Rainy Day Pals Part Three


Looking over I saw a bottle of hand lotion sitting on the nightstand.
Filled with a desire not to held back, I pulled partially away from Ron and reached for it. Upending the bottle I squeezed out a genrous amount oof the creamy white substance onto my hand, and slicked it onto my boner. Ron only seemed partially aware of what I was doing, and said nothing.
"Here. . . " I said, helping to pull him up, getting him turned and on his hands and knees. Apparently he knew what I had in mind.
I stood on my knees behind him. Gripping my erection I guided it forward. The enormously swollen tip, now a shiny smooth deep shade of purple-tinged crimson, once more made contact with his tight anal pucker. Gently, but firmly, I pressed forward. Ron tightened reflexively. I waited a patient moment for him to relax. When he did, I proceeded to push forward again.

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  This time the the mushrooming end of my cock went in. In one slow, easy movement, I continued until my entire boner was fully inserted.
"Oh, man. . . " Ron groaned, hold his head back, his eyes squeezed shut.
The intamcy just felt so good.
I savored the warm, tight grip of his male anatomy on mine. Slowly I pulled back and then went forward again. I repeated the movement, and started to move my hips with a steady rythm. The hand lotion allowing my boner to slide in and out almost effortlessly, each time going as far as it could.
"Oh, yeah. . . yeah.

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  . . " Ron breathed.
I looked down to see my cock sliding through his stretched opening, pulling back and then disappearing again and again. I could hardly believe that I was doing this. That I was actually fucking another guy. Nor could I believe how terrific it felt. So masculine to be using my penis and its reproductive purpose as means to communicate my feelings of friendship to Ron. And for Ron to be using his male abilities in the same way.
It just seemed like it went on forever. My hands holding the smooth, bare curve of Ron's hips, while my boner kept going in and out of him. My hearing Ron groan with pleasure, and hearing myself panting with my physical efforts. For several long minutes we continued to fuck. Then, before I was even quite prepared, I could feel the urge growing wiAlmthin my stiff length one moment, and reached a point of no return the next.
Uh!" I gasped.

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I kept my boner pushed in all the way, and found myself nakedly ejaculating my semen into Ron with unbelievably intense pulses. Unknown to me at that very moment, the excitement of my doing that was suddenly causing Ron to ejaculate, too. His male-liquids squirting uncontrolably out.
"Ah! Ah. . . ah. . . ah. . . " he gasped, helplessly overwhelmed by his orgasm as much as I was.
In one glorious moment it was over for both of us.
I sucked in one deep breath after another.

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   My shoulders slumped. Ron's naked body slumped, too.
Finally, feeling the stiffness leaving my penis, I went ahead and slipped it out, wet with a combination of hand lotion and the results of my own creamy release. Ron flopped down on the bed, managing to turn over. We both looked exhausted, but managed a smile. Neither of had to say just how good that felt. We both knew. It was more than just the sex, though. That had just been the icing on the cake. Almost an excuse, really, for us to par-ticipate in a close moment of friendship. To be intimately expressive and sharing of our male feelings.
Already I think that we both knew right then, that it wouldn't have to be raining the next time we felt like enjoying the uninhibited pleasure of wanting to fuck and have a moment of naked friendship together. And that there was no need to be afraid of having feelings of male-love. Not when it could be so satisfying like this. .

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