Dawn 5


It was the first day of school after our vacations and I was already sitting on my desk when the bell rang. The professor walked in with two people… new classmates. Apparently, they were foreigners coming to study for the rest of the year. We already had various transfer students, but more people to befriend would be nice.

The professor introduced them to us. They were both from Mexico, but they were not related. The first girl was named Alma Sonia. She was a year older than us, so apparently she had lost a year. She had almost pitch-black brown hair, very similar to Rin’s hair. She also had Mara’s body, without the muscles. As a matter of fact, from what I could see, she had Rin’s breast size, and Mara’s butt size. Her eyes were brown like all of us, but mine had always been much darker. Her skin was also very clear and her eyes even looked like ours. And from what I could tell, her height was between Mara’s and Rin’s height.

The second girl’s name… was Esquela. I felt a chill down my back when our professor mentioned her name.

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   From what I have learned of Spanish, Esquela is the writing on tombs. Physically, Esquela was a bit thinner than Sonia, about my body size. She had light brown hair, long below the shoulders like all of us. Her eyes were a light brown and her breasts were more or less Mai’s size. A bigger D cup; her butt resembled mine and Mai’s, bigger than average. Her skin was also darker too. It was darker than Mara’s skin, like simple brown. Her eyes also looked more western than Sonia’s eastern eyes and she was as tall as Rin.

The professor told Sonia to sit next to Rin and Mai, while Esquela would sit next to me. They did as instructed and Esquela sat beside me. “Hi” I said to her. She faced me and told me hello before starting at my chest. She opened her eyes a bit before I put my arms over them. “Sorry… They’re…” She told me and I said “It’s okay…” with a slightly sad voice. “Okay… You can call me Esque!” she said happily.

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   “And you can call me Rie” I answered.

Her Japanese as a whole was very good… and the pronunciation was perfect, though I expected that since Spanish and Japanese have almost identical pronunciation. “You’re really cute” she said “And I don’t say it just because of your… yes. ” It usually bothered me when people put so much attention to that… but I answered “Thank you… You’re beautiful. ” And I smiled back. “I hope we become good friends” I told her and she nodded to me.

I had always wanted to meet a Mexican. Rin is half Mexican and had told me various things from the years she spent over there. Then I started learning Spanish and was interested in talking to one more directly. Not to say Aztec dressing is nice. We started listening to the professor and writing before the bell rang.

Once outside, we presented Esque and Sonia to all of us and our first act together was to eat lunch. We showed them all the buildings from our huge school and all kinds of places. I noticed something though… Rin and Sonia wouldn’t stop looking at each other. It was obvious… they liked each other.

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   The school day advanced normally until it was time to go home.

Mara drove home as always, while me, Mai, Rin, Esque and Sonia stayed together. Three of us were standing up, talking while Rin and Sonia were on a bench, talking to each other. All three of us noticed those two liked each other, that’s why we were watching them from afar. We then noticed how they started to get closer. Rin was practically whispering things on Sonia’s ear now. It was really nice watching them both.

“We should leave them alone!” Mai said.

I and Esque agreed… we knew things would get more personal soon. We walked away and started to walk towards Mai’s house. As we walked, we were talking of Rin and Sonia… but then I asked “Esque, do you like girls?”. She laughed and answered “I guess I do”. Mai giggled and I said “Yay!” to not let the conversation get serious. We kept joking and talking until we arrived on Mai’s house. She knocked but no one was home, so she took a key out from behind the flower pot and opened the house.

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   “Hey girls… Let’s spend some time together” I told them and smiled.


Mai got the hint and told me “Of course!” with a big smile. Esque didn’t get it though, but she still agreed. We walked in and into Mai’s room. Mai locked the door behind us and I sat on the bed. “My first day of school has been really nice!” Esque told us while she looked around the room. Esque was just between us, checking the room out when Mai stopped her and pressed her lips together. I could barely see, but it seemed like quite a hot kiss.

“Now…?” is the only thing Esque said, and then I quickly moved my hands to undo her skirt and push it down along with her panties. “Yes right now…” I had gotten quite bold these days, so I didn’t waste any time and went directly to remove her clothes. On the other side, Mai was still kissing her hotly, putting her hands on Esque’s cheeks. I removed Esque’s blouse and her bra quickly, leaving her completely naked. Then I quickly started to undress too, taking all my clothes off.

Mai brought her hands to Esque’s boobs, massaging them softly. “Her boobs are just like yours, Mai” I said and giggled.

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   They both blushed but kept kissing hard. I leaned a bit to bite at her lightly brown skin, tasting her semi-big ass cheek with my teeth. I pulled Esque’s waist and made her sit on my lap. My tits pressed against her back while I hugged her hips. Mai began to take each piece of her uniform off, one by one, slowly.

I spread Esque’s thighs with my own, moving my hand down to her hairy pussy to rub it a bit. “You’re really wet, Esque” She moaned and nodded a little. Mai gave her one more kiss before putting her boobs in front of Esque’s face. She began to lick and suck on Mai’s pink nipples, making Mai begin to moan. My hand kept rubbing Esque’s pussy while she put her hands around Mai’s tits, squeezing and sucking them.

Esque was moaning while she sucked Mai’s tits, harder each second.   She then started to move a hand down Mai’s tummy, all the way down to her hairless pussy. She began to rub it slowly while she focused on her tits. I hugged Esque tighter to me to play harder with her pussy lips, rubbing them up and down. “Are you virgin, honey?” I asked her and she replied with a “Yes”.

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    Mai was moaning a lot when I told Esque to stand up. I enjoyed feeling her ass on my thighs but I had another plan for her.

I told her to face me and she did, so I immediately began to suck her breasts, as she was about Rin’s height. “They really are like yours, Mai” I said and I noticed Mai blushed a little. I sucked Esque’s brown nipples, taking my time to enjoy them. Mai kneeled behind her while Esque moaned, and kissed her ass cheek once.  I squeezed both of her boobs once and kneeled in front of Esque, spreading her legs. “Let’s taste her, my love” I said and Esque blushed, while Mai nodded to me.

I spread Esque’s dark pussy lips with my tongue and then licked once up her slit.

Mai bit Esque’s butt cheek hard, which made her yelp a bit. Then she licked between them just a little, without spreading them. Esque was blushing and sighing, so I took her clit hood in my mouth and began to suck it. Mai on the other hand, squeezed Esque’s ass and spread it, licking a bit between her cheeks.

After hearing more of her moans, I began to lick her pussy a few times then resumed to suck on her clit. Mai spread her cheeks wider and licked her ass hole up and down.

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   Esque moaned even louder held mine and Mai’s head, pulling them against her pussy and ass. “Good… oh… ahh…” Esque kept moaning and pressing us. “Mmm…” Mai repeated at times as she licked Esque’s ass hole, pushing her tongue in slowly.

Esque’s ass squeezed Mai’s face, making me want to suck harder, moving my hands up to cup her big tits, sucking harder and harder. Mai moaned a bit, pushing her tongue and licking deeply, even started to suck. “I’m about to… girls…!” Esque said which made us lick and suck even harder.

Esque suddenly came, screaming and coming in my mouth. Mai kept her tongue pushed in, while I sucked really hard and squeezed her tits. Esque soon stopped coming and Mai pulled her tongue out. I laid Esque on the bed, and then Mai and I hugged her.


A pair of hours later we got dressed and came out of Mai’s house. As soon as we got out of her house, Mai said “Hey… can we go to Rin’s house? I need to give her books back”. “Can you Esque?” I asked and she replied with a yes. We set out to Rin’s house, talking along the way, thinking of the moment we had just been through.

We barely were arriving when we saw Rin and Sonia in front of her house.

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   They didn’t notice us, and we couldn’t hear them very well either. “Wait… Wait. ” I told them so we could see them. They talked for a bit more, and Rin turned around to go back into her house, but… As soon as she turned around, Sonia turned her around again and gave her a deep kiss on her lips.

Rin was clearly shocked, but after Sonia broke the kiss, both of them hugged tight. Rin… finally looked happy. She finally smiled after so much time. Maybe… Sonia was the girl Rin was waiting for. They kept hugging tightly, so we decided to come back another time, to not spoil their romantic moment.

As weeks passed, Rin and Sonia kept getting closer and closer. Then one day… Rin came to Mai and me, happy and almost screaming to us that Sonia had asked her to be her girlfriend. We were all so happy to finally see Rin smile. She was in love again. She also told us that they haven’t had sex yet… That they groped a bit but never actually gone that far.

A week later though… Things would turn different.

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   I would be witness to Rin and Sonia’s first time and I would meet a guy that would slowly get close to us all, starting by me. Things got even more interesting.