Wife entroduces me to 1st MMF experiencee


Topic: Wife entroduces me to 1st MMF experienceeThis spring a buddy of mine and me planned to cruise up the coast to go ab diving for the weekend. We decided to head out Friday afternoon, camp on the beach that evening and dive early the next morning when the pacific would be a little calmer.   Although my wife is a certified diver, she normally only dives on our warm water vacations to Hawaii or the Caribbean.   She never expressed any interest in diving the cold waters of northern California.   But, this time she said she wanted to tag along, which was great.
We put in about noon that Friday and headed out of the harbor.   It was a beautiful, warm day.   However, as soon as we were out of the harbor we encountered three foot swells.   My boat’s a thirty-foot SeaRay with dual 350 Mercruisers, so that was not problem though.   As we cruised along at about 30 knots the bow would pitch up and over each swell and pound into the next wave.   I love that feeling. It’s what I imagine is like riding a bucking bronco.
My wife was standing next to me at the helm looking over the bow.   Greg was standing behind her trying to hold on as we pitched up and down through each set of waves.   “It’s just like fucking”, Greg yelled as we rocked through wave after wave.   I looked over at Greg.

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    Greg was behind my wife with his hands on either side of her holding on to the transom.   As we pitched into the next wave I noticed Greg pitch forward, his crotch thrusting against my wife’s ass, and then on the up-swell I noticed my wife pushing her ass back against him.   Wave after wave, as we pitched down into the tough, he would thrust into her.   And wave after wave, as we road up the crest, she would push her ass back against him.   This carried on for quite awhile until we rounded the head and pulled up onto the beach in the protected cove we were going to camp at that night.
After pitching all the gear out of the boat and setting up camp, Mary and I sat in the rear of boat with a couple of drinks.   Mary had shed her cover-up and looked hot sitting there in her bikini.   We started making out and my hands roamed all over her body.   I told her I had seen her and Greg carrying on on the boat ride over.   She turned beat red and pulled back, and looked dumbfounded about what to say.   I told her not to worry, that I thought it was erotic and that seeing her getting so horny turned me on too.
I pulled down her bikini top, exposing her big tits and started sucking on her stiffening nipples as she proceeded to tell me how fantastic it made her feel.   She said at first she was put off when she noticed that Greg was pressing himself up against her, but how strangely it started to make her horny as she noticed his cock getting harder.   “Soon” she said “I could feel his hard dick pressed up against my ass, and with each wave it felt like has was bending be over and ramming it into me. ”  She went on to say it made it even more erotic that I was standing right next to her as our good friend dry humped her.


    “It made me so fucking wet”, she said.
Sitting down next to Mary I pulled her on top of me.   We were kissing madly as I felt her reach into my shorts and pull out my stiffening cock.   She bent down and started teasing my nipples with her tongue and biting them until they were as hard as my cock.   Still stroking me she looked up at me and asked if it had really turned me on.   I told her it was the sexiest thing I had seen.
“You know”, she said pausing “your little threesome fantasy; does it have to be with two women, or would it also turn you on if it was with another man and me?”  I couldn’t believe what she just said.   She always went along with the idea of my threesome fantasy of her and another woman pleasuring me at the same time as a way of getting me off, but I could always tell she was just humoring me.   But, here she was asking if I would consider having a threesome with her and another man.   As I was thinking about what she was saying, she slid down my body until she was kneeling on the deck.   She pulled down my shorts and engulfed my cock with her mouth.   It was then that I noticed that Greg was standing there watching us.   I don’t know how long he had been watching, but I did notice his cock was already stiff as he watched Mary bobbing up and down on my cock.
It was turning me on having my wife kneeling in front of me sucking my dick and licking my balls as one of my best friends watched.   So, I decided to play along.

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   “So you liked feeling Greg’s cock pressed up against your ass huh?  Is his cock pretty big?”  She responded with a muffled “a, huh. ”  I noticed she was right as Greg now had his cock out and was stoking it as he continued to watch us.   “You like the idea of having two cocks to play with at the same time? How would like to be sucking on a nice big dick will being fucked from behind?”, I asked.   Again, she responded with a muffled “a, huh. ”  So, I motioned to Greg to join us.
Greg now had his shorts off, knelt down behind Mary and again pressed himself against her ass.   She looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth with a surprised, but resigned look on her face.
Greg pulled down her bikini bottoms and she rose up to allow him to pull them off her. She then spread her legs a little to give him better access to her engorged pussy.   I watched as Greag stuck first one, then another and then a third finger into her cunt.   Each time she gave a muffled cry.   And when she couldn’t stand it any more she broke her mouth away from my cock and turned her head back to look at Greg.   “Oh please.   Aw, come on Greg.   Fuck me.

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    Please, fuck me. ” She begged.   And with that, Greg thrust his hard cock into my wife’s pussy from behind and Mary let out a cry of pleasure as, for the first time since we were married, she accepted another man’s cock into her pussy.
Greg grabbed her hips and forced himself deep into her cunt.   In and out he thrust as Mary bucked against him.   It was very erotic seeing his hard cock sliding in and out of my wife.   Every time he pulled out, his dick was gleaming with more and more of Mary’s juices and she would let out a sigh of pleasure.   Soon, she was screaming as her first orgasm rocked her body, wave after wave until it subsided.   But, this sent Greg over the top, and as I watched, he thrust deep into her and held there.   His throbbing cock was buried deep in her pussy as he filled my wife with his cum.   This in turn set Mary off again as another orgasm racked her body.
As Greg’s cock pulsed in her pussy she violently grabbed my cock in her hands and sucked on it hard.   “That’s it.   Suck my cock, bitch.   Suck my cock while Greg fucks you.

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   You little slut. ” I yelled out as my own orgasm came over me and I filled her mouth with cum all the while looking directly into her eyes.
As soon as my cock stopped pulsating Mary let it slip from her mouth and turned and embraced Greg, kissing him passionately and then she collapsed back into my lap.   The three of us just lay there in a heap of tangled bodies for a while until Greg got up “to fix some more drinks” he said. But it was more to leave Mary and I alone for awhile to discuss what had just happened.
Mary was still excited, but a little apprehensive. “So?  I know it wasn’t exactly what you’ve fantasized about.   But, how was your first threesome?” she asked.   “It was, different” I replied hesitantly.   “But, you looked so fucking sexy. How about you?  Did you enjoy your first threesome?”.   “Hell, yes.   And I’m still excited. ” she replied as she grabbed my head and pulled it to her breast.
As I licked and sucked her nipples she proceeded to relate to me how it felt when, while giving me head, Greg had come up behind her and rubbed his cock along her ass and pussy.

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    “At first I was scared. ” she said “until I looked up at you and you just smiled at me encouragingly. ”  Mary’s hands were holding my head against her breast, and with this confession she pressured me to go lower.   “But you know,” she said, “I don’t think this was Greg’s first threesome.   After Greg and I came, I was focused on you.   I wanted to make you cum in my mouth so bad.   I tried to catch all your cum in my mouth.   But, I didn’t swallow.   And when I turned around and kissed Greg I shared your cum with him.   He didn’t even hesitate when tasting your cum on my lips.   He just kissed me back – hard.   I think he liked the taste of your cum.   So how about you, do you like the taste of Greg’s come?”
It was then that I realized that Mary had pushed my head down to lick her freshly fucked pussy and that I was licking her cunt filled with Greg’s cum.   “That’s right, Jack. ” Mary said sarcastically as she sensed I was coming to this realization.

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   Holding my head firmly between her legs, she directed me, “Lick Greg’s cum from my pussy. ”
I continued licking her from her ass to her clit as Greg’s cum seeped from her cunt.   “I knew you would like this. ” She said.   ‘You always fantasize about going down on me, and licking me to another orgasm after we’ve fucked.   But, I always suspected that what really turned you on was the thought of licking my pussy full of cum.   So how do you like it now?  How do like the taste of your wife’s pussy filled with another man’s cum?”
Mary pushed me onto my back and lowered her pussy to my mouth.   Facing towards my feet she gripped my cock and was stroking it up and down.   “Come on Jack, lick it good.   Fuck me with your tongue. ” She repeated as she continued to stroke my cock.
When we had changed positions, I noticed that Greg was again watching us.   “I bet Greg loves the taste of cock as much as I do, don’t you Greg?” she asked, pointing my cock at him.   Offering it to him.   As Greg knelt down next to us Mary released my cock and Greg took my dick in his hands and started stroking it.

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    “Come on Greg, suck Jack’s cock for me.   I want to see you take him in your mouth.   I know you want it. ” I heard her say.   “Go on. ”  Then I felt a warm, moist mouth envelop my cock and I realized that Greg, my best friend, was giving me head as Mary continued to ride my face through yet another orgasm.
“You know Jack, you also always fantasize about me slipping a finger up your ass while I suck you off, don’t you?”  Greg took the cue and I felt him probing my ass with his finger as he continued to lick my cock up and down.   I felt him slide his finger into me as his mouth again enveloped my cock.   It felt great.   Here I was lying on my back with my wife sitting on my face feeding me her cum filled pussy, and my best friend was sucking me off while playing with my ass.
“Oh, yea.   That’s right Greg.   Suck Jack’s cock.   You know you like it.   Suck my husbands big fat dick.

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  ”  Mary said continuing to urge him on.   “Do, you like that Jack?  You like having a finger up your ass while Greg sucks your cock.   Maybe you’d like to have something bigger up your ass, wouldn’t you. ” Mary said, more statement than question.
So far Mary had been right.   I had often fantasized about licking her cunt full of my cum, and I did like it when she slid her finger up my ass while giving me head.   But, this was more than I had signed on for.   I never even thought of some guy fucking me.   But, I also didn’t put up any resistance as I felt Greg lift my legs up over my head and his dick sliding up and down the crack of my ass.   Mary, who still had me pinned down with her legs on either side of my head, grabbed a bottle of baby oil we kept in the boat for sun tanning and poured it all over my ass and Greg’s cock.   She then grabbed his cock and guided it into me as Greg thrust forward.   “Oh yea baby. Shove your cock up his ass and fuck him.   Fuck my husband. ” Mary ordered Greg.

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Mary then bent over and took my cock into her mouth while Greg held my legs up and slid his dick in and out of my ass.   Pounding away I could feel his balls slapping against me.   The sensation was so intense.   I was near cumming and as I was about to explode Greg grabbed my cock and started jacking me off with Mary’s face inches away urging him on. “Come on.   Cum baby. ” she urged as Greg jerked me off into her face while riding my ass.   I let go with the most intense orgasm I had ever felt.   I shot load after load all over Mary’s face as she tried to catch some of my cum in her mouth, just as I felt Greg cumming.   His cock pulsed in my ass as he filled me with his cum.
I never dreamed my first threesome was going to be with another guy and my wife.   I always envisioned me being pleasured by my wife and one of HER friends.   But I have to admit; it was a real turn on to be taken by my wife and one of MY friends.