A visit from Jim and friend


On Tuesday i watched my neighbor fuck my wife of 5 years. . . He has been lusting after her for sometime and what he didn't know was she wanted him. . . and more specifically him and his wife. We visited, flirted and tested the limits but it was not until today Nancy acted on her desire. . . Jim's kids were gone to see his ex-wife, the house was quiet and the moment was right. She told me earlier that morning she planning to visit him and get the ball rolling. . . My neighbor, Jim and his wife Connie, lived next to us for several years. .

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  . and they were a good looking couple, He was tall 6'3, tanned & successful, and he as willing to do what takes to spark up the sex life. . . We have seen other women and couples coming and going. . . And we know they weren't members of the PTA. . . Jim frequently ran around the house and pool with only his bathing suit. . . He drove Nancy crazy. .

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  . Nancy and I were never invited to Jim & Connie's parties. . . . but we stood in the exact same spot I'm standing in now, and watched in complete fascination as Jim and Connie's secret life played like a movie. . . . . . . Connie was no hag she was 5'4" blue eyes, blond hair, she had a tightly packaged body with man-made boobs and bubble butt proportionate to her pettite frame. . .

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  . Connie would lay out in the backyard without a top and the smallest thong bottoms she could find . . . I would stand in the up stairs window for hours hoping she would stand up or roll on to her back. . . . Her body had no flaws. . . and I should know i inspected at every opportunity. . . Nancy and I watch as Jim coaxed his guests out of their clothes & Connie would be the aggressor She would lick suck and bring the party to a boil.

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  . . . . . Standing there in our special spot Nancy would take a position in front of me. . . and would run my hands over body, under her shirt and down her pants. . . Her pants frequently ended up down around her knees. Jim would be getting his cock sucked and Connie was licking their female guest's pussy all the while a male guest would be driving his cock into Connie's beautiful pussy. Connie perfered women but never turned down a good ass fucking. .

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  . we watched several fuck sessions before deciding to take the next step. . . Nancy wanted Jim's large cock in every hole and I wanted to feel the heat from Connie's hairless pussy gliding over my face. . . grinding on my cock and watching my dick disappearing up her ass. . . . . . . The plan was set Nancy would make up some excuse to visit next door.

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  . . Connie was out of the house and Jim was watching some videos of their earlier adventures. . . From the bulge in Jim's shorts he liked what saw and Nancy took advantage of it. . . She sat near him on the couch and she made some comment about his growing bulge. . . . . . Thats when he noticed the video was still running.

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  . . . It was a scene of his cock disaaparing in a mature women's pussy and he stood up and realized he had to cross in front of Nancy, who was admiring his bulge. . . . Nancy hands ran up the outside of Jim's legs only to disappear under his shorts. . . She felt the length of his cock , smiled as she pulled the grey material to the side . . and she admired it before sliding the tip into her mouth. . .

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   His pants fell at his feet, Jim step out of them and grabbed Nancy's head on both sides and drove his cock down her throat. . . now with his cock down her throat she removed her clothes -which consisted of only necessities shirt and skirt- no panties . . . no bra . . . Nancy's body -now completely naked- drove Jim into a fucking frenzy. . . Jim knew his wife would return at some point and he wasn't sure of her response. . .

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  . . . Jim removed his cock from Nancy's mouth. . . he pushed Nancy back on the couch and pulled legs up. . . she opened her legs and Jim fell to his knees and proceed to lick her from bttotom of her asshole to the top of her clit. . . I was amased by the length on his strokes . . .

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  he repeated them over and over only pausing to stick his tongue is Nancy's pussy and then return to bury it in her ass. . . . From what I could see on Nancy's face she was "liken dat" Nancy in meantime pulled on Jim's cock, pulled and twisted on her large sexy nipples. . . As I stood there I became aware there was someone else here. . . . . And as you probably have already guessed it was Connie. . .


  . . . What's going on ? she asked. I took her by the hand and had her stand in front of me . . . . and she watched as Jim continued to lick Nancy sweet ass. . . She backed up and leaned up against me for support I thought at first. . . We stood there and watched as Nancy's naked body turned around to face the couch.

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  . . Jim ran his hands over her tight ass and you could see goose bumps of anticipation over take Nancy skin. . . Jim's hard cock slid into Nancy's pussy slowly at first but with each down stroke he slammed it into her with greater & greater force. . . Nancy could not hide her passion as his cock rammed into her. . . She moaned, gasped for breath and told him to fuck her harder. . . H complied and grabbed Nancy's titz and squeezed them partially to balance himself and partially to add to her passion.

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  . . . As we stood there i felt i had to hold Connie's trembling body. . . She dropped her right hand and placed on my hard cock . My cock was peaking out of the top of my shorts and Connie ran her smooth hand over the tip. . . The feel of her warm smooth on my cock just helped it grow hard with each touch. . . . My hands started at her waist but within seconds I had one hand on her braless titz and the other easily disappeared under the elastic waist band of her short skirt.

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  . . One hand was not enough to hold her titz. . . but i pulled on each nipple twisting them . . . exploring them The waist band was loose -almost stretched out. . . but my hand found it's target. . a nearly hairless soft extremely wet pussy craving attention I ran one finger in but she demanded more soon three other finger explored her young wet pussy. .

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  . Connie pressed her ass up agaist me running her ass crack down the length of my cock. . . . with everything going on outside i had to re-focus on the Nancy fantasy. . . Nancy's body shook as her wet gushing pussy shot her joy juice on Jim's cock. . . . and down his legs. But he wasn't done. .

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  . He pulled his cock out of Nancy's pussy and placed at the entrance to her asshole. . . She took the initiative by lining up Jim's cock and by pressing her asshole back against the tip of Jim's cock. . . Pain gave way to lust and Nancy was determined to have Jim fill her ass with Jim's Jizz #34. . . They started slowly and gently but once his dick was buried inside her she wanted it hard and he was convinced that was what she was going to get. . Slam went his dick and Nancy would ask for more. . .

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  . Their bodies tensed and shook at the sametime as Nancy fingered her clit and Jim shoved his cock up Nancy's ass for last time. . . Nancy squeeled as Jim released his white magic up her ass. . . he tried to contol it but he was past the point of no return. . . They collasped on the couch with Nancy oozing Jims' cum out of her asshole and Jim's cock throbbed with conbination of Nancy's ass juice and his own home grown formula. . AS they were finshing their fuckfest I hand one hand full of tit and the other primming Connie's pump. . .

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   I removed her two articles of clothing and buried my face i her pussy. . . she leaned against my house and raised her leg offering me access to well groomed pussy. . . I copied what saw Jim do by running my tongue over her ass hole and pussy with special attention to that patch of flesh between her asshole and Connie's pink pussy. Connie ahowed her appreiciation by grinding her body against my face. . . My fingers probed inside of her pussy searching for anywhere that would send her over the edge again. . . . .

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   And Eureka she tried climb away as she came. . . but i held on tight. . with everything going on out here i did hear the back door open and there stood Jim and Nancy . . . I at first thought WHAT THE f88k but Nancy leaned over and began to suck Connie's tits and Jim support Connie as I lined up my dick and entered her ass I shoved my cock in two or three strokes in her ass and removed it and jammed it in her pussy where Nancy was rubbing feverously Connie's body became red hot and the closer she got to cumming the more i was convinced I would right behind her . . . . I removed cock from Connie's ass and offered to my wife she shoved down her throat and swallowed it all . . .

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  . We sucked and licked Connie until she brewed up another Gyser. . That afternoon -as it came out later -was a plot between the girls to get what they wanted. . . . We are now invited to any of their parties and we love sharing each other. . . . . . . .

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