This is my third letter describing my expanding awareness from a naive man with a desire to suck a cock to a man willing to explore his seedier side. In my first letter "costume in a costume" I describe how I dressed as a girl in a Halloween costume to trick unsuspecting men into letting me give them my first blow-job. In my second letter "gloryholeillustration" I describe how I accidentally discovered a glory hole and learned what they are used for. In this letter I discover that the glory hole bar is not the only place to find blowjobs. I had been visiting the bar with the glory hole in the bathroom as often as I could get away from my wife for the chance to suck a cock and get off. Things had gotten pretty routine and I settled into a regular pattern. Unfortunately, the drive from my house to the bar was about twenty minutes one way and the bartender started enforcing the "Three drink rule" before I could visit Maria. (That was what they called the glory hole. ) This became time consuming and expensive, limiting how often I could see Maria and her "friends. " One day I was on my way to the glory hole bar when I had a strong need to piss. If I had to down three drinks before I could visit the restroom my bladder would surely burst. I was passing the forest preserve and I had no choice but to make like a bear and pee in the woods. Driving in, I found a parking space in a secluded area and walked a short distance into the woods.
Pulling out my Johnson I let loose with a steaming stream of relief which puddled near my feet and ran down a miniature hill. I was halfway finished and in no position to zip up without wetting my pants when I was startled by a nearby voice. I jerked and my stream flailed wildly in the air for a second before I regained control; not wanting to piss all over myself.

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   Just a few feet away there was another man and he was peeing as well. Grinning, he said, "Sometimes you just gotta let go. Right?" "Yea, right," I said, "When you gotta go you gotta go. "
We talked for a few minutes about the woods and the weather, we both finished peeing and were standing there with our penises hanging out of our pants. I was admiring his flag hoping he wouldn't notice that I was looking. He asked "What are you here for?" I really didn't understand the question. Wasn't it obvious? I was here to piss. I just stared. Again he said "What are ya here for?" it must have been some kind of code. He obviously meant something and I just stood there with my dick out, dumbfounded. I said the most brilliant thing I could think of "I dunno. "
At that, he stepped closer and reached out to take hold of my dick. He kindly shook off the last drop of piss for me then started stroking me. It felt real good to get a wank without the impediment of a wall between us. I started to grow to my full hardness and Ted, that's what he said his name was, looked right into my eyes and smiled with a big shit-eating grin.

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   He never took his eyes off mine. He just kept moving his hand back and forth on my stiff member. I could see that his own cock was hard too. I rubbed his furry balls and he smiled even wider if that was possible. After a time we repositioned ourselves so we could each get a better grip I moved a little closer and put my hand on his shaft just below  the head, squeezing firmly. He kept pulling on mine and balanced himself with one hand on my shoulder. I found his smile disarming and charming. I couldn't get over how hard he was. His cock was a real Steely Dan. I mean there wasn't the slightest bit of sponginess. The French have a slang word for cock which means bowstring. That's what this was, it was taut like the string on a compound bow. I moved my hands all over his cock. There was just no give to it. It didn't flex or bend and it was hard as a rock from the end to the base.


   I played with the slit and pushed at the tip - also hard.
Now with both hands he started to apply pressure to my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees. The ground was muddy and I resisted. But his grip and the downward force he exerted were as unshakable as his cock. I pushed back up with my shoulders using the strength of my legs but I might as well have been trying to lift an I-bar welded into place on a skyscraper. He didn't seem to even be straining himself, he just pushed down with an iron grip and an hydraulic force. I was down on my knees in no time. I knew the mud would leave a stain on my jeans and I would have to have a good explanation by the time I got home or my wife Jean wouldn't let it go.
I knew his name was Ted but he didn't know me. He had no idea I was a cocksucker. For all he knew I was just a guy taking a leak in the woods. For all he knew he was about to rape me. I looked at his prick. It was pointing at my forehead and, as I said, it was unbelievably hard. I looked up at his face.

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   Still the wide smile as he looked into my eyes. He placed both his uncompromising hands on either side of my jaws and held my head so that I had to continue looking into his steel blue eyes. His hips moved in a circle as he rubbed his metal-hard dick on my face. I think I would have really enjoyed a fat soft log of a cock rubbing on face but not his hard pole. Putting the end of his cock on my lips he began to press into me with an inescapable force. His rod went through my lips without stopping, slowing or reversing once. Despite the lack of lubrication he forged his way into my throat quickly. Once the head of his cock was at the opening to my throat and my lips had reached the end of his shaft I held my breath and waited for him to retreat. Instead he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tightly to his cock. I didn't think there was any more to go in but he proved me wrong. Crushing my face against his stomach he managed to get about two inches of his rod into my throat. My eyes bugged out of my head and I struggled for breath while he held my gaze right into his eyes. He groaned and then pulled back. When my wife and I fuck doggy style I usually grab her hips and pump myself into her cunt. This is exactly what Ted did to my face.

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   He held tight and fucked my mouthcunt forcefully until, again he buried two inches into my throat, and he emptied his balls directly into my stomach. He gasped, he moaned, and grunted a few times, all the while smiling, as he pumped an unknown quantity of cum into me. I didn't get to taste his cum, lick his dick or otherwise enjoy the physical sensations of cock meat. Seeing that I really needed to breath he yanked out leaving me empty.
He left as quickly as he had appeared without reciprocating or thanking me. I wouldn't describe this as brutal but I was definitely taken by force. Yes, I wanted it, and I even enjoyed being controlled and used for his pleasure. I loved hearing the noises he made while he fucked my mouth. I would be willing to do it again, but all in all I think I prefer a more mutual experience.
I was still kneeling in the mud when, for the second time, I was surprised by a nearby voice. An older man was right behind me. He had witnessed the whole thing. I must have turned a hundred shades of red. The older guy said, "Hi, I'm Gus. I see you've met Ted.

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   He's here every Saturday. Some of the guys really like him but I prefer someone more like you. " Gus was looking at my hard cock when he said that. He pulled my up saying, "Let me take care of that for you. " Gus crouched down (keeping his knees out of the mud) and gave me the best blowjob I have had up to that point.
We sat at a picnic table and talked for a bit afterwards. Gus can't get it up anymore but he likes coming out to the woods to take care of the guys he meets. It seems there are a regular group of guys who come out to the woods to hook up. You never know just who you're gonna meet and truckers driving thru stop by often too. Gus gave me an education about the ways of glory holes, adult bookstores, forest preserves, t-rooms, and truck stops. I never knew there was a whole underground world of men out for random sucks. Feeling less naive I understood more of the strange behaviors I have seen while visiting these places. Cruising grounds and suck buddies can be found in any neighborhood and all sorts of men (and women too) are involved. Other stories by MVP6: costume in a costume, gloryhole illustration, steely, zebulon, sissy, buddy, and gym. Best to read them in order.

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