But the shear pressure required was making me near to an orgasm. I waited to let my badboy ease back from my orgasmic sensations then started pressing it in again. "That's my bum,Its too tight,you'll never get it up there" I moved my fingers into her pussy and started to massage the membrane between her pussy and rectum as I pressed even harder.
 This membrane is so thin I could feel every ripple of my knob. As I felt the shoulder behind my cocks helmet I realised the head was inside her bum cheeks and trying like hell to get past the tightness of her sphincter. I went a tiny bit harder and I felt the bulbous head of my cock pass inside her tight outer ring. Now masterbating her vagina furiously my thumb followed the movement of my cock as it moved deeper up her rectum. Her asshole was so tight I was unable to stop my dick exploding in orgasm.

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 After the first shot of spunk I pushed my full length right up inside, - my sperm had lubricated her inside so much that all the subsequent shots went deeper and deeper into her rectum. Then her muscles took over as she had her second orgasm and with the tension inside,her muscles were producing,I went straight into another orgasm and pumped even more spunk up her ass.
 "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! How did you do that to me? For fucks sake don't move your cock anymore,you'll make me faint" Her faint? If I moved it anymore I would surely conk out altogether with the feelings I was getting in my cock from her asshole. We lay still for a short time then as I pulled my still rock hard cock from her,she shot out of bed and into the loo like a bullet from a gun. On returning. "Fuck that was some fucking you done on me"
 We fell asleep but in the light of the next morning she couldn't contain herself. "I want more of that we done last night,its was marvellous" I in turn ventured,'Yes me likewise. I only wish I could stand away and watch it opening your bum it was so tight' She cuddled up closer then after a while she uttered, "That watching my bum opening with your cock. Would you really want to watch me being bummed?" 'Yeah,but how?' "We-e-ll I would if you wanted to,you know like you seen me getting it that time before in the lane"
 "You could watch if we done it here,I couldn't have it up my bum in a lane. It'll have to be on a bed don't you think?" I admit this got me really excited,she felt my cock. "Aah,see,you do don't you? You will let me do it so you can watch us" - This was something I hadn't even thought about as I pressed her ass open the night before. But I certainly wanted to see her getting it again. From when I caught her with my mate awhile back we'd had some three in a bed activity with him,so I agreed we'd let him have her ass as well.
 A lot of this was,on doing it,similar to when I had her. But to watch her asshole's sphincter forced open as her bum swallowed his cock had me shoot off all over her back I was so close.

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   After he pulled out of her I plunged into her pussy and went for broke as his cock dribbled cum on the floor while he watched me fuck her pussy. Another moment of lust had passed,but what a moment.