Fast and furious


On the way home I had gotten so horny I decided to finger myself as soon as I got into my bedroom. I quickly undressed and lay on the bed and began to slowly rub between my thighs and then slip one finger into my hot pot of sex. The sex juice was pouring out of me and with one hand I inserted two fingers and with the other hand I pinched my nipples which helps me turn on fast.
I rolled over and took my dildo out of my drawer and turned it on and slowly inserted the vibrating penis into my soaking wet pussy thinking of the last guy I had fucked. As it went in I could feel the tingle of the vibration in my cunt and my clit was beginning to harden as mine does when it gets excited and pokes its little head out of its sheath like a cock with a foreskin.
I was in heaven as the sensation running through my body was electric and nothing was going to stop me cumming loud and long.
I was really worked up and grunting as each spasm gripped me and made my tits shake I hadnt made it to orgasm yet but the spasms were like little electric shocks, I wasnt far off.
Then I got the shock of my life my older brother was standing at the door watching me his cock in his hand wanking madly as he watched me.
I went to stop but i couldnt I was so close to cumming. He said nothing but could see me shaking as the spasms got closer and before I realised it he was on top of me and had pulled the vibrator out of me and was pushing it all wet and slippery into my bum hole and then forced his cock into my cunt. There was nothing gentle about him it was wild and furious. Dont worry sis he said this is far better and he began to fuck me like i have never been fucked before. He was hard and fast and he was going like a thrashing machine the noise of our bodies smashing together could be heard all over the house I am sure. It was fucking at it wildest. My cunt was on fire, the vibrator up my bum had gone a long way in and was doing things to me that had me almost out of control. I had never had a cock as big as his in me before.

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   My whole body was shaking with the ferociousness of his fucking me. My head was flopping around and my tits bouncing all over the place. The bed was graoning with the force of him fucking me. His cock was pounding into me so hard I thought he was pumping the juice out of my cunt like he was pumping a hole dry. I could feel my juices running down the crack of my bum, all warm and sticky.
Then he gave a huge grunt and I couldnt control myself and the two of us were physically wrestling trying to keep his pumping cock in my bouncing cunt as I couldnt stay still. I was rolling and thrashing and bouncing about so much with the sensation unlike anything I have ever had before. The vibrator was still vibrating deep inside me and I was sure it was touching my clit as well, my inside felt like I had a jack hammer inside me, everything was churning and pouncing and being stirred up. I was having an uncontrolled orgasm, it had taken over my entire body, my nipples were aching with the sensation of my tits bouncing everywhere, my cunt was on fire and my ass hole was being reamed out by some vibrating monster.
He had cum and was now gasping for breath, his cock was out of me but he was still kneeling over me. I looked down to see his 8 inches of now soggy, floppy, cum dripping cock and balls swinging in the air. It looked lovely all the same, maybe not hard but still wonderful.  My heart was racing so hard I thought I was having a heart attack and I had to take deep breaths to try and get myself under control.
I sad holy fucking hell where did you come from and how wild was that. In between gasps he said he had been home all afternoon and between doing an assignment had been watching some porn and had got himself all worked up.

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He heard me come in and then the sounds of the bed bouncing and me masturbating. I must have been really wild myself. He came down the hall and as my door was wide open could see me in the mirror naked and shoving the vibrator up my cunt. He couldnt control himself stripped off and when he saw me really engrossed in masturbating he went wild and said he was going to rape me. I had been driving him mad lately knowing I was getting sex from another boy and masturbating.
I said I am so happy that he did what he did and I hoped it was not going to be the last time. I said I know its illegal but what the fuck, you have a great cock and I loved it and would only be to happy to have it up me any time he liked. We both had sex with any number of acquaintences and to us fucking was good sport and it didnt really matter who we did it with.
He kissed me, not as a brother should but we had our tongues down each others throats and my hand was firmly planted around his wet and slimy cock covered with the mixture of our bodies that we had had so much fun making. He had two fingers inside me and said shit sis that fucking dildo is still in there - you have flattened the batteries. I forced it out of my bum and it dropped on the floor. The two of us lay there fingering each other and him sucking on a nipple.
Anybody seeing us would never believe we were brother and sister.
It was the beginning of six months of solid fucking between us and it didnt take our mother long to realise what we were doing and after one big blast about it she said nothing more and we continued to fuck and fuck and fuck. She had her boyfriend and her only complaint was she had to go to his place for sex as she didnt want him knowing her son and daughter were fucking the daylights out of each other.

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   My brother said to me during one fucking session we were having, if mum asked he would even fuck her. I said you are an animal, even fucking your sister is bad but fucking your mum - thats evil. I said I am glad you dont fuck her because I would have to share you and I love being fucked by an animal brother.