A Different Dimension of Sex Chapter 2

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Anyone who thinks these characters could possibly be real should bedenied the right to vote.

Christina Paladino, Paula Bennett, Rachelle Johnson and Linda Jensenwere hanging out at Christina's house after school. At Paul T. Bradley Memorial High School, the perceived value of a given personwas often dictated by how many people wanted to fuck them. "So howmany guys have you been with, Paula?" Christina asked. "I don't havea precise number, but I think it's around 300," she estimated. "Howabout you, Rachelle?" "It's somewhere around 250, I think. ". "Linda?" "Probably somewhere like Rachelle," she guessed. "How aboutyou Christina?" "Only 122," she said in a downcast way. "Fewer guysseem to like us big girls and I tend to have more older ones hittingon me than guys my age," she disclosed. "How many of those were yourteachers, Christina?" "six," she revealed. "But Mr. Jefferson seemsto really like doing me. I've been with him a bunch. " "Yeah, heloves girls like you," Rachelle noted.

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   "I mean, I've been with him,too, but the big soft girls, I think, is what he has as a firstpreference. "

Paula then got a wicked gleam in her eye. "Well, you guys want tomake a game of it? Guys aren't going to think bad of you if you askthem to go to bed with you, so how about we see who can fuck all theboys in the school first?" "That's not possible, Paula. There arelike what, 1400 and something boys in this school? Probably at least25 of those are going to be gay only and there are other guys withpreferences that preclude being with one or more of us. ," Rachellepointed out. "And it could take us until we're seniors to doeverybody. Plus you have students moving in and out of the school'sarea all the time. " They thought about it for a minute and Paulasuddenly proposed, "we could just keep track of who we do it withand whoever does the most guys from this school by either the timewe graduate or one of us moves will be the winner. " They all giggledat the thought. "Okay, we'll do that," Rachelle decided for thegroup.

"What about teachers, administrators and janitors?" Linda asked. "The problem for me," Christine answered, "is that I'm not sure ifsome of them can even get it up. And others are so old they're justnot attractive. I mean, you do them once and they'll keep hitting onyou," she observed. "Yuck.

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  " "Okay, so students only then," Paulaassented.

"Now what will the prize be for the winner?" Christina inquired. "How about $100 each from the losers?" Paula proposed. "I guess Ican just write the check now," Christina anticipated. "Yeah, Paula,you have such an advantage. You're tiny and even an average sizedguy is going to feel gigantic next to you. " "But the thing aboutthat, Linda, is that I can't handle some of the more endowed guys. 5-6 inches and that's about it for me. Anything bigger and he ishitting my cervix. " "You can just do it with you on top and controlthe level of penetration," Christina advised. "Yeah, but I like tohave the whole thing inside me and I think guys prefer that, too. ""Some guys won't get with me just because I'm black," Rachelleprojected. "So we all  kinda have some strikes against us for someguys. " "Should we count being with lesbians?' Christina pondered. "You're the only bisexual in this group, Christina, so let's justkeep it to guys," Rachelle advocated.

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   "Okay," Christina consented.

The following morning, which was a Friday, the 5'0" 88 pound Pauladecided to start with who was behind her in her first period healthclass. That was Mike Aaron, a stumpy 5'3" bespectacled nerdy lookingguy who had a paucity of sexual experience because he was deemed notas attractive as a lot of his fellow teenage males. Just beforeclass started, Paula turned to him. "Hi Mike. " "Hi Paula. " "Ifyou're not busy during lunch, would you like to sleep with me?' Hiseyes did a quick scan of the pixie haired, B cupped petite Paula andthen he accepted. His cock immediately solidified and began leakingprecum as he continued to take sporadic glances at her throughoutthe lecture. At the end of the class, she hugged and kissed himbefore they set out for their second period instruction.

Meanwhile, in her first period class, Christine's eyes flittedaround the room for possible candidates with which to kick off herparticipation in the wager. Christine was 5'4" 150 pounds and auburnhaired She was one of those wide hipped heavy girls who looked greatnaked, but not in her street clothes since they don't make a lot ofwell fitted apparel for women built as she was. Part of that weightwas her heavy D cups with large nipples. Her stomach was soft, butnot didn't bulge. After class, she buttonholed Carl Parmelee andpropositioned him for a lunchtime fuck. He thought about it for aminute and then decided that he didn't have anything lined up, so"what the hell," he said, in agreeing.

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Linda was thin but with surprisingly large C cups, dark brown alerteyes, a slightly hawkish nose, long brown hair and a nice bubblebutt. She was cute, but not beautiful. She never had problemsgetting guys to drill her and she also lined up one of her firstperiod classmates, a blocky slightly overweight Brock Jamerson whononetheless had an engaging sense of humor and a cute face, for someafternoon delight.

Rachelle, who was a lean 5'7" with straight bobbed black hair,invitingly thick lips, B cups and a sparkling smile, asked a firstperiod classmate, too, Drew Zachary. He actually didn't think thatshe was that attractive, but he had also never seen a black girlnaked, either, so he accepted more for his sense of adventure thananything else.

Once the four had accomplished that, they endeavored to arrangesomething for right after school. Rachelle didn't have to wait. Justbefore her second period class and as she was standing out in thehallway, Dave Rivera came up to her and asked if he could do herduring lunch. She explained that she was engaged for the noontimemeal, but if he would like an after school thing they were inbusiness. He quickly assented to that. He had his eye on her for awhile but just finally worked up the courage to proposition her.

Christina got rejected by the second guy she asked, but the thirdone, Darryl Perry, accepted. Linda and Paula had both of theirsecond period offers positively received and now they all laterheaded to lunch with their pussies already dripping with naturallube and ready to have dick slammed into them. They all met behindone of the classroom buildings where there was a large patch ofgrass and removed their clothes.

Paula wasn't expecting much from Mike in the penis department, butwas happy to find that while he was only five inches it was quitethick.

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   She got down on her hands and knees and presented her sex tohim, no foreplay, and felt him forcing her vaginal walls apart withhis cock. "Oh fuck," she gasped as he buried himself inside of hertight trap. He grasped her hips and started thrusting it in and outof her, the intensity of the friction heating her up in mereminutes. "Oh fuck, Oh shit Mike, that feels amazing," shebroadcasted, as he crammed his rod into her repeatedly. "Fuck Paula,fuck you're tight," he declared, every pass of his dick in and outof her making it tingle more vividly. Her breathing was getting morehollow sounding, the pleasure within her mounting ceaselessly,  thecarriage of his flesh knife through her moisture creating obscenenoises. "Oh yes Mike, damn, don't stop," she pleaded, her eyes nowrolled up in her head as her pussy caught fire, melting herresistance and causing her to be washed over the edge of insanity. "Oh fuck oh fuck! I'm cumming!" she squealed, as her brain beggedfor more of his prong and what it was doing to her. He was now at apoint of no return and he polluted her gash with his spunk. Theyboth fell to the ground. "Holy shit Mike, it's like your cock is aperfect fit for me," she told him. "That was amazing, Paula. I hopewe can get together again," he wanted. "How about tonight sweety?"she retorted. "I can definitely do that, Paula.

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  " "Great. I think mybed will be more comfortable than the grass," she giggled.

Paula turned and watched as Carl was lapping up Christine's juices. He was surprised at how hot she was without her clothes concealingand distorting her body and made a mental note to give fat chicksmore of a shot with him. Her sensitive clit quaked with every strikeof his tongue on it and he was enjoying her taste. He had enhancedher wetness with his oral ministrations and since lunch was only solong,  he scooted up between her legs and pressed his engorgedphallus through her opening. "Oh fuck, it's been too long since Ifelt that," she sighed while his spear stabbed deeper and deeperinto her as she lay on her back. He was 6. 5 inches and pretty thickhimself and she was getting off on the sensations generated thereby. He peered down at her soft breasts and cute tender belly and thenback at her face, which he had always thought was attractive, but hehad allowed consideration of what he believed her body appeared tolook like to get in the way of approaching her before. "Oh fuck ohfuck, she panted, her face betraying the pleasure she was in, whichmade her appear more angelic to him. Her breathing became louder andmore irregular as he continued to bombard her cavern with hisjohnson until it all became too much for her and she emitted apronounced moan and then a shrieked "oh fuck!" followed by machinegun panting as the orgasm claimed her.

He smiled after provoking her to that climax and now he was about toopen up on her with his love gun, his own respiration devolving intoa series of grunts and guttural intakes of air before he inundatedher slit with his sperm. He dropped on top of her and held her. "Damn Christine, I didn't know you were that beautiful.

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   You'rereally hot!" he whispered to her. "Thanks, Carl, I really appreciatethat. You were magnificent. " "Thanks babe. Hey, you want to do thisagain?" "Yes I would," she rejoindered. "Great. Can I come overtonight?" "Yes you may," she giggled. "Cool! I wish I had realizedwhat a babe you are before. "

They all finished just as the bell rang to tell the students tobegin heading to class. They dressed and scattered and the fourgirls looked forward to the final bell of the day. .

One of the problems with such sexually active girls, especially theones who didn't wear panties, is that they often unknowingly leftbits of the cum that steadily dripped out of them on the seats underthem since their attention was on their teacher. So one had to becareful before lowering one's butt on to confirm it wasn't sulliedby the product of some fun the previous occupant had engaged in.

And if a vagina wasn't covered by underwear, the teachers oftennoticed the tell tale white glob that glistened at the openings oftheir female students. If a male instructor wasn't hard before that,they were as soon as they got a gander at that.

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   Some teachers evenoffered to eat it out of a girl when they witnessed such creampies. That request was usually honored.

Carl went over to Christine's house after dinner and her mom let himin. Christine took him upstairs to her room and they removed theirclothes. "Fuck Christine, I love how full your body is. And you havea cute face, too," he stated. "Thanks baby," she shyly said. "Heylook," he continued, "you want to be my girlfriend? I know you'resuper nice, too," "Okay," she giggled. "We can still have sex withanybody we want because it's just sex," he propounded, "but I'ddefinitely like to have you around me as much as I can," heelaborated, as they snuggled in her bed. He cradled her head in hisleft arm and began kissing her soft lips, enjoying the smile shewould show everytime they came up for air. He slid his right palm upand down her stomach before slipping that arm around her and holdingher against him while their tongues danced around one another's. Henibbled on her ears and neck and then returned to kissing her again,which just felt so natural to him as he enjoyed the feeling of herfingers trailing the length of his bare back.

She reached down and took his cock in her lefthand and stroked it ata leisurely pace while his mouth circled the nipple of her leftbreast with his lips and sucked on it, instigating her to moan. "Ohhhhhhhhhh," she sighed, as another stream of pleasure entered hersystem as she felt the pull of his suction on her sensitive milknub. She stroked his dick faster and in a firmer manner  and thevolume of his leaking precum increased to help lubricate her handslipping over it.

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   He felt the tightening of his balls as thisprogressed. His hand drifted down to her snatch and he inserted twofingers into her and strummed her g spot as she nudged him closerand closer to orgasm, their communication now wordless and coming inthe form of sighing and moaning. After a few more minutes of this,his penis splattered her stomach with his semen and she was justabout ready to orgasm herself, his wetness coated fingers rapidlyrubbing her upper vaginal wall seeking to trip her trigger. Fiveminutes later,  her body seized and then she emitted a string ofextremely short and quick pants and screamed, "I'm cumming!" thewelling pleasure inside of her warming her emotions.

She reached for a tissue to wipe his dripping cum off of her stomachand then he went down on her, licking her marshy cunt, the light ofthe room twinkling off of of the tiny drops of her natural lubricanton her moist jelly roll, the taste of which spurred him to keep atattacking her clit and slit with his lips and tongue, bringing heroff with the frequency of trains pulling  into a Tokyo trainstation, his face emerging from her love furnace damp with thosejuices. She welcomed him into her arms as he climbed on top of herand inserted his stalk into her furrow, her chubby legs pulled upagainst her body while he pistoned that manhood in and out of her,the heaving of their bodies and the exertion creating a kind ofcrude, sensual ballet that reduced their perception of their worldsto just the two of them generally and what their body parts weretelling them specifically as they sent ecstatic message afterecstatic message up the chain of their respective nervous systemsuntil those particular data packets created such a logjam that itoverloaded their circuits and they exorcised the crowding withsudden bursts of euphoria. The aroma in Christine's room was nowdominated by the scent of their secretions as Christine and Carlwrithed against each other until his cock opened up on her womb withround after round of warm semen.

He cuddled her ample form against him and kissed her, Christinehaving experienced her third fuck of the day. He was digging thesensation of her pillowy body against his as they wallowed in theafterglow. "This is so much better than doing it at lunch," shecommented. "When we were done we had to run off for class, but herewe can take our time and live more in the moment. " "Yeah," heretorted. "It feels really good to just lay here and hold you. " Shesmiled and intertwined her fingers in his.

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