A Different Dimension of Sex Chapter 1

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Anyone who thinks any of the characters in this fictional storycould possibly be real is a retard.

String theory says that reality me be comprised of perhaps aninfinite number of dimensions whereby all possibilities areexercised in one way or another, depending on which dimension oneenters. Here, we explore a dimension where there is no religion andtherefore nobody has any guilt about sex and it isn't seen as dirty.

It was just another average day before thestart of first period at Ramsay T. Stillwagon High School:

"Hey Sheila, you wanna fuck during lunch today?" "Hi Justin! I'msorry sweety, but I made plans to do it with Rick Nordhoff then. Doyou want to meet after school?" "Nah, I can't Sheila. I take the bushome from school. How about tomorrow?" "Okay! I'm free for lunchTuesday. Give me a hug and a kiss. " Sheila and Justin share a briefbut passionate make out session, groping each other and breaking thekiss just as the five minute warning bell rings, both of thempanting slightly. "Okay, see you later Justin!" "Bye Sheila!"

The two students walked off toward their classes. When Justin'sclass commenced, the teacher, Mr. Basich, made the followingannouncement:"Before we get started, girls, take your birth control pills. " Allthe females in the room reached into their purses and pulled outtheir pill containers and popped one of the white tablets into theirmouths. "Now we have a new student joining us today. Her name isCheryl Terranova.

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   Tell us a little about yourself Cheryl. " "Well,"she began, "I was born in Nevada, but my dad recently moved us herewhen he got a new job, which is why I'm here now. My hobbiesare reading, listening to music, chatting online and sucking cock. "One of the boys raised his hand. "Yes Mr. Boxton?" the teacherrecognized. "Cheryl, what's your favorite position?" "Doggy style. Ilove how deep his cock gets in that position," she answered. Anotherstudent, Stuart McGraw, raised his hand and was recognized. "Do youhave a preference as far as cock size?" "Yeah, I'm kind of a sizequeen, so the bigger the better. At least seven inches and nosmaller," she revealed. Groans of despair went up from part of themale contingent. John Huddleston wondered if she was into kink. "Bigtime," she giggled. "Being called names and having my assspanked are so hot while I'm being fucked.

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  " Freddie Martinezinquired as to whether she was shaved or hairy. "Shaved, definitely. Guys seem to really like eating pussy when there's no hair," sheadvocated.

Mr. Basich had Cheryl take one of the empty seats toward the back,but not before telling her that his penis was ten inches long. "Mr. Basich, you've fucked half the chicks in this school. Save some forus," Trent Davis complained tongue in cheek. "Trent, come on. I sawyou in the teacher's lounge ramming the shit out of Mrs. Portollanothis morning. Give me a break. "

"Okay class, let's say the Pledge of Allegiance," he ordered and,once that was accomplished, began his lecture. As he imparted hisknowledge to his students, his eyes gazed at the faces and bodies ofthe girls, some of whom had their legs wide open, signaling to himthat they wanted him to screw them later. When the period ended, hecalled Lindsay Spanaway up to talk to him.

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   "So Lindsay, you want tofuck?" "Definitely Mr. Basich. I've heard so much about how big yourdick is and I want to sample it for myself. " "No problem babe. Seeme here at lunch. " "Great! See you then Mr Basich" she bubbled,giving him a quick french kiss before scurrying on to second period.

Justin loved his second period english class. It was taught byJackie Tormino, a tall, leggy blonde with heavy D cups who liked towear low cut tops and short skirts. "Miss Tormino, when can I fuckyou?" Justin asked her for seemingly hundredth time that semester. "I keep telling you Justin, wait your turn, okay? I'll get to you ina couple of weeks. " "Okay," he accepted impatiently. His six inchplonker, though, was hard the entire 40 minutes, as he imaginedhimself spearing her tender but well used twat while she held on tothe lectern, her magnificent tits swaying with each impact of hispublic bone against her ass.

In his third period algebra one class, Miss Robinette, aninsatiable  5'2" 100 pound bisexual nympho, handed out invitationsto an orgy at her place that she was holding the very next Saturdaybefore she went into the gist of the unit she was teaching that day. Justin had already banged Miss Robinette a few times, once during agangbang with his friends, a couple times at lunch and once inher car when they ran into each other while he was at a localsupermarket running an errand for his mom.

Also in that class was Alicia Moreno, who was his fuck buddy.

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   He andAlicia had always gotten along well since they first met each otherin second grade and he first had sex with her when they were 12. They both felt like they could tell each other everything and theywere very relaxed around one another. She would even sometimes comeover to his house to watch tv in bed with him or he would do thesame at her place, which  usually led to sex. When she initiallydiscovered how good Jason's cock felt inside of her, it was like achild discovering a new toy which she wanted to play withconstantly.

Justin also had his way with Alicia's mom recently, though itwas her who initiated it because she wanted to be closer to herdaughter's best male friend. The sex made him feel more of anaffinity for both Alicia and her mom. Alicia was short, about 5'3",and 110 pounds with B cups, slightly darker skin than his and shortdark brown hair.

In his fourth period biology class, there was a film, so Andy Hiltonused the opportunity to grope the girl in front of him, DebbieMoore, in the dark. That  got Debbie good and wet and they stakedout a patch of grass during lunch, removed their clothes and fuckedeach other silly. Justin and Alicia hooked up again, as she sat on aplanter while Justin grabbed her thighs and pleasured himself insideof her, her breasts jiggling slightly in front of him.

In the principal's office, the school nurse, 50 something DorisKluson, was on her knees giving Principal Melvin Serrano a hummer,slurping up all the cum that spurted out of his prong. Doris mighthave been an old maid, but her soft, wet mouth was a slice of heavento Melvin and even to many of the boys on her campus.

In the amphitheater, 14 year old diminutive cutie Keiko Yamada wasbouncing on the nine inch black snake of her boyfriend Calvin Jordanas he sat on one of the rows of benches that passed for seating. Sheloved feeling Calvin's well muscled body in her arms while shestuffed herself on his weapon and the warmth of the California sunon her A cup breasts added to the variety of sensations she wasfeeling, her voice echoing all over that part of campus when shescreamed in ecstasy. When the bell rang signaling the end of lunch,she grabbed a tissue from her purse, wiped the cum that had smearedher pussy and thighs away, put her clothes back on and ran off tofifth period.

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   The compression of Keiko's snug pussy was just toogood for Calvin to not want to keep coming back for more and she wasa sweet girl besides, so they decided to become a couple. In thisworld, that didn't mean they wouldn't fuck other people. Instead, aboyfriend or girlfriend was just a primary sex partner that theyfelt more of an emotional affinity for.

In the teacher's lounge, 24 year old Japanese teacher Rin Yamano hadjust accepted the cum of fellow young instructor Ben Benton into hermouth when the bell sounded. Rin was on a lot of the students' "mustfuck" list with her slim legs, C cup breasts, beautiful face framedby shining black hair and friendly, kind personality. They alsothought her Japanese accent was very sexy. and that was intensifiedby her penchant for wearing "body con" dresses that hugged her formtightly with no panties underneath and "fuck me" heels. In fact, herand Ben went back to her apartment after work and had a good oldtime doing the horizontal bop and he had the indentations of hernails in his back to show for it. The next day in her first periodclass, one of the students remarked that she had seen her get in Mr. Benton's car and asked if she had been fucked by him. When sheanswered affirmatively, the girl wondered how good he was. "Oh, hehas nice cock and it feels very good," Rin replied. "That's goodMrs. Yamano. I've been thinking about having Mr.

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   Benton fuck me,too. He's really  cute!" she smiled. "You should try, Melissa, Youwould have nice time," Rin recommended. And Melissa got what shewanted, as she bent over Mr. Benton's desk in his office duringlunch and had her pink hole lanced repeatedly by him until he filledit with his manjam.

"Wow Mr. Benton, that felt so good," she evaluated brightly. "I hopewe can do this again. " "Oh don't worry Melissa, you're definitely onmy list," he informed her as he gazed at her skinny 5'5"figure marked by dishwater blonde hair and a tasty bald snatch.

He wasn't the only one doing a student in his office that day,though. Don Maxwell, a 32  year old muscled and mustachioed shopteacher, was gay and gleefully stroked his flesh rocket into theasshole of 16 year old football player Greg Canton before eruptinginto it. "Fuck, you have one tight hole there Greg," Don averredwhen he was done. "And you're really thick Mr. Maxwell. I'm going tobe sore the rest of the day," Greg reported.

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   "You're a hell of anice piece of ass, so anytime you want my dick again, come seeme. " "I will Mr. Maxwell. "

One of the most popular objects of desire on campus was sophomoreJoyce Schroeder, a cute shapely 5'6" brunette with gorgeous large C cupsthat were topped by prominent light brown nipples, legs that seemed togo on for days and a landing strip bush. Boys had been after her sinceshe was a fifth grader and she lost her virginity a year later justafter she started her period. She was one of those girls that maturedearly and if her pussy wouldn't get sore she could have had a dozendifferent boys a day. However, she would usually limit herself to two sothat she could get her schoolwork done and have time to do things otherthan study and fuck. Her dad, who was quite good looking in his ownright, also claimed his piece of her every now and again, oftenconcluding dinner by walking over to his daughter, pulling her chairaway from the table with her still in it, yanking her panties off andthen licking her until his jaw became too fatigued to continue. Thesight of her daughter in constant paroxysms of pleasure made Joyce's momLisa very wet and she would invite her 13 year old son Kevin to do herby standing between her legs, which she propped up on the table, andburying his hard cock inside of her.

In this world, sex was seen as just good clean fun and there were nosuch things as using sex for promotions and concepts such as studs andsluts because it was just so freely available. In fact, one group offour girls at Paul T. Bradley Memorial High School, which had a studentbody numbering over 3,000, competed with each other to see who couldfuck all the boys that went there first. But we'll save that story forthe next chapter.