Jamie and silas, the morning after.


I work up the next morning alone in Jamies bed. Confused and happy at the same time, but mostly happy. But the fact that I was alone had me slightly concerned. Was it all a mistake was I going to lose my best friend. A million questions flooded my head at the same time. I looked around and found my jeans and my under shirt and got out of bed.

                I made my way across the living room to the kitchen. I could smell the coffee and it smelled amazing. I felt like I had a hang over, but it was better. It was like that perfect after mind blowing orgasm feeling. I jumped when I felt arms wrap around my waist. “good to see your awake. ” Jamie laughed and I smiled. it wasn’t a dream, last night had happened. “Good to know I wasn’t dreaming. ” I laughed and jamie bite softly into my shoulder.

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   “I thought I had made it up until I saw you asleep next to me. ” Jamie laughed and I turned to looked at her.  Her honey colored eyes watching mine. Her hair pulled back into a messy bun. The fact that she was wearing a sports bra and booty shorts. My god was she sexy.

                “god your sexy. ” I smiled and jamie kissed me. gently sucking bottom lip into her mouth and bite down softly. The signature jamie kiss. “I need to get back out side. My trainer is waiting. ” Jamie laughed and ran outside.  I made my cup of coffee and looked out the window. Some meat head guy was telling jamie what to do.

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   but I had the perfect view. Her ass was up in the air and she smiled at me. god I was wet already and it was only 8 in the morning. How was I going to deal with this. I went back into her room and laid down hopping I could fall back asleep. but all I could think about was the night before. All of the things that had happened. That I had wanted for so long.

                I heard the back door close and jamie came into the bedroom and pulled me to her and kissed me. a deep perfect kiss her hands snaked their way up my shirt to my breasts. Gently massaging each one. “mmmm” I moaned into her mouth. “I thought you were working out with your trainer?” I laughed pulling away from her. I wanted to take in the sight of her. “I can’t concentrate knowing your awake in here.

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  ” Jamie laughed and pulled my shirt over my head. “I hate that you put clothes on. ” Jamie laughed and undid the button on my jeans. “who knew you were the one that took charge in the bedroom. ” I smiled and she pushed me back on the bed.

                “good to see your wet. ” Jamie smiled and I laughed. “you do that to me. ” I laughed and sat up pulling her into my arms kissing along her sternum running my hands over her perfect ass.

My head was level with her breast. “I hate that you put on clothes. ” I laughed and pushed her bra up to release the perfect breasts. Her nipples were already hard. “perfect. ” I smiled and sucked on each one.

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   “so perfect. ” I smiled and jamie looked down at me pulling her bra the rest of the way off. I watched her as I pulled down her shorts. It was like pealing back a layer of skin they were so tight, but I wouldn’t have it another way.  I just wanted taster her again. Have her moan and say my name. god was that so fucking sexy.

                “I see your wet too. ” I laughed and kissed along her hips working my way to her pussy. “I wonder how that happened. ” Jamie laughed and pushed me back on the bed again. “this isn’t about me its about you. ” jamie smiled and kissed me. her tongue dancing with mine. She tasted sweet and her lips were so soft.

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   “its really about you. see last night you did to much. ” I smiled flipping her onto her back and pinning her to the bed. maneuvering my thigh between her legs. I started to make small thrusting motions rubbing my thigh against her clit. Jamie let out a small gasp and I took her hard nipple into my mouth. Got she was wet and I wanted to take her clit in my mouth but I wanted her to wait for it.

                Yesterday I had given it to her so quickly that I didn’t let it build I just  dove in. greedy to taste her. To have her.  I had her arms pinned to her sides as I kept a steady slow thrusting motion going. “stop teasing me. ” jamie breathed thrusting back at my thigh. “what is it that you want?” I asked kissing along her jaw making my way her ear. “tell me what you want.

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  ” I breathed and gently bite her ear lope. Taking it into my mouth. “I want you to eat me out. to fuck me I want you. ” Jamie breathed and I smiled. “how bad do you want it?” I asked kissing along her neck making my way back to her nipples.

                “fuck me baby. Please just fuck me. ” jamie sighed and I smiled. “yes. ” I laughed and moved down to her pussy. She was so wet and she smelled so amazing. I loved the way a women smelled and the taste was amazing but jamie took that to a whole new level she was sweet and succulent. I worked on arm under her and around her hip holding her in place and the other spread her pussy lips to expose her swollen clit. I drove in taking her clit into my mouth and working my tongue in circles around it.

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   “oh yes. That’s it. ” jamie moaned and I smiled. “mmmmm. ” I moaned into her clit she tasted so good. Jamie started moving her hips in small circles thrusting towards my face. “I want you to finger me please baby. ” Jamie moaned. I could hear the need in her voice so I put two fingers in her and started to finger her. Feeling her warmth.

                “oh yeah. ” Jamie breathed and her back arched. I started to thrust harder. Knowing exactly were her G-spot was. I moved my mouth from her clit and replaced it with my thumb rubbing in time with my thrust.

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   I went back up to her breast. Bite soflty on each nipple. “oh my god keep going oh yeah baby please harder. I need you to go harder. ” Jamie begged and I started thrusting hardening feeling her body tense up. “im so close. On my god im so close. ” She begged and I moved so my tongue was ready for her when she came so I could taster her sweet juices again. I moved my thumb and sucked her clit back into my mouth. “oh my god silas. oh my go. Silas please baby please. ” Jamies moans became screams. Begging for it.  her back arched and her breast went in the air and she came hard.

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   “oh my god. ” She screamed and I kept going.

                I started fingering her harder. Sucking on her clit Harder. “oh god. Oh god. Silas. oh my god silas. Yes. Yes. Oh my god. ” She begged and I felt her pussy tighten again and she came. “baby im cumming on my god. Im cumming. ” She let out in short breathes and I lapped up her juices.

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    Holding her in place as she tried to squirm away. “I cant take anymore. ” She breathed and I smiled and made sure I got every last drop. And let her go. I kissed my way back to her lips. Feeling her body tremble under me. “I don’t know what your doing. How your doing it but i never cum that hard. Never. And you spend 10 minuets down there and its like no one has ever done that. ” Jamie breathed. Small breads of sweat clinging to her forehead and nose.  “if I tell you I have to kill you. ” I laughed and kissed her pulling her into my arms.

                I don’t know how she does it but the second she moans.


   Any thought of my own pleasure. Reaching my own climax disappears. I knew my pussy was soaking wet but it didn’t matter because that noise she made. The soft gasps the escaped her perfect lips made everything thought disappear. All I wanted was to make her do it again. Make the noise. Say my name.  I just held her in my arms. Loving how warm she was. Her softly skin. Drifting back to sleep.  Breathing her in. “nope. No sleeping. You cant sleep.

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  ” Jamie smiled and I opened my eyes. “why not?” I asked looking at her. This devilish grin played at the corners of her mouth. “because this wasn’t supposed to be about me. ” jamie laughed and got out of bed and disappeared into her closet.  I closed my eyes and smiled to myself.

                “baby. ” Jamie got back into bed and kissed me. “hmm?” I asked kissing her deeper. My pussy tingled and my nippler were hard. God what did the women do to me. I was helpless. I jumped when the buzzing vibration hit my clit and I moaned. “mmm. ” I moaned into her moth and she broke the kiss and smiled.

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   “do you like that?” she asked and I just nodded. “yes. ” I breathed cloing my legs around her hand trying to keep the feeling there on my clit. Letting the tingling feeling build and take over. “oh yeah. ” I moaned and humped her hand. “I was close to cumming when she pulled the vibrator and her hand away. “don’t stop baby. Bay please. ” I begged moving my hand to my clit. “no. ” jamie took my hands and cuffed them to the bed. “what are you doing?” I asked looking at my hands and she smiled. “its not about me. its about you.

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   she laughed and got out of bed and tied my feet to each post.

                Part three coming soon. let me know where i should go with the story at dinkonit@gmail. com should i add another person or keep it just jamie and silas?