Charlottes Diaries (Part 17 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 17 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

May 2002
Unfortunately Dave hurt himself and it had an influence on when we went out to play this month, but we still played! In this months adventures you will find: Dogging, fist fucking, oral sex, slavery, BDSM, S & M and of course lots of vaginal sex!
May 2002 – Adventure 1
I’ve just started to use the internet and I have looked at all sorts of naughty web sites, and one that caught my attention was called ‘slaves in love . com’. This is a web site where the women will let the men dominate them, they do what they are told to do and they are not allowed to enjoy what they do. Just the thought of being forced to do things was enough to get my pussy juices dripping down my thighs and I told Dave all about it. I knew that we couldn’t afford to go out this month as money is very tight as we are only just being able to pay our bills. It wasn’t long though before Dave had an idea and set to work for me and arranged something similar to what I had told him about and that is what I did in this sex adventure……
Dave sold me into slavery (only because we needed the money!!!! Ha, Ha. ), he sold me to three men for the evening for three hundred pounds. Dave stayed and took the pictures and watched me used. They told me that I was to dress in the maid’s uniform that they provided. It consisted of a wide black dog’s collar, a black halter top, a tiny white G string, a white and red apron and a pair of white high heeled sandals.

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   I put them all on and then they sat around a table and told me to serve them drinks, I did as I was told and they also told me that I was not to look directly at them, smile or even enjoy myself. After I had served them drinks for a while they made me kneel down with my back to them and with my arms crossed behind me! As I knelt there they started talking between themselves and described some of the things that they were going to do to me. Just listening to them had my pussy juices leaking from me, coating the inside of my thighs as I squirmed.
Then they pulled me up off my knees and pulled my top up baring my breasts and I groaned,
“Shut the fuck up, bitch!”
One of them said and slapped me across my face, just hard enough to make it sting. Then he grabbed both of my nipples and twisted them hard. I came without making any outward sound, but my slippery cum did literally dribble from my pussy, past the piece of string that was between my legs and dripped onto the floor, luckily they didn’t notice it and I smeared it in with my foot. As Dave sat there at the back of the room watching, two of the men started fingering my very wet pussy and squeezing my nipples, the one fingering me said to the other
“You should feel her cunt, she’s sopping wet already. ”
He stopped twisting my nipples and pushed his fingers into me too and soon agreed with his friend.
“She obviously likes her tits hurt. I’ll fix the nipple clamps onto her now. ”
He did them up really tightly and they both stopped touching me for a few moments, then one of them started to flick each of the nipple clamps, bouncing them backwards and forwards across my tingling breasts. I cried out loudly as I came and I soaked my little knickers with my warm sticky cum too!
The third man came over and pulled my knickers down to my knees and they all watched as my slippery cum dripped from my horny pussy, some ran down the inside of my legs and some dripped down onto the carpet! The one that had fixed the nipple clamps to me brought out a cat of nine tails whip and sharply snapped it across my bare bum cheeks making me yelp out in surprise and pain.
“Stand still slut. ”
He said and he whipped me again,
“What are you going to do about that mess that you’ve made on the carpet slave?”
He growled at me, I relied
“I’ll clean it up, master. ”
“Yes you will slave, you’ll get down on your knees and lick all your fuck juice up with your tongue.

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And he pushed me roughly down onto my knees and pushed my mouth down onto my wet cum marks on the carpet, when he was satisfied he pulled me up onto my knees by my hair and told me to suck his friend off. As I turned to look at his friend he whipped me across my back and said “Don’t look at his face slut, look down and get his cock out. I got his cock out and then was told to fold my arms behind me again and suck him off just using my mouth. Thankfully he didn’t have a very big cock and when he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth hard it didn’t make me gag and I just let him use me. They didn’t know just how horny I was getting, remember I still had the nipple clamps on and all this movement had me close to climaxing again!
Then they swapped around and one of them sat in a chair with his cock out for me to suck and I was made to crawl over to him and start sucking his cock, again without touching it with my hands. As I started to suck his cock, one of the others knelt down behind me and thrust his cock deeply into my cunt and started thrusting furiously into me forcing me to deep throat the cock in my mouth, the third member of the trio then started to whip me across my back, bum and occasionally my tits as they swung freely. It was on one of those occasions that he must have caught one of the nipple clamps and it was pulled off my nipple and it hurt so much, but nicely that I screamed out as I climaxed shatteringly. I wasn’t given even a moment to recover the man who I’d been sucking grabbed my head and forced me to continue sucking his cock, and a few seconds later he pulled it out of my mouth and stood up. As he did so he fired his cum out over my back, this seemed to spur the one fucking me on because he pulled out of me and did the same with his cum.
After a few moments rest they were satisfied with me and they made me kneel on the floor in front of them with my back to them so that they could watch their owncum dripping down my back onto my legs and the floor before they made me lick that up too. They allowed me a drink of coke before they started using me again, this time they tied me down to a bed spread eagled and took it in turns to use a riding crop and the cat of nine tails whip on me. They whipped me across my breasts until I climaxed loudly, then they whipped my pussy lips until I climaxed again. Even though they were whipping me, it didn’t really hurt, it felt really good and I loved every minute of it, and I begged them to do it harder to me on several occasions. This of course made them all turned on again and all they did was to strip their clothes off and lay on top of me and fuck me until they were satisfied (I lost count of how many orgasms they gave me when they all fucked me).
I had no option but to lay there and let them use me until they were finished with me, the next thing that they did was one of them took his shoe laces out of his shoes and tied them together, then he made slip knots in each end.

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   Then they slipped them over each of my nipples and slipped them up tightly. Then they tugged on the laces to make sure that they didn’t come off. The next thing that they said to me was
“It’s your turn to make yourself cum, slave. Open your mouth and bite on these laces, then all you have to do is to keep jerking and nodding your head up and down/side to side until you make yourself cum!”
All I said was
“Yes Master. ”
As he forced the laces into my mouth. After some experimentation I worked out the best movement with my head was nodding, it gave my nipples the best pulling and stretching and it wasn’t long before I had my pussy twitching forcing their mixed cum out of it as all my muscles flexed and contracted in another body shaking climax. This time though they didn’t wait for me to calm down, one of them sat on the bed next to me and with one hand stretch my pussy lips wide open and with the other he took a firm grip on my clit and started squeezing and twisting it as hard as he could. If I hadn’t have been tied securely down onto the bed I would have hit the ceiling as multiple orgasms started running through my pussy one after the other and after what seemed like ages (but was really only a couple of minutes) I started begging him to stop, and thankfully he did.
“You have been a good slave. We give you your freedom. ”
They said as they released me. I could hardly walk as every time my legs moved they made my pussy lips rub on my VERY tender & bruised feeling clit, and it kept making me climax. Dave helped me back into my top clothes (I couldn’t bare at that point to wear my knickers) and we went home, after a warm soapy bath Dave and I made slow love together and he added his cum to theirs inside me as I told him how much I had enjoyed being used and abused as a slave. And how good it had felt when they had whipped me into orgasms without actually fucking me to do it. Then just as we settled down to sleep I whispered in his ear that I wanted to spend some of the money that I had earned that night in one of the sex shops in town and buy some of the SM whips and things so that he could do all those things to me too!

May 2002 – Adventure 2
I had to wait until the last weekend of this month for my second sexy adventure for the month as Dave fell down some stairs and had to have an emergency operation on his knee and he has been resting it for a week or so.

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   But now that he is moving around on it with crutches I decided to give him a treat to cheer him up. As usual I booked a baby sitter to look after our daughters and we went out to my favourite dogging spot. Once we were there I slipped off the dress that I had on and revealed the sexy black undies and micro mini skirt that I had on under it. I slipped my coat on over them and we got out of the car with Dave moving himself around on his crutches we had a wander around the cars that were parked there. We spoke a few words to some of the men and women that were watching other couples or groups having sex together and I then led Dave back to our car and leant him against it.
Then I slipped my coat off and put it inside our car before I dropped down onto my knees in front of him and unzipped his trousers, reached inside and eased his already hard cock out into the warm night air. I started kissing and licking my way up and down the length of it, making Dave moan quietly as he enjoyed the feeling of my teasing tongue and lips moving up and down along it. Knowing that if he released his grip on his crutches he would fall over I teased him for what seemed like ages before I sucked his cock deeply into my hot horny mouth and started to suck him off in front of all those other people that were standing there. As I sucked, licked and wanked his cock I got hornier and hornier and it wasn’t long before I climaxed, it is only just recently that I have begun to get so turned on by both sucking cock freely and being forced to suck cock that I climax without actually doing anything to myself! (During my sexual adventures I’ve learnt so many different things about my self, but the ones that I like most are learning all the different ways that I can climax when having sex for instance I climax when I am fucked up my bum or pussy, I climax when I suck cock, I climax if just my tits are stimulated (sucked, licked, bitten or whipped!). It’s absolutely amazing the number of different ways that I can be made to climax!
Anyway back to my adventure, I knelt there sucking and teasing Dave’s cock and after climaxing it wasn’t long before Dave flooded my mouth with his cum. Instead of swallowing it the way that I would normally I let it dribble out of my mouth and let it drip down over my black lacy bra and the swell of my firm tits and smeared it over them and my bra. I then carefully replaced Dave’s cock inside his trousers and stood up, I noticed that a few of those people that had been gathered around the other cars had moved over to watch us so I climbed up the bonnet of our car and onto the roof. I lay across the car roof and hooked my high heels into the top edge and let my legs fall open. I reached down pulled my knickers to one side and said to Dave
“Use that sexy little tongue of yours to make me cum again!”
Dave turned himself around and leant forwards against the car and started to suck and lick my pussy lips, sometimes biting and pulling gently at my pussy lips with his teeth before he sucked my clit into his mouth and started alternating between biting it and sucking it and I was soon writhing around in pleasure and as my climax came closer and closer I locked my legs around the back of his head, thrust my pussy hard into his mouth and almost screamed out
“Bite me hard!”
He did and I came loudly with many thrusts and jerks of my hips.
After carefully pushing his mouth away from my pussy I rearranged my knickers and slipped down off the car and many of the gathered spectators gave me a round of applause and a few wolf whistles.

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   I needed cock! I slowly led Dave over to the picnic tables and helped to sit down and then whispered in his ear
“I need cock!”
He whispered back to me
“Enjoy your self!”
Then just before I went off to find some willing cocks to service me I whispered to him “Don’t worry I will, but I’m going to bring them over here so that you can enjoy watching me enjoying myself!”
I wandered off and spoke to a few of the men there, (I wasn’t in the mood for pussy that night!) and I soon led four of them back over to Where Dave was uncomfortably sitting (his leg was throbbing and felt as if it was on fire he told me later so he didn’t enjoy my display as much as he normally would have done. ). Anyway I laid myself across the table and told the four of them to use me as they would use a cheap whore!
It didn’t take them long to position themselves around me and they soon lifted my tits out of my bra cups and two of them started sucking on them, as soon as their mouths were on my nipples I started moaning with pleasure. Then I felt thick fingers push their way past my knickers and enter my already very slippery pussy, I was in heaven and let my legs fall wide open so that he could ease even more of his fingers deeply into my pussy and give me a good deep finger fucking. Not wishing to be left out the other man unzipped his cock and pushed it firmly into my mouth for sucking, I came loudly, arching my back off the top of the picnic table before laying back to enjoy more of what they were doing to me. It was as I lay there enjoying all those feelings that I felt the fingers in my pussy stop thrusting and ease their way out of me and then I felt my knickers pulled roughly to one side again and they were replaced with a nice thick cock! Slowly he worked himself into me and then in stages started increasing the speed of his thrusts and the depth at which he pushed it into me, this combined with all that was already happening to me had me climaxing again. After a few minutes He started to grunt and he gasped out
“Oh God I’m cumming!”
As he thrust his cock deeply into me and filled my pussy with his hot sticky cum.
After resting for a couple of minutes he pulled his cock out of me, but before he could do anything I pulled the cock that was in my mouth out and gasped,
“Bring your cock here and let me suck it clean for you. ”
Then still with the cock in my hand I said
“Now you go and finish yourself off in my pussy too!”
He didn’t need telling twice and had his cock buried deeply inside my pussy and was madly fucking me before I even had chance to start sucking the slippery cum covered cock that had just fucked me! I was just finishing licking that cock clean when I felt the cock inside me start jerking and twitching and I felt huge jets of cum hitting the inside of my pussy, one of which made me climax again. Between asps for air I managed to get that cock back into my mouth for licking clean, then I got the man whose cock I had already cleaned up to take over sucking on one of my super sensitive tits and the one that had been sucking that tit to fuck my very full feeling pussy. And we carried on like this until the last of the four men was about to fuck me and I gasped out to them
“Please one of you hold both my arms together about my head, the other two of you grab a leg each and hold them up and wide so he can fuck me really deeply. ”
They did and he made me climax four times before he finally filled me with his cum too!
As he pulled out of me I made sure that my knickers covered my well fucked pussy hole and as I lay there and sucked him clean I tried to keep my pussy lips as tightly closed as I could as I wanted to keep as much cum inside me as possible. We said our goodbyes and I drove us home as quickly as I could, we paid the baby sitter and I helped Dave up the stairs and onto our bed. I still had on my sexy cum stained bra, me cum soaked knickers and stockings, I lay down on our bed next to Dave and took hold of his hand and pushed it down inside my knickers, down into all the cum that had leaked out of me as I knew how much that it turned him on to feel other men’s cum on and in me. I pushed and rubbed his hand against my pussy working his fingers closer and closer to my well used fuck hole.

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   I moaned as the first of his fingers touched my opening, then slowly he worked two of his thick fingers into me and I started to writhe around in ecstasy easily fucking my self on them. I reached down and released his cock and gently started to wank it and I half whispered and half gasped out,
“All of them, I want all of them…. Fist fuck me you kinky bastard!”
Dave eased his fingers out of me and made me turn around so that my head was near his feet in a sort of side by side sixty-nine position he pushed my legs wide apart, pulled my squelchy knickers to one side and started to work each of his fingers into my pussy, first covering each one on all the mixed cum then the back and palm of his hand and as he squeezed his fingers together and started to easily slide them into my pussy I grabbed his cock again and started to wank it in time at first to the thrusts of his fingers as they forced their way into my pussy and then as I felt the thick part of his hand push past my pussy lips and into me and he started to fist fuck me deeply I just wanked him randomly when I remembered to between the waves of extreme pleasure that I was feeling coming from between my legs. I lost count of how many times he made me cum it was so many!!!!
Then Dave hoarsely gasped out
“Get my cock in your cunt; I want to cum in there too!”
As he pulled his hand out of me. I quickly climbed on top of him and guided his pre-cum covered cock into my gaping cum filled pussy and he added his cum to the mixture that was inside me. After a few minutes rest I helped Dave o the bathroom and we got cleaned up together. Even though I was a little bit sore the next day I really do love being hand fucked by Dave he really knows where to touch and push his fingers to make it feel really good for me and his really big hands stretch me wide and fill me up like big cocks do and that makes me cum just the way they do.
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