Taxi Rank Rape


Taxi Rank Rape


F-MFM, non-consent, anal, fist, oral, rape, bisexual, masturbation, (Approx. 2620 word)

Introduction: Bex walks out on her boyfriends and heads home on her own. Arriving at the Taxi Rank, she thinks she is safe because there is a girl there…

Bex stomped along the street, the sound of her heels echoing loudly off the terraced houses. She didn’t care that it was 2:30 on a Sunday morning. Fuck em…she thought silently, fuck em all…especially that arsehole of a boyfriend and his moronic mates. She couldn’t believe that she gone to the trouble to look this good, for him! And these fucking shoes are killing my feet. . . what a waste. She paused at the end of the road, and looked around. Across from where she was standing was the taxi rank, but there weren’t any waiting, and there appeared to be a small queue. Fuck, she thought, it’s too far to walk in these things, and I can’t go bare foot, and besides, now that she had calmed down a little, she was becoming aware of just how chilly it was. A short and tight fitting navy blue dress, while very sexy (albeit wasted on that wanker) offered little in way of warmth. Damn, I should have taken his coat.

She crossed the road and headed over towards the taxi rank. As she draw closer, she became increasing aware that the men in the queue were openly staring, well actually leering, at her.

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   She shivered and stood a little way back from the queue, and tried to avoid making eye contact. As she turned away, she caught sight of her reflection in a window. Christ, no wonder they were leering, what had possessed her to dress like this, and not wear a bra! It might have seemed sexy in the comfort and safety of her own house, but standing on a street at half two in the morning was something else. The cool air had made nipples hard and erect, and the material of the dress hug her body like a second skin, so that her breast were very well defined with her nipples very visible.

She glanced at the queue. There seemed to be half dozen men and few women, which was a relief. She dreaded to think what might have happened had there only been men. Actually, the thought sent a little buzz of fear tingling through her body and she felt herself getting a little damp between the legs. Just then a taxi turned the corner and pulled up in the taxi rank, a group of people broke away from the queue and got into it, and it left. Now there was just her, two men and a girl, who was with them. Hopefully, she wouldn’t have wait too long. She moved a bit closer, but she was still very aware that they, including the girl, were looking at her. She could her them whispering, but was unable to make out what they were saying.

After a few minutes, the girl approached her, “Hi, I am Tina, and we woz wonder, if you’re going the same way, would like to share a taxi?”
“Well, emm, I want to go Eastfield. ”
“Arh, that’s a shame, we going to the other way, so what’s your name?”
Bex was a little taken aback by the girl’s forward but friendly nature, and at how pretty she was.

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   Young, she thought, surely no more than 18.
“I’m Bex. ”
“So, where you’ve been Bex” asked Tina?
“Oh just to a party. ”
“What, on your own?”
“Nar, I went with my boyfriend, but, I dunno, he was acting like a right twat, and so I walked out. ”
“Cool, more fool him, hey you’re really sexy, what do you think guys?”
Unnoticed the two men that had been standing with Tina had moved and were now standing either side of Bex.
“Yea, real sexy…and all alone too” replied one of the men. Bex shivered again, but not because of the cold, there was something in the tone of his voice that was ringing alarm bell in her head. She nervously smiled and looked at both in turn. They were both big, fit looking, and older, perhaps in there late 30’s, but both attractive in a rugged sort of way.

“Hey, what are you doing” exclaimed Bex, as hand caress and squeezed her bum.
“Hmmm nice arse, I’d love a piece of that. ”
Before Bex could react any further, both the men closed around her and grabbed her by the arms. Tina step forward and said quietly “you know Bex, I’d love to watch you get fucked. ”
This was so unexpected and shocking, that she was completely unable to respond or react, and her mouth dropped opened. She was even more surprised when Tina reached up and began to kiss her, not just a peck, but a full deep kiss.

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   She tried to pull away as she felt the girl’s tongue snaking into her mouth, but the men were holding her too firmly. She felt a hand cup and squeeze one of her breasts, she wasn’t sure whose, but the touch sent a tingle through her.

She could feel her skirt being pulled up, and a hand slipping into her skimpy knickers.
Again, she tried to pull her away, but the men were far too big and strong, and held her with little effort. They were pressing there bodies against her, and she feel there hard…things. In desperation, she bit down on the invading tongue in her mouth.

“Owwww!” Tina pulled away, her hand coming up to her mouth, “the bitch just bit me!” She lashed out and slapped Bex across the face. Then she stepped forward and gripping Bex’s skimpy panties and yanked them off with a tearing noise. She stepped back to admire her handy work. Clearly she liked what she saw because she nodded her head in approval and stepped forward again. Bex thought she was either going kiss her or head butt her. Instead Tina whispered into her ear “hmmm, you have sweet little pussy there Bex, I want to taste you…” and then more loudly, “hold her back, and lift her up… spread her open boys. ”

Bex could not believe what was happen, this had to be a dream, it couldn’t be happening, on a street, in the middle of the town! She should scream, but she didn’t. She was being held by two men, with her thighs wide open and her arms firmly in there grip. In front of her, Tina, this sweet and innocently looking girl, lowered herself onto her knees.

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   Wide eyed with disbelief, she watched as the girl lent forward and kissed her thigh, and then worked inwards. She stroked her hands up and down Bex’s legs and calves. She kissed Bex’s pussy, and the sensation from the first touch made her gasp out. Tina continued with her kissing and then she began to flick her tongue over the older girl’s pussy and at the same time another hand began to caress and squeeze her bum cheeks. Oh, God, thought Bex, this can’t be happening, please stop it happening, but her hips involuntary bucked, as the tongue between her thighs teased and licked her clit.

Suddenly she cried out in pain, and sharply bucked her hips forward, trying to escape the large finger that had just forced its way into her tight anus. Tina, despite nearly being pushed backwards, continued to eat Bex’s pussy, and then being aware of what caused her to buck forward, pushed her tongue deep into her tight, but increasingly, wet cunt. Bex was now being tongue raped while at the same time being raped by a finger in her arse. After a few minutes, the finger was pulled out, but seconds later, it was back and this time it was covered with something slippery. Puzzled for a second, as the slippery finger was pushed back into her arse, realisation of what this meant hit like a fist in the stomach. The finger began to pump back and forth. She began to struggle with all her strength, trying to pull free, trying to get away from the finger and all that it meant. . . but it was too no avail, her three attackers easily held her.

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Tina had stopped her licking and was now holding Bex around the hips, and when she finally gave up struggling, she felt the girls hand grip her bum cheeks and pull them apart. The girl pushed against her hips, while the other man bent her forward and held her. The finger pulled out of her arse again.
“Please, no, please don’t do this…I’ve never done it there…. please. . . ”
“Hey, do you hear that, she a virgin…I bet you wished you were going first Chris. ”
“Yer, not to worry, I am generous kinda of guy. ” Both men and Tina laughed, as Bex tried to wiggle free and then she felt it, and stopped. It was slippery and hard, and was pressing against her anus.

She heard Tina say “Bex, you better try to relax, it won’t hurt as much…”
“Please, don’t do this too me. ” Their only response was to bend her over further, and she felt a hand caress her pussy, and then a finger being pushed into her, and start finer fucking her.
Oh, God, please she thought, as she tried desperately to relax her anus. She could feel the pressure building up, and then suddenly there was dazzling burst of pain, as the cock forced her tight anus apart and entered her.

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   She screamed loudly, and again. The man behind her began to move his hip back and forth, making short stabbing motions. Tears streamed down Bex’s face as the cock was slowly pumped into her, while she was finger fucked by Tina. Other hands squeezed her breasts and pinched her hard sensitive nipples.

After a few minutes the man raping her was in her fully, and he began to make longer strokes. She was so focused on the pain and sensations for her pussy that she didn’t notice other man let go of her body and move. It was only when she felt her hair being pulled, forcing her to lift her head, and felt the headof a cock being pushed against her partly open mouth, that she realised what was happening. Just then, the arse rapist made a hard stab, causing to cry out loudly, and suddenly, her mouth was full of thick hard cock. She tried to scream, but it just came out as a loud muffled noise. The man held her head firmly, and began to fuck his hips back and forth, sliding his cock deep into her throat before pulling back. She had had oral sex before, but nothing like this, nothing this big either. She gave up the struggle and collapsed, and was now being supported by her three attackers. The man fucking her mouth must have been very excited, because he only fucked her mouth for a few minutes before she felt him tense, and then the first spurt of thick spunk into the mouth. She managed to free her hand, and tried to push him back, but he bucked his hip hard, and sent his cock right to the back of her mouth, pumping more spunk into throat. She no choice, she had to start to swallowing the thick hot sperm.


   He pulled back, and more spunk filled her mouth, and fucked in again, but not as deep this time and the he pulled out.

Bex gasped for air and she didn’t notice herself being straightened up, so she was almost standing, impaled on a cock up her arse. Tina had stood up, and now kissed her again, sliding her tongue and licking inside her mouth. Bex was completely helpless and unable to resist, and then to her shock, realised that she was in fact responding to the kiss. She couldn’t control herself. After a few seconds, Tina pulled away, “Wow Bex, you such a hot kisser, and God, I love to the taste of spunk in a women mouth. ” Bex was too shocked and ashamed to reply, and then Tina dropped down to her knees again.

“Lift her up” instructed Tina, and Bex felt hands taking hold of her thighs and lifting her off her feet, still impaled on the man’s cock. Despite her situation, she vaguely thought, he’s strong. But, then her attention was drawn to her pussy, as she felt a burst of sensual tingling from between her legs. Tina was sucking on her clit, while fingering her pussy. She was pumping her finger deep in the Bex’s cunt, and then she started using two. After a few minutes, she took her mouth away, and started sliding in three, then four fingers in. Bex’s pussy was slick with juices, and slowly Tina pushed deeper and deeper, then she pulled back and began to ease her entire hand in.

Bex groaned loudly, as she felt her pussy being stretched wide.

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   Oh God, it just couldn’t be happening, she was being raped up the arse and being fisted by girl, while another man, whose spunk she had been forced to swallow, stood and took pictures with his phone. What made it even worse though, was that, despite her horror and sense of shame, her body was betraying her. They must know it, that she was aroused, theysee and feel it. Oh God, she can’t be enjoying this, but she couldn’t stop herself. No matter how hard she tried to blank out the sensations and her growing arousal, she could feel the huge pressure building up, and she knew that at any moment now, she would loose control of her body completely.

The man holding her by her spread thighs began to lift and drop her, and as he dropped her, he thrust up to meet her, and this also drove Tina’s hand deeper into her pussy too. Her body shook as the first wave of an orgasm hit her and she was on longer conscious of anything or anyone around her, as she experienced her most intense orgasm ever. Tina and the other attacker continued to rape their respective holes, until, with a load groan, the man began to come, he let Bex slip from his hand and for a few minutes she was being held solely by the cock in her arse and the hand inside her pussy. He made several more thrust and then pulled out, and Bex fell backwards. Fortunately for her, the man caught her, and held while Tina began to ease her hand out of her pussy with a soft squelching noise.

However, Bex was unaware of this and didn’t pay much attention to anything for several minutes. She was vaguely aware of being moved, and then the sound of a taxi. Oh good, she thought a taxi. She looked up and saw the men getting into it. Just before getting into the Taxi herself, Tina bent down and whispered sweetly into her ear, “I’ve slipped my number into your bag…call me sometime, I know you’ll want too.

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  ” She climbed in after the two men and closed the door, and then it drove off. She lay there for some time, her dress still up around her waist, dazed and sore, unaware of her surroundings. It was only the sound of foot steps approaching anda sense somebody standing over her, that snapped her back into present and the realisation of what she must look like.

Bex looked up…Oh God, no please…not again. A man was standing over her, his cock in his hand, he was wanking it. She was too weak to do anything, and just lay there on the ground leaning against the shelter. I am going to be raped again, she thought, but instead, the man seemed content to stand over her masturbating, until, with a loud grunt, he came. His spunk shot out and hit her in the face. It was hot, thick and sticky. Another spurt hit her in the face, and she closed her eyes. She felt another, smaller, spurt of spunk hit her, on her the exposed tops of her breasts. She kept her eyes closed, and heard the man leave. Before she realised she was doing it, her tongue licked her lips and for the second time that night, she tasted a stranger’s sperm on her lips.


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